1 Arcadia Rd: Megan Bernstein and Scott Katz to Gavin and Colleen Macpherson, $810,000

172 Haverhill St Unit 236: Geoff P. Odonoghue to Valerie V. Arsenault, $329,900


No Transactions in this Town


244 18th St Unit 5: Sivhout Lor and Yi Phung-Lor to Michael Sjostedt, $149,500

40 3rd St: Chris K. Murugami and Veronica W. Karanja to Crispin Wezago and Sylvie Tibasaga, $367,500

63 Harold Ave: Ryan Wright to Voeut Vong, $303,000

5 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Alicia and Michael Frazier, $539,900

229 New Boston Rd: Michael and Michelle Housman to Robert Velez-Irizarry, $226,000

25 Winterhill Dr: Karen A Kycia IRT and Kathryn E. Kring to Mayur and Krishna M. Kumbhani, $390,000


24 Bradford Loop: Amanda J. Martel and Ryan P. Reid to Christopher P. Janard, $290,000


219 7 Star Rd: David R. Dalton and FNMA to FNMA, $395,000

Gloria Rd: Dibiase Vincent Est and Robert A. Ledoux to William M. Daley and Steven Reppucci, $220,000

King St: Dibiase Vincent Est and Robert A. Ledoux to William M. Daley and Steven Reppucci, $220,000

Old Jacobs Rd: Dibiase Vincent Est and Robert A. Ledoux to William M. Daley and Steven Reppucci, $220,000

Uptack Ave: Dibiase Vincent Est and Robert A. Ledoux to William M. Daley and Steven Reppucci, $220,000


8 5th Ave Unit 8: Ezzi Holdings LLC to Victor Jimenez, $237,000

51 Blossom St: D&P George RT and Dawn A. George to Jose A. Carranza, $358,000

206 Brandy Brow Rd: Leroy E. Adams to Holland RT and Jeanne Cunningham, $150,000

64 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 64: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Ruth Lewis, $339,900

E Broadway Lot 5: Ralph L Buzzell Inc to Whittier Cove LLC, $500,000

100 Farrwood Dr Unit 100: 100 Farrwood Drive 100 RT and Ross A. Krajewski to Ezzi Holdings LLC, $174,440

3 Haviland St: Theresa Busta and Lawrence R. Rizzotti to Myriame Blain and Judelin Jean, $327,000

20 Homestead St: Joseph R. and Kathleen A. Smith to Daylynn and Shawn Talbot, $361,000

65 Jordan St: Molly E. Burger and Kevin Leblanc to Heather C. Gallant and Mark E. Thomas, $309,000

89 Mercury Ter Unit 89: Janice Price and Ditech Financial LLC to Mohammad Yamin, $163,000

11 Myles Standish Dr Unit 12: Tree Of Life RT and Donna E. Langell to Lisabeth Hosford-Walsh and Martin Walsh, $143,400

80 Perkins Ct Unit 80: Audrey J. Ladd to Christopher S. Mclaren, $265,000

52 Steeplechase Ct Unit 52: Keith S. Withycombe to Ann M. Mason, $154,900

88 Sterling Ln Unit 88: Deborah A. Anderson to Amy Tocynski-Tarr, $210,000

40 Wainwright Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Joseph Ambrosino and Christopher P. Zielinski, $151,000

38 Winona Ave: Curtis M. Davis to Breno Araujo, $423,000


2-6 Alden Ct: 7-9 Nelson Street LLC to Hermes Godoy, $600,000

56 Groton St: Jennifer G. Ramde to Monique F. Nelson, $40,000

192-198 Howard St: George H. Cherabie to Juan Gonzalez and Ysabel Jimenez, $477,000

59 Nesmith St: Luis X. Valdez to Cesar O. Gonzalez-Tellez, $290,000

53-53a Newbury St: Dimarca Agata Est and Orazio Dimarca to 53-53A Newbury Street LLC, $200,000

2 Pilgrim Rd: Kevin P. Raymond and Melanie Boutot to Romulo Juarez-Felipe and Aparicio Z. Perez, $365,000

490 Riverside Dr Unit 490: 490 Riverside RT and Hassan Hussein to Osvaldo E. Dejesus-Filho and Claudia R. Morais, $180,000

8-b Salem St: Progresso LLC to Justin Termini and Liza F. Lopez-Osorio, $285,000

60 Weare St: Claudia J. Dureault and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $210,000


17 Beaumont Rd: Seaport Homes LLC to Gloria Azzi, $342,000

7 Duston Dr: Sunanta L. and Andrew Ober to Charles W. and Loma J. Mcdonald, $310,000

25 Golf Ave: Dean L. Mccomish and Rhonda L. Lavin to 25 Golf Avenue LLC, $100,000

10-1/2 Granite St: US Bank NA Tr to Essex Properties LLC, $173,775

48 High St Unit 19: Jennifer Siracusa to Manuel Joaquin, $120,000

23 Pilgrim Cir Unit A: GGC LLC to Stilianis Makris, $166,900

1 Sadie Ln: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Mohammed Bhalla, $568,700

3 Sadie Ln: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to David M. and Nicole L. Schena, $571,950

12 Sadie Ln: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Loryn E. Seabury, $539,900

34 Sequoia Dr Unit 34: Toll MA 4 LLC to Crescenzo and Barbara Parrella, $612,707

5 Sorrento Ave: Salvatore Lobrutto to Abedellah Elmakhlouk and Sanaa Mouiha, $320,000


32 Bunkerhill St Unit 32: Frank E. Bartashy to Avinash Muttamsetti, $205,000

210 Chickering Rd Unit 307a: Nan Waron to Anthony A. Joseph-Chedid and Christina Maroun, $310,000

10 Compass Pt Unit M2: Berry 114 Co LLC to Christina Brightman, $216,900

48 Fernview Ave Unit 10: Cynthia A. Kulipoe to Scott R. Oxton and Jennifer Madigan, $241,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 302: Marianne E Linehan RET and Marianne E. Linehan to David Cardin, $320,000

280 Salem St: Stephanie G. Murphy to Valerie and Kevin Jaquith, $390,000

27-29 Saunders St: David A. Taylor to Andrew Menery, $295,000

5 Summer St: Janice Callahan to Amanda V. Bastian, $464,000


316 Haverhill St: Zaim and Deborah Khabaze to William Mclaughlin, $378,000

4 Long Hill Ln: Zimmerman Investments LLC to Steven and Alyssa Schumsky, $830,000

51 Oakdale Rd: Great Dog Rescue NE Inc to Houses&Homes Corp, $75,000


167 Elm St Unit K15: Storage Estates LLC to Robert Sullivan, $124,500

52 Forest Rd: Saint Christopher Props to Brenden E. and Shelby Hawkes, $355,000

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