237-r Andover St.: Frank Zavrl to Mark A. and Rebecca S. Connolly, $2,150,000

86 Ballardvale Road: Cattle Crossing LLC to Richard J. and Cathie K. Briscoe, $1,125,000

16 Balmoral St. Unit 310: Gregory F. Ventura to Janine M. Pescatore, $240,000

8 Barrington Drive: John T. and Ann K. Lamond to Jason and Hannah Tolla, $869,000

1 Colonial Drive Unit 3c: Xiaoyu Cen and Shanshan Yue to Richard N. Cashman, $219,500

160 Dascomb Road: Dascomb Road LP to NBI Dascomb LLC, $26,250,000

500 Federal St.: Massachusetts School of Law to Vicor Corp, $1,500,000

10 Forbes Lane: Victor and Dana Lanio to Kara A. Lanio and Karol Tegha, $740,000

3 Hazelwood Cir: Daniel P. and Lynn M. Gibson to Xinyu Ge and Nannan Gong, $1,310,000

5 Lincoln Cir E: 25 Lincoln Circle RT and Ann M. Pozerycki to Sarah Meier, $667,500

174 Lowell St.: Daniels RT and Arthur A. Daniels to Kirkshire House LLC, $1,275,000

22 Railroad St. Unit 202: Sundance of Andover LLC to 90 Pinnacle Street RT and James M. Johnson, $327,000

22 Railroad St. Unit 311: Klaus Unterkofler and Carmen Pepicelli to Dorothy M. and Joseph D. Ogrodowczyk, $325,000

74 River Road: Paul D. and Gina M. Conley to Kenney Kam, $489,000

478 River Road: Vulgaropulos Helen S Est and Mary Muldoon to Alethia Papanastassiou and Angel Luna, $475,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4108: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Roberta A. Caprigno, $369,995

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4112: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Barry C. and Donna M. Guertin, $119,800

3 Tanglewood Way S: William Tzizik to Robert Isbell and Meredith Enright, $545,000

29 Woodhaven Drive: Gary M Goldstein RET and Gary M. Goldstein to Rekha and Muzaffar Akram, $719,000


610 Main St.: Eileen Gilbride and James J. Lydon to Sheri Allardice and Peter A. Dellamonica, $468,000


18 Cedarwood Road: Jacques K. and Geneive Moron to Pamela S Tomic FT and Pamela S. Tomic, $400,000

33 Elm St.: Timothy M. and Kristine P. Doyle to Nicholas Hoar, $419,000

88 Frederick St. Unit 47: Kavecki Sandra L Est and Eugene H. Kavecki to Coljack Development Corp, $181,000

35 Gerard St.: Luilly S. Escotto and Ascania Pena-Brito to Hector J. and Tarsha M. Dejesus, $221,000

47 Honeybee Road: Wheeler Village LLC to Joseph W. and Tayla M. Marifiote, $551,825

330 Jones Ave.: Daniel C. and Courtney Walton to Neftali J. Rodriguez, $440,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 11: Peter Drakoulakos to Lory Grenier, $250,000

28 Nassau St.: Reno Investments LLC to Colin Chambers-Obrien and Danica E. Obrien, $440,000

1 Omega Cir: Sabine M. Zalaket to Kon and Shally Tan, $510,000

61 Pelczar Rd: Michele Didio and Jennifer Windsor to Sarah Bourouphael and Jan Quiles, $521,500

70 Regency Drive: John P. Venzke and Corey L. Savory to Donald S. and Sarah N. Campbell, $715,000

650 Robbins Ave Unit 42: Michael Toho to Sarah Wetzel, $170,000

35 School St Unit 12: Michael Macdonald to Samuel L. Morse, $170,000

2 Snowy Cir: Glenn A. Morrissette to Timothy and Kristine Doyle, $509,900

25 Tally Ho Dr: Stephen D. Mcdougall to Tara Mcdougall, $77,000

84 Tennis Plaza Road Unit 27: Richard and Lynne Toupin to Adeline M. and Colin E. Burt, $199,900


3 Birch Tree Drive: Margaret A. and Thomas J. Beriau to Kristen Nicholson, $685,000

17 Taylor St.: Beaudoin Noel A Est and Wayne A. Beaudoin to Settlemoir LLC, $150,000

35-41 W Main St.: Karnik RT and Marlene A. Patrakis to Swan RT and Donal E. Swansburg, $655,000

5 Wells Ave: Kristen N. Nicholson to Bradley G. Cutler and William J. Nixon, $621,000


4 Anne St.: Omaley 2016 T and Marianne Omaley to Jessica and Steven Massero, $560,000

93 Center St Unit 2: Bryna A. Hart to Robyn T. Chesebrough, $212,000


6 Albion St.: FNMA to A&A Real Estate Ent LLC, $186,000

3 Allen St.: Daniel B. Hendrix to Bryan Mason, $519,000

91 Carleton St.: Elaine S. Leger and Michael Robey to Patricia Boucher, $370,000

15 Carrington Way Unit 15: Patricia M. Boucher to Anthony Diorio, $323,000

3 Chadwick St Unit 3: Scott D. Ricker to Khalid Elmrharri, $201,000

2 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 2: Jayne Burdon-Woodman and Robert Woodman to Sandra Wooldridge, $350,000

