32 Avery Ln: H Gregory and Lisa B. Dunne to Ting Pan and Zhaorong Meng, $828,000

16 Balmoral St Unit 208: Keith Yen to Yuhao Qian, $245,000

450 Brookside Dr Unit C: Edward A. Williams to Elizabeth K. Weatherwax, $335,000

79 Chestnut St Unit 79: James E. and Esther E. Blaskovich to Marina Melnikova, $475,000

2 Colonial Dr Unit 7a: Nichols Shirley L Est and Virginia E. Bramante to Soghra Walsh, $235,000

45 County Rd: Lauren C. Rossi to Ryan J. and Kathleen Bacharach, $485,000

3 Courtney Ln: Jason E. and Amy B. Rothstein to Deepak K. Pandey and Anita Ghosh, $525,000

8 Dufton Rd: George J. Cooke and Jenifer Mclean-Cooke to Mikaela M. Ferguson, $440,000

1 Glenmeadow Rd: Richard G. and Patricia M. Almon to Barry I. and Diane M. Mendell, $515,000

6 Gray Rd: Evan Carpinito and Kelcie Eustis to Jennifer A. Doherty, $465,000

4 Hemlock Rd: Can and Selen Aktar to 4 Hemlock Road NT and Diane M. Marcou, $765,000

3 Henderson Ave: Marilyn H. Harvey to Jillian M. and Peter A. White, $570,000

16 Keystone Way: Michael B. Crawford to Vikas Choudhary and Anusuiya Bharadwaj, $860,000

2 Longwood Dr Unit 7: Michael M. and Isabelle F. Alouane to L Castellanos-Ramirez and Luberkis Ramirez, $285,000

16 Marland St: Jason and Kristi Barbieri to Ariana Lavita, $490,000

8 Molly Rd: Marilyn A. Farley and Michael J. Droff to Michael J. Drooff and Alec Ngo, $835,000

354 N Main St Unit 208: John S. and Ruth E. Mckenzie to Tony Deangelis, $225,000

21 Orchard Xing: Thomas F. and Kelly M. Walsh to Li Niu, $896,500

1 Punchard Ave Unit 3: Mia K. Cloonan to David Croteau, $330,000

354 River Rd: Stacy N. Gilroy to Helen Pizzarella-Deirdre and Juan C. Morales, $550,000

28 Rutgers Rd: Sonal Sheth to Luigi R. Zaza, $620,000

249 S Main St: Richard P. and Elizabeth E. Picard to Gerald and Amy Stabile, $564,500

2 Shandel Cir: Matthew and Tiffany Renfro to David and Daneen Forlizzi, $1,600,000

21 Taylor Cove Dr Unit 21: Taylor Cove Development to Jean F. Rouleau and Thomas Heath, $776,200

13 Wildwood Rd: Thomas S. Mcgrane and Alexandra C. Rhode to Michael and Gillian Mulcahy, $570,000

10 Woodland Rd: Bryan P. Sweeney and Yvonne A. VanGessel to Scott A. Rosen and Lisa B. Baute, $1,150,000


39-a Adams Rd: Christopher J. and Karen A. Noren to Brian Oconnor, $751,000

59 Boren Ln: Gregory M. Silvano to Daniel Ginley, $628,000

82 Georgetown Rd: David L. and Valerie C. Brooks to Anthony and Samantha Abdulla, $942,000

19 Hemlock Rd: Christina Orfanos and Christopher W. Patrikas to Ashley and Ryan Allen, $590,000

55 Hickory Ln: Jennifer P. Glendon to Bernadett and Tony L. Campbell, $905,000

21 Pearl Rd: Donna M. and James L. Ellis to Daniel T. and Kelly L. Chadwick, $692,000

58 Pye Brook Ln: Christopher C. Hooven and Lisa Omeara-Hooven to Heather and Justin Karimi, $805,000

55 Topsfield Rd: Donna T Forlizzi LT and Donna T. Forlizzi to Elaine and Joseph Ruscitti, $640,000

17 Towne Rd: Martha L. and Peter G. Clark to Christina Orfanos and Christopher W. Patrikas, $685,000

19 Towne Rd: Robert Bonney and James C. Mulloy to Davita and Kevin Block, $607,000


1794 Bridge St Unit 34a: Anne C. Maguire to TJV LLC, $300,000

1794 Bridge St Unit 33a: Anne C. Maguire to TJV LLC, $300,000

