112 Abbot St: James C. and Angela M. Alex to Alexander R. Boeglin and Alison M. Omalley, $1,249,999

166 Jenkins Rd: Jenkins Road NT and Richard B. Osterberg to 166 Jenkins Realty LLC, $445,000

10-16 Main St: 10 Main St LLC to 32 Park Place LLC, $50,000

247 N Main St Unit 4: Lupine RT and David A. Hawkins to Lawrence A. and Ann T. Way, $230,000

13 Shepley St: Thomas and Bernice T. Karagiorgos to Joseph M. and Paola Saucier, $370,000


No Transactions in this Town


66 Arlington Ave: Kelly M. Laplante to Timothy R. Richards and Amanda E. Turner, $329,000

18 Blue Jay Ave: Couillard Homes LLC to Vagner T. DaSilva and Joyce M. DaCruz, $519,900

1794 Bridge St Unit 20: Elsie Martineau to Broadway Wellness Center, $170,000

133 C St: Robert Jacobs to Kleber Chavez, $270,000

13 Dallas Dr Unit 209: Patricia M. Reardon to Thomas J. Sheehan, $266,000

101 Donohue Rd Unit 9: Hannah Rios and Richard Morin to Trisha and Brian Fitzpatrick, $206,000

51 Frederick St Unit 87: Darlene M. Babcock to Laura A. Dunlavey, $250,000

47 Neofotistos Cir: Paul R. and Kellie C. Pires to Stephen G. Gichure, $460,000

277 Sladen St: Laurelee Langan to Vladimir Thomas and Ada Mckenzie-Thomas, $480,000

58 Stonebridge Dr: Todd M. and Karen L. Latter to James E. and Kristine E. Kiernan, $460,100

64 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 3: Pagona Christakis to Roseann Romano, $212,000

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 33: Jaclyn P. Derrico to Juan Alvarez and Robert F. Demers, $205,000


No Transactions in this Town


2 Brierwood Ln: David J. and Lisa A. Beck to Cathlin and Jarrod Larocco, $695,000

180 Center St: Cynthia D. Douphinette to Neimar Farm LLC, $550,000

11 Marjorie St: Sarah A. Liebermann to Paul Figelski, $367,500

216 School St: Frank and Laurie A. Panaro to Crory C. and Jamie A. Moye, $365,000


6 Albion St: Earlyne M. Massa and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to FNMA, $185,000

95 Atlanta St Unit 95: Jennifer A. Zaleski and Alexander K. Dolan to Christopher Solter and Michelle Thach, $266,000

71 Auburn St: Eric V. Dorman to Carla M. and Wayne S. Michals, $223,000

66 Casablanca Ct Unit 66: Matthew P. and Taxiarchoula Batchelder to John Nihan, $245,000

65 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 65: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Krystle E. and Miguel M. Oleaga, $369,900

