246 Andover St: Karissa Utzat and Mark Bree to Max Saccoccio, $530,000

1 Apollo Cir: Wayne C. and Lisa F. Taylor to Raymond E. DelRosario, $539,900

58 Bellevue Rd: Shakib Mostafa and Rizwana Islam to Paul J. Jacques, $500,000

8 Bradley Rd: KMK RT and Bessie Liponis to Brian and Morgana Ledoux, $584,900

36 Crenshaw Ln Unit 2: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Diane Demoulas, $1,250,000

8 Forest Hill Dr: Joseph A. and Helen S. Baglio to Renato H. Luis, $597,000

21 Foster Cir: Robert W. and Jane R. Roetger to Joshua and Margaret Randall, $628,000

2 Francis Dr Unit 407: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to William V. and Patricia A. Profenna, $522,185

2 Francis Dr Unit 412: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Elizabeth A Lupi IRT and Joseph A. Lupi, $529,795

2 Great Heron Pl: Ann H. and Christopher J. Pawlus to Catherine A. Janssen, $1,155,000

97 Greenwood Rd: Yaying Fu and Guoan Hu to Paul E. Massicotte and Katherine L. Baldwin, $510,000

3 Hansom Rd: Espy RT and James W. Espy to Paul J. and Christiana E. Hryb, $730,000

18 Laurel Ln: Michael Romano to David Buttry, $487,500

1 Monarch Ln: Twin Birch Development to James F. and Christine Moulton, $1,200,000

7 Old Schoolhouse Rd: Caroline B Grany T and Todd E. Grady to Antoine J. John and Jeannette S. Joseph, $650,000

71 Osgood St: Paul and Jeanne M. Ahern to Paul&Jeanne Ahern IRT and Caitlin Moreno, $626,200

12 River Rd: Zoila M. Gomez to Efranz Younes, $472,000

22 Riverina Rd: Laurie J. Fisk to John and Karen Leonard, $535,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 408: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to John J. and Diane M. Atherton, $499,100

6 Saint James Dr Unit 6: Michael P. and Marcia J. Sullivan to Arshad and Younus Sultan, $780,000

4 Skopelos Cir: Mukul and Kavita Goyal to Jonathan Marcus and Elizabeth Asch, $1,020,000

46 Sunset Rock Rd: Shaun and Susan Rodriguez to Jason H. and Jocelyn Messinger, $869,000

70 Washington Park Dr Unit 8: Christopher J. Hughes to Homa Rafee, $235,000

4 Wethersfield Dr: Inna Nisembaum and Andrew Netson to Stephen and Elizabeth Miller, $677,500


32 Gunnison Rd: Constance J. and Richard J. Hertel to Jon A. and Michelle J. Bouley, $735,000

81 Herrick Rd: Anne H. Constantine to Darren and Jennifer Shaw, $1,075,000

512-a Main St: Eileen W. and Frank L. Howard to Lori and Robert Moccaldi, $640,000

18 School St: Duncan FT and Ranee L. Duncan to Jesuino L. Deavila, $385,000

24 Silverbrook Rd: Cynthia Jodoin-Levy and Mary C. Johnson to Kaitlin and Mark Torossian, $539,000

34 Valley Rd: Peter P. and Stacey S. Villani to Carmelo D. and Sharon N. Bari, $757,000

227 Washington St: Jonathan C. and Lorelle Carlson to Benjamin and Heather French-Cobb, $549,900


22 Catherine St: Craig W. Long and Steven R. Fritz to Francisco C. Deoliveira, $477,000

38 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Charles E. and Susan J. Shreenan, $573,200

