41 Carmel Rd: Carmel NT and Sarah L. Crabtree to Robert J. Moore, $610,000

39 Dascomb Rd: Jason R. and Shannon T. Griffin to John and Panayiota Anastasiadis, $649,000

4 Liberty St: Douglas E. and Elizabeth J. Wade to Kristen L. Hascall and Max Manse, $730,000

285 N Main St: Edward Kalas and Natalia Resiak to Gregory J. Emmerth, $430,000

27 River Rd: Timothy D. Sullivan to Kerry L. Perkins, $310,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 301: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Mary Girouard, $477,995

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 1406: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to William K. and Maria T. Antonelli, $465,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 194: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Robert A. and Karen A. Skurka, $700,000

64 Summer St: Five Star INT and Charles A. Papalia to Ratte FT and Mark S. Ratte, $405,000

23 Sunset Rock Rd: Raymond Y. Cormier to Shixin Ou, $1,445,000

30 Washington Park Dr Unit 10: Scribner Eleanor A Est and Robert H. Scribner to Navid J. Vossoughi, $205,000


34 Glendale Rd: North Shore Real Est Sltn to Bryan J. Galvin and Sarah Ward-Galvin, $515,000

106 Stiles Pond Rd: Douglas Dolan to Karen Gladstone, $455,000


43 Avis Ave: Rebecca A. King to Giovanni Pagan, $325,000

315 Broadway Rd Unit 9: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Bettencourt Invest Group, $178,000

91 Donohue Rd Unit 3: Alec J. Garabedian to Melissa Sor and Khavy K. Song, $210,500

63 Gilmore St: Lifelinks Inc to Normand L. Gamache, $349,000

16 Griggs St: Emyc LLC to Anna P. Bui and Tam T. Ho, $335,000

91 Haverhill St: Milton Schmidt to Michael N. and Mary E. Ganas, $200,000

1776 Lakeview Ave: Angel Arias to Samuch Dam and Sody Heng, $355,000

53 Long Dr: Donald J. and Kathryn J. Matyja to Felisitas F. Mokom and Emile A. Ndifor, $355,000

Tomahawk Dr: Billerica Tomahawk LLC to Cady Construction LLC, $200,000

246 Willard St: Erin Capano to Meghan K. and Ashley Flynn, $330,000


199 Andover St: Darryl A. and Heather R. Forgione to Andrew K. and Ashley C. Courtney, $450,000


4 Byfield Rd: Theresa and William Dunn to William E. Endslow, $570,000

16 Coleman Rd: Andrew W. and Brea A. Plummer to Karyn E. and William J. Hickey, $390,000

12 Merrit Ave: David M. Watnick to Michelle L Dunne T and Arthur J. Murphy, $325,000


31 16th Ave: Audra J. Borelli and Jonathan A. Woitkowski to James Paige, $325,000

