86 Ballardvale Rd: Beverly J. Macleod to Cattle Crossing LLC, $395,000

16 Balmoral St Unit 412: Dayle Lafoy and Lisa Mahood to Benjamin Ledwell, $262,900

16 Balmoral St Unit 422: Doreen Cassidy to Chris J. Mourtzinis, $225,000

196 Chandler Rd: Barry J. and Theresa J. Mcquade to Ann M. Rhodes, $588,000

9 Hemlock Rd: Bedell RT and Christopher J. Bedell to Andrew Bedell, $625,000

11 Lowell Junction Rd: Peter J. Sproul to Miyoung and Nguyen Chau, $685,000

111 Main St Unit 3: William F. Sperr to Katie Anderson, $185,000

49 North St: Rosemarie Martin to JCE Property Development, $340,000


47-a Dana Rd: Bruce A. and Janet M. Ferland to Brandy and Ethan Hugo, $1,500,000

6 Kates Ln: Kevin J. and Mary C. Hellrigel to Branislav Cenanovic and Felicia Wettstone, $795,000

11-c Lakeshore Rd: Edward P. Lacey to Catherine Duffty and Bryan Lee, $485,000

13 Rock Brook Way: Karen A. and Robert R. Hynick to Christine E. and William D. Lemos, $1,069,000


11 Beechnut Rd: PAV Properties LLC to Odom Eang, $749,900

57 Fox Hill Ln Unit 29: Topnotch Homes LLC to Mark W. and Ruth M. Kostyla, $479,900

227 Haverhill St: Brian C. and Jennifer Kelly to Augustine and Gifty Owusu, $365,000

140 Hilltop Rd: Mayur J. and Sweta M. Shukla to Samson Fofanah, $355,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 42: Elaine Pascucci to Karen Landry and Andrew P. Huffman, $219,900

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 60: Michael P. and Barbara A. Vitale to Paul R. Kelly, $218,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 86: Ralls Kathleen M Est and Cathleen Bilich to Jeanne A. Sullivan, $217,500

367 Pleasant St: Meryl B. Velazquez to Laura R. Sorensen and Samantha R. Bates, $250,000

700 Robbins Ave Unit 15: Sugrue FT and David A. Sugrue to Jonathan M. and Arianna N. Martin, $121,750

57 Shore Dr: Linda A. Ciesla to Caroline Nalunga, $320,000

144 Thissell Ave Unit 9: Viscarra Ana M Est and Mehrdad Saberi to Rose E. Noseworthy, $139,000

18 Tina Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Carmen Garcia, $360,000


351 Andover St: Jo-Anne and Robert E. Dyer to Jennifer Krankavitz, $480,000

134 Central St: Beth Johnson-Barnard and George T. Bernard to George and Joanna M. Kavalaris, $375,000

30 E Main St Unit 2: Laurine A. Faro to 30 East Main Street RT and Peter C. Sfikas, $98,500


92 7 Star Rd: Grace E. and John F. Stokes to Jessica M. and John F. Stokes, $543,000

740 Salem St: Anthony Perelli to Geanine R. Monzione, $271,900


11 6th Ave: Carmen M. and Emejildo M. Vargas to Ricardo A. Gonzalez and Ana C. Hilario, $390,000

14 Allison Cir: Robert J. and Roberta L. Kirmelewicz to Dorene A. Webb, $590,000

426 Amesbury Rd: Donna Venturo and FNMA to FNMA, $136,175

27 Ayer St: Derneg Minas Est and Hilda P. Ozcan to Edge Real Estate Invests, $155,000

78 Belmont Ave: Carol C. Mazzaglia and FNMA to FNMA, $245,000

1136 Boston Rd: Goudreault FT and Robert A. Goudreault to Rogers Family Realty LLC, $700,000

81-83 Broadway: Mass Property Buyers LLC to Ventura Management Group, $415,000

9 Carleton Ave: James B. and Sean P. Gardella to Lynoa Cattanach, $272,100

17 Concord St: Elaine L. and Les A. Wier to Theresa M. Drayton, $299,000

226 Farrwood Dr Unit 226: Brendan J. Gallagher to Jenna M. Almeida, $237,000

182 Franklin St: Marie Cadet to Lucas Muiruri and Michelene Narcisse, $242,400

16 Hamel Way Unit 16: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Barbara Whitcomb, $319,900

17 Hamel Way Unit 17: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Joyce Buckley-Deandrea, $329,900

61 Haverhill St: Edward E. and Nicole J. Archibald to Felicia A. and Shane P. Patterson, $300,000

28 Hillside St: John E. Conides to Annie E. Marin-Lopez, $189,000

5 Joseph Ave Unit 5: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Laura Harley and Cheryl Buchikas-Harman, $330,650

