10 Apple Blossom Rd: Joel F. and Lisa B. Pyser to Apple Blossom Road RT and Stephen R. Crompton, $810,000

11 Avery Ln: Bjorn A. and Maureen F. Merinder to Shantanu Das and Anindita Bose, $855,000

17 Avery Ln: Peter D. and Janet D. Schiavoni to Aditya Reddy-Jinna and Sunaina Jinna, $839,900

5 Beacon St: Beacon T and Saifur Rahman to Melissa E. Macisaac, $1,050,000

2 Beech Cir: Michael T. and Carolyn Sheehy to Kevin M. and Leslie J. Boylan, $500,551

14 Blanchard St: Charles J. and Laury A. Barbanti to Amy Bailey, $520,000

4 Cattle Xing: Thomas F. and Mary F. Labrie to Andrew Okeeffe and Kristin A. Bair, $821,000

3 Charles Cir: Julie A. Zannoni to Roshini Gopinath and Avinash Bhandari, $1,039,000

8 Chestnut St: Bridget Cook to Christian Baker and Aihua Ju, $794,000

2 Colonial Dr Unit 2b: Donna M. Newhouse to Ny Chao, $185,000

172 High Plain Rd: Dornoch RT and Pamela H. Mitchell to Todd M. Pietrasiak and Julie Eberhardt, $455,000

234 Highland Rd: Richardson RT and Elizabeth R. Bramhall to Anthony J. and Brianne B. Hesketh, $799,000

24 Inwood Ln: Jean R. Elrick to Salvatore A. Gaglio and Janet L. Krause, $830,000

19 Kirkland Dr: Deborah L. Hyde to Amy M. and Jacob W. Hafensteiner, $735,000

5 Lantern Rd: Andrew J. Okeeffe and Kristin A. Bair to Kellie J. and Nathan E. Altaffer, $660,000

6 Mulberry Cir: Lawrence T. and Lisa M. Almeida to Jeremiah D. and Jennifer L. Brazeau, $910,000

173 N Main St: Karl and Anelise Bateson to Scott J. Correia, $496,000

22 Railroad St Unit 214: James W. Martin to Jessica Goldstein, $300,000

12 Saint James Dr Unit 12: Hagigeorges 2016 T and John G. Hagigeorges to Marcelo C. Peralta and Debora L. Alves-Peralta, $780,000