261 Broadway Rd Unit 30: Athenais Emanuel S Est and Michael C. Barker to Mazen Anise, $223,000

121 Chapman St: James J. Dolliver to Conor J. Walsh, $348,000

21 Draycott Ave: Draycott Avenue RT and Kathleen A. Rosa to Shane and Rachel Cunningham, $290,000

115 Hampson St: EG Chaya LLC to C&Z Properties LLC, $700,000

1087 Lakeview Ave: David Aptaker to Papanotas FT and Steve A. Papanotas, $84,000

34 Litchfield Ave: Brenda J. Livingstone and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $270,274

34 Michael Rd: Meredith A. Hayes and MTGLQ Investors LP to MTGLQ Investors LP, $315,000

56 Mildred St: Alison K. Benashski and William Taylor to Joseph A. and Romie L. Donofrio, $465,000

50 Pinckney St: Luisa F. Giraldo-Ramirez and Jorge M. Giraldo-Villada to San Moeun and Terry Houth, $319,900

95 Sue Ann Dr: Anthony J. and Laura J. Rocha to Darryl Evans, $510,000

74 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 33: 74 Tennis Plaza Rd NT and Arye E. Schwartz to Christina Kamara, $180,000


22 Baldpate Rd: George E. and Shannon L. Dow to Danielle H. and Steven R. Nickerson, $567,500

57 Bradford Loop: Dennis J. and Kerrie L. Mcnulty to Anthony and Karrie Oregan, $449,900

2 Library St: Heidi P. Porter to Scott Coletti, $375,000

20 Marlboro Rd: Robert and Sarah Cash to Mary and Thomas Corazzini, $455,000


54 Bare Hill Rd: Denn Patricia H Est and Christopher J. Denn to Lee E. and Rebecca J. Slocum, $529,000

31 Pinewood Ln: Fraser P. and Helen R. Tuffee to Helder and Maria Quadros, $525,000


32 11th Ave: Geraldine F. Cesati to John E. Anshewitz, $285,000

69 5th Ave: Daniel A. Solorzano to Bulmaro G. Ramos and Consuelo E. Velazquez, $262,000

6 Angel Ave: Anne R. and Paul A. Buttner to Jimmy and Kimberly Louis-Jean, $419,900

11 Bradford Ave: Jeffrey D. Zalanskas to Maria Ferreira, $460,000

54 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 54: Kenneth H. and Martha A. Volovick to Anne and Paul Buttner, $290,000

60 Buttonwoods Ave Unit 103: David M Dalton RT and David M. Dalton to Mary L. Hinckley, $170,000

70 Casablanca Ct Unit 70: Taylor Anderson to Brenda Levesque, $250,000

25 Colonial Farm Rd: Kathleen M. and Richard H. Turner to Oscar O. Marin and Veronica Arteaga-Marin, $499,900

1-3 Columbia Park: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Richard and Rubiela D. Medina, $285,000

75 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 75: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Kerry Zaloga, $369,900

37 Douglas St: Cooper J. Brown to Kimberly Callahan and Daiel Ruiz, $363,000

121 Farrwood Dr Unit 121: Anne J. Dinatale and Christopher Vasilopouls to Emily Arai, $244,900

102-104 Franklin St: Alfred R. Pupolo to Brian D. and Maegan E. Gould, $267,000

43 Green St: Aneury Familia to Richard D. Robillard, $230,000

36 Greenleaf St: Laura E. and Mark W. Mckellar to Caitlin E. and Jason P. Carter, $360,000

70 Lawrence Rd: Marcie Robicheau to Kevin and Kristine Babcock, $416,000

15 Mahoney Way: James J. Raso to Kaleigh Laventure and Marc W. Mehringer, $569,000

19 Mercury Ter Unit 19: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Better Homes Of Boston, $225,000

31 Mercury Ter Unit 31: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Sarah E. Forward and Jason F. Guarente, $245,000