65 Kingsbury Ave: Nicholas E. Caruso to Andre and Maria Geoffroy, $352,500

30 Lackey St: Aldridge FT and Barbara Owen to Robert Goguen, $275,000

634 Main St: Sasso Properties LLC to Luis Cruz, $410,000

1103 Main St: Daniel W. and Dennis M. Grappi to Crusher Realty LLC, $270,000

12 Morgan Dr Unit 12: Charles W. and Judith E. Manzi to Hussein Ali, $235,000

27 Observatory Ave: Vanessa Riggio and Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $303,400

144 Old Ferry Rd Unit F: Jessie Harrington to Lisa M. Allard, $170,000

113-115 River St Unit 3: Nicholas A. Campaniello to Doris Ovalle, $190,000

147 River St: Ames Real Estate LLC to Ian Colville-Potter, $380,000

211 S Main St: Historic Realty Co and William S. Faraci to East West Capital LLC, $245,000

13 Twin Brooks Cir Unit 13: Nicholas Corcione and Pingora Loan Servicing to Pingora Loan Servicing, $213,200

26 W Meadow Rd Unit 26: Donna R. and Jennifer E. Stone to Gregory T. Grote, $275,000

4 Warren St: 4-10 Warren Street NT and KCMP Capital Inc Tr to Emilly Gabin, $319,900

22 Washington St Unit 22: 1 Time RT and Louis T. Fossarelli to Mohamed Machkour, $200,000

587 Washington St Unit 587: Jose L. Melendez and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $118,400

39 Willie St: Boucher Lucille Est and James P. Boucher to Emily K. Murphy and Mark A. Rossetti, $241,000

58 Wilson St: Maria D. and Russell Buot to Mei Zhang, $255,000


124-126 Bailey St: Raleigh RT and Kathleen A. Hughes to Benjamin Y. Guzman-Alberto, $422,500

30 Boyd St: Theodore J&R E RET and Rosemarie E. Labrecque to Ana A. Reynoso-Paulino and Franzix Mendoza, $320,000

71-73 Brook St: Merecedes Cedano and Victor A. Richardson to Jean E. Cezard and M Beauliere-Cezard, $465,000

20 Doyle St: Raymond A. Lheureux to Yolanda Abreu, $300,000

260 E Haverhill St Unit 15: Elie Antar to Mathew L. Rasetta, $120,000

15 Floral St: Ana M. Miranda to Nicodemo Ortiz-Sepet and Yohana Rodas-Macario, $255,000

144 Gilbert St: Zachary P. Barry to Alejandro Peralta and Ashley E. Pepin, $284,000

268-270 Hampshire St: Betsie Y. and Osiris M. Rodriguez to Frank Efezokhae, $485,000

314-316 Howard St: Evangelina Diaz to Maximo Gutierrez-Ortiz and Perla Estevez, $377,000