72 Litchfield Ave: Denise and Jessica Letendre to Carlos L. Gonzalez, $330,000

114 Marsh Hill Rd: Daniel P. Lutz and Vicki M. Garino to James M. Mccarthy, $460,000

34 Michael Rd: MTGLQ Investors LP to Geordon Developers Inc, $255,000

235 Passaconaway Dr: Gertrude L Pepin RET and Doris H. Healy to Chase J. Burdette, $315,000

141 Patricia Ln: George N. and Martha D. Tzanetakos to Michael Tzanetakos, $300,000

132 Thissell Ave Unit 112: Dawn C. Starbird to Deisy Castillo-Ramirez, $165,000

144 Thissell Ave Unit 6: Randall J. Smith to Theresa Falzone, $139,700

25 Tobey Rd Unit 57: Thom S. and Roy I. Baker to Mark Doyle, $259,000

23 Witham Ave: 21-23 RT and Cynthia M. Perrault to Jason Marshall, $535,000


17 Andover St Unit 2: Paul J. Landry to Jeannette Miano, $165,000

64 Baldpate Rd: Thomas Elisabeth J Est and Helen Watson FT to North Shore Real Est Sltn, $350,000

14 Linden Cir: Charlene A. Case and Niles L. Hatch to Beth Lafortune and Christopher Ross, $390,000

15 Pillsbury St: Ryan C. Callahan and Melodie A. Moon to Andrea M. and Geoffrey C. Lockett, $750,000

7 Pine Grove Ave: Diane L. and Thomas C. Drapeau to Michael Crowe, $120,000

22 Raymond Ct Unit 22: Doreen and Mark D. Glowik to Bernard J. and Raymond M. Golden, $529,500

11 Waldingfield Rd: Dominick L. and Janice A. Migliaccio to Thomas R. and Patricia A. Prizio, $705,000


7 Atwood Ln Unit 4: Evergreen RET and Albert C. Couillard to Jennifer R. and Patrick J. Obrien, $574,900

389 Main St: Patricia A Noona IRT and D Michael Noonan to Chad Croteau, $418,005

2 Marion Ave: John R. and Nancy S. Bourgeois to Doreen and Mark Glowik, $742,500


61 7 Sister Rd: Sdse East Broadway LLC to William J. Lamond, $619,000

51 8th Ave: Amanda L. and Andrew J. Murray to Carolin E. Rivas and Esteban Rivera, $300,000

91 9th Ave: Christine A. Guarino and Haverhill Bank to Haverhill Bank NA, $175,000

20 Alvanos Dr: Daniel Beaudreau to Justin Daamen, $340,001

558 Amesbury Rd: Maria Thornton to Christopher Morris, $390,000

19 Bay Point Ln Unit 19: Jonathan C. Bartolotta to Christopher and Emily Grasso, $335,000

10 Bicknell Cir Unit 10: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Asmaa B. and Imran Rashid, $390,000

11 Bicknell Cir Unit 11: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Chun K. Jenkin-Pang, $395,000

12 Bicknell Cir Unit 12: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Cheryl Nordyke, $390,000

43 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 43: Roger Campbell and Kim D. Chilpyian to Amie and David A. Moscaritolo, $294,000

