8 Blueberry Hill Rd: Amy E. and Gerald Stabile to R Jamieson Waldinger and Elizabeth G. Ryland, $1,075,000

148 Haggetts Pond Rd: Fairweather Gail A Est and John D. Fairweather to 148 Haggetts Pond Road RT and Laura Szekely, $425,000

32 High Plain Rd: Elizabeth A. Hall to Julian Gent and Jessica A. Ferro, $439,800

203 High St: Andrew Meckel to Benjamin and Marybeth Heyd, $629,000

6 Pheasant Run: George and Evelyn Ghiloni to Cory J. and Colleen A. Boston, $670,000

17 Porter Rd: Stephen H. and Hilary L. Loring to Gary Jaworski, $559,900

6 Ravens Blf: Chen Jye Jou and Martina H. Yen to Ramagopal Ananth and Geeta Vemuri, $708,000

349 S Main St: Robert Abisi and Joseph H. Baldiga to James S. Katiskas, $454,000

117 Salem St: NE Home Investments Inc to Mark C. and Ann Marie Sutton, $1,350,000

2 Sheridan Rd: 833 Capital Group LLC to Lynn H. Blais and Garrett Hunt, $605,000

83 Tewksbury St: William L. and Regina M. Kieckhafer to Kenneth A. and Theresa M. Lepitre, $803,000

5 Walker Ave: David J. Hering and Mercedes Escobar-Martin to Sam and Kerin Miller, $369,500

9 Whittemore Ter: Andrew W. and Margaret A. Sukiennik to Tilahun Anshu and Nancy W. Kariuki, $984,625

124 Wildwood Rd: Kevin D. and Donna M. Obrien to Wendy Quinn, $755,000


37 Hickory Ln: David M. and Liane E. Mann to Douglas P. and Lisa M. Shahian, $960,000

17 Janes Rd: Janet F. and Richard N. Gronneberg to Graham E. and Stacy M. Hayes, $635,000

41 Janes Rd: Clinton H. and Susan C. Condon to Molly W. and Tae Chung, $762,500

2 Kates Ln: Paula J. and Richard C. Merrigan to Neil J. and Seema Wysocki, $745,000

21 Long Hl: Marie Burnham to Stephen Knowles, $390,000

9 Mill Rd: Molly Wilson-Chung and Tae W. Chung to Abigale and Colby Magruder, $585,000

71 Porter Rd: Jennifer J. and Robert Travis to Mark M. Bardwell and Jennifer A. Bechalany, $850,000


156 A St: Michael D. Fleury to Jackson Waruingi and Rosemary Kagai, $356,900

159 B St: Jennifer C. Mccarthy to Jack Hogle, $337,500

1520 Broadway Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Z&D RT and Richard Debay, $175,000

15 Cottage St: Constitution Properties to Judith Montmarquet, $319,900

202 Davis Rd: Michael R. Boville and Candice L. Bovill to Tammy A. Turcotte and Matthew P. Colbert, $315,000

91 Donohue Rd Unit 23: Nicole M. Anderson to Rebecca L. Eaton, $195,000

29 Fanning Ave: Linda Lareau to Pabitra and Indra Magar, $400,000

23 Frank St Unit 6: Kevin Daigle and US Bank NA to Mouafak Khabazah, $94,000

42 Frederick St Unit 15: Jonathan and Jessie Raymond to Samela O. Wariebi, $239,000

551 Hildreth St Unit 19: Leila M. Haywood to Theab L. Sing, $228,000

11 Hillside Rd: Michael S. Lemanski and Christine Obrien to Andrew and Dawn Gardner, $340,000

155 Lafond Ln Unit 33: Nelly Martin to Brittany and Deborah M. Holliday, $180,000

36 Mary Ave: James R. and Marianne H. Luedtke to Kelly J. and Robert S. Brady, $345,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 143: Susan A. Farnsworth to Matthew B. Correia, $230,000

