2 Avella Cir: Michael J. and Stephanie W. Tresh to Mark A. Obryan, $565,000

12 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 12: Rebecca and Jeffrey Cutts to Clifford and Michelle George, $760,000

700 Brookside Dr Unit M: Michael J. Wilson and Santina Pizzimonti to Toshiro R. Sado, $284,900

41 Enmore St: Alan E. and Christine E. Gould to Michael D. and Lauren J. Molloy, $527,500

4 Iroquois Ave: Alan P. Jouhier and Nyuk L. Lai to Jon P. and Lucia Archibale, $895,000

8 Kathleen Dr: 8 Kathleen Drive RT and Marie E. Galinski to Holly Slauter and Sharon Ryan, $505,000

3 Longwood Dr Unit 7: Haley J. Davies to Wen D. Wang and Jugrin Tantiwanichagul, $268,000

20 Martingale Ln Unit 20: Herbert and Ann P. Kazer to David Deinnocentis and Helena Minton, $690,000

29 Stinson Rd: Andrea B. and Eric J. Stoll to Daniel Hu and Yanna Yao, $888,000

40 Washington Park Dr Unit 2: Jill Robbins to Souad and Rachid Halloul, $205,000


24 Boren Ln: Dale H. and Theresa A. Pyatt to Christopher and Kimberly Bourque, $890,000

81 King George Dr: Lauren S. and Martin W. Emmick to Charles M. and Jessica Hoyt, $571,500

693 Main St: Top F. Financial and Finance Of America Revrse to Finance Of America Revrse, $560,000

26 Pearl Rd: Daniel J. and Elizabeth J. Thompson to Kevin Ferrazzani, $659,000


69 Belair Ave: Linda R. and Gary Moore to Belair RT and Donald M. Pimentel, $195,000

176 D St: Michael P. Olivier and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $195,000

105 Tanglewood Dr: Lynn M. Kimball to Craig P. Houle, $260,000

196 Tyngsboro Rd: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Dennis S. Kochanek, $120,799

68 Vandette Ave: Bernier George X 3rd Est and George X. Bernier to Matthew and Amanda Blute, $227,000


43 Bailey Ln: Bailey Lane LLC to Rosanne T. Anderson and Jonathan Patenaude, $660,933

109 Lakeshore Dr: Carmen Morreale to Lisa Commendatore, $399,000


1 Briscoe Rd: Wilmington T NA to Blue Waters Vero LLC, $311,000

7 Burke St: Seven Star Builders Inc to 209 Gaston Street RT and Antonio Repole, $457,500

168 Washington St: Lee INT and Coleman H. Lee to Rosalind Kirkpatrick and Jeffrey Scott, $390,000


7 Sister Rd: Kenoza Properties LLC to James and Joseph Cacciola, $235,000

7 Sister Rd: Kenoza Properties LLC to John J. and Nancy L. Doucette, $230,000

15-19 Bellevue Ave: Sanyonara Ramirez to Ling-Yi Yu, $335,000

1454 Broadway: Jo Gurciullo to 1454 Broadway RT and Patricia Burke, $245,000

1475 Broadway: Patricia E. Whittier to Erin Hensley and Trevor Seaboyer, $270,000

19 Columbia Ter: Karen M. Shailor to Alexandra C. Shailor, $270,000

19-21 Ford St: Adalgisa and Leonarda Tiburcio to Rafael Munoz, $430,000

83 Hilldale Ave: Lynne M. Auger to Miguel A. Berroa, $288,600

85 Hunters Run Pl Unit 85: Mary Halloran to Ross Faucher, $165,000

24 Lakewood Ter: Renell Kumeh to Natalie M. Jacob, $382,000

110 Middle Rd: Crystal L. Daugherty to Peter J. Buckley, $322,900

11 Rose St: Bank New York Mellon Tr to T&G Contracting Corp, $122,456

89 Westchester Dr Unit 89: Alfred K. and Cheryle M. Veit to Meliny J. King, $350,000


9-17 Appleton St: Abi Realty Corp to Jose Marine, $1,200,000

53-53a Bellevue St: Hermes Godoy to A W. Tchate-Ndeugoue, $510,000

11 Broadway Ave: Cedar Best Construction to Geli Saroufim, $150,000

57-59 Butler St: Rafael Geronimo to Yu P. Chen, $405,000

5-5a Campo Seco St: Steven D. and Linda Joaquin to Jesenia Delacruz and Jocelyn Santos, $450,000

