87 Chandler Rd: Hong Du to Polly A. Palacios, $440,000

215 Lowell St: Carol J. Sawin to John F. and Denise Engelhart, $689,000

1 Powder Mill Sq Unit 405: Raymond S. and Debra L. Filocoma to Julio C. Rodriguez, $460,000

7 Shepley St: Monica R. Cowart to Christina Rogers, $380,000

70 Washington Park Dr Unit 10: Williams Louis E Est and Ann K. Bennett to Kumarappan Sambamurthi, $175,000


2 Andrews Farm Rd: Megan Hodgson to James Courtemanche and Taryn Janeliunas, $492,000

8 Appleton Ln: Robyn R. and Thomas R. Riley to Kimberly B. and Scott M. Kidney, $718,000

15 Crooked Pond Dr: Robert J Cox T and Julia L. Cox to Meghan C. and Ryan S. Kaiserman, $725,000

26 Hillside Rd: William J. Fandel to Ashley C. and Max R. Gorgone, $488,000

4 Roberts Rd: Nancy J. and Preston G. Galarneau to Robyn R. Riley, $609,900

18 W Parish Ln: Linda A. Leahy to Allison E. and Fred P. Williams, $784,500


26 Blackhawk Cir Unit 26: Domenic Musto to Zachary and Diana Natale, $450,000

101 Donohue Rd Unit 13: Michael Lyons to Joseph A. Morin, $225,000

100 E 6th St Unit 6: William J. Themelis to Diane Normandy, $249,900

297 Fox Ave: Hebert Cora Est and Gail B. Ross to Ryan and Erin M. Laflamme, $414,000

211 Haverhill St: Laura C Kuszek NT and Michael Kuszek to Chandaravuth Neang, $330,000

95 Hurley Ave: Francis R. and Janet M. Asselin to Thomas F. and Denise M. Carroll, $333,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 131: Brendan E. Toolin to Luis Diaz, $235,500

13 Royal Ave Unit 13: Norman&J R Ruest IRT and Michael N. Ruest to Catherine E. Defabio, $322,400

37 Saint James St: Roberto Ciccarelli to Dennis Brick, $340,000

144 Thissell Ave Unit 14: Manuel Penetra and Conceicao Rodrigues to Peter Soares, $100,000

23 Tina Rd: William J. Dumont to Brent and Megan L. Dumont, $420,000


64 Lakeshore Dr: 64 Lakeshore Drive RT and Michael L. Sysik to Lyndsey Oneill and Jake Silva, $335,000


8 Atwood Ln: Evergreen RET and Albert C. Couillard to Joseph and Stacey E. Vitale, $849,900

7 Fairway Dr: Lindsay A. Mcfadden to Lindsay A. Mcfadden, $100,000


50 10th Ave: 50 10th Avenue RT and Michael S. Murpht to Xia Gu, $205,000

22 Bard St: Bank Of America NA to Diverse Real Estate LLC, $278,900

12-14 Broad St: Daniel J. and Gary Moskal to M A. Casado-Defernandez and Tonito D. Fernandez, $450,000

87 Casablanca Ct Unit 87: RSN 3 LLC to Dianna and Misael Casado, $209,000

2 Catalina Way: Dennysville-Lyons RT and Jams H. Lyons to Michael J. Wofford and Roseann L. Ehrhard-Wofford, $659,900

84 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 84: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Christopher J. and Linda I. Bertolino, $339,900

14 Florence Ave: James S. Peters to Matthew A. Colon and Lauren P. Fulgoni, $410,000

205 Groveland St: Robert Poley to Winwin Properties LLC, $175,792

134 How St: Under Control LLC to Kelly A. and Richard A. Pesce, $297,000

8 Klondike Ave: Mongeau Richard R Est and Gregory Mongeau to Celestina Rosario, $420,000

8 Lafayette Ave: Francisco and Maria Vargas to Alexandra Tejada, $401,000

56 Lexington Ave: Pashigian Sark Est and Elise J. Pashigian to Eric R. Heath, $370,000

145 Mercury Ter Unit 145: Raul E. Velez to Rebecca Frank and Christopher Kenneally, $227,500

9 Parker Ln: Dean C. and Donna M. Renaud to Victor H. Caraballo, $565,000

79 S Central St: Andrea Puisys and US Bank NA to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $229,000

124 Warrenton Rd: Jonathan L. Furnari to Arthur J. Tanguay, $297,000

108 Whittaker Ave: US Bank NA Tr to LDG Realty LLC, $215,000

19 Woodland Park Dr Unit 19: Timothy Oleary to Kaitlin M. and Kathleen N. Koehler, $285,000


66 Allston St: Gilberto Alvarez to Romulo D. Checo-Rodriguez and Rosa A. Genao, $367,000

12 Crestshire Dr: Kimberly M. Love-Pritchard to Rafael E. Ruiz and Zoila M. Gomez, $355,000

253 Erving Ave: Caboose RT and John Boddy to 436 South Union Street RT and Kilvis Moreno, $350,000

136-140 Essex St: 136 Essex RT and Jitendra Patel to Renov 8 Homes LLC, $360,000

6 Green St: Carolina Alonzo to Edwin Lopez, $289,900

90 Greenfield St: Kersten Theberge to Freddy E. Zamora, $269,900

9 Halsey St: George Koontz to Leonardo Batista and Hilaria Pasqual, $320,000

459 Lowell St: EZ Living LLC to Ambrioris Sanchez and Maria E. Abreu, $355,000

71-73 Lynn St: Melaque RT and Richard K. Soucy to AA Real Estate Group LLC, $525,000