22 Clover Ln: Clover Lane NT and Timothy J. Kelleher to Paul Czar and Emily Treat, $420,000

293 Ferry Rd Unit 293: Daniel Orlando to Francisca Medina, $270,000

446 Groveland St: Settlemoir LLC to Jillian E. Collins and Benjamin W. Leece, $374,900

36 Jefferson St: Lauren L. Kirby and Michael S. Picardi to Michael J. and Sarah R. Moscho, $305,000

175 Kenoza St: Sharon L. Gifford to Audra J. and Jonathan A. Woitkowski, $378,000

90 Lincolnshire Dr: Nancy J. and Stephen P. Mader to Kaitlyn E. Harris and Dan T. Morrison, $406,775

20 Lowell Ave: Takesian Robert C Est and Marjorie Walukevich to Joseph M. Walukevich, $200,000

1150 Main St Unit 1150: Mihaela and Tiberiu Urszinyi to Davidlee R. Allard and Jonathan D. Merced, $290,000

17 Myles Standish Dr Unit 11: Ready Kathie P Est and Kerry E. Fitzgerald to Alexandra A. and James C. Gauthier, $155,000

114 Oxford Ave: Francesco Premutico to Irene and Stephanie A. Premutico, $250,000

20 Paula Ln: Caitlin Delima-Tolman and Scott T. Tolman to Lauren and Michael Picardi, $354,000

121 Pilgrim Rd Unit 121: 121 Pilgrim Road RT and Michael Deangelis to Ellen High, $311,400

33 Powdermill Rd: Atlantis Investments LLC to John W. Bokarvich, $368,750

1 Saltonstall Sq: John and Nadzeya Suiter to Devin L. and Margrette-Anne Rambo, $480,000

26 Sterling Ln Unit 26: Daniel T. Morrison to Robert Montminy, $248,000

601 Washington St: Park Barbara W Est and Hugh D. Park to Davric RT Inc, $140,000

N/a: Boston&Maine Corp to Haverhill City Of, $227,048


2 Caulkins Ct: Rino R. Gagnon and Huguette M. Sott to Andre Gagnon, $75,000

90 Doyle St: Eduardo A. Brea to Wanda Montes, $234,000

196 E Haverhill St: Jose E. and Juana A. Bencosme to Leonardo Lopez, $353,000

571 Haverhill St: Edwin V. Badia to Cindy Martinez and Gabriel Betances, $300,000

32 Hoffman Ave: Junior Peralta and Eliana Y. Valdez-Guzman to Juan C. Obando-Molina, $355,000

57 King St: Billy J. Marte to Eufemio Flete, $395,000

288-290 Lawrence St: Jose R. Mena to Paul Jesurum-Perez, $501,900

2 Lexington St: Freddy Castillo-Perez to William J. Nunez and Jacquelin Rosario, $255,000

503 Lowell St: Thu Truong 2013 T and Sui V. Thu to Nelson Santana, $430,000

8 Nelson St: RJJM LLC to Karielis Guardiola and Brian L. Cabrera, $350,000

147-149 Oxford St: Antonio A. Ramos to Yinet A. Pena-Gil and Seferina G. Rodriguez, $345,000

175-177 Salem St: Rubertina Ortiz and Neftalina Fulgencio to Joe Y. Carrasquillo, $445,000

156-158 Sanborn St: Allison E. and Fred P. Williams to Eddy W. Herrera-Quezada and Maria A. Quezada, $425,000


111 Anderson Dr: Fernando Colon to Kathryn A. Colon, $25,000

146 Butternut Ln: F Philip and Theresa A. Falco to Mariel S. Fenton, $359,000

14 Buttonwood Dr: Karen A. Hanley to Rachel Francois, $500,000

10 Chippy Ln: Mark R. Deluca to Brett W. Potter, $384,000

192 Lowell St: Candida Dejesus to Ali Rafiq, $389,900

32 Pine Tree Dr Unit 32: Toll MA 4 LLC to Harry D. and Diane M. Porter, $606,531

68 Pine Tree Dr Unit 68: Toll MA 4 LLC to Jessica Kirk and Christine Marsh, $697,934

441 Prospect St: Oscar Liquors Inc to Damodar RT and Hasmukh K. Vora, $640,000

114-122 Railroad St: Antonio Rivera to Jose D. Alberto-Guzman, $470,000

1073 Riverside Dr: Martin George L Est and Maureen Larivee to Fatima Hussaini, $305,000


27 Bradford St: Gary A. Lodge and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to JMF Realty LLC, $340,000

6 Compass Pt Unit L2: Berry 114 Co LLC to Mary T. Flynn, $525,000

1590 Great Pond Rd: Annette Z Fasnacht LT and Roger A. Fasnacht to Victor P. Gresek, $777,500

115 Hillside Rd: EMO FT and Andrew T. Osborn to Long Chu and Dung H. Nguyen, $500,000

230 Johnson St: Randal D. and Cynthia Lilly to Marc J. Bloostein and Stephanie J. Brown, $1,710,000

78 Mayflower Dr Unit 78: Duncan Stuart to Brian D. Lucy, $536,000

404 Summer St: Ptarmigan LLC to James P. and Leigh R. Smyser, $837,500


6 Carriage Way: David E. and Maureen A. Doucette to Evan Bernier and Catherine Parrotta, $645,000

63 Central St Unit 103: Joan R. Reidy to Stephen Lacambria, $192,000

6 Cleek Ct Unit 6: Louise Spracklin to 6 Cleek Court LLC, $459,000

158 Park St: Donna Weaver-Brown to Jay and Amy Weaver, $70,000

10 Sylvia Rd: Pinecrest Realty Ventures to Christopher N. and Sarah E. Auger, $469,900


11 Brooks Rd: John Nash and Amy Neumann to Holly and Shana Counts-Vanhoose, $310,000

61 Elm St: Mark W. Christ to Jolene Grossi-Hogg and Paul Hogg, $525,000

75 N End Blvd Unit 3: Tom Patenaude Homes LLC to Kelly A. and William C. Dunn, $389,900

3 Toll Rd: H&M Industries Inc to Kenneth and Sheryl Nickerson, $407,500