44 Bailey Rd: Westgate Development Inc to An P. Vo, $640,000

112 Ballardvale Rd: Twin Birch Development to Scott E. and Emily Freeman, $1,150,000

2 Bittersweet Ln: Scott A. Harrison and Robin A. Heller-Harrison to Kevin M. and Christina M. Mccarthy, $615,000

27 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 27: James and Mariah Berberian to Bella Condos LLC, $925,000

39 Enmore St: Sullivan FT and Andrew J. Sullivan to Ryan P. and Erin C. Gaffney, $583,500

245 Haggetts Pond Rd: Haggetts NT and Russell S. Channen to Hanna RT and Kareem S. Abu-Zahra, $1,225,000

111 Main St Unit 4: Locke Tavern LLC to Peter Kelley, $255,000

6 Maple Ave Unit 2: Anthony and April Adams to Kristina M. Regonini, $237,000

250 N Main St Unit 3: Lisa M. Yameen to Todd Pietrasiak, $310,000

250 N Main St Unit 7: Pamela Yameen to Lisa Y. Ash, $292,623

8 Pheasant Run: William A. and Debra K. Davidson to Deepak S. Khetwal and Monika Shah, $647,000

35 Pine St: Sandra A. Ciolfi to Michael Girouard, $425,000

4 Powder Mill Sq Unit 101: Historic Mills RT and Louis P. Minicucci to Tyler J. Frederick, $320,000

55 Prospect Rd: Patricia M. and Alexander F. Wojcik to Sean J. and Jaclyn A. Mcnulty, $420,000

99 Spring Grove Rd: Charles G. and Marilyn C. Clarkson to Carlos A. DeAlcantara and Tania Caires-Alcantara, $1,120,000


16 Berry Patch Ln: Marsha Blythe-Brown and William F. Brown to Darlene and Michael Hall, $1,007,500

137 Depot Rd: Ruth E Rollins 1993 T and Christopher C. Rollins to Erin B. Denham, $420,000


40 2nd St: Peter and Betsy Kusa to Nicholas J. Holleman, $312,400

148 Bouchard Ave: John B. and Susan M. Harvey to Andrew and Kassidy Whittier, $390,000

7 Forest Ave: Melissa R. Fell and Christopher P. Johnson to E and A Perry-Montgomery, $270,000

103 Horseshoe Rd: Brian F. Duff to Lyndie Shaw, $392,500

70 Lincoln Ln: Lyndie A. Shaw and Lyndie A. Zolkos to Robert Angelo and Danielle L. Burgess, $394,300

104 Martin Ter: Darlene A Gorman RT and Darlene A. Krickler to Erika N. Gorman and Sean K. Maher, $335,000

24 Primrose Hill Rd: Jef Cullen and Michael Hopkins to Luiz Figueredo, $331,800

272 Sladen St: Marilyn P. Obrien to Jessica M. Card, $380,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 6: Dawn M. Levasseur to Larissa Scholl, $195,000