854 Broadway Unit 7: Pierre L. Desjardins to Bernadette Tsitsi-Mogaji, $280,000

36 Colonial Farm Rd: Shannon Darwin and David R. Delaney to Heather L. Gill and Daniel W. Gosselin, $549,900

20 Dartmouth St: Adam Bateman to Jannette and Rafael Rios, $295,000

9 Day St: Oscar and Sheri Morales to David J. Buckley, $310,000

39 Dudley St: S3 Realty LLC to Isaias Garcia-Gomez and Laura N. Vazquez, $335,000

489 E Broadway: Feenstra FT and Michael Feenstra to Charbel R. Saadi, $500,000

95 Edgewood Ave: Teresa M. and Vincent L. Orsillo to Loretta J. Brazee, $425,000

78 Eudora St: Integrity Homebuyers LLC to Jennifer M. Giarrusso, $384,900

25 Fairfield St Unit 25: Joseph and Susan Harrington to Meryl Goldsmith and Jonathan Penoyer, $310,000

44 Farrwood Dr Unit 44: Patricia Foster to Idris and Shakila Khan, $199,900

25 Hamel Way Unit 25: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Omar and Hanae Zaid, $314,900

14 Hunters Run Pl Unit 14: Jonathan A. Weiner to Zachary H. Thom, $242,000

69 Hunters Run Pl Unit 69: Nicole K. Latulippe to Gina Allen, $259,000

20 Lawton St: Rochelle Belanger to Dawn M. and Glenn A. Johnson, $350,000

50 Lucas Dr: Tricia J. Mcclellan to Emmanuel and Valdirene G. Fils-Aime, $353,000

811-813 Main St: Marylu and Wilfred W. Nichols to Miosotty Baez, $210,000

189 Morgan Dr Unit 189: Steven Oliveira and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $185,000

440 North Ave Unit 100: Hernan and Idania Cepeda to Secundino Vargas and Laura N. Vazquez, $194,000

52 North St: CHS Realty LLC to Maribel Ramirez, $175,000

36 Race St: Graham Race Street RT and Thomas R. Graham to Fausto A. Moscat, $405,000

110-114 River St: River RT and Krystine S. Hetel to 110 River Street Realty, $880,000

121 S Elm St Unit 121: Andrew K. and Shelley A. Carpenter to Robert W. Reardon, $90,000

10 S Lincoln St: Cynthia A. and Robert D. Homer to Wesley Leroux, $245,000

839 S Main St: Tumkur Narasimhan to Huxley Real Estate Hldgs, $500,000

10 S New St: Helen U. Muccitelli to Michael R. Macdonald, $266,375

18 Sterling Ln Unit 18: Emma D. Olsen to Marcia Castillo, $246,500

49 Sterling Ln Unit 49: Bonnie L. and John F. Mcgrane to Angela B. Michaud and Colin Radford, $240,000

34 Upland Ave: Rachele L. Gray and Ian F. Lounsberry to Thomas Shanahan, $348,000

42 Wainwright Ave: 42 Wainwright Avenue LLC to Nikolaos Papanikolaou, $446,000

7 Winona Ave: David A. Moscaritolo to Amanda and Andrew Murray, $370,000


102-104 Butler St: Nathaly Adames to Hilario Guerrero, $275,000

29 Dana St Unit 29: Louis D. Jones to Fidel Diaz, $200,000

7 Dunstable St: Alex C. Frazier to Rosa S. Taveras, $360,000

120 E Cambridge St: Isaac Osorio to Nurys Sanchez and W R. Espinal-Gonzalez, $230,000

318-320 Lawrence St: Lora&Marquez T and Zoila L. Marquez to Jose R. Almonte, $520,000

41-43 Loring St: Triumph RT and John R. Sapienza to Luis A. Sanchez and Paloma Rodriguez, $590,000

9 Marie Ln Unit 9: Daniel and Trina Decourcey to Luis A. Herrera, $248,000

33-35 Monmouth St: Javier Olivero to Luis Medrano and Santa Montero, $435,000

18 Odile St: Edgar A. Queliz and Claribel Catalina to Enrique A. Gonzalez, $350,000

4-6 Sylvester St: VS Cruz Realty LLC to Pedro A. and Alfonso Cruz-Rojas, $425,000

125 Sylvester St: Berthiaume Joseph E Est and Ruth E. Messina to Ryan P. Foley, $275,000

17-19 Willow St: Kesnel Jules and Shela F. Sinelien to Michael Reinoso, $380,000

12 Woodland Ct: Margaret Chery to Alfred and Yiset Cartagena, $296,500


15 Arcadia St: Liet and Anh T. Duong to Jose A. and Erika Rosado, $460,000

41-43 Bicknell Ave: David E&S J Richards IRT and Shirley J. Richards to Scott M. Bijlani and Rashmin A. Patel, $294,500