8 Osgood St: Jorge Ramos to Rayner Torres, $250,000

113 Prospect St Unit 1: Chris-Sco Corp to John Roy, $310,000

113 Prospect St Unit 2: Chris-Sco Corp to Justin Brown, $310,000

30 Ridgewood Cir: 30 Ridgewood Circle RT and Rita M. Rozumek to Rebecca K. and Reynaldo Pagan, $355,000

26 School St: Tammy J. Mandeville and George M. Lenotte to Eggar Ciriaco-Mejia and Elizabeth Urbaez, $228,500

85-87 Shawsheen Rd: Catherine Mccarthy to Premium Properties Inc, $391,245

34-36 Smith St: Robert J. Debenedetto to John Hernandez, $365,500

34-36 Sunset Ave: Cristian Bueno to C J. Montero-Peguero and J Martinez-DeMontero, $500,000

75 Weare St Unit 75: Brown RT and Rebecca Pagan to Jose L. Deleon and Dayra Mercado, $240,000

11 Winston Dr: Scott E. and Catherine Hubley to Daniel Ramirez, $338,000


69 Ames St: Schwarzenberg FT and Roy W. Schwarzenberg to Shenty and Juan P. Berrios, $315,000

5 Bentley Cir Unit 5: Leslie J. Kent to Hermaine J. Jean, $190,000

40 Christopher Dr Unit 40: Higginbotton FT and Paul R. Higginbottom to Marwane G. Cherfane, $255,000

13 Hartshorne Way Unit 13: Maurice J. and Cecile C. Bouchard to Joseph and Betty Portada, $588,000

52 High St Unit 2: Kelly Conroy to Jeanine N. Ward, $185,000

516 Jackson St: Elena Bonaventura to Gregory L. Owen, $319,913

4 Liams Ln: Pinnacle Builders LLC to John C. and Renee A. Donnelly, $580,990

3 Mariah Dr: Maple Park Reserve LLC to Ariel A. and Jenny A. Montas, $589,900

22 Marlborough Ave: Stephen L. and Tina J. Joubert to Hector Morrobel, $405,000

14 Palanga St: Debra Rillahan to Lorraine Mcgovern, $350,000

72 Pine Tree Dr Unit 72: Toll MA 4 LLC to Cox IRT and Brett W. Cox, $654,168

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 4-104: Rose and Maurice Desrosiers to Rachel J. Frechette, $290,000

155-157 Tenney St: Clavijo Adrian Est and Adrian C. Santiago to Miguel Cuevas-Cabrera, $325,000

8 Tree Top Way: US Bank NA Tr to Miralva Pagan, $440,000

143 Washington St: Carol A. Belluardo and Dina L. Latulippe to Christopher L. Navarro, $370,000


383 Abbott St: Messina Development Co to Timothy A. and Megan E. Pybus, $862,000

180 Chickering Rd Unit 106c: Luciano Ricci to Mark K. Sullivan, $284,000

47-c Dana Rd: Diane M Letizio RET and Albert J. Letizio to Kayla and Jessica Nassar, $515,000

3 Harvest Dr Unit 107: Maryann Hill to JPM Harvest LLC, $255,000

58 Hewitt Ave: Edward J. and Deborah E. Manchenton to Melanie Rokes and Paul Mogilevsky, $445,000

79 Lacy St: Eramo FT and Deborah A. Picard to Tyler Calhoun and Shannon Carbone, $708,000

148 Main St Unit B235: Linda J. and John Flannagan to Lisa Boyalian, $245,000

69 Prospect St Unit 2: Ralph C. Bevin and Leeann G. Shelton to Nancy Virgilio-Brown and Christina E. Wallis, $222,500

521 Salem St Unit 2: Mark Stein to Cynthia H. Lauwers, $380,000


215 Elm St: Dennis W. and Helen C. Kay to Mirko Messa and Voronica Musante, $640,000

3 Fox Run Ln: Stephen J. and Doreen L. Mcalarney to David P. and Julie A. Walsh, $779,000

23 Nichols St: Herrick Development LLC to Patrick R. and Kari M. Murphy, $885,000

12 Railroad Ave Unit 12: ECD T and Estee C. Dorfman to Alexander and Katrina Oughton, $499,000


3 Greenbriar Dr Unit 307: Kathleen M. Dimauro to Richard Lee, $270,000


170 Beach Rd Unit 18: Wayne Capolupo to Joanna and William Adrien, $450,000

6 Jon St: NRZ REO 6 LLC to Todd Fitzgerald and John C. Mahoney, $100,000

278 N End Blvd: Sacc Realty LLC to Freckle International LLC, $960,000


12 Cricket Ln Unit 12: Allyson Mcosker to Michael Polito, $385,900

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