14 Eastern Ave: Wayne C. and Dawn T. Currie to Priprietors Of Linwood, $360,000

10 Flora St.: Jenna and Joshua D. Reilly to Kateri Sumner and Gregory F. Ventura, $377,000

42 Freeman St Unit 42: Paul S. Busa to Drazenka Plesnar, $237,500

255 Groveland St.: Northland Property Dev to Franklin E. Disla, $455,000

28 Hillside St.: Annie E. Marin-Lopez to Ramon A. Delgado-Lorenzo and Aurelys Santiago, $349,000

46 Kensington Ave: Michael Giampa to Harbin Gomez, $435,000

23 Lafayette St.: Frank Constabile to Joseph R. and Michele L. Green, $487,000

100 Lawrence St Unit 1: Pedro L. Ramos to Vincent Costa, $329,000

22 Leroy Ave: 22 Leroy Avenue T and James P. Boland to Margaret A. Beriau, $338,000

27 Monument St.: Susan E. Ogeka to Nicholas S. Arey, $363,000

40 Russell St.: Despina Samiotes and Zeses Karoutas to Barbara V. and Dominic H. Kallas, $370,000

54 S Kimball St.: Brown Randall K Est and Thomas E. Brown to 54 South Kimball RT and John Divincenzo, $140,000

11 Srybny Ave: Edward W. Carver to Debra E. Eisner, $56,092

9 Tecumseh Drive: Andrea S. Kittredge to Mark D. Dellacroce and Susan J. Della-Croce, $515,000

460 W Lowell Ave: Sedat Uguz and Brittany Cormier to Tara Giarolo, $335,000

574 W Lowell Ave: Larry E. Chambers to Anne M. Savello, $190,000

23 W Parish Ct Unit 23: Chester and Marianne D. Jamiolkowski to Jean C. Ramirez and Jocelyn Roberge, $267,500

124 Washington St.: Victor Emanuel Assn to Westland Group LLC, $401,250

441 Washington St.: Elizabeth Gomez to Angel Taveras, $454,000


264 Ames St.: Laverriere RT and Michelle I. Laverriere to Daniel Ortega, $300,000

192-194 Arlington St.: 192-194 Arlington St RT and Manuel Joaquin to Alexander Rocha and Maria D. Romano-DeSmith, $420,000

15 Berkeley St.: Joel Arias to Albania Oran-Hernandez, $578,000

21 Bunkerhill St.: United Midwest SB to Bmi Real Estate LLC, $155,000

229 Erving Ave: Jose E. and Olga Moniz to Francisco Jorge, $325,000

938-940 Essex St.: Ausencio L. Lopez-Cohetero and Silvia B. Martinez-Lopez to Maria E. Rosado-Rivas, $525,000

15-17 Exchange St.: Juan E. Liu-Badegado to Kelvin and Fiordaliza Molina, $495,000

189 Ferry St Unit 189: Edwin and Evelyn Cruz to Mark A. Phillip and Cynthia Cano-Phillip, $255,000

4 Greenfield St.: Evans Doris H Est and Cheryl Marcoux to David and Julie Wright, $256,000

59 Haverhill St.: Pacasio and Caridad Martinez to Stephen D. Igbeka, $485,000

46-48 Kent St.: Benjamin P. Roberge and Cynthia A. Sirois to Stephen Davis, $520,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 606: Frank A. Sarcia to Matthew L. Rasetta, $85,000

2 Montgomery St.: Joao Deandrade-Fontes to Horacio A. Guzman-Vasquez, $533,000

24 Rhine St.: Maria A. Maria to Marino A. and Yanira Frias, $540,000

29 Robinson Ct: Pinnacle Acquisitions Grp to D D. Angel-Mauricio and Ivan N. Barrios-Rodriguez, $468,000

112 S Bowdoin St.: Therese Sarkis to Sultan A. Alqarmeh, $364,000

Shepard St Lot 69: Merrimac Associates RT and Ralph Wilbur to 20-30 Island Street LLC, $1,693,500