15 Hudson Ave: Jose Adames and Gabriel Garcia to Yanet Corniel-Valdez and Joel D. Cedano, $465,000

10 Lorenzo Rd: Joan R. Costello to Edgar Correa and Miryam Mejia, $299,000

459 Lowell St: Premium Properties Inc to EZ Living LLC, $151,000

85 Lynn St: Aaron and Daniel Gatta to Leo Turco, $395,000

Maple St: Lawrence Redev Auth to Cafua RT LXV LLC, $20,000

20 Marlboro St: Jody S. Safford to Ana M. Jimenez, $310,000

37 Marlboro St: Kyle J. Harrison to Helmut Floesser, $290,000

149 Myrtle St Unit 1: 44-46 Bennington St RT and Robert A. Norcross to Rony Santos-Polanco, $350,000

35-37 Wilmot St: Santa and Olmedo A. Jaime to Maria S. Javier, $495,000


2 Beechnut St: Crabtree Henry R Est and Elizabeth Casey to Evan M. Lacroix and Devon L. Heffernan, $365,000

73 Brown St: Peter Silva to Crislenny Ynfante, $315,000

35 Cross St: Kenneth A. Dube to Home Sweet Homes Solutns, $215,000

415 Forest St: Michael F. Slipp to Jennifer and Jesse Strong, $351,500

58 Landing Dr Unit 58: Emily Kyomitmaitee to Alan and Camilla Ulrich, $380,000

18 Magna Rd: Ellen M. Giblin to Timothy Wear and Kimberly Silvia, $378,000

261 Merrimack St: A Richard and Luanne Bonnano to Eric Baker and Heather Bonanno-Baker, $280,000

5-7 Olive St: Carlos and Alexis Gonzalez to Luis Sanchez and Maria S. Zucco-Ruiz, $431,000

14 Palanga St: Roland C Wermers 2008 IRT and Ronald J. Wermers to Debra Rillahan, $250,000

1 Peaslee Ter Unit B: Patrick K. Brewin to Joanne Young, $274,900

200 Pleasant St: Mariano FT and Lauran M. Tarshi to Jose Ventura, $284,414

271 Renfrew St: Michael C. and Brooke Sherwood to Edward Colon, $372,500

3 Sawyer Pl: Derek E. and Keri L. Blanchette to Yameli Reyes, $355,000


394 Boston St: Brett and Kelly Schetzsle to Jason H. and Shaylin E. Lawrence, $677,500

267 Boxford St: John and Carol T. Loi to John Turkovich and Sasha Wolfanger, $540,000

86 Compass Pt Unit 86: Michael Yoshio-Iwamura and Yvonne Chen-Iwamura to Detris Adelabu, $473,900

60 E Water St: MTGLQ Investors LP to Kong Y. Foo and Su F. Wang, $230,000

50 Farnum St: Michael F. and Jacqueline Coleman to Kyle and Meagan Kobierski, $550,000

16 Harkaway Rd Unit 16: Mountassir and Holly Lalami to Timothy and Tammy Francis, $100,000

25 Hollowtree Ln: Larry F. and Joan S. Fixler to Nikolas A. Amicone and Ashley M. Calcagno, $525,000

148 Main St Unit O501: Patricia A. Dimarzo to John P. and Joan C. Thompson, $335,000

32 Meadow Ln: Fiona Maguire to Robert M. and Erica M. Keohane, $560,000

59 Phillips Cmn: Jane P. Bennett to BMD RT and Barbara M. Donagan, $674,000

71 Rock Rd: 71 Rock Road RT and Anthony F. Lautieri to Robert C. and Lisa M. Donovan, $630,000

18 Stevens St: Nancy F. Glass to Margaret R. Cullen and Henry Grodzins, $1,140,000

4 Walker Rd Unit 2: David R. and Kevin P. Towler to Eva L. Pastor, $185,000


150 Central St: Christopher R. and Rebecca S. Mikulski to Jeffrey R. and Kathleen M. Mutrie, $579,000

18 Dogwood Ln: William B. Smith to GDB Realty LLC, $245,000

20 Maple Rd: Warnock FT and George Warnock to Smith Sons Plumbing&Htng, $165,000

45 Nutter Rd: Bruce T. and Fidelma M. Batchelder to Erinne Matte-Daniels and Matthew Daniels, $483,500

4 Olde Coach Rd: Kevin J Riley RET and Kevin J. Riley to Christopher R. and Rebecca S. Mikulski, $860,000


170 Beach Rd Unit 42: Red 2014 FT and Ernest J. Dagostino to Emlyn D. and Francis I. Griffin, $465,000

138 Cable Ave: Frank A. Maribito to Maureen E. Winslow, $330,000

17 Kendell Ln: George Filippone to Katelyn M. Wright, $203,000

11 Shea St: Joseph C. and Jean M. Mello to Michael J. and Nina M. Richards, $113,500

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