309 Farrwood Dr Unit 309: Kathleen Dassler to Maria Melo and Jonathan Ortiz, $335,300

65 Greenough St Unit 65: Ouellette Henry J Est and Arlene Tippy to Geena E. Blanchard, $229,250

274 Hilldale Ave: Thomas J. Parolisi to Ana R. Derosa and Jose A. Rodriguez, $408,000

16 Lilac Ln Unit 16: Linda M. Almquist to Karen M. Dill, $312,500

5 Myles Standish Dr Unit 10: Shaun E. and Morgan S. Mueller to Anna B. and David Cherubin, $170,000

19 Orchard Ave Unit F: RJH Holdings LLC to Amber R. and Garrett B. Mayfield, $184,000

14 Thorndike St: Rival RT and Karen L. Buck to Luis D. DeLaCruz-Flores, $451,000

11 Villa St Unit 404: Lawrence F. Slepoy to Vila Properties LLC, $165,000

33 W Meadow Rd Unit 33: Atwood RT and Lorraine M. Atwood to Michael P. and Renee T. Hennessey, $308,900

20 W Parish Ct Unit 20: Albert R. Monsini to Ryan J. Zec, $274,500

19 Washington St Unit 5: David C. Drislane and Leonard Toledo to Theodore P. Ammon, $119,900

333 Washington St Unit 333: Trina S. Owens to Teresa C. Cebrera, $132,500


127 Arlington St: Gillis J. Rodrigue to Modesto Maldonado, $175,000

9 Halsey St: Gregory M. Sarna to George Koontz, $268,000

208 Olive Ave: Juana P. Hernandez to Nelson A. Rodriguez, $349,900

54-56 Osgood St: Dilcia Almonte to Jesse Ortiz, $470,000

267 S Broadway: Hiep Truong to Thuy C. Bui, $385,000

11 Skyview Ct Unit 11: Alitza Gonzalez to Michelle Silverio and Hanniel Victorino-Mejia, $192,000

84 Warren St: Luis Velazquez to Jean C. Ramirez and G R. Puello-Deramirez, $251,500


6 Aberdeen Rd: Joseph J. and Patricia R. Pawlick to Marilyn Spongberg, $394,900

5 Branch St: 5 Branch Street Realty to MCP 2 Branch Street LLC, $10,000,000

29 Burgess St: Balvin and Barbara Lewis to Neftali and Jane Carmona, $235,000

Cornelie Rd: Suzanne Delrossi to 60 Cornelie Road Realty, $15,000

9 Curtis St Unit 9: Ephrem A. Karam and Fadia Y. Azzi to Susana A. Lopez, $179,900

9 Hickory Ln: Mollica 2017 T and Mario Mollica to Balvin and Barbara Lewis, $410,000

9 Newton Ave: William R. Walsh and Wilmington T NA to Wilmington T NA Tr, $252,000

26 Pine Tree Dr Unit 26: Toll MA 4 LLC to Fazil M. and Yasmeen M. Zakaria, $759,000

64 Pine Tree Dr Unit 64: Toll MA 4 LLC to Andre T. Baynes, $623,685

188-a Pleasant Valley St: Francisco and Christine A. Marte to Hanh Doan, $472,500

43 Riverview Blvd: Union Park Investments to Jarlin M. Gomez and Leidy J. Zapata, $372,000

78 Union St: Sedaine and Kerlande Joseph to Adan Beltran, $500,000

62 Worcester St: Eric C. Dupaul to Ange Lucie E. Renoldine and Devinder S. Gill, $380,000


1 Alcott Way Unit 1: Michael J. and Kathleen P. Mcandrew to Anthony R. Ceruolo, $370,000

21 Alcott Way Unit 21: Josephine A Martell T and Josephine A. Martell to Robert A. Brown, $405,000

451 Andover St Unit 210: Naop LLC to J Gregory Batten, $47,492

451 Andover St Unit 315: Naop LLC to J Gregory Batten, $75,508

24 Cleveland St Unit 24: Cleveland Street LLC to Justin M. Dehaan and Ala R. Hamdi, $350,000

88 Colgate Dr: Marc M. and Alfred J. Torrisi to Seaport Homes LLC, $360,000

47 Elmcrest Rd: Cataldi Antonio Est and Antonette Cataldi to Steven A. and Donna Matarazzo, $445,000

173 Main St Unit 4: 5 Star INT and Charles A. Papalia to Lawrence J. and Cheryl A. Hall, $179,500

203 Mill Rd: TKZ LLC to Tara M. Mcauliffe, $783,337

12 Rosedale Ave: Andrew C. and Heidi L. Affronti to Terrence and Sandra Fox, $562,000


2 Darrell Dr: Joseph M. and Beth L. Cipriano to Luke J. and Colleen K. Higgins, $730,000

9 Greenbriar Dr Unit 101: Greenbriar Real Estate to John F. and Allyson Paladino, $140,000

19 Oakdale Rd: John J. Pasquale to William Mclaughlin, $162,000

22 Redmond Ave: Jonathan B. Scammon to Kristen S. Scammon, $100,000


9 Jon St: Wise FT and Austin J. Wise to Maria and Stephanie Gildea, $344,900

151 Lafayette Rd: Paul S. Foti to Bochenko FT and Adriane F. Marchand, $345,000

6 Mason Ln Unit 6: Evan and Caitlin Blais to Brian P. and Lenora M. Derrivan, $419,900

18 Old County Rd Unit B: DECM LLC to Kathy Lilakos-Cushing RET and Kathy Lilakos-Cushing, $449,000