16 Algonquin Ave: Penelope P Cox RET and William J. Cox to Vanderiann FT 2017 and Jessica L. Vanderlaan, $869,900

15 Arundel St: Dennis F. and Patricia A. Hunt to Andrew R. and Samantha M. Desantis, $610,000

9 Charlotte Dr: Carlos W. and Karen G. Soto to Sean Mcnabb and Melissa Deanne, $665,000

40 Colonial Dr Unit 2: Meghan M. Barrett to Equity T Co, $207,000

3 Danforth Cir: Bryan J. and Ronni J. Cavener to Ethan Chang and Michelle Chen, $650,000

47 Gould Rd: Geoffrey T. Adelman and Caitrin Shiels-Adelman to Aaron and Julie Green, $535,000

7 High Plain Rd: Joel E. and Betsy L. Brother to Alexander and Heather Olson, $805,000

75 High St: Tara M. Griffin to Rory and Ashley Tannebaum, $420,000

154 Main St: Niles Overly to Jianqin Tong, $1,407,000

50 Maple Ave: Renee M. Lehmann and Jennifer Mize to Christopher A. and Amberle Scharf, $781,000

8 Marland St: John R. and Ashley L. Fishback to Kyle Nally, $525,000

6 Monarch Ln: Twin Birch Development to Thomas E. and Carolyn B. Kelly, $1,200,000

12 Olympia Way: Phillip&Patrice Pierce FT and Phillip T. Pierce to Matthew J. Davidge and Leah M. Anciello, $700,000

3 Reservation Rd Unit 3: Susan Macleod to Chevaun D. and Kara T. Morrison-Smith, $368,000

349 S Main St: James S. Katiskas to Olivia and Peter C. Reeve, $630,000

3 Shadow Ln: Timothy P. Flynn and Jeanne E. Trogan to Nicole and Joseph T. Barbagallo, $1,175,000

20 Washington Park Dr Unit 12: Mary M. and Kathleen A. Hughes to Hanli Wang, $188,000

22 Woodhaven Dr: Thomas E. and Carolyn B. Kelly to Stacey and Brian Spurr, $710,000


40 Dana Rd: Anna C Kiessling 1996 T and Max F. Kiessling to Karen D Georgoulakos T and Karen D. Georgoulakos, $1,200,000

94 Washington St: Patricia A. Lindquist to Jillian D. and Justin A. Orcione, $608,500


2140 Bridge St: PJ Keating Co to Lyla Enterprises LLC, $250,000

38 Burdette Rd: Jeanne C. Pinard to Francisco Fernandez and Ligia G. Vijay, $240,000

47 Coach Dr: Marc R&K M Martin RET and Marc R. Martin to John Odonnell, $448,000

21 Dallas Dr Unit 301: Alberta M. Ross to Vladimir L. and Nina A. Gilman, $240,000

63 Fox Hill Ln Unit 63: Topnotch Homes LLC to Robert J. and Marjorie M. Moss, $489,900

78 Frederick St Unit 43: William J. Frangiamore to Joshua B. Marcus and Erin P. Boucher, $245,000

35 Gilbert St: Kuhn Margaret May Est and Sharon A. Poirier to Christopher R. Demmons and Marea Capadanno, $255,000

28 Hillcrest Ave: Thomas J. and Leeann Varnum to Libornicholas and Xochitl Krupica, $344,900

2 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Villiage LLC to Brendan J. and Sarah A. Anderson, $547,650

225 Jones Ave: Mark R. and Anna M. Corey to Raymond J. and Theresa M. Poirer, $570,000

30 Lannon Ave: Tiffany L. Moore to Miguel Torres and Amalia Colon, $306,000

1112 Mammoth Rd Unit 1112: Philip Abirached to Angelis DelRosario, $477,900

1114 Mammoth Rd Unit 1114: Philip Abirached to Angelis DelRosario, $477,900

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 39: Stephen J. Fry to Panela J. Cook, $217,900

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 71: Andrew Kaplan to Keishla Quiles, $235,000

