13 Avon St: Normandy RT and Pamela J. Grant to Daniel N. and Amy R. Guillet, $435,000

16 Balmoral St Unit 419: Eric D. Bevilacqua to Shirley D. Kalil, $225,000

14 Boston Rd: Lori A. Madden and Winter Hill FSB to Giulietta LLC, $333,000

40 Colonial Dr Unit 10: Tracy Dorothy K Est and Gretchen M. Burns to Kristen K. Faria, $201,000

145 High Plain Rd: Thomas Parker to AA Real Estate Ent LLC, $327,500

134 Lovejoy Rd: 812 Financial Services to 134 Loveojoy Road RT and Andrea Hayes, $460,000

134 Lovejoy Rd: Diane Sheehy to 812 Financial Services, $300,000

147 Lovejoy Rd: Obrien Homes Inc to Ryan and Jocelyn Mcquade, $709,900

50 Minuteman Rd: Whetstone 50 Minuteman Pk to CIM Ofc Andover MA LLC, $36,500,000

4 Powder Mill Sq Unit 103: Louis P. Minicucci to Dennis F. and Patricia A. Hunt, $476,000

7 Random Ln: Stellson LLC to Joseph D. Lamagna, $482,246

84 Walnut Ave: Frank E. and Frances K. Bolway to Cipriano and Jane Apicelli, $660,500


12 Boren Ln: Joseph W. Kehoe to Noelle Brackett, $750,000

23 King George Dr: Gail L. Marino to Adam J. Jordan and Allison L. Trembaly, $610,000

545 Main St: Genevieve L. and John A. Bleiler to Amanda and Michael Bell, $647,500

10 Pye Brook Ln: Deborah C. Viviani to John and Marette E. Boyle, $650,000


44 2nd St: Andrew T. and Caitlin R. Divincenzo to Edisson Gomez-Baquero and Wei Ren, $449,900

9 Fox Hill Ln Unit 9: John P. and Karen A. Dolan to Sharon L. Nyder, $499,900

22 Garrison Rd: John R. and Juanita C. Abbott to Benedito R. Demoraes and Sandra P. Moraes, $548,900

51 Janice Ave: Heather M. Shute to Max R. Morin, $325,000

16 Lakeshore Dr: Mootz NT and Cynthia R. Mootz to John B. and Karen M. Green, $452,000

67 Long Dr: Michelle Moccia and Justin R. Hale to Jennifer and Bryan R. Kezima, $357,000

744 Merrimack Ave: Paul Michaud to Allan Kouba and Esthefany Melo, $375,000

49 Parker Ave Unit 6: Dinatale Thomas J Est and Diana M. Doherty to Deidre F. Caille, $165,000

98 Pemberton St Unit 37: Deirdre Foy-Caille to Jason A. Beland, $147,500

60-66 School St: C&P RT and Suzanne Pereira to Pine Brook Apartments LLC, $7,300,000

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 23: Theodore Defeo to Gloria Addai and Aurelia Akorli, $210,000

94 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 22: Kim E. Giroux to Courtney Mahoney, $210,000


No Transactions in this Town


288 Main St: Aline Reinhold-Wildes to Caitlyn M. and Michael L. Bullers, $465,000


16 11th Ave: Atlantis Investments LLC to Wilmington T NA Tr, $375,000

16 Altamont St: Nelson R. Welshman to Jackson Dossantos, $455,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 2: Dasilva Ashland RT and Julie Dasilva to Kelvin Martinez, $236,000

31-33 Ashland St Unit 7: Kristin L. Walsh to Daniel and Liberata Letteri, $169,000

