8 Cherokee Cir: Henry A. Prussman to Yu Wang, $842,000

15 Crenshaw Ln Unit 15: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Daniel J Massiello LT and Daniel J. Massiello, $1,325,000

3 Dartmouth Rd: Charles V. and Meghan D. Leitao to David J. Fazio and Laura Coughlin, $520,000

24 Forest Hill Dr: Gordon and Barbara X. Becker to Ryuji and Nozomi Morizane, $659,000

64 Haverhill St: Douglas and Michelle Webb to Jonathan B. and Varvara Zucker, $615,000

31 Kirkland Dr: Kennedy IRT and Jill Hammel to Carroll Mccully RET and Joseph E. Carroll, $580,000

62 Maple St: Alger and Souci U. Rollins to David A. and Michelle E. Friedman, $750,000

6 Osgood St: John C. Sullivan and Molly S. Mugler to Thomas and Alena Zelem, $735,000

7 Parthenon Cir: Leo D. Lynch and Donna A. Sloan to Brendan L. and Alexandra M. Day, $790,000

35 Pine St: Michael Girouard to Michael and Elisa Puglielli, $728,750

87 Pine St: Michael and Elisa Puglielli to Daniel and Dorothea C. Poletti, $457,125

4 Powder Mill Sq Unit 105: Historic Mills RT and Louis P. Minicucci to Lynn M. Mccumber, $324,000

19 Sutherland St: Alexandra K. Mitton and Brendan L. Day to Nicolai and Pernille Konow, $459,900

20 Washington Park Dr Unit 5: Haitao Cheng and Xiaomin Shao to Mei Li, $181,500

80 Washington Park Dr Unit 10: Tyler Jensen to Amantini RET and Giuliano Amantini, $187,000


19 Forest Ln: 19 Forest Lane RT and Frederick B. Howard to Brian R. Murray, $762,500


8 6th St: Kathleen Charette to Robert A. and Sharlene M. Dion, $365,000

261 Broadway Rd Unit 28: Tina C. Donoghue to Jethziel G. Torres-Soto, $225,900

130 Chapman St: Roth FT and Eleanor C. Roth to Jake C. Malandrino, $355,000

15 Demitri Cir: Rainbow Builders Corp to Son Nguyen, $645,700

101 Donohue Rd Unit 19: Earl Rains to Hayder Mousa and Ali Jassim, $245,000

44 Emerson Ave: Thomas G. and Deniene M. Savard to Mariama M. and Ahmed B. Jalloh, $335,000

30 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Brian P. Mcgrath and Kayla Morencey, $559,180

15 Mercier St: Suong Sok to Carmen Mourato, $455,000

755 Merrimack Ave: Ricci John J Est and Carolyn F. Raitt to Paula P. Muth and Thoeun Kouch, $225,000

31 Stuart Ave Unit A6: Laura Morrisseau to Jorge M. Vasconcellos, $240,000


30 E Main St Unit 10: Russell C. and Virginia L. Moyer to Diane L. White, $155,000

401 E Main St: 3 Brothers Real Est LLC to 401 East Main Street LLC, $5,900,000

23 Taylor St: Ronald I. and Terri L. Desjardins to Edward Polcaro and Patricia Sasso, $430,000


1 Atwood Ln: Evergreen RET and Albert C. Couillard to Claudine Alabre, $574,900


254 Amesbury Rd: 254 Amesbury Road LLC to KRE BSL Husky Haverhill, $11,390,000

93-95 Blaisdell St Unit 2: Edzaida M. and Michael L. Alvarez to Bianca and Mercedes Lazowy, $210,000

15 Blossom St: Jeffrey J. and Maria A. Guerin to Daniel C. Kelley and Jacqueline M. Pereira, $318,000

22 Bradford Green Way: David A. and Mary A. Devine to Matthew Heywood and Heather C. Kelly, $500,000

22 Brickett Ave: Susan L. Lafortune to Heidi M. and Jonathan M. Hayes, $325,000

116 Cedar St: Block Capital LLC to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $86,880

58 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 58: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Michael Novak, $344,900

13 Farrwood Dr Unit 13: Joseph Thibault to Thomas Aborn, $225,500

427 Farrwood Dr Unit 427: Christopher Connor to Michael Kelley and Heather C. Kelly, $250,000

433 Farrwood Dr Unit 433: Armando Nushi to Tung Le, $201,000

7-9 Fay Pl: Peguy Sylvain to Luis Laureano and Gisselle Rosario, $494,000

17 Grant St: Derrin K. Dufan to Eugene Difiore and Maris Ditolla, $504,900

77 Greenough St: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Joseph and Tia M. Bernardo, $430,000

124 Groveland St: Redmond E. and Sandra M. Paul to 124 Groveland Street RT and Frank T. Muraco, $197,500

21 Hamel Way Unit 21: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Son M. Luong, $319,900

57 Howard St: Union Park Investments to Carlos P. and Jennifer Contreras, $400,000

369 Liberty St: Sande Homes LLC to Antone and Sally Matthews, $651,900

28 Lilac Ln Unit 18: Edwards Street RT and Adria J. Durkin to Lorraine Tempone, $290,000

64 Moore St: US Bank NA Tr to Craig Pascoe, $109,000

114 Pilgrim Rd: Ladd Joan E Est and Suzanne Penny to Sande Homes LLC, $175,000

49 Quimby St: Carroll 2017 T and Jill M. Carroll to Julia A. Glater and Brian P. Roach, $465,000

143 S Elm St: 9 1&2 Bartlett Street NT and Maria Tusinski to Benjamin Bagnall, $350,000

25 S Williams St: Steven Markos to Christine B. and Robert J. Balsamo, $373,000

10 Squaw Creek Dr Unit 10: Frances S. Gustafson to Elaine Haddad RET 2019 and Elaine Haddad, $349,900

21 Tiverton Ave: MTGLQ Investors LP to Elvis F. Vargas-Calcano, $324,700

15 Victor St: Hector A. Brito and Cesaria M. Reynoso to Jennifer Munoz, $445,000

15 Westminster Ave: Rachael M. Defeo to Cynthia A. and Steven M. Richard, $398,000


17 Adams St Unit 17: Jenny E. Bobadilla and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Mohammed Yarmin, $135,000