68 Stevens St: 58 Stevens LLC to Danielle Gillis, $535,000

30 Stoneybrook Cir: Thomas W. and Gail A. Mcnaughton to William T. and Deborah J. Maclellan, $1,030,000

22 Tilton Ln: Van T. Do to William and Cara Saw, $550,000

25 Vine St: Marc B. Roy to Eric D. Bevilacqua and Laura Toulopoulos, $455,000

60 Washington Park Dr Unit 2: Juliette A. Messina to Jenfel RT and Michael J. Hatem, $154,500

60 Washington Park Dr Unit 4: Agop and Madlen Arslanoglu to Cora and Rong F. Zhang, $215,000

5 Westminster Roadway: Dorsi FT and Peter Dorsi to Mark A. and Ann Ebert, $989,000

7 Willard Cir: Tara J. Anderson and Eric K. Fasano to Meghan A. Chase, $582,000

28 Wolcott Ave: Northstar RE Solutions to Danielle and Stephen P. Dickie, $820,000

18 Wyncrest Cir: Brett R. and Sara L. Estervig to Brad and Jenna Petersen, $1,050,000


9 Cedar St: Crawford Lester G Est and Suzanne Nixon to Thomas Patch, $320,000

4 Great Pond Dr: Rosemarie Narath to Holly M. and Benjamin J. Muchler, $1,230,000

16 Gunnison Rd: Sheila A Ohanesian LT and Harry M. Ohanesian to Brendan P. Foley, $729,000

537 Ipswich Rd: Norma A. Shaw to Matthew Downs and Christine Palladino-Downs, $520,000

104 Townsend Farm Rd: April D. and Scott A. Robinson to Frank and Nadia Pace, $1,100,000


120 Arlington St Unit 7: Nancy Rocheleau to Karen M. Davis, $252,000

86 Autumn Rd: Richard F. and Gema Gaudioso to Stephanie P. Dunbar, $410,000

122 Black Oak Ln: Robert O. and Leslie A. Cox to Harry E. Ogden, $290,000

162 Brigham Ave: Stephanie Lewers to Adrianna E. Colucci and Andrew D. Fleuriel, $355,000

49 Clement Rd: Garry and Marcia L. Long to John Doan and Phuong Dang, $580,000

14 Dallas Dr Unit 205: Pauline S Rondeau IRT and Carol A. Sawyer to Sharon M. Cornellier and Judithe M. Davis, $256,000

235 Haverhill St: Vezina Raymond L Est and Marybeth Corcoran to Richard C. Patterson and Jasmine Barreto, $365,000

39 Lantern Ln Unit 8: Ryan M. Rourke to Darlene M. Mercier, $170,000

88 Maille Ave: Mary and Ernest R. Daigle to Nancy Rocheleau, $334,000

1550 Mammoth Rd: Concordia Homes Inc to Jing Qian and Jun Shao, $539,900

400 Methuen St: Kano Real Estate Dev LLC to Akre LLC, $475,000

410 Methuen St: Kano Real Estate Dev LLC to Akre LLC, $475,000

412 Methuen St: Kano Real Estate Dev LLC to Akre LLC, $475,000

59 Montaup Ave: 77 Development LLC to Kieson A. Schuck and Nicole A. Wilkinson, $353,500

73 Percy St: Helen R. Hamel to Christopher M. and Angela R. Demange, $365,000

245 Salem Rd: P Catalano Const LLC to Kenneth F. and Zulima J. Mcphee, $624,900

115 Stuart Ave Unit 19: Jeanmarie Cataldo to Adam Farinato, $235,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 8: Amy E. Clement to You an Tzeng, $221,500

25 Tobey Rd Unit 56: Justine Keenan to Donald and Elaine Tremblay, $270,000


16 Bradford Loop: Michael J. Ryan to Gary J. Lebaron, $310,000

3 Derek Cir: Giovanni and Jean Pintone to Ryan T. and Shannon T. Monks, $625,000

72 Elm St: Holly M Muchler RET and Holly M. Mychler to Christine R. and Michael Sproviero, $580,000

14 Horsemint Cir Unit 14: 14 Horsemint Circle and Robert L. Murphy to Angela M. and John A. Difazio, $575,000

79 Lakeshore Dr: Katie E. Fauvel to Alan and Shawnette Lancaster, $460,000

14 Pine Grove Ave: Donna M. Brennan to Catherine and Sean Riley, $350,000


12 Bare Hill Rd: Friel FT and Charles M. Friel to Jennifer Doherty and Dean Mola, $555,000

407 Diane Cir Unit 407: Parsons FT and Clayton L. Parsons to Susan Lucey, $410,000

157 Main St: Billis Constantine V Est and James B. Billis to Berkeley Development LLC, $680,000

6 Valley Farm Rd: Deanna and Matthew Jackson to Dennis J. and Kerrie L. Mcnulty, $546,500


40 10th Ave Unit 40: Josue Torres-Maldonado to Stephanie Acevedo-Joarky and Brian A. Colindres, $224,000

89 9th Ave Unit 89: Rkaco LLC to Arthur T. and Elise C. Seymour, $329,900

86 Arlington St Unit E: Anthony P. Moschetti and US Bank NA to Ajax 2018 B REO LLC, $114,900

59-61 Auburn St: Michael V. Chmielewski to Jean F. and Myrlaine Madelon, $340,000

8 Bay Point Ln Unit 8: Derek J. Griffin to Denise and Francis Audy, $370,000

192 Boxford Rd: Cynthia Francis-Nestor and Citimortgage Inc to FHLM, $270,000

6 Brickett Hill Cir: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Snoopy RT and Frederick E. Malcolm, $385,000

212 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 212: Audrey T Price RET and Terry L. Price to Maria D. Hernandez, $321,000

6 Coates Ln Unit 6: Diana S. and Robert A. Larochelle to Laura E. and Mark W. Mckellar, $265,000

3 Coffin Ave Unit 2: Paul E. Duffy to Carolynn R. Dewitt, $237,500

Crystal St: Jo and Joseph Gurciullo to Paulo Cabral, $22,500

80 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 80: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Christine Silverman, $344,900