21 Birch Ave: Kristen N. Durso to Andrew Tully, $335,000

2 Conrad St: Keith J. Audette and Jodi B. Schulman to Manuel Ferreira, $411,000

13 Gleason St: Jose and Tania Rios to Andy K. DelosSantos, $325,000

19 Hampshire Rd Unit 201: Goldsmith Harold Est and Simon Templar to Eric Mcadam, $265,000

26 Harvard Ave: Kinlin FT and Robert E. Kinlin to Frenita Tjhin-Dominguez and Hugo Dominguez, $363,000

7 Hastings Cir Unit 7: Paul D. Greene and Denis E. Webster-Greene to Carol A. Olive, $585,000

215 Howe St: Jill Kochanczyk to Peter F. and Judith A. Giamberardino, $370,000

602 Lowell St: 596 Lowell Street RT and Linda G. Peluso to 602 Lowell Street RT and Richard Giuffrida, $500,000

25 Oak St Unit B: Janet A. Casady and Robert E. Blackington to Enrico S. Laurent and Elisabeth Ulysse, $255,000

68 Ormonde Rd: US Bank NA Tr to Paula and Luis G. Ventura, $284,000

75 Pine Tree Dr Unit 75: Toll MA 4 LLC to Stephen and Leslie S. Barton, $619,077

45 Pinehurst Ave: David P. Leblanc and Mary E. Wright to Clint Mcfarland, $325,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 22d: Jean M. Kirk to Maura Anderson, $205,000

61 Sherwood Dr Unit 61: Taylor DeBrower FT and Robert J. Taylor to Richard and Patricia Lombardo, $590,000

47 Sugar Hill Cir: William E. Jackson to Ann C. Noonan, $462,000

10 Summer St: Lisa J. Tacconi to Michael Simpson, $437,500


39 Cochichewick Dr Unit 39: Joan F. and David C. Anderson to Bruce A. and Susan M. Macdougall, $430,000

110 Cricket Ln: Benjamin K. and Beth A. Nassar to Yanitzia Canetti, $755,000

120 Granville Ln: Maureen E. Hunter to Andrew E. Dexter and Stephanie Valcourt-Dexter, $540,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 310: Judith A. and Peter F. Giamberardino to Janet M. and Carol M. Daly, $330,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 107: Anshuman LLC to Edward J. Haffner, $323,500

4 Harvest Dr Unit 314: Anna Gagliardi to Dennis C. and Kathi L. Talluto, $326,000

173 Johnson St: Kelly Driscoll to Christopher J. and Katherine M. Hughes, $529,400

148 Main St Unit A309: JCB RT and Jeanne C. Brien to Robert and Colette M. Tefft, $292,000

30 Marblehead St: Shawn M. and Amanda Powers to Andover Marblehead RT and Lynne Rudnicki, $356,000

44 Marian Dr: Bowab FT and John M. Bowab to Steven Rosenfeld and Mary Dewey, $576,000

33 Sherwood Dr: Than M. Nguyen to Yadwinder S. and Jashandeep K. Dhillon, $840,000

140 Willow St Unit 1: 140 Willow Street LLC to HZ RT and Howard M. Zolot, $82,000


4 Greenbriar Dr Unit 102: Raymond Kaloustian to Platinum Real Estate LLC, $183,000

6 Judith Dr: Austin FT and William J. Austin to Connor and Amanda Cardew, $670,000

50 Mount Vernon St Unit 1: Birgit Girshick to David P. Carlson, $635,000


6 Dock Ln Unit B: Stephen Mccarthy to 6 Dock Lane RET and Jessica Seguin, $450,000

12 Forest Rd: Yeomans RT and Diane L. Laing to Gregory Bidgood, $368,000

35 Gardner St: Nicole Oliveira to Joseph F. Higgins and Jean Hill, $85,000

28 Gerrish Rd: Gretchen E. Grasso to Timothy Neal, $460,000

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