103 Abbot St: Terrance E. and Jennifer C. Healy to Allen T. and Anne M. Ravizza, $1,250,000

65 Central St: Bank Of America NA to MBAH LLC, $1,155,000

8 High Plain Rd: Mark and Elizabeth Memmolo to Kevin Shepard and Jennifer Quinlan, $565,000

6 Wabanaki Way: Deborah M. Begos to Stephen and Angela Martone, $870,000

21 Windemere Dr: Michael J. and Clarissa Mcdermott to Daniel A. Koh and Amy J. Sennett, $810,000


No Transactions in this Town


287 Bouchard Ave: Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Constr Corp Tr to Dominique Higgins and Nicholas D. Dascoli, $335,000

36 Camilla Ave: Carlos A. and Lilia A. Teixeira to Emanuel F. Teixeira, $385,000

243 Forest Park Rd: Fernanda Leite to Vincent M. Marino, $375,000

62 Frederick St Unit 29: Patricia R. Macphail to Mary L. Klonoski, $259,900

18 Kinsella Ave: Robert J. and Paulette M. Trudel to Molly M. Desmond and Nathaniel S. Mchale, $265,000

52 Leonard Ave: Noel and Dorothy Keane to Uyi and Aleladia Okunzuwa, $490,000

26 Quail Dr: Hernan A. Castillo-Baez and Karla M. Castillo to Michael Silvestri, $545,000

165 Salisbury St: John W. and Marianne Niemaszyk to Stephanie A. Fantini, $60,000

60 Thissell Ave: Raymond and Brenda M. Cyr to Jessica Tourville and Justin Arpin, $285,000


9-r Pine Grove Ave: Dana F. Sisolak and US Bank NA to Truman 2016 SC 6 Title T, $218,049


6 Pineau Ave: Janice L. and Martin M. Monto to Mark Scearbo, $629,900


53 Acorn St Unit 53: Taschereau Real Est and Sylvie M. Kelley to Erick Taschereau, $199,900

4 Atlanta St Unit 2: Big Greta LLC to Nicole R. Grosky, $200,000

210 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 210: Albertine M. Mahoney to Claire E. and Peter B. Spellman, $315,000

65 Lansing Ave: Antolewicz FT and John Antolewicz to Evanisia F. and Mauricio J. Dossantos, $355,000

18 Sandler Ter Unit 18: Magui Mina to Susan E Fitzgerald RET and Sutjipto Supriadi, $283,000


153-155 Bennington St: Moise Villa to Luisa M. Lopez-Rosa and Joel D. Perroaux-Lora, $500,000

57 Bodwell St: Carlos Mercedes to Santo Ortega, $265,000

161-163 Boxford St: Steven and Kim Araiza to Jorge O. Rodriguez, $485,000

52-54 Brookfield St: Trio Investments LLC to Junior Lopez, $445,000

8 Hey St: Kenneth Daher and Mary Koontz-Daher to Dorka M. Crisostomo, $210,000

9 Kingston St: Daniel Garcia to Maria and Edwin Suazo, $280,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 804: Frank A. Sarcia to Carla and Mathew Rasetta, $90,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 805: Frank A. Sarcia to Kyle Regan, $90,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 810: Frank A. Sarcia to Kyle Regan, $100,000

59 Maple St Unit 59: Johnny Castillo to Ana V. Perez-DeMorel, $185,000

104 Pearl St: Christopher Chaves and Amanda Coffin to Henry E. Diaz-Tavarez, $320,000

170 Winthrop Ave: Orion Ventre 12 North LLC to Hapf LLC, $1,160,000


46 Ashford St Unit 11: Darcangelo FT and Robert Darcangelo to Darren and Shelley Coco, $178,000

4 Central St: Mary A. Kasper to Vincenzo Pesce and Jana Zanni, $600,000

21 Coronet Ave: Abigail Lucas Ent Inc to Nimesh Maharjan, $425,000

176 Edgewood Ave Unit 176: Leslie A. Brebner to Kristina Deegan, $360,000

140 Howe St: Pamela Marchand and Catherine A. Valcourt to Darlene L. Consaul and John Machera, $313,800

375 Merrimack St Unit 5: Matthew D. and Claudia Maguder to Zhonghua M. Gu, $180,000

6 Tyler St: Andrew P. Graham to Brett V. Buckley, $410,000

41 Tyler St: MJC Development Corp to Quoc-Anh Ngo and Christine Ward, $535,000


42 Kingston St Unit 42: Nicole Venuti to Kinjal Patel, $276,900

250 Main St: Trinitarian Cong Church to Patrick Melvin, $515,000

3 Stacy Dr: Li Chen to Sandra M. Diminico, $228,000


4 Dodge Rd: Scott M. and Jennifer L. Kirwin to Laura Corvino, $540,000


2-a Heron Way Unit 2a: Beach 54 LLC to Bonny J. Kazmierczak, $357,000

528 N End Blvd Unit 1s: Ruth A. Burkinshaw to Ann M. Piccolomini, $360,000

1 Patriot Way: Maureen J. Pelletier to Keith A. Muise and Summer A. Pier-Muise, $415,000

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