10 Buttonwood Dr: Daniel J Massiello LT and Nora E. Massiello to Luis and Gisela Yepez, $1,350,000

21-23 Florence St: Walsh Investment RT and William J. Walsh to Willard D. Perkins, $525,000

5 Jillian Way: Jillians Way LLC to Baorui Ren and Hui Qian, $946,999

31 Kirkland Dr: Carroll Mccully FT and Joseph E. Carroll to Joseph E. and Tiffany R. Carroll, $500,000

4 Murray Hill Ln: Greenwood T and Robert W. Murray to White House Lane LLC, $1,500,000

287 N Main St: Gail Winslow to Joel E. and Karen A. Schofield, $380,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4206: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to William and Marianne C. Tsimtsos, $492,995

10 Saint James Dr Unit 10: Uma Saha and Santosh Sikder to Yuen H. Yick, $635,000

338 Salem St: Paul J. Reppucci to Andrew C. Fenn and Kathryn A. Collins, $660,000


12 Pearl Rd: Madeline M. and Robert D. Curcio to Erin E. and Tyler Garaas, $915,000


14 Arbor Dr Unit 14: Ronald L. Troia to Peter J. and Diane D. Clark, $445,000

37 Avis Ave: Chaput Jane C Est and Jean R. Chaput to Lindsay J. Korn and Giovanni Pagan, $240,000

275 Donohue Rd Unit 4: Aleta M. Thompson to Lawrence J. Keegan, $265,000

62 Frederick St Unit 38: Ferreira FT and Michael P. Ferreira to David Snipe and Susan Salaman, $367,000

117 Greenmont Ave: Lyn D T Beaulieu T and Lyn D. Beaulieu to Alec Beaulieu and Jonathan Major, $325,000

66 Homefield Ave: Neil G. and Colleen J. Onos to Brian G. Setyabule and Suzan Naikote, $450,000

57 Lantern Ln Unit 5: Diane P. Aubin to Lauren C. and Christopher S. Callery, $185,000

2 Litchfield Ave: Danielle R. and Scott W. Vella to Jason Henriquez and Katie Oleary, $370,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 47: Mary B. Harper and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $177,700

983 Methuen St: Matthew and Nicole Connolly to Sambath Soum and Kunthea Hangsoum, $415,000

701 Nashua Rd: Erin Omalley and Pennymac Loan Services to Pennymac Loan Services, $225,500

5 Norman St: Zen Condo LLC to Parvin Esmail-Pourghomi, $337,750

204 Pleasant St Unit 1: Marilyn E. Sawyer and Richard L. Lester to Granite Props Of New Eng, $98,500

801 Robbins Ave Unit 3: Jeffrey R. Mccarthy to Cassie R. Gadbois, $239,000

43 Walnut St: Thomas Honeycutt to Donald F. Meuse, $310,000


85 Andover St: Daniel A. and Kathleen M. Benoit to Erica Lee, $372,000

12 Beverly Dr: Fred Habeeb to Leslie A. Damico, $555,000

198 E Main St: Kathleen L. Lee-Ogden and Lawrence H. Ogden to Kirstin Anderson and Michael Hornberger, $563,000

1 Maguire Way: Shirley L. Maguire to David A. and Diana M. Martin, $398,000

91 Spofford St: Michael D. and Rita P. Sweat to Joseph P. and Lisa M. Jordan, $773,000

113 West St: Megan D. and Vincent R. Milano to Robert D. Stevenson and Susan E. Speak, $475,000


191 Center St: Annette M. Lewis to Joseph C. and Katheryn A. Casey, $319,600

203 Center St: 203 Center Street RT and Michael G. Mcdermott to Clearview Management LLC, $245,000

354 Center St: Eric Slaughenhaupt and Annoula Zafiriadis to David A. Brockmann and Erin Devito, $510,000

3 Marion Ave: Jaime L. and Steven W. Harper to Amanda and Paul J. Tramontozzi, $719,000


64 Bailey Ct: Ericka Isensee to Sean M. Sweeney, $494,900

78 Belmont Ave: US Bank NA Tr to Victor Castro and Beatriz Guzman, $250,000

11 Crawford St: Constitution Properties to Joanna E. Murphy, $410,000

5 Crosby St: Carol B. Pennisi to Naghmeh H. Meabodi and Seyed A. Mousavi, $357,000

95 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 95: William T. Garrity to Marsha L. Kinnear, $10,000