400 E Main St: 400 East Main Street LLC to NSA Massachusetts Acq LLC, $4,487,500

400 E Main St: NSA Massachusetts Acq LLC to ARG Nigtnma001 LLC, $8,016,667

83 Lakeshore Dr: Brad Desantis to Samantha Struthers, $250,000


15 Benham St: Andrew H. and Sarah L. Brown to Barbara and Thomas Kelley, $405,000

3 Pineau Ave: Robin M. Scibilia to Amanda M. and Ryan P. Bird, $586,000

730 Salem St Unit B: Graystone Properties LLC to Alexandra A. Kolwicz and Frank Mercado, $372,000


30 Arlington St Unit 30: Seaport Homes LLC to Lindsey S. Pagley and Andrew Palmer, $239,500

36 Broadway: Rebecca B. Damsell to Jochy R. Perez, $220,000

68-70 Broadway: Michel Pelletier to Dempsey J. Hernandez, $469,000

2 Buckingham Ln: Russell Magliozzi to Emily and Michael Cain, $495,000

66 Commonwealth Ave: Veronica A Sheehan FT and Veronica A. Sheehan to Douglas R. Brown, $355,000

26 Delray Dr: JR Builders Inc to Richard F Kalagher T and Kellie Lally, $650,000

27 Eastern Ave: Judith Legacy to Proprietors Of Linwood, $300,000

142 Franklin St: S3 Realty LLC to Joseph Ambrosino and Christopher Zielinski, $198,500

12 Gerson Way Unit 12: Nicole Gaeta and David Lazarakis to Karen A Dow 2005 T and Maureen Ngina-Kamala, $355,000

75 Gile St: Angela M. Dipietro to Tammy-Jo Wilson, $310,000

108 Goodale St: Gina M. and Michael H. Navabi to Debra and Marc J. Olbash, $370,000

1 Hamel Way Unit 1: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jeffrey and Lennon Chow, $338,000

13 Indian Rock Rd: Nicholas D. and Tanya M. Lonardo to Jonathan Hebb, $355,000

5 Joseph Ave Unit 7: Bradford Unlimited Corp to William E. Drapeau, $335,500

552 Main St Unit 2: King H. Weinstein to J and S Whittaker-Williamson, $189,900

147 Mercury Ter Unit 147: William E. Drapeau to Lisa Mcneil, $225,000

440 North Ave Unit 256: Julie A. Grassia to Jefferey P. Couillard, $115,000

112 Perkins Ct Unit 112: Kevin M. Mccarthy to Daniel Lanen, $265,000

30 Primrose St: Primrose Street LLC to Trevor D. Brooks, $472,500

33 Saint James Ave: Peter A. Early to Susan Reidy, $285,000

22 Swasey St: Jeffrey R. Kennedy and Brian P. Tatter to 419 Lowell Street RT and Wysnar A. Marte, $207,000

65 Towne Hill Rd: Jane E. Coviello and Elaine K. Smith to Lindsey K. and Ryan J. Clarke, $500,000

217-219 Washington St: Constitution Real Estate to OCP Realty LLC, $1,300,000


120 Abbott St: Dario and Roma Gonzalez to Yanet A. Martinez, $230,000

38 Congress St: US Bank NA Tr to John Harden, $190,000

47 Durham St: Chloe LLC to Miguelin Contracting Inc, $140,000

4 Fairmont St: Henrick and Loretta E. Doyley to Deiby Faulkner and Luz Y. Castillo, $93,000

27 Front St: Donna J. Bernard to Fernando DeLaCruz-Joga, $247,000

236 Hampshire St: Olli Penniman to Jose A. Colon-Jimenez, $432,000

480 Haverhill St: Justju LLC to Livia Colon, $145,000

20 Island St: 20-30 Island Street LLC to Island Parkside LLC, $2,800,000

30 Island St: 20-30 Island Street LLC to Island Parkside LLC, $2,800,000

17 Kress St: Robert J. Erban and Joseph A. Dionne to Ivan A. Valenzuela, $289,999

124 Oxford St: AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella to Muhammad Arshad and Fiordaliza Cruz, $420,000