5 Mulberry St: Roy N. Ely and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, $117,444

740 N Broadway: Daniel Volonino to Shawn Sullivan, $392,000

78 Orchard Hill Rd: Jennifer and William Galvin to Anne J. Dinatale and Christopher Vasilopoulos, $489,900

147 Orchard Hill Rd: Beverly J. Anzalone to Leslie Tkaczek, $445,000

140 Pilgrim Rd: David V. Nelson to Jennifer Kapotas, $349,000

11 Rosedale Ave: Lewis RT and Joan T. Lewis to Melissa M. Gonzalez and Tanya M. Gerard, $340,000

5 Ruth Cir: Debra A. and Steven H. Savoy to Tiffany and Vlado Gareski, $525,000

111 Summer St: Melody J. and William L. Wilder to MATTD LLC, $410,000

36 W Meadow Rd Unit 36: Christine J. Abrams and Susan J. Mcclean to Brenda Fredericks, $314,900

622 Washington St Unit 622: Jenna Brisson to Marlain Dejesus and Juan A. Garcia, $250,000

21 Windsor St: Geraldine A. Mccarthy to David W. and Stacey Caruso, $380,000

21 Wingate St Unit 502: Mary E. Malynn to Leslie Brebner, $195,000


61 Amherst St: US Bank NA Tr to Johnathan Duran and Deborah Carbuccia, $273,000

172 Bailey St Unit 172: Altagracia and Ramon Sanchez to Octavia Lopez and Ironelis Hernandez-Lopez, $225,000

115 Beacon Ave Unit B: Carmen A. Mejia to Ynes A. Paulino-Ramos, $185,000

277 Colonial Rd: Mary L. Shea to Melissa Charles, $305,000

60 Coolidge St: Thomas J. and Judy B. Hartman to Julio D. Rosario and Yaritza Anes-Rosario, $346,000

1 Doyle St: Doyle Street RT and Susan M. Hutton to Adep Group Inc, $395,000

78-80 Dracut St Unit 5: Christine E. Krupa to Dalisa Diaz, $153,000

28-30 Granville St: Essex Management&Realty to Roberto Tavares, $460,000

405-407 Haverhill St: Paul Karongo to Cipriano Vargas, $470,000

284 High St: Santa M. Rodriguez and Hasban Mcdonald to Orlando Y. Ortega and Fior D. Sosa-Deynoa, $480,000

20 Knox St Unit 3: Luis Crispin to Lisa M. Larrache, $130,000

30 Lansdowne Ct: Eliezer Rosario to Ivelisse Batista, $435,000

53 Lexington St: Ramona and Karina Montilla to Fabiola J. Quillay, $255,000

26-28 Linden St: Ronald and Maria Lopez to Valdir and Mario Sequeira, $450,000

39 Pleasant St: Daher Group Inc to Diomarys Guantes-Quezada and Confesora Quezada-Perez, $457,000

19 Saxonia Ave: Julio E. Espinal to Yennifer Cruz-Deperez and Oscar E. Perez, $450,000


1 Albion St: Carolyn M. Doughty to Dennis and Patricia Salois, $384,900

107 Birchwood Rd: Rodah Al-Taweel and Lina Alasmar to Joana Garcia and Wendy Dominguez, $313,900

290 Broadway: Brimart LLC to Pena Real Estate&Invests, $825,000

36 Chelmsford St Unit 36: Andrew J. Sanford to Ana L. Perez-Burgos and Maria I. Burgos, $315,000

17 Florence Rd: Janet-Lee Ratcliffe to Lee N. Machado, $320,000

35 Frye Rd: Kenneth and Catherine Rossi to David V. and Marie E. Nelson, $399,000

125 Harris St: Trisha C. Foster to Laura Ferguson-Levis, $240,000

45-47 Merrill Ter: Robert Diaz to Edward F. Cruz, $235,000

281 Merrimack St: Cedar Real Estate Corp to E&C Real Estate LLC, $526,000

56 Oakhill Dr: Michael Soloman to Kevin Palladino, $370,000

168-170 Oakland Ave: Natalie Pereira and Danny Oliveira to Scarlet H. Nolberto and Juan E. Duran-Perez, $480,000