16-18 Bellevue Ave: GDX RT and Robert J. Lapierre to Candice A. Lebron, $231,900

60 Bellevue Ave: Charles Sturtevant and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Mohammad Yamin, $191,000

974 Boston Rd: Barbara E. and Fred Hilton to Frank J. Hilton, $350,000

153 Broadway Unit 1: Antonio C. and Catherine J. Gomez to Joseph Freeman, $165,000

24 Danforth Ct Unit 24: Dorothy C Verdolotti RET and Barbara Coco to Leonardo Lopez, $260,000

91 Farrwood Dr Unit 91: Laura Lacasse and Donald Morelle to Marybeth Mcmahon and Kyla Hserwood, $250,000

14 Forest St: Haverhill City Of to Dilcia Almonte, $130,000

115 Fountain St: Oliver Renau to Etcherline Duverseau, $320,000

64 Hancock St: Evan and Neil Kelleher to Morelys and Randor Tapia, $395,000

Haverhill St: Haverhill City Of to On The Banks LLC, $265,000

410 Hilldale Ave: Sew Fine Custom Alteratns to MlJ Holdings LLC, $309,900

29 Mechanic St: Guiness RT and Deborah L. Macdonald to 26 Foss Street LLC, $230,000

21 Mercury Ter Unit 21: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Matthew J. Loguidice, $235,000

216 Morgan Dr Unit 216: Matthew E. Pasquerella and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $170,000

9 Mulberry St: Haverhill City Of to Lee Properties 2 LLC, $210,000

440 North Ave Unit 123: Henry Azzun to Yasser Mohamed, $160,000

144 Old Ferry Rd Unit B: Elaine D. Dunn to John R. Sansone, $190,000

25 Orchard St Unit A: Orchard Realty Invests to Jonathan Surette, $299,900

31 Orchard St Unit A: Orchard Realty Invests to Geraldo J. Debastos, $299,900

21 Race St: Michael Mcgann to Raymond and Terri Hennessey, $325,600

244 River St: Haverhill City Of to On The Banks LLC, $265,000

248-250 River St: Haverhill City Of to On The Banks LLC, $265,000

59 S Kimball St Unit B: Kimberly A. Hatfield and Thomas O. Sholds to Amal Msatfi and Miloud Hamidine, $280,000

50 S Pine St: Peter A. Mota to Mark F. Murphy, $322,000

738 Salem St: Bernard L. Miller to John F. and Judith E. Austin, $462,999

50 Spruce St: 50 Spruce RT and Karen A. Chernesky to Cynthia R. Sheltry, $243,000

4 Steeplechase Ct Unit 4: Pappalardo FT and Anthony M. Pappalardo to Matthew J. Marshall, $245,000

5-7 Vernon St Unit 1: Bryan Comeau to Diana Murphy, $170,000

91 Willow Ave: Christopher and Heidi Bonis to Barbara E. and Fred Hilton, $640,000


30 Belmont St: Delvis Jaime to Ramona Mateo-Gonzalez and Margarita Pineda-Gonzalez, $489,900

24-26 Juniper St: Jose Arias to Rachel Delacruz, $470,000

8 Katherine St: Jose Betancourt to Mike Romano and Brigny Frias, $430,000

57 Kingston St: Jason C. and Jennifer M. Vallone to E Gutierrez-Lantigua and Y Polanco-Degutierrez, $220,000

12 Lasalle Ave: Dimambro Theresa F Est and Benedict Dimambro to Jose M. Batista, $255,000

1 Marshalls Way Unit 1: Deborah Y. Cromer-Bufford to Jose Sanchez, $150,000

29 May St: John H. Curtin to Romeo and Vilma Lopez, $190,000

15 Newton St: Barbara C. Mancini to Makeover Pros LLC, $166,000

378 Park St: Jay Development Corp to Joshua Acquisition LLC, $985,000

22 Pleasant St Unit 3: Brian D. and Nicole S. Labranche to Antonio L. and Olga I. Pagan, $145,000

33 Ridgewood Cir: Cynthia and Efrain Sierra to Ariana A. Figueroa, $350,000

119-121 Springfield St: Wilfre Taveras to Victor Antigua, $409,000

4 Tudor Ave: Kelvin Salazar to Johelly Chalas and Juan Romero-Victorino, $350,000

149 Warwick St: Raquel and Selena Gonzalez to Bielka M. Delacruz and Fiordaliza Taveras, $443,000

105-107 Water St: Ferland FT and Alyssa A. Ferland to 105-107 Water Street Rlty, $250,000


22 Appaloosa Dr: Appaloosa RT and Robert J. Silverio to Daniel P. Shea, $369,900

6 Bernard Ln: Mcrobbie Charles E Jr Est and Charles E. Mcrobbie to Jill and Joseph Cantarella, $305,000

110 Bridle Path Ln: Douglas S. and Michele D. Ohlson to Anthony A. and Michelle M. Mazzone, $455,000

47 Campus Rd: Bruce A. Rollins to Nicole P. Rollins and Kevin P. Tremblay, $325,000

13 Capitol St: Michael J. and Diana L. Ewing to Arbilda I. Caraballo and Angel M. Ortiz, $385,000

49 Constitution Way Unit 49: Jill and Joseph Cantarella to Maroun D. and Mirna A. Bechara, $182,500

39 Copley Dr: Anthony A. and Michelle M. Mazzone to Pierre R. Volcy and Verlaine Polynice-Volcy, $540,000

18 Ferry Rd Unit 18: Summers Crossing LLC to Carmen and Joseph Pittella, $440,000

599 Forest St: Mark L. and Lee A. Coulon to Elie I. Ata, $369,900

45-47 Howe St: David Albert and Marie A. Arena to Roger Cruz, $500,000

3 Hummingbird Way Unit 4: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Mark C. and Donna J. Sullivan, $560,840

31 Hummingbird Way Unit 3: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Acampora RT and Margret G. Acampora, $616,789