123-123a Bailey St: Hernandez Jesus M Est and Eva Veras to Maria S. Munoz-Ortiz and Arys Cabrera-Munoz, $460,000

170 Bailey St Unit 170: Paola Sanchez to Luis N. Disla, $232,500

125 Berkeley St: Girouard 1 FT and Mary L. Girouard to Karl H. Simon, $530,000

87 Bowdoin St: Pablo and Jennifer Matos to Sayra Y. Lopez-Palencia, $360,000

135 Boxford St: Arielys Perez to C R. Capellan-Potorreal and Karina G. Capellan, $425,000

15-19 Brook St: Springfield Brook LLC to Lex Apartments On Brook, $1,050,000

68-70 Brook St: Pedro and Marcos O. Luna to Cipriano Vargas, $400,000

18 Campo Seco St: RJJM LLC to Michelle Gonzalez and Adriana Fernandez, $410,000

123 Exeter St: Alberico R. Cruz to Miguel T. and Isolina S. Salazar, $450,000

460-462 Hampshire St: Charles Hope Co LLP to Richard Acevedo, $25,000

239 Mount Vernon St: Robidoux Henrietta Est and Kathleen Murray to Jose R. Melo, $310,000

444 Mount Vernon St: Ogden RT and K Carpon-Lammers to David D. Norman, $327,500

199 Union St: Pedro and Marcos O. Luna to Cipriano Vargas, $400,000

91 William St: Marie A. Rivera to Lamacchia Development LLC, $164,000


25 Bruce St: Charles T. and Sandra J. Boddy to Andrew and Jennifer Hakansson, $250,000

18 Constitution Way Unit C: 18c Constitution Way RT and R E. Damphousse to Yan Liang, $144,000

2 Evergreen Ave: Robert and Sharlene M. Dion to Angel A. and Evelyce O. Diaz, $329,900

36 Howe St: Katelyn M. and Matthew G. Maroon to Tiffany L. and Joseph A. Rodenhiser, $340,000

4 Louise Ave: Ryan E. Sullivan and Ashley M. Tontodonato to Carmen E. Culbert and Jessica Cotto, $345,000

152-154 Oakland Ave: Walter and Fe Graves to Wilson Taveras and Vianny M. Mejia, $468,600

86 Pleasant St: Peredna Ronald M Est and Camille M. Daly to Jaime and Christina Franco, $452,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 8-210: Charles E. Heseltine to Abdelkader A. Rkiouak, $290,000

77-81 Tenney St: Hermes V. Godoy to Alan Almanzar, $560,000

1 Tucker Ter: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Hung V. Phu and Thao T. Le, $539,900

3 Tucker Ter: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Stephanie Saniuk and Robert Seibold, $539,900


56 Bridges Ln: Jeffrey and Donna Morgenthaler to Sarah and Leif Sorenson, $600,000

700 Chickering Rd: 700 Chickering Road LLC to KRE BSL Husky N Andover, $9,570,000

34 Church St Unit 34: Ryan and Michelle Doran to Rebecca Stoodley, $388,000

7 Duncan Dr: Linda M Dean IRT and Melissa Tarentino to Vickie Gallant-Pacios, $689,000

85 Farrwood Ave Unit 3: Gerard P. and Mary L. Walsh to Anthony and Christine Lonano, $230,000

90 Farrwood Ave Unit 3: Christopher P. Mathews to Rosita Silva-Romero and Lucila Ramos, $235,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 306: Eleanot R Murphy RET and Linda M. Kerrigan to Faith O. Mangiafico, $322,500

103 Lyman Rd: Legacy North Properties to Joseph M. and Samantha M. Aiello, $459,000

48 Rosemont Dr: Lalit K. Gala and Chandrika Shah to Christina Mcginness, $655,000

976 Turnpike St: Edward J. and Lauren Storey to Nazim A. Golaurb, $437,500

487 Winter St: Elaine M. Haddad to Ainsley D. and Heather A. Randall, $700,000


109 Chestnut St: Erin F. and Benjamin Mendell to Amy and Douglas Rogerson, $485,000

1 East St: Edgewood IRT and Cheryl A. Jenkins to George and Jennifer T. Demakes, $497,500

15 Emerson Rd: Ruth Hagearty and Joseph C. Ponzo to Michael Marcangelo, $330,000

18 Francis St: Kanu and Smita Patel to Egdar Gevorgyan, $740,000

28 Main St Unit 1: Jennifer Demakes to 28 Main Street Unit 1 LLC, $249,000

16 Southwick Rd: Russell L. and Lori A. Rogers to Laurel M. Martino and Alison H. Shaw, $875,000


39 Gardner St: Frank Carvalho and Heidi Carlvalho to John J. Boland and Suzanne M. Morin, $396,000

6 Lieutenant Hines Cir Unit 6: Joanna Harwood and Philip Jacobs to Dawn Hersey, $431,250

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