49 Pine Tree Dr Unit 49: Toll MA 4 LLC to Mark F. and Suzanne L. Smith, $780,624

945 Riverside Dr Unit 4b: Stephen Dirico to Francelina Espinal, $190,000

1 Roma Ave Unit 1: Rachelle M. Carroll to Joseph P. Chiarenza, $371,000

44 Sequoia Dr Unit 44: Toll MA 4 LLC to Thomas J. and Donna S. Dragosits, $654,255

82 Sevoian Dr: Lorraine Farrell to Francis S. and Ye Maloney, $425,000

43 Sherwood Dr Unit 43: Condike Legacy T and Gregory R. Condike to Kathleen M. Scomis and Peter M. Alagna, $595,000

28 Warren Ave: Steven M. and Jenna M. Pellerin to Christine A. and Thomas E. Curtis, $400,000


58 Bucklin Rd: Gopalakrishnan Ramaswamy and Vaijayanthi A. Gomadum to Karen Albino, $451,000

115 Candlestick Rd: Marques Realty LLC to Matthew Tanner-Comfort and Karissa C. Comfort, $688,000

135 Carter Field Rd: Charles J Welch T and Charles J. Welch to James Raso, $810,000

247 Chickering Rd: JKP Realty LLC to Enterprise B&T Co, $1,400,000

21 Cleveland St Unit 21: Erica L. Megrew to Christine and Joseph Ronca, $389,900

41 Farrwood Ave Unit 12: Laureen Gibeau-Shakir to Yevgeniya Tyurikova, $215,000

2 Fernview Ave Unit 10: Berthiaume Francis W Est and Gretchen Berthiaume to Amanda C. Guarino, $197,000

3 Fernview Ave Unit 11: Alex B. Morin to Oriana Ciuffetelli, $222,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 216: Amanda M. Matvichuk to Hayley Obrien, $176,500

148 Main St Unit S529: N6 Properties LLC to Alyse Trevor, $304,900

270 Marbleridge Rd: Thomas and Birgit Blass to Zachary R. Oneil and Jessica A. Reed, $715,000

25 Ogunquit Rd: Thomas J. and Donna S. Dragosits to John T. and Jessica N. Lee, $750,000

538 Osgood St: Regis and Shan Andre to Matthew and Catherine Mazzuchi, $730,000

700 Osgood St: R Derrick and Brittany A. Kittler to Trombly FT and Mark H. Trombly, $810,000

65 Prospect St: Francis X. Odlum to William and Kara Eagan, $375,000

57 Stage Coach Rd: Karen D. and Christopher J. Mcmann to Vincent and Eleanor Lucarini, $803,000

565 Turnpike St Unit 77: HMC RT and H Manning Curtis to Robert Giacobelli, $95,000

60 Wentworth Ave: Andrew V. and Theresa M. Melnikas to Alysia and Joseph Dimartino, $680,000

42 Wesley St: Charles W. and Lorna U. Mcdonald to Jaime and Spencer Flores, $620,000


14 Darrell Dr: Carlos Gomez RET and Mary Gildea to Scott and Pamela Feffer, $899,900

7 Greenbriar Dr Unit 207: Jason D. Homan to George and Sumie Howe, $211,000

81 Haverhill St: Edward Blee to Kenyon and Rebecca Koeper, $1,200,000

23 Leland Rd: Margare H Lore RET and Anthony M. Lore to Jeffrey E. Miller, $320,000

51 Mount Vernon St: Moorebuilt LLC to Kimberly T. Zecher, $750,000

35 Northridge Dr Unit 35: Rita E. and Joseph M. Prew to Joseph Monaco, $360,000

11 Stewart Rd: Kimberly T. Zecher to Maria and Jose Barros, $650,000

3 Strawberry Ln: Roberto J. and Michelle Crugnale to Christopher and Kristen M. Martin, $690,000


170 Beach Rd Unit 30: Gina M. Park to Craig M. and Evelyn L. Fraser, $414,900

1-a Heron Way Unit M1: Beach 54 LLC to Patricia J. and Stephen T. Torrey, $342,850

1-c Heron Way Unit M3: Beach 54 LLC to Kenneth J. Wilson, $337,900

57 Railroad Ave: KGO Management Co LLC to 57 Railroad Ave LLC, $525,000

63 Railroad Ave: KGO Management Co LLC to 57 Railroad Ave LLC, $525,000

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