199 E Broadway Unit 199: Christine D. Bailey to Daniel J. and Kayla Allard, $370,000

3 Elaine Marie Dr: Helena and Ryan Kaczenas to Douglas P. and Robin M. Warren, $450,000

22 Farrwood Pl Unit 22: Joann and Kenneth L. Buffman to Edwin and Ryan Galindez, $338,000

38 Glen Meadow Rd Unit 38: Jared and Nancy B. Atwater to Kevin and Madison Murphy, $285,000

43 Lafayette St: Louis Z. Manoloulis to Shaniel Dejesus and Richard Tirando, $435,000

364 Main St: Stag Tribe Capital LLC to Estrella Realty Invest, $178,000

77 Merrill Ave: Rivers Edge Properties to Jessica Brissette and Kevin Lind, $345,000

191 Morgan Dr Unit 191: Jeffrey Tomeo to Michael Dasilva and Claire Davis, $200,000

1 Park Ave Unit B: Jeffrey A. Davis to Jarrett F. Mcgilloway, $225,000

30 Priscilla Rd: Sturk Jeffrey M Est and Kevin J. Sturk to MTGLQ Investors LP, $247,871

6 S Charles St: Lisa M. and Sean K. Parent to Denise Laureano and Nicholas A. Palmisano, $298,000

47 Sarah J Cir: Lan W. Pechacek to Christine and Jeffrey A. King, $530,000

34 Vine St: Atlantis Investments LLC to 34 Vine St LLC, $358,827

41 Westchester Dr Unit 41: Mccarthy Barbara A Est and Matthew J. Mccarthy to Carol B. Pennisi, $279,000

48 Westminster Ave: Davied and Megan M. Ratcliffe to Andrew Mcdonough, $337,000

6 Woodland Park Dr Unit 6: Deborah A. Adams and Joseph W. Tinney to Mary A. and Robert Irvine, $346,000


7 Ash St: Marisol Carrero to A R. Delacruz-Garcia and Stacey D. Delacruz, $355,000

171-173 Bailey St: Thomas Branco to Stephanie Gonzalez and Hael J. Fondeur, $460,000

60 Brook St: SMS Enterprises Inc to Gene Espinola, $299,000

100-102 Chester St: Junior Encarnacion to Franklin Bautista and Yohanael I. Ramos-Silverio, $524,000

225 E Haverhill St: Lisa A. and Joshua I. Gilman to Todd Labrecque, $282,000

15-17 Easton St: Bethzaida Jorge to Rafael Landof-Polanco, $534,000

34 Hamlet St: Michael J. and Stephen R. Smith to Orlando Rosario, $300,000

9 Hobson St Unit A: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Maria Nisel-Matias, $131,000

250 Jackson St: Sabatino J. and Elaine T. Pitocchelli to Juana Garcia, $330,000

85 Knox St: Juana Garcia to Miguelina and Michael P. Jolicoeur, $385,000

34 Lenox Cir: Harrison A. and Carrie L. Fitch to Saida Hilario, $335,000

39-41 Ohio Ave: Timothy R. Marks and Kathleen A. Cloonan to Ronald Lopez, $495,000

62 Salem St: Carey Catherine M Est and Cheryl M. Oneill to Jose L. Pichardo, $305,000


1 Albermarle St: Happy Penguin Properties to Eugene C. and Danita B. Scione, $278,000

34 Burnham Rd Unit 102: Riverside Drive LLC to Lan Wu, $242,500

22 Davis Rd: Kristen Mercier and Roman Spada to William M. and Colleen R. Smith, $390,000

4 Druid Hill Ave Unit 4: Jonathan and Erin Hudson to Beth A. Baker, $285,000

182-a East St: Wlodyka Patrick W Est and Darlene Suliveras to Hilary M. Kaba, $366,500