406 Farrwood Dr Unit 406: Rose C. Dalton to W Matthew Hromada and Katie W. Yeaton-Hromada, $245,000

94 Groveland St: Little Dogs LLC to Mud Puppy Realty LLC, $590,000

23 Kristine Ln: Patricia S. Fernandez and Victor V. Villareal to Lisa D. and Scott F. Walton, $671,000

55 Muriel Ter: Modern Solution Inv Inc to Belle Lee, $335,000

1 Overlook Cir: Mohit Bawa and Shefali Pangasa to Jonathan A. Boghigian, $499,000

10 Parkview Ln Unit D: John C. and Josephine Caiazza to Frederick J. Turcotte, $154,000

63 Pecker St: 63 Pecker Street RT and Virgilio A. Perelta to Noel A. Ortega, $52,500

6 Perspective Dr: Christian Doherty to John M. Bigos and Honglei Zhang, $525,000

5 Ruby Cir: Harry R. and Maureen E. Trout to Daniel J. and Kerri Bedard, $415,000

351 S Main St: Haverhill City Of to Creative Haverhill Inc, $175,000

463 S Main St: Chit S. and Sally Lee to Jose A. Pena, $406,000

39 Smith St: Mary J. Acosta to Jennifer E. Dul and Alvaro M. Pereira, $306,500

8 Tamarac Dr: Rkaco LLC to Eric and Lauren A. Mackinnon, $579,900

11 Villa St Unit 103: Herbert and Michael Cisler to Vila Properties LLC, $145,000

64 Woodmont Ave: Janine Santosuosso to Paul Rabazzi, $382,000


284 Ames St: Peter T. Karugu to Alexander and Fanny R. Castillo, $388,000

55 Amherst St: Johanna Llibre-Cruz and Ramire Cruz to Nora Beltran, $307,000

45-47 Atkinson St: Chloe LLC to Hector F. and Hector Diaz, $450,000

92 Beacon St Unit 7: Kristen A. Mucci to Neil Cadigan, $120,000

21 Bellevue St Unit 2: Enny Bernabel to Edily M. Vasquez, $133,500

135 Bradford St: T Fino Realty LLC to 5-9 Mill Street LLC, $800,000

64 Buswell St: Lora&Maquez T and Jose L. Marquez to Aleyda Maldonado, $245,000

34 Coolidge St: Mohammad Almawali to Lap Investments LLC, $493,000

269 Cypress Ave: Zoila Gomez to Juan A. Diaz and Fiordaliza Gomez, $270,000

31 Durham St: David&George Realty to Rafael Corniel, $430,000

100 Exeter St: Ezequiel Espinal to Jefferson D. Dejesus, $350,000

436 Hampshire St: Nickolas T. Thompson to Elena Rodriguez and Jose R. Fernandez, $420,000

436-440 Hampshire St Unit 70-3: Nickolas T. Thompson to Elena Rodriguez and Jose R. Fernandez, $420,000

19 Mechanic St: Francisco Serret to Andrei Zharov and Natallia Hunik, $249,900

47 Midland St: Maribeth Cruz and US Bank NA to Anna M. Aguilo, $389,000

141-143 Myrtle St: Jose L. Almanzar to Mabiolky Rodriguez and Adalquiris R. Rosario, $335,000

173 Prospect St: Amy Heath and Jennifer Gitelson to 173 Prospect Street LLC, $155,000

19 Stevens St: Robert Blackwell to Tammy Woolfolk and Hans Kim, $430,000

28 Thornton St: Salvatore J. Pauta to Luis Araya, $290,000

163 Weare St: Aura Y. Queliz to Arly Ribeiro-DeSouza and Diane R. Costa, $357,000

166-168 Willow St: Carlos Cortes to Tanairy Polanco-Tavares and Geary K. Castro, $424,000