98 Parker Rd: JRV Homes Inc to Joseph and Mary A. Hallahan, $499,900

91 Sesame St: Concordia Homes Inc to Julia A. and Edward J. Lilley, $599,900

248 Sparks St: Nicholas A. and Holly M. Faustino to Barry A. Drew, $292,000


39 Beverly Dr: Erin Farleigh to Christopher D. and Jenelle K. Walsh, $450,000

7 High St: Andrew T. and Michelle Ortolani to Heather M. and Jared J. Spurr, $425,000

25 Larch Rd: Celso and Rosemary Nascimento to Matthew C. and Sherri L. Nichols, $367,200

141-a North St: David R. and Sandra M. Schauer to Kevin and Marlene Moroney, $185,000


1 Holly Ln: Merrimac Home Interiors to Degenring Bowen LT and Barbara M. Bowen, $595,000

106 King St: Despina Adamopoulos to King Meadow Development, $550,000

139-r King St: Deborah Mallia to Albert Abdelmalak, $482,000

18 Pandora Dr: Kenneth M. and Melody C. Walsh to Louis M Caputo Jr 1995 T and Robert J. Losanno, $385,000

11 Pecker Ln: Michael Crowe and Claire Curry to Gwendolyn A. and Patrick J. Corr, $665,000

895 Salem St: Dibiase Vincent Est and Robert A. Ledoux to 895 Salem Street RT and Stephane J. Daniels, $180,000


80 5th Ave: Lidia E. Disla to Rodolfo Lara, $385,000

13 Arthur St: Debra A. Cahill to Reuben Giwa and Carreann Jeffrey, $355,000

97 Atlanta St Unit 97: Christopher D. Walsh to Chase Marcotte and Perry Mroz, $275,000

59 Bellevue Ave: Gary and Jonathan Ortiz to Yahaira Feliz and Johany F. Morales, $430,000

41 Belmont Ave Unit 41: Jonathan S. Nicoll to Johanna Laski, $364,900

92 Blaisdell St Unit 3: Allyn Parker-Hood to Mikaela L. Mcleod, $210,000

3 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 3: Joanne V. Botos and Joanne Scanlon to Christofer Krueger and Mariamne Shin, $310,000

140 Broadway: Barbara E. and James J. Duffy to Richard B. Parks and John J. Runnals, $490,000

82 Buttonwoods Ave Unit 82: Safoura Bohlouli and Mehrdad Khani to David E. Egnew and Novelyn Whittemore, $330,000

51 Casablanca Ct Unit 51: Heather and Jared Spurr to David and Jazmin A. Durbano, $235,000

28 Coffin Ave: Haverhill Properties LLC to Brenda M. and Mark Duval, $390,000

97 Coral St: Louis T. Fossarelli to Jonathan and Kate Delisle, $365,000

6 Danielle Dr: Yesenia Chavez and Susan L. Cole to Rafael H. Flores, $368,000

85 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 85: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Michael H. and Nancy A. Harrison, $369,900

86 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 86: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jean-Pierre Placide and Jennifer Scullin, $341,000