106 Elm St: Richard J. King to Kevin R. Chasse, $404,000

12 Field Ave: Theresa M. Kelly to Steven Margison and Yazeirys M. Brito-Margison, $355,000

585 Forest St: Jose and Wendy Estrella to Frank P. Maddalone, $525,000

331 Hampshire Rd: Joseph M. and Kimberly A. Nye to Gustavo and Elsa Mendiata, $505,000

3 Lady Slipper Ln: John A. Piccolomini to David M. Place, $400,000

268 Lowell St: Patricia A. Bonds to Jeffrey Scott, $105,000

157 Maple St: MTGLQ Investors LP to Randy Ovalles, $343,900

10 Myrtle St: Carmen R. Mattuchio to Theresa Kelley, $383,000

133 Oak St: Pearl Peng to Daniel and Maria Y. Reynoso, $370,000

18 Olympic Village Dr: Raymond S. and Sally A. Lavigne to Wilfredo and Tacianna Demarco, $465,000

18 Pine Tree Dr: Maroun and Mirna Bechara to Ronald J. Pitocchelli and Tracy L. Porter, $250,000

10 Roosevelt Ave: Wassim Khiami to Patricia C. White, $389,500

157-159 Swan St: Thomas Messina to Ibrahim Elhafi, $479,900

97 Weybossett St: Eric Blais and Louis Tango to Tania A. and Jessica Damota, $405,000


1103 Acorn Dr Unit 1103: Gustavo and Elsa Mendieta to Richard Salazar-Gonzalez, $192,500

94 Cortland Dr Unit 94: Mihcael I Jacobs RET and Michael I. Jacobs to Mario and Kathleen Diperna, $660,000

19 Enfield St: Frank John Stewart LT and Frank J. Stewart to Kourtney and Eric Crampton, $625,000

350 Greene St Unit 413: Levine FT and Catherine M. Kneeland to Elizabeth Post-Elliot, $318,858

4 Harvest Dr Unit 202: Costin R. and Irina Popescu to Ralitsa Kalmukova, $329,000

45 Kingston St Unit 45: Ngaitun Chow and Eva Ping to Eric L. and Lindsay E. Liberti, $278,500

102 Penni Ln: Milind S. Heble to Ana P. Martins-Fernandes, $625,000

36 Regency Pl: North Andover Realty Corp to Srinivas and Aparna Kallakurchi, $1,657,598


4 Damon St: Kevin E. and Stephanie M. Norwood to Colleen M. Quinn, $560,000

2 Fairview St: Bradbuilt Construction Co to Donald Baker and Laura Mini-Baker, $825,000

42 Main St Unit 7: Patricia Oconnor to Louise M. Shotwell, $199,000

200 Martins Landing Dr Unit 1202: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Karen M. Tarquinio, $326,995

39 Northridge Dr Unit 39: Caroline Aurelio to Joseph and Antoinetta Mccarthy, $335,000

6 Olde Farm Ln: Charles J. and Mary F. Zanchi to Paul Schipelliti, $725,000

19 Shady Hill Dr: Collins Mary E Est and Brian Collins to Michael W. and Katherine A. Woodard, $525,000

7 Winterberry Ln: 7 Winterberry Lane NT and Stephen N. Leo to Kevin E. and Stephanie M. Norwood, $776,000


33 Atlantic Ave: Morning Fields Farm LLC to Gay Fieg, $662,500

167 Elm St Unit L44: Storage Estates LLC to Joseph A. Leone, $115,000

4 Ferry Rd Unit A: George W. and Holly A. Peddle to Martin and Nancy Leahy, $509,900

7 Lions Way: William E. Welch to Robert and Tara Slepoy, $175,000

9 Lions Way: William E. Welch to Robert and Tara Slepoy, $175,000

1-b Mariner Way Unit P2: Beach 54 LLC to Albert H. Melanson, $351,650

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