32 Ballardvale Rd: Sarni Ma RT and John Sarni to Corinne and Kiernan Oneil, $736,000

24 Bellevue Rd: 24 Bellevue Road RT and John Doto to Brian M. Colby and Rosa M. Mazzeo, $580,000

35 Bellevue Rd: Drexel K. and Cynthia L. Long to Daniel L. Frem, $840,000

14 Blackberry Ln: Louis E. and Kathleen B. Nagy to Thomas G. and Daliena D. Hubschman, $799,000

3 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 3: Donna M. Connolly to Chris A. Heitmann and Chiuying Lu, $925,000

22 Bobby Jones Dr Unit 22: Loretta Alibrandi to Charles J. and Jane C. Diperri, $775,000

12 Cuba St: American Real Estate Dev to Kathleen Zahorik-Quill, $545,000

22 Cuba St: Dania Gonzalez-Guzman to Lihui Zhou, $700,000

18 Dale St Unit 1d: Denis M. Mathiowetz to Feng Liang and Jinping Geng, $432,500

2 Harper Cir: Michael and Anne White to Jeffrey D. Allen and Kimberly Sauers-Allen, $1,005,000

7 Heritage Ln: Sang M. and Ellen Lee to Perla and Scott Redfern, $945,000

30 Holt Rd: Andover RT and Elizabeth Delucia to Ronald A. and Yerim K. Krueger, $519,000

1 Montclair Ave: Susan P. Burnley to Kimberly and Brian Adams, $793,000

247 N Main St Unit 8: Sara Hrono to Xiaomei Xing, $240,000

11 Oak St: Scott I. and Perla Redfern to Mouna Ibourk and Simon Lamprell, $715,000

1 Pioneer Cir: Gary W Mccauley 2009 RET and Gary W. Mccauley to Silvia Alberta, $710,000

12 Pleasant St: Julie A. and Chuck H. Delory to Roberto C. Macedo, $542,500

10 Sherbourne St: Paul S. Hunkins and Jeffrey A. Norton to Miriam Giordano and Giovanni Bertolino, $915,000

14 Starr Ave E: Ronald D. and Tara M. Wiltshire to Brian J. and Lynne M. Cutaiar, $875,000

1 Sugarbush Ln: David W. and Jean M. Koulouris to Erik and Lisa Johnson, $685,000

2 Whispering Pines Dr: Charles E. and Margaret B. Crockett to Timm A. Triplett and Donna K. Slonim, $1,010,000

56 Wildwood Rd: William B. Heavey and Nicolette Nordin-Heavey to Ryan Johnson, $745,000

128 Wildwood Rd: Robert A. and Daryl M. Price to Shannon Mclaughlin, $725,000


11 Carolina Way: Jenlar RT and John E. Thibodeau to K A. Fitzgerald-Harrington, $1,170,000

47-c Dana Rd: Christiane and Raymond Bourque to John 14 T and Nominee Trust Svcs Tr, $1,665,999

15 Elm St: Toby J. Dechene to Anthony Dilisio and Erin Hoverson, $675,000

17 Mill Run Rd: Olga Bassa and Jason Kahan to Justin and Suzanne Rizzardi, $757,000

61-a Surrey Ln: Christine A Foti T and Peter J. Foti to Emily C. and Nicholas W. Graziano, $485,000


50 Blacksmith Rd: James M. and Lynda A. Savlen to William T. Doubleday, $450,000

21 Cherrywood Dr: Joan M. and Romeo J. Maillet to Adam A. Ryan and Osama Omar, $575,000

23 Dean Ave: Kenneth Lania and Bank Of New York Mellon to JAF 27 LLC, $241,000

25 Dean Ave: Kenneth Lania and Bank Of New York Mellon to JAF 27 LLC, $241,000

36 Greenmont Ave: Patricia Mccarthy to Alexandre and Maria Vitorino, $260,000

54 Holly Ln Unit 54: 54 Holly Lane LLC to Margaret A. Dorr, $430,000

61 Holly Ln Unit 61: Charles T&P M Surette LT and Charles T. Surette to Jane Ellen Davis T and Jane E. Davis, $409,900

40 Leonard Ave: Albert G. Daigle to Patrick M. Ayres, $255,000

90 Lupine Rd: Kenneth Lania and Bank Of New York Mellon to JAF 27 LLC, $241,000

51 Maille Ave: Crown Press Properties to Debra G. Diggins, $359,900

220 Pelczar Rd: Rachel A. Gormady to Timothy P. and Allison M. Allen, $445,500

74 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 29: Robert J. and James R. Cloonan to Christopher J. Loan, $219,900