4 Anthony St: Villella Construction Co to Diana I. and Mariano Centeno, $399,000

5 Arabian Dr: Mark K. and Sharon A. Omalley to Johanna Llibre-Cruz and Ramire Cruz, $495,000

37 Arrowwood St: Christine L. Eliopoulos to Jay Altavesta and Kathy Berry, $630,000

8 Benefit St: Jay F. and Sharon J. Altavesta to Jason M. and Nicole Ruf, $386,000

188 Broadway Unit 6: J&R RT and Janet Mclennan to Home Loan Investment Bank, $118,000

19 Bruce St: Jesse and Erin K. Kattar to Thomas Lopez and Bruna Gomes, $331,000

25 Central St: Ferris A. Hatem to Carlos Maldonado-Ramirez and Hermelinda Mauricio, $510,000

1 Concord St: Theresa M. and Steven E. Thompson to Kelly Piantigini and Francis Mccormick, $358,000

61 Conrad St: Bryant M. and Christine A. Dube to Nadine A. Nicholson, $345,000

3 Deborah Ave: Eugene V&R A Dufresne IRT and Eugene V. Dufresne to Paul H. Cunniff, $339,900

34 Duston Dr: John J. and Doria E. Gearty to Franklin J. and Karen M. Small, $395,000

30 Elm St: James T. Burgess to Bernardo Guzman, $350,000

18 Giles St: 18 Giles Street RT and Alfred L. Mccarthy to Giles Development Assoc, $260,000

8 Hampshire Cir: Kimberly and Margaret E. Andrew to Brendan Ryan and Kristin Strout, $210,000

191 Howe St: 191-195 Howe Street RT and Patrick J. Mallon to TNH New Homes LLC, $185,000

19 Junior Ave: John R. and Jeanne M. Mchale to Manuel and Annetta N. Amado, $370,000

21 Maplewood Ave: Curtis R. and Melyssia Marzerka to Robyn and Sean Dillon, $345,000

55 Medford Ave: Lynne and Anthony Abate to Quilvia A. Chevalier-Urena, $226,500

5 Meriline Ave: Donna C. Vose and Marie Dinsmore to Salvador Gomez, $295,000

19 Monterey Dr: Monterey Drive RT and Maureen R. Mcgilvreay to Casey A. Macneil and Zachary A. Lane, $299,000

32 Morgan Dr: Karen M. and Franklin J. Small to Anthony J. and Stacia Perrotta, $675,000

18 Mystic St: Jeffrey R. Brooks to Freckle International LLC, $298,500

188 Oak St: Douglas J. Urban to Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart, $160,000

9 Oakmeadow Ln: Kathleen M. Maraghy and Kerry L. Nicolls to Heather Joyce and Joseph Earle, $480,000

50 Oakmeadow Ln: Diguilio IRT and Nicole M. Diguilio to Jessica Addario and Albert Pecora, $529,000

67 Olympic Village Dr: Gordon D. and Patricia A. Ohlson to Matthew G. and Katelyn M. Maroon, $445,000

93 Pine Tree Dr Unit 93: Toll MA 4 LLC to Jane A. Vivona, $620,626

36 Pinehurst Ave: David A. and Tanya M. Witkum to Abdiel O. and Sabrina Perez, $360,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 15d: Kostyl FT and Mark W. Kostyla to Caitlin Sullivan, $205,000

31 Sevoian Dr: John A Roberson FT and Patricia A. Roberson to Maria and Manuel Bairos, $505,000

6 Tilton St: Gustavo DeJesus-Diaz to Addonay Naranjo-Ramos, $390,000

20 Washington St Unit 41: Matthew P. and Erin T. Sordillo to Ann M. Bolduc, $241,000

3 Wellington St: Schedson Wisly-Wagnac and Ditech Financial LLC to Antoine J. and Rose K. Loreus, $282,000


68 Beverly St: Osama A. Noureddine to Maicom Pires and Allison Colsen, $330,000

49 Carlton Ln: Vincent T. and Eleanor R. Lucarini to Joseph R. and Michelle L. Nicolaisen, $680,000

Cedar St Lot 9: Vincent Bonanno to Essex County Greenbelt, $50,000

58 Edgelawn Ave Unit 9: Daniel M. Reilly to Rebekah L. Barrasso, $202,500

54 Fernview Ave Unit 2: Fernando Baez and Clarisa Amezquita to Lenny M. Villa-Cabrera, $210,000

247 Forest St: Todd G. and Pamela A. Storch to Craig M. and Gemma A. North, $465,000

1 Harvest Dr Unit 303: Linda E. Hourihan to Susan Mansfield, $176,500

2 Harvest Dr Unit 107: Emily A. Oboyle to 46-48 Phillips Avenue RT and Cathy Pappavaselio, $248,000

191 Hay Meadow Rd: Scott A. Robertson and Debra L. Green to Justin and Kathryn Bastinelli, $722,000

147 Johnny Cake St: Steven A. and Laurie L. Cavazza to Michael R. and Lisa Donaghy, $769,000

10 Lyman Rd: R&R Caredeo RT and Ronald L. Caredeo to Nicholas and Stephanie Savarese, $478,500

11 Main St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Jennelle Graziano, $131,032

26 Main St Unit 8: Azam Z. Siddique-Mohammad and Aisha M. Khan to Patricia M. Delonais, $385,000

60 Marblehead St: Jessica E. Tocci to Elle M. and Joao M. Carvalho, $975,000

1806 Salem St: Frederick and Kimberly Bleiler to Scott and Tara L. Diamond, $850,000

27 Sargent St Unit 27: Laura Roffer to Cindy L. and Anthony Rivera, $280,000

4 Walker Rd Unit 6: Arthur T. and Elise C. Seymour to Utpal and Dipa Gandhi, $205,000

864 Winter St: Adam R. Clark and Patricia M. Dewolfe to Joseph and Trinh T. Tran, $747,500


9 Main St: 9 Main Street NR LLC to Mai Ktima LLC, $1,260,000

38 Main St Unit 11: Amy Kraut to Thomas Hudon and Nicole Votta, $185,000

173 North St: Costanza Marcia E Est and Ralph P. Costanza to Rodrigo Tom and L T. Campos-DellOrtotom, $515,000

13 Shore Rd: Joseph W. Solomon to James E. Lutz and Jessica D. Sacramone, $485,000


7 Corporal Patten Way: Mario and Pamela Winter to Kim Nener-Plante and Dennis Plante, $599,900

5 Juno St: Michael Alder to Kimberly P. Ortiz, $330,000

1 Lincoln Ave: Candice Short and Georgia Manovich to Emma L. Hunt and Bradley S. Orme, $290,000

25 Main St: Patricia H. and Robert W. Freccero to Kripali B. Patel, $350,000

373 N End Blvd: William A. Kelley to Shaun P. and Tatum R. Toohey, $280,000

22 Old Elm St: Hubbell Old Elm Hldg LLC to Donald E. Swain, $450,000

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