36 Eastern Ave: Heather A. and Timothy P. Betty to Proprietors Of Linwood, $329,000

87 Elliott St: S3 Realty LLC to Stephen J. Craft, $375,000

423 Farrwood Dr Unit 423: Anshu and Rakesh Goel to Carmen M. Younger, $245,900

78 Fountain St: Russell Beegan and Charles Mathison to Antry G. Torres, $459,000

21 Gile St: Paula R. Waton to Donna J. Spencer-Collins, $286,500

42 Groveland St: 42 Groveland Street T and Heidi Harris to Erica Bille and Nicholas J. Noujaim, $585,000

26 Hamel Way Unit 26: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Adalberto R. and Jessica A. Gimenes, $329,900

9 Hawkes Ave: Cynthia Couto to Amanda and Christopher Troy, $349,000

109 High St: Mudd Puppy RT and Angelita Martinoli to Kevin M. Daigle, $624,000

21 Hilldale Ave: Stephen J. Lagasse to Shawn Dupuis, $372,000

59 Kathy Dr Unit 59: Mary AlAchy to Monte&Rosa Investment LLC, $218,000

51 Laurel Ave Unit 51: Courtney L. and James M. Salerno to Jason Fletcher and Emma Kremer, $341,000

5 Lisa Ln: Barbara A. and Robert E. Eames to Brenda A. and Ernest P. Mcfarlane, $625,000

600 Main St Unit 3: Danielle M. Martin and Brett Potter to Christopher J. Carroll and Patrick J. Harring, $240,000

59 Marlon St: Kimberly M. and Michael M. Poole to Fnu Electandumfoy and Cletus A. Teaghu, $395,000

73 Middlesex St: Natalie J. Cahill and Mark Duval to James Mckinnon, $430,000

28 New St: Snow Cassell LLC to Christine Auguste and Lania V. Dujon, $279,900

15 North St Unit 15: Daniel J. Hamilton to Amyn C. Sopariwalla, $232,000

26 Parsonage Hill Rd: Barbara J. and Donald M. Worcester to J Polizzotti-Soep and Jason Soen, $335,000

48 Perkins Ct Unit 48: Dianne R. Foster to Linda Moschetto, $292,000

5 Peters Ln: Emily and Michael Barbosa to Heather and Timothy Betty, $469,900

121-123 Portland St: Gagnon FT and Marie E. Gagnon to Portland Development LLC, $102,500

92 River St Unit 1: Scott E. Peters to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $135,000

94 River St Unit 2: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

94 River St Unit 3: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

94 River St Unit 4: Evelyn K Axler RT and Evelyn K. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $115,000

94 River St Unit 5: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

94 River St Unit 6: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

94 River St Unit 7: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

94 River St Unit 8: Jen-Rob RT and Norman B. Axler to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $550,000

14 S Crystal St: Dustin T. and Rae L. Pritchett to Jose F. Barrios, $376,900

88 S Webster St Unit 88: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Trevor Bouvier and Kimberlee Wolfe, $379,900

36 Salem St: Christopher C. Majaucks to Natalie J. Cahill, $270,000

36 Sherwood Dr: Eileen T. and Marc F. Pelletier to Jennisa Keo and Piseth Ly, $383,000

14 Silver Birch Ln: James B. Gardella to Jewnifer and Wady Grullon, $340,000

48 Spruce St: Lisette Hernandez to Alfred and Carol Denesowicz, $310,000

2 Varnum St: Gayle Sinclair to Consuelo Feliciano, $240,000

54 Wainwright Ave: Aaron and Silva Bellitti to Joshua P. and Taryn L. Newman, $309,900

341 Washington St Unit A: Haverhill Development LLC to Jessica L. Flanders, $289,000

341 Washington St Unit B4: Haverhill Development LLC to Victor Hernandez, $279,000

587 Washington St Unit 587: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Christopher C. and Georgette Bejjani, $120,000

442 Water St: Michael J. Vets to Thavalong Prum, $291,700

31 Whittier St: M&L RT and Mark O. Lewis to Kristi and Larry Scates, $167,495

121 Wilson St Unit 121: Chris E. and Theresa M. Boucher to Katlyn and Stephen Parsons, $257,900

146 Woodstock St: Justin D. and Shaina M. Bendzewicz to Erica Chapman and Ryan Curtin, $400,000

52 Worcester St: Tuyet Luong and Lap Nguyen to Lisa Busby, $342,400


157 Andover St Unit B: Diverse Real Estate LLC to Tomas M. Grullon, $130,000

33 Beresford St: Shayna Cyr and Ryan R. Bibeau to Kirsi and Carlos Castillo, $295,000

144-146 Butler St: Cedar Properties Inc to Steven Realty LLC, $200,000

152-154 Butler St: Cedar Properties Inc to Steven Realty LLC, $200,000

156-158 Butler St: Cedar Properties Inc to SST LLC, $200,000

160-162 Butler St: Cedar Properties Inc to SST LLC, $200,000

60 Durso Ave: David J. Zappala and Judith C. Caplan to Sylvia Rivera, $271,000

4 Ellis St: Michael M. Silfa to Voltaire Reyes-Aponte, $230,000

73 Elm St: Jenny C. Marte to Adam Mcclellan, $700,000

572 Essex St: Lebel Investments LLC to NSG Sargent Real Estate, $1,550,000

62-64 Eutaw St: Cesar Diaz and Nieves Toribio to Catalina and Daniel A. Delacruz, $434,000