50 Oak Ter: David E. Brown to Caroline E. Wilson, $100,000

20 Pelczar Rd: Denise C. and Michael P. Tierney to Timothy B. and Melissa M. Desmarais, $555,000

645 Robbins Ave Unit 53: Angelica Rowell to Michael A. Foy and Rachel Hillman-Foy, $146,000

29 Sawyer Ave: Joshua and Samantha M. Espinola to Maureen Mcswiggin, $332,000

30 Village Dr: Ralph E. and Linda S. Dickinson to Adam J. and Kimberly A. Fontaine, $402,000

78 Winsor Dr: Peter A. and Sandra D. Macomber to Michael A. Boateng and Anthonieth Arhin, $380,000


6 Dummer Ave: Sheryl S. Savage and HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $313,449

30 Old Jacobs Rd: Adrian M Clark FT and Adrian M. Clark to Christian and Kristina L. Olmstead, $485,000

2 Sawmill Way: Marcia Nadeau to Kristin Mahler and John R. Maher, $577,000

102 Thurlow St: B VanDuzer to Joseph D. and Melissa Luis, $553,900

156 W Main St: John L. and Virginia H. Adams to Jessie R. and Ryan Davis, $375,000

192 W Main St: Brett P. Rossiter to Christopher M. and Kristi A. Smith, $499,900

84 Warren St: Brian J. Gressler to Josep Belles-Portas, $562,000


10 Briscoe Rd: Dianne M. Andrews to Kevin Obrien, $349,900

36 King St: Ellen B. Jordan to Jodie and Scott J. Roberts, $400,000

35 Wood St: Michael Crowe to Robert D. and Samantha A. Modoono, $620,000


39 4th Ave: 37-39 4th Ave RT and Kostas P. Kritikos to R E. Hernandez-Hernandez and Jill F. Herwig, $225,000

63 5th Ave: Raymond Lowe and Robert Dematteo to Jean C. Paniagua-Diaz and Hector H. Paniagua, $305,000

18 Alton Ave Unit 18: Ricardo Solivan to Kateena M. and Kenneth Stewart, $245,000

13 Bellevue Ave: Real Estate Sales Sol to Melissa Sanchez, $190,000

52 Bellevue Ave: USA HUD to Carol Castillo and Francisco Hernandez, $300,000

64 Belmont Ave: Dustin and Sarah K. George to Dennis Manaog and Krista R. Piccadaci, $334,900

3 Braewood Dr: Primak Richard D Est and Paul Illingworth to Michael P. and Pamela A. King, $265,000

220 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 220: Donna Wallace to Dale Marhefka, $288,000

2 Carriage Hill Rd: John A. Hayes to Bridget H. and Michael R. Clifford, $490,000

87 Casablanca Ct Unit 87: Bank Of New York Mellon to RSN 3 LLC, $179,815

13 Dartmouth St: James S. Simpson to Brian J. Moeller, $250,000

9 Dexter St: Jose M. Lantigua to Armando L. Ayala and Jeanette Colon, $258,000

5 Downing Ave Unit 1: Christine Black to Thomas Schomburg, $173,000

78 E Broadway: Christopher L. and Lisa A. Childers to Michelle L. Dorazio and Daniel K. Dort, $310,000

31 Eastern Ave: Debra A. and John R. Boyer to Guilherme J. Savi, $334,900

441 Farrwood Dr Unit 441: David G. Miller to Benjamin and Cyndia Pintor, $230,000

8 Federal St: Sherrie L. Frisone to Jerry Hidalgo, $400,000

81 Fountain St: Jenny Chong to Alfredo and Sergio Herrera-Moran, $405,000

1 Glen Orca Dr: Jennifer L Shimanski RET and Jennifer L. Shimanski to Brian J. Green and Sheila J. Mehta-Green, $1,174,655