76-78 Saratoga St: Jerry O. Urbaez to Rafael E. Tiburcio, $385,000

5 School St: Daher Group Inc to Julius Lwomwa, $450,000

4-6 Sylvester St: Marlene E. Aznoian to VS Cruz Realty LLC, $250,000

377 Water St: Danny Azzi to Alba Nellys-Rosario and Ernesto H. Rodriguez, $235,000

33-37 Winter St: Jarms Corp to Merrimack Street LLC, $420,000

118 Woodland St: Lorenzo A. Perez-Jimenez and Juana Devers to Rita Quezada-Jimenez and Gilberto I. Jimenez, $475,000


4 Brookside Ct: Constitution Properties to Marissa A. Wolfe and Lauren M. Carroll, $429,900

14 Central St: Nartiff RT and Pamela Stanwood to Paul Nartiff, $349,000

29 Conrad St: Leclarc Francois to Iris M. Angel-Maldonado and Rudi E. Campos, $335,000

29 Copley Dr: Valai and Robert C. Folmer to Kenneth W. and Hana S. Deroche, $481,000

28 Currier St: Stephanie I. Carver and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $200,000

92 Edgewood Ave: Linda M. Hulse and CIT Bank NA to JNR Realty LLC, $194,000

33 Elmwood Rd: Juan Mendez-Brito to Heriberto Corales-Morales and Amada Corales, $290,000

33 Houston Ave: James I. and Mildred E. Kaden to Valerie and William Aponte, $335,000

90 Leroy Ave: Ryan Parker and Danielle Ayers to Mehdi Abouljalil and Souad Elaissoui, $270,000

255 Lowell St: Samuel Taveras to Cecilia A. Berroa, $285,000

47 Monterey Dr: Aaronian Charles J Est and Michael Aaronian to Roberta Smith, $263,000

48 Nevins Rd: Century Builders Inc to Miguel A. DelValle and Shylene Santiago, $519,900

20 Pheasant Hill Ln: Thomas F. and Nancee L. Kelley to Michael and Cassandra Dipietro, $463,000

66 Pine Tree Dr Unit 66: Toll MA 4 LLC to John R. Tonneson and Nancy Antell, $687,380

5 Sierra Ct Unit 5: Thomas P. Tormey to Caprice A. and Donald M. Delauder, $750,000


416 Abbott St: Linda C. Hannan and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $535,500

336 Candlestick Rd: Mary E. Porcaro and John Madden to Brian P. and Kristen M. Dee, $875,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 116: Barbara Sanford to Yassine Mahiouz, $170,000

45 Herrick Rd: Marcos H. Goncalves and Margaret M. Poste to Abdelilah Berrad, $460,000

92 Rea St Unit 92: Sirva Relocation Credit to Susan K. and Alexander Blane, $639,400

92 Rea St Unit 92: Jessica L. Tavares to Sirva Relocation Credit, $639,400

521 Salem St Unit 1: Deinlein Laura Ann Est and John C. Deinlein to James and Brandi L. Baldock, $380,000


30 Crestwood Rd: Thomas Palladino to Sharon M. and Kenneth Lussier, $530,000

9 Erwin Rd: CJM Builders Inc to Dale DelVecchio and Jennifer L. Del-Vecchio, $772,485

2 Greenbriar Dr Unit 106: Joseph V. Puleo to Marianne Fabbri and Michael A. Fazio, $189,900

332 Haverhill St: Robert S. and Linda M. Mazzola to Mara Rodrigues-Marshall, $535,000

12 Heritage Way: Russell P Thomas RET and Russell P. Thomas to Charles and Ann Arria, $852,275

16 Kings Row: David A. and Karen M. Pearce to Andrew and Kathleen Street, $835,000

3 Laurel Rd: Brian E. and Joanne C. Crawford to Michael P. and Margo S. Mcgonigle, $600,000

28 Main St Unit 11: Arleigh Kennedy to Frank J. Halfelder and Johannah M. Marden, $222,000

6 Meade Rd: Rodgers Elizabeth A Est and Gary A. Rodgers to Frederick C. and Mary L. Harrison, $610,000

49 North St: Dale R. and Jennifer L. Delvecchio to Luigi and Kathleen Colucciello, $539,000

94 Old Andover Rd: Donald R. Stamegna and Kimberly Maher-Stamegna to Li T. Huang and Tien C. Cheng, $630,000


9 Atlantic Ave Unit 4: Jason J. Wang and Zhihua J. Qiu to Jianjun Wu, $550,000

233 Beach Rd Unit B1: David W. Martin to Michael J. Alberts and Noeline B. Cranston, $495,000

80 Ferry Rd: S&R Properties Group LLC to Brett Snowden, $450,000

336 N End Blvd Unit B: Kathryn L Farrell T and Kathryn L. Farrell to Kacey L. and Kevin A. Oreal, $435,000

6 Old Elm St: Clear-Water RT and John J. StCyr to Olli O. Penniman, $1,300,000