130 Shepard St.: Merrimac Associates RT and Ralph Wilbur to 20-30 Island Street LLC, $1,693,500

70 Williams St.: Charles A. and M Theresa Clement to Powered By B LLC, $300,000


28 Arnold St.: Jeanne Miller to Joel and Joram Coichy, $320,000

3 Bartlett Rd: John T. and Eileen Karavias to Dorcas Dejesus and Jaime L. Acevedo, $520,000

6 Blueberry Ln: James Hollingsworth and Robyn Aziz to Samantha and Marc Haughton, $422,500

10 Briarcliff Drive: Dzung Q. Ly and Thanhnga T. Nguyen to Josue Valex and Carine G. Chery, $390,000

269 Broadway: Abby RT and Thomas C. Abisalah to Ma&Dads Corner Lot LLC, $340,000

11 Burrill Ave: Robert A. and Debra J. Laliberte to Jeanne Miller, $480,000

20 Chelmsford St Unit 20: Charles F. Lewis to 20 Chelmsford Street LLC, $200,000

46 Chippy Ln: Mark A. and Susan Leblanc to Angel and Bryan G. Leary, $425,000

19 Coachman Ln: Elie and Cheryl Khoury to Samer Khoury, $450,000

174 Edgewood Ave: Kenneth G. Clifford and Linda A. Breckenridge to Brandon R. and Michele M. Lamphier, $434,000

15 Farley St: Farley RT and Thomas J. Belluardo to Paola Altagracia-Sanchez, $310,000

10-1/2 Granite St.: Essex Properties LLC to Juan C. and Odelkis P. Frias, $320,000

2 Hartshorne Way Unit 2: Kenneth H. and Beth N. Shiff to Khatereh and Elaheh Samandar, $596,900

215 Haverhill St.: Anne R. Lemieux to Congminh Nguyen and Hung P. Nghiem, $344,900

69-71 Howe St.: Vivian K Runions RT and James J. Runions to Edward D. Batista, $384,900

63 Lyndale Ave: MTGLQ Investors LP to Jose Rosario and Yenny Baez-Carrion, $357,777

17 Miller St.: James R. and Geomaris Sarcione to James R. Sarcione, $375,000

34 Nevins Rd: Ke Lu to Joseph and Laura Martocchio, $435,000

415 Oak St.: Park FT and Keum B. Park to Yen H. Tran, $357,000

225-227 Oakland Ave: Brad Cadieux to Ramon Castillo, $460,000

2 Osgood St.: Abby RT and Thomas C. Abisalah to Ma&Dads Corner Lot LLC, $340,000

8 River Pl: Maria I. Gomes to Felix DeJesus-Nunez, $375,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 9-203: Daniel A. and Cynthia F. Kelleher to Lucinda M. Hudson, $277,000

42 Sequoia Drive Unit 42: Toll MA 4 LLC to D J Roy-Mangiaratti LT and D J. Roy-Mangiaratti, $652,736

3 Shearson Drive: Vicki E. Salmon to Mark and Susan Leblanc, $495,000

39 Sycamore Rd: Kathleen M. Stacy to Gregory Tormey, $492,500

65 Temple Drive: Laurie Hashem to Riccardo and Shannon D. Crugnale, $425,000


19 Commonwealth Ave: Rory N. Nguyen to Betzabet Ascencio, $392,500

32 Equestrian Drive: Louis J. and Linda C. Wagner to Brian Zinke, $753,690

555 Forest St.: Timothy and Kristen Stonecipher to Kenneth J. and Danielle M. Nobile, $565,000

5 Great Lake Ln: Enno K Tjalsma RET 2002 and Enno K. Tjalsma to Susanna Maher RET and Susanna Maher, $980,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 112: Janelle M. Corbett to Dino and Marisa Difronzo, $325,200

30 Heath Rd: Waldemar Arndt RET and Victor J. Mill to J M Ulbin FT and Jacqueline M. Ulbin, $500,000

17 Highland View Ave: Daniel A. and Yoko M. Connolly to Corey P. and Ariana D. Harris, $650,000

42 Huckleberry Ln: Ronald H. and Laura M. Naismith to Peyman and Melahat Samali, $650,000

36 Linden Ave: Jean R. and Chirlegh Benjamin to R Pacheco-Deassuncao, $434,900

52 Mill Pond: Peter D. and Shirley A. Galvin to Laurie J. Zimmerman, $480,000

117 Osgood St.: Osgood RT and Wayne E. Pasanen to Mitesh and Shilpa Patel, $1,086,000

1 Walker Rd Unit 1: Samuel E. Tapia to Aaron Lewis and Shaina N. Marzano, $175,000


193 Elm St Unit 516: Geraldine E. Rosetti to Bruce A. Favorat and Diane M. Phillips, $590,000

290 Main St.: 290 Main Street Realty to ENI 290 Main Street LLC, $950,000

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5205: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Robin J. and Scott F. Parker, $406,495

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5302: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Joy and Glenn E. Bowie, $383,450

9 Nichols St.: Daniel C. Saulnier and Julie A. Bailey to Kenneth J. and Lori-Jean Foley, $839,900

9 Pine Ridge Rd: Scott Mcdaniel to Dawn Buckley, $737,000

4 Tower Hill Rd: 4 Tower Hill Road LLC to Marco D. and Kimberly Vittozzi, $550,000


3 Greenbriar Drive Unit 101: Toni A. Cerasoli to Michelle Wells, $242,900


167 Elm St. Unit L41: Gilbert E. and Margaret E. Mckenna to Joseph A. Leone, $125,000

167 Elm St. Unit L44: Joseph A. Leone to Gilbert and Margaret E. Mckenna, $115,000

243-255 N End Blvd: North End Boulevard Corp to S&S LJS LLC, $630,000

7 True Road: Jeffrey A. Knowles to Kelly V. Chandler, $145,000

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