113 High St: Lidia Disla to Angel Garcia, $360,000

29 Hillside Ave: Chriistopher Zielinski and Joseph Ambrosino to Norberto Diaz, $321,000

177 Lake St: Agape Financial Services and Emerald REO LLC to Emerald REO LLC, $190,000

22 Mount Vernon St Unit 1: Benjamin and John C. Prokop to Joanie Lee-Stolos, $215,000

4 Muriel Ter: Robert W. Parsons to David E. Hathaway, $348,000

75 Muriel Ter: David and Libby Richardson to Erica A. Lupi, $325,000

130 Old Ferry Rd Unit F: Lipkind RT and Farajollah Moshirfar to Kevin R. and Michael J. Mcdevitt, $142,500

11 Park St: La Belle Maison LLC to QLFD Opportunity Zone, $850,000

22 Pear Tree Rd: Nancy D. Henderson to Arghavan Alemzadeh, $459,900

58 Perkins Ct Unit 58: Kathyanne Connerty to Linda A. Castanino and Philip T. Dantonio, $283,000

117 Portland St: Henrie RT and Marie Gagnon to Schadrac Desrosiers, $470,000

28 Sherwood Dr: Joao B. and Isabel M. Laranjeira to John M. Dibitetto and Rachel Diodati, $445,000

29 State St: Jonathan P. Hunt to Christiana Antonuccio, $302,000

24 Union St: Herney FT LLC to Sean T. Mcevoy, $315,000

675 W Lowell Ave: Mooradian Mary R Est and John D. Haroian to Michael D. Myers and Allison Tin-Myers, $365,000

51 Wainwright Ave Unit 51: Alexandre Trentini to Blerina and Dritan Ferollari, $274,900

502-504 Washington St: James Sarcione to Coreen T. Edward, $310,000

136 Winter St: CBC Property Management to CD RT and Joseph Calnan, $875,000

135 Woodstock St: Michael J. Sullivan to Kevin G. and Paulette E. Alder, $254,900


119 Andover St: JMF Realty LLC to Felix A. and Carmen P. Taveras, $345,000

18-20 Boxford St: Pooling&Servicing and US Bank NA Tr to Cesar Burgos, $325,300

11 Columbus Ave: Paula J. Lemelin to Floyd A. Brock, $250,000

61 E Pleasant St: John N. Nguyen to Pedro E. Soto and Ivonne Beauchamp, $400,000

133 Emmett St: Dana and Barbara A. Wilson to Giselle M. Brito and Julio Valentin, $294,000

1087 Essex St: Tremblay Bernadette C Est and Linda M. Depelteau to Aracely Polanco and Lucia Gonzalez-Santana, $430,000

1125 Essex St: Henry J. Felix to Luis A. and Tanzania M. Ferry, $290,000

32-34 Fitz St: Mateo FT and Ruth Heath to Qvm Properties LLC, $290,000

347 Haverhill St: Ramon M. Germosen to Angela Y. Germosen, $306,500

21 Jefferson St: Wendy Marcin to John L. and Virginia Adams, $299,900

12 Kingston St: Javier Arriola to S Portillo-Rosales and Marlen J. Arias-Solis, $270,000

10-12 Lafayette Ave: Maxwell Trejo to L Presley-Fernandes, $490,000

301-371 Market St: Flowserve US Inc to 301-371 Market Street RT and David Kagan, $2,525,000

36 May St Unit 6: Livingstone Development to Jairon Garcia, $365,000

48 Oakwood Ave: Essex Properties LLC to Jose R. Cepada, $298,000

130 Oxford St: AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella to Felix Rodriguez-Vasquez and Damarys D. Urena, $335,000

9 Rita Ln: John D. Dimauro to Nancy M. Acosta and Alexis A. Rosario, $303,000

342-344 S Union St: T&A RT and Anna R. Sullivan to Luis Claudio and Elizabeth Camilo, $378,000

29 Spruce St: Charles Hope Co LLP to Merrimack Valley Habitat, $40,000

377 Water St: Osvaldo Hernandez and Bank Of New York Mellon to Danny Azzi, $176,000

27 Woodland St: RJP Construction&Dev to Raynold Benitez and Denizabel Ramirez, $302,000


50-52 Adelaide Ave: Eric V. Artiles to Juan C. Pena-Marte and Soranyi P. Marte, $405,000