7 Crestwood Cir: Bush Kathleen C Est and Mary B. Haggerty to Christopher Fernandez and Ana Estevez, $335,900

123-125 Cross St: RJJM LLC to Jary P. Ortiz, $545,000

270-272 Farnham St: Doris Soba to Alfonso Rodriguez-Jimenez and Karen L. Rodriguez, $440,000

26 Ferry St Unit 26: Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart to Raul A. Carreno, $197,000

21 Glenwood Dr: Michael R. Sweeney to Han N. Pham and Nhattai Ky, $280,000

18 Jamaica St: RJJM LLC to Jose O. Liriano and Miguelina Vargas-Then, $399,900

148-150 Oxford St: Edwin Adames to Maryelin Torres and Randy Capellan, $485,000

14 Pere Marquette St: Augustin Rosario to Miguel A. Rosario-Reyes and Maria Reyes, $307,000

206-208 Saratoga St: Jewell Margaret B Est and Kathleen M. Foster to Omar Loaiza, $255,000


29 Christopher Dr Unit 29: Jayson Martin to Erica M. and Brenda C. Endelos, $244,000

33 Danton Dr: America Pelham LLC to JBX Realty LLC, $300,000

12 Jane Rd: Meghan M. and Mark Radwich to Michael Solomon, $257,500

215 Lowell St: Sheard Donald H Est and Leslie Sheard to Santiago Reyes, $287,500

192 Pelham St: America Pelham LLC to FMX Realty LLC, $5,450,000

73 Pine Tree Dr Unit 73: Toll MA 4 LLC to Gary A. and Cynthia A. Sauve, $963,574

18 Ridge Rd: Adeliza A. Rosario and Isabel Tejada to Julio A. Falcao, $351,900

945 Riverside Dr Unit 22c: Christopher D. Oro to Edward King and Lourdes Y. Ferreira, $190,000

77-81 Tenney St: Claudio Rojas and US Bank NA to Hermes V. Godoy, $368,000

212 Tyler St: 212 Tyler Street RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Dwayne M. and Karen L. Harris, $485,000

5 Walnut St: Laurinette Croteau to Bormin Development LLC, $300,000


171 Appleton St: John Avagianos and Stacy R. Pipich to Nicholas L. Martone and Sharon C. George, $435,000

624 Chickering Rd: Patrick Simboli to Kathryn H. Coville, $280,000

1048 Great Pond Rd: PR Investments LLC to Carolyn P. Rock and Matthew T. Holmes, $1,050,000

20 Ironwood Rd: Susan B Dennett T and Daniel C. Dennett to Alan C. and Christine M. Gould, $760,000

350 Sharpners Pond Rd: Robert E. Mulcahy to Adriana P. and Martha Perdomo, $549,000

555 Turnpike St Unit 44: Adventure RT and Elizabeth L. Boulanger to Pasta Brothers LLC, $170,000


2 Eaton Cir: AAA Asset Redevelopment to Christopher K. Baker and Jenelle L. Quenneville, $605,000

7 Equestrian Dr: Robert D. and Cheryl D. Gaudet to Michael and Catherine Mcgurl, $800,000

25 Leland Rd: Hallett FT and Ross Hallett to Robert A. Dempsey and Isabel Medeiros, $349,900

270 Main St Unit 22: Stacey A. Carnes and Sean Noone to Christopher Wood, $177,000

348 Park St Unit 107: Evan and Kristen Russell to Joshua M. Wilson and David Knechtle, $135,000


387 N End Blvd: Henery J. Cameron to Robert J Palmisano RET and Robert J. Palmisano, $356,000

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