183-189 Farnham St: Thu Truong 2013 T and Sui V. Thu to Dario C. Manon, $544,000

62-64 Greenwood St: Renits and Jocelyn Vega to Edilenia Reyes-Paulino, $428,000

2 Hall St Unit A: Socorro Ortiz to Antonio Ramirez, $210,000

328 High St: Paris M. and Cecilia A. Abate to Mizel Rivas, $277,900

2 Hobson St: Rosaurys Caraballo to Robin E. King, $280,000

10 Hoffman Ave: Tony S. and Angela M. Sarkis to Yudeisy C. Arias, $315,000

9-11 Inman St: Mount Bond 2 RT and Thomas G. Clark to Mariela Toribio, $465,000

88 Myrtle St: NB Defillippo IRT and David M. Defillippo to Natalia R. Dasilva, $360,000

52-a Osgood St: Bruce Prince to Antonia C. Tejada, $250,000

20 Park St: Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart to Nurys M. Martinez-Deegea, $197,500

184 Park St: Rosemary Sanchez and Roberto Herrera to Rafinel Castillo, $247,000

105-107 Prospect St: Charles Hope Co LLP to Chris-Sco Corp, $117,500

251 Prospect St: Angel L. Colon and Paula Gonzalez to Gabriel J. Gallindo, $260,000

56 Railroad St: Janice C. Paradis to Jason Paradis, $200,000

1-3 Reservoir Ter: Marcelino Tejada to Gamaliel Vazquez, $502,750

28 Ridge Rd: Rolando and Charleen N. Suliveras to Benjamin and Veronika Reynolds, $320,000

20 Ridgewood Cir: Brendan and Sarah-Ann Anderson to Edgar and Leysiee Quiles, $347,500

4 Roberta Ln: Nilsa Ocasio to Mirkalyz Castillo, $310,000

64 Shattuck St: Mearn Bo and Chantrea Yim to Eduardo Gomez, $390,000

91 Springfield St Unit 91: Target Asset Recovery LLC to German D. Tavarez-Diaz, $169,900

83-83a Spruce St: Teodosia Cabrera to Elin E. Vargas and Carolin M. Pena, $500,000

29 Summer St: Richard Damiano to Billiken Investments LLC, $14,500

105 Winthrop Ave: Bowdoin Capital Group LLC to Nunez LLC, $232,500


11 Arcadia St: Amanda J. and Shawn S. Feugill to Fritz Etienne, $425,000

2 Argilla Rd: Walter P. and Geoffrey P. Reichert to Diana and Samer Geha, $425,000

149 Armstrong Ave Unit 149: Ricky G. and Reema R. Patel to Eliza and Deborah Masclee, $299,721

Bay State Rd Lot 271: Alfred A. and Vivian M. Abate to Steven R. and Luce D. Bard, $30,000

Bay State Rd Lot 272: Alfred A. and Vivian M. Abate to Steven R. and Luce D. Bard, $30,000

70 Currier St: James E. and Lisa M. Swarbrick to Stephen G. Tetrault and Lynne Avallone-Novello, $344,000

6 E Capitol St: 6 East Capitol Street RT and Eugene Lombardi to Kevin J. Caron and Nina Lombardi-Caron, $300,000

Elane Ave: G Robert Christy and Christian Barr to Glenn P. Corbett, $52,500

Elane Ave: G Robert Christy and Christian Barr to Elane Ave LLC, $52,500

81 Ford St Unit A: Robinson INT and Kim J. Wescott to Yatin and Diptiben Patel, $144,000

21 Hampshire Rd Unit 409: Sylvia Chiang RET and Sylvia Chiang to Karen Kachel, $263,000

23 Hampshire Rd Unit 205: Carol A. Mahoney to Christine C Costello IRT and Philip T. Costello, $200,000

2 Hudson St: Nancy E. Wiemers and Linda A. Annaloro to Adam F. Gardner and Shannon J. Mcintosh, $282,000

14 Junior Ave: Joann S. Oconnor to Richard J. and Rachel M. Carbonneau, $275,000

Lengthy Ave: G Robert Christy and Christian Barr to Glenn P. Corbett, $52,500

Lengthy Ave Lot 30b: G Robert Christy and Christian Barr to Glenn P. Corbett, $52,500