3 Blake St: L&R Realty Corp to Robert C. Dewhirst, $245,000

15 Briarcliff Dr: US Bank NA Tr to Chadi Chakar, $292,000

8 Brown Ct: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to Sandra M. Biancardi, $247,000

17 Carleton St: Audrey L. Melito to Johanna Duran, $211,000

18 Chelmsford St Unit 18: Nina Difruscia to 18 Chelmsford Street LLC, $197,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 93: Maurina M. Finocchiaro to Juan Gonzalez, $187,000

38 Cox Ln: Norman S. Porter to Leslie Ferreira, $480,000

59 Cox Ln: Barbara E. and Ronald Kobrenski to Mary AlAchy and Fadi Francis, $470,000

50 Danbury Dr Unit 16: Sarkis Abrahamian RET and Nadia I. Abrahamian to Mark and Eneida Walters, $124,500

11 Durrell St: Robert J. Hamel and Paula A. Daher to Alexis A. Morales, $290,000

25 Grove St: Michael P. and Robert J. Ferraro to Steven R. Riquinha and Diana Hess-Riquinha, $245,000

30 Hawthorne Ave: Sam Taveras to Carolina D. Deleon and Lenny Monsanto, $310,000

27 Herrick Dr Unit 27: Barbara Buonaugurio to Stephen P. and Mary E. Dunn, $435,000

13 Landmark Dr: Michael K. and Melissa B. Lough to Scott W. Sherman, $455,000

172 Lowell St: Joao R. and Alessandra Deborba to Dawnmarie C. and Robert C. Duzan, $280,000

17-19 Milk Ave: Yenny R. Guzman to Enilda and Joshua Javier, $410,000

34 Nevins Rd: Bernhard I. and Ann R. Goerke to Ke Lu, $410,000

396 Oak St: Martine E. and Gary R. Weber to Suresh K. Raut, $325,000

35 Pine Tree Dr Unit 35: Toll MA 4 LLC to PJC IRT and Rachel Mariano, $695,646

78 Pine Tree Dr Unit 78: Toll MA 4 LLC to Clifford R. and Joanne S. Hall, $609,340

602 Prospect St: Deborah A. Hartnett to Dennis Mirugi and Robert Mwangi, $568,500

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 2-213: Sadie R. and William J. Sherman to Leah N. Cappellucci, $260,000