11 Maplewood Ave: Anastasios and Mary Vouthourelis to Georges Chammass and Elie Alchammas, $400,000

380 Merrimack St Unit 2a: Pisano RT and Antonio Pisano to Elite RT and Kiran Raju, $207,500

11 Phoebe St Unit 11: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Minghui Fu and Lixing Zhang, $624,729

28 Pine Tree Dr Unit 28: Toll MA 4 LLC to Stephen R. and Lois T. Goldberg, $650,700

45 Railroad St: Merrimack Vly RE Sltns to Adil Redouani, $324,000

16 Sea St: Kevin Fillion to Concord River Properties, $303,300

6 Steiner St: Claudia Montan to Alejandro Garcia, $275,000

43-45 Vermont St: Marfaret G Buco IRT and William S. Buco to Max A. Henriquez, $431,900

115 West St: Peter and Mary Conlan to Siyla and Saokin Meas, $380,000


281 Andover St: Jesse D. and Kathleen Lelievre to Mark Donnelly and Joan Ruland-Donnelly, $630,000

4 Bixby St: Ratte FT and Mark S. Ratte to Matthew J. Fisher, $270,000

548 Forest St: Keith and Suong Chaney to Leonel and Tamieka Peralta, $605,000

47 Huckleberry Ln: Joelle R. and George M. Murphy to Adam and Stephanie Parsch, $739,900

64 Meadowood Rd: Jose M. Lopez-Aleman to Jonathan Maimaron and Lindsey M. Giacomoni, $461,000

291 Middlesex St: 291 Middlesex LLC to Joseph Cataldo, $625,000

455 Wood Ln: Benjamin J. and Pamela M. Ricci to Jacqueline A. Kelley and Peter V. Demirdjian, $465,000


27 Burroughs Rd: Kathleen M. Saulnier to Burroughs RT and Wayne E. Hinckley, $300,000

6 Gillis Dr: Manuel J. and Maria D. Dasilva to Nicholas H. Moscone, $765,000

7 Greenbriar Dr Unit 210: Natalie Finocchiaro to Cynthia VanCleave, $250,000

195-a Haverhill St: 195A Haverhill Street RT and Tawnya K. Elworthy to Jennifer and Jason Pagliuca, $750,000

2 Hickory Ln: Billie Jean Skerret RET and David Skerrett to Michelle C. and Dustin Parks, $489,000

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5213: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Leroy C. and Catherine Ciotti, $504,680

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5203: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Philip R. Renzi, $383,335

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5305: Pulte Of New England LLC to Olga Comninos, $431,980

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5211: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to William D. Barton, $402,140

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5210: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Tower FT and Elaine M. Tower, $410,735

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5212: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Shaw FT and John W. Shaw, $408,081

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5309: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Calandra FT and Frank Calandra, $455,535

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5201: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to William P. and Nancy E. Willis, $501,790

27 Niblick Way Unit 27: Bruce A. Favorat and Diane M. Phillips to Lidia Real-Costa, $727,500

15 Nutter Rd: 15 Nutter Road T and Elizabeth C. Robinson to Connor and Rebecca Doherty, $400,000

8 Pilgrim St Unit 14: Colleen E. Wilson to Martha Steenbruggen, $480,000

9 Tower Hill Rd: Petti RT and Christopher J. Petti to Courtney M. Burke, $570,000


10 Bartlett St: Barbara S Souther Lot 2 T and Barbara S. Souther to David Elgart, $162,500

59 Beach Rd: FHLM to Rhonda Griffin, $300,000

135 Beach Rd Unit B306: Doris and Roy Jacques to Amy M. Sciuto, $190,000

67 Ferry Rd: Ellen C. and Stephen M. Mosher to Iulia Nandrea-Miller, $369,500

12 Kel Lori Dr: Mark L. and Olga Cameron to Brian K. and Keith A. Orr, $440,000

9 Main St: Mark Harrington to R&R 15 Main LLC, $385,000

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