7 Mount Holly Dr: MJC Development Corp to Kelly T. Longtin, $527,000

15 Newport St: Michael J. Porreca to Rui M. Costa, $252,000

30 Oakmeadow Ln: Ignaldo D. Gil to Jeremy E. and Krystal E. Martinez, $400,000

622 Prospect St: Ryan Rourke to Lap D. Nguyen and Tuyet A. Luong, $519,900

40 Riverdale St: David N. Gauthier to Joseph M. Parisi and Vannak K. Mohammed, $333,500

78 Sherwood Dr Unit 78: Kilkelly Barbara J Est and Ann M. Doyle to Jerry W. and Pamela J. Lewis, $525,000

5 Smith Ave: Thomas J. Bradford and Lorraine A. Burns to Matthew R. Brophy, $280,000

14 Somerset St: Kathaleen Lavoie to Robert J. and Ashley M. Parent, $310,000

16 Stevens St: Darlene L. and Daniel J. Morris to Christine Lilley, $440,000

4 W Bedford St: David and Beth Spencer to David N. and Lauren P. Gauthier, $351,500

20 Washington St Unit 13: Kristine M. Maginnis to Mark R. and Mary Scione, $234,000


901 Alder Way Unit 901: Helena Minton and David Deinnocentis to Pardeep K. and Gargi Sharma, $390,000

106 Appleton St: Craig Cheevers and 21st Mortgage Corp to 21st Mortgage Corp, $510,000

30 Avery Park Dr: Harold and Dianna Holm to Blake and Autumn Kapisak, $899,900

338 Blue Ridge Rd: Paul M. and Karen A. Just to Matthew and Michelle Verminski, $940,000

70 Compass Pt Unit 70: Daniel E. and Michelle M. Internicola to Sharline G. Jimenez, $246,096

60 Edgelawn Ave Unit 6: Kenneth J. Carpenter and Stacey E. Stanley to Anna E. Petrauskas, $197,000

88 Edgelawn Ave Unit 7: Anil K. and Radha Rai to Frances Cora, $205,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 208: Courtney A. Strong to Peyman Beigi, $321,000

70 Jefferson St Unit 70: Jeffrey L. Fuller to Lindsay Obrien, $245,000

8 Kingston St Unit 8: William L. and Anna F. Cannon to Erich Oneil, $255,000

40 Mayflower Dr Unit 40: Matthew and Jennifer E. Larson to Xuefei Wang and Ming C. Alvan-Lam, $642,000

114 Mifflin Dr: Incropera FT and Steven Incropera to Adam Finn and Maggie Carroll, $420,000

19 Peters St: Domito Co Inc to Philip R. and Melissa D. Hyde, $500,000

500 Rea St: William and Kathleen Mcmanus to Michael C. and Lauriann M. Messina, $880,000

59 Rocky Brook Rd: Russell D. and Jaime N. Norris to Robert L. and Stacy A. Doucette, $770,000

350 Summer St: Nancy Alibrandi to Smitha and Rajeshwar R. Vayyavur, $885,000


3 Carriage Way: Mark J. Meninger to James P. and Jeanne M. Oconnell, $580,000

178 Elm St: Kevin H. and Lauren E. Pflanz to Kevin R. Carr and Ariel F. Gagnon, $445,000

29 Marblehead St: Matthew C. Simpson to Michael J. Connolly and Jennifer L. Brown, $625,000

13 Mill St: William Gardner to Kelli and Alexander S. Jaffe, $470,000

215 Swan Pond Rd: Frederick A Keyes Jr RT and Frederick A. Keyes to Kevin H. and Lauren E. Pflanz, $849,900


2 Broadway: Rec-2 Broadway LLC to Flying Houses LP, $725,000

5 Fanaras Dr Unit B: JTK Property Management to PB&JS Real Estate Group, $1,250,000

43 Folly Mill Rd: George and Linda J. Filippone to Kevin P. and Theresa M. Mcdonald, $385,000

9 Glenwood Ave: 9 Glenwood RT and Bonnie J. Toner to Jeffrey W. and Karin Ward, $340,000

75 N End Blvd Unit 2: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc to Kelly and Leane Page, $389,900

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