101 Rolling Ridge Ln: Myong C. and Raymond A. Dellorusso to Paula Campbell, $409,900

33 Russell Farm Dr Unit 33: Lucia Sholds and Debra Carelli to Christine M Diodati FT and Christine M. Diodati, $400,000

55 Sawyer St: Paul H. Wilbur and Patricia S. Brown to Jeremy and Lindsey Beauregard, $306,000

62 Sevoian Dr: Joel and Xionnette Taveras to Lexicon Government Svcs, $417,000

62 Sevoian Dr: Lexicon Government Svcs to David A. Alvarez, $417,000

86 Tower St: Campanile FT and Keri L. Blanchette to Oscar Alcantara-Mejia and Ciriaco Del-Rosario, $500,000

48 Union St: Donna M. Dietrich to Jesus Anziani, $355,000

18 Victory Dr Unit 18: Kristin E. Grunzweig to Freddie A. and Rebecca J. Peralta, $250,000

45 Washington St Unit 89: Phyllis A. Black to Cameron Hastings, $239,000

8 Winthrop Ave: Edwin A Lippold FT and Laurie A. Padellaro to Philip T. Gandolfo, $355,000


104 Amberville Rd: Lawrence L. and Lin Y. Zhang to Sanjay M. and Jindal S. Patel, $755,000

65 Blue Ridge Rd: Ronald H. and Susan S. Smits to James and Diane M. Julsonnet, $594,000

187 Cortland Dr Unit 187: Ronald J. and Judith E. Raye to J Stephen Lais and Judith Fields-Lais, $650,000

88 E Water St: Harris FT and Erin J. Harris to Shut Lam and Xu S. Chen, $330,000

4 Fernview Ave Unit 2: April Gouin and Selele Finance LP to Fortunatus LLC, $159,000

8 Fernview Ave Unit 4: Walton RET 2017 and Robert D. Walton to Cecelia Cresta-Devine, $199,000

350 Greene St Unit 402: R F Levis RT and Richard F. Levis to Edward Smith, $332,000

148 Main St Unit A313: Rita Mccarthy to N6 Properties LLC, $235,000

18 Marengo St Unit 18: Andrea M. Mavroides to Lloyd C. and Janet L. Shipley, $379,000

111 Marian Dr: Daniel P. and Leah Lanen to Daniel Preston and Katherine Dewey-Rosenfeld, $540,000

59 Mill Pond: 59 Millpond NT and William S. Holt to Frederick W. and Marie E. Galinski, $450,000

80 Patton Ln: Macandrew and Sheleagh M. Dougan to Robert and Laura Obrien, $705,000

60 Regency Pl: North Andover Realty Corp to Vartan and Lisa Yeghiazarians, $1,500,000

44 Russell St: Torla Margaret E Est and Catherine J. Dawson to Meghan Carr, $360,000

1504 Salem St: Siegel RT and Barbara E. Siegel to Dominique M. and James A. Green, $660,000

2501 Tupelo Cir Unit 2501: David Quirk and Jennifer Adler-Quirk to Scott and Gyuri Pae, $481,000

575 Turnpike St Unit 10: M&B Realty Assoc LLC to Epitelos LLC, $200,000

6 Walker Rd Unit 12: Mohammed and Muhammad Ghani to Stephanie A. Nix, $192,000

37 Walker Rd Unit 1: V Scott Follansbee RET and V Scott Follansbee to Eramo RT and Deborah Picard, $350,000

37 Walker Rd Unit 2: V Scott Follansbee RET and V Scott Follansbee to Eramo RT and Deborah Picard, $350,000


185 Central St: Donald F Macmillan RET and Jill A. Macmillan to Timothy and Michele Dulong, $345,000

11 Edgewood Ter: Chun T. Lai and Yuk L. Ma to Melissa A. Campbell and Ty A. Cornwall, $415,000

2 Greenmeadow Dr: Vincent E. and Cheryl A. Parziale to Colin J. Pennie and Kelli M. Mcmillan, $499,000

316 Haverhill St: Frederick M Shaw&Sons to Zaim and Deborah Khabaze, $400,000

6 Macintyre Dr: James L. and Joanna Beauregard to John J. and Molly Conway, $1,035,000

15 Main St Unit 2: Seta S. Robbins to Michael C. Kwan, $185,000

8 Porter Rd: Alyssa and Sean Kevlahan to Cassandra Aasmundsen-Fry and Michael Fry, $425,000

19 Westward Cir: 19 Westward Circle LLC to Denise Dilendick, $675,000


135 Beach Rd Unit B104: 4 Lynne Avenue RT and Apreol L. Twombly to Nancy Kelly, $190,000

135 Beach Rd Unit B209: Catherine and Cathrine Clinch to Mary Burgess, $181,716

20 Cable Ave Unit 3: Denis A. and Erica P. Champagne to Christina and John Heywood, $205,000

2 Garafalo Dr: Kenneth A. Whitcomb and Jane E. Williams to Anthony J. and Pamela A. King, $580,000

12 Joy Rd: Lisa and Peter Shaffaval to Emily T. Hanson and Joseph T. Riggi, $451,000

21 Liberty St: Evelyn L Simmers RET and Evelyn L. Simmers to Cheryl L. and David J. Ruffen, $450,000

20 Locust St: Laura C. Rose to David Osgood, $278,500

43 Mudnock Rd: Erik C. Nock and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $326,609

162 N End Blvd: Elizabeth Skinsacos to Colchester Breakers RT and High Tide Dev LLC Tr, $675,000

21 Rabbit Rd: Steven S. Silva and Specialized Loan Svcng to FHLM, $88,140

4 Sycamore Ln Unit 4: Elite Builders RT and Bradley M. Kutcher to Rachael Mckenzie and John N. Wile, $549,900

44 Toll Rd: Mary Burgess and Marie Burnham to Mark S. Welch and Priscilla Westaway, $350,000

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