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 21: Sufyan A. Sheikh to Matthew C. Fagundes, $224,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 50: Dennis M. Goodine to Akeem A. Alabi, $215,000

141 Thissell Ave Unit 16: Nicholas Plant to Emily Crossman, $180,000

141 Tyngsboro Rd: Daniel M. Balba to Emmanuel Antonetty, $279,900

79 Village Dr: Yahaira-Maria and James S. Frier to Westley Borges and Janice Caruso, $435,000

10 Wisteria Path: Investment Connection LLC to Wayne C. Cain, $375,000

46 Woodbine Path: Westley Borges to Nicholas Plant, $350,000


7 Amburg St: Christa M. and Ian Archibold to Molly Bovio and Robert W. Raiche, $429,000

10 Brook Meadow Ln: Brittany and William Duratti to Kimberly A. and William A. Kuhn, $729,000

10 Juniper Ln: Joanna K. Favazza and Matthew G. Mckay to Carey Carvalho, $462,000

1 King St: Betty A. Langlais to Apollo Estates LLC, $230,000

11 Londonderry Ln Unit 22: Benjamin P. Hodges to Deana and Michael Piantedosi, $720,000

12 Madison Ave: Maillet&Associates LLC to Manuel and Tricia E. Gasca, $700,000

420 North St: Harvey and Ruth F. Mades to Depaolo FT and Alan R. Depaolo, $360,000

3 Raymond Ct Unit 3: Barbara J. Paradiso to Laura S. and Wade M. Goldman, $540,000


11 Byfield Rd: Bruce K. and Sheila R. Libby to Eugene P. Plastino, $540,000

239 Center St: Much RT and Ardeth G. Much to Danielle and Tyler Pond, $539,000

5 Groveland Commons Way Unit 5: Kathleen and Kevin J. Kelley to Stephen J. Lamonica and Erica J. Palm, $310,000

114 Washington St Unit 2: Blue Waters Vero LLC to Deborah J. Dalton, $210,000

289 Washington St: Maria and Nixon Samayoa to Sean M. Fisher, $710,000

44 Wood St: 44 Wood Street RT and Geirge A. Haseltine to Jill Barry-Kennedy, $589,900


21 15th Ave: Erin and Jonathan D. Wlodyka to Edyta B. and Ireneusz C. Kaczmarczyk, $405,900

62 5th Ave: Donald L. and Ethel A. Kelloway to Jonathan J. and Manuel Colon, $345,000

30 Alton Ave: Ridgefield Properties LLC to William M. Flynn, $226,600

6 Back 9 Dr: David J. and Joyce A. Middlemiss to Jean M. and John N. Tammaro, $565,000

21 Blaisdell St: Allan Lionel V Est and Jon L. Allan to Maria Amichetti, $295,000

Booth St Lot 62: Lori D. and Lisa M. Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $203,333

Booth St Lot 63: Lori D. and Lisa M. Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $203,333

Booth St Lot 64: Lori D. and Lisa M. Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $203,333

Booth St Lot 65: Lori D. and Lisa M. Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $203,333

Booth St: Campana Eleonora M Est and Lori D. Rita-Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $101,667

Boston Rd Lot 1: Ann P. and Robert E. Hackett to Bosrd LLC, $535,000

Boston Rd Lot 2: Ann P. and Robert E. Hackett to Bosrd LLC, $535,000

Boston Rd Lot 3: Ann P. and Robert E. Hackett to Bosrd LLC, $535,000

1007 Boston Rd: Bosrd LLC to Ann P. and Robert E. Hackett, $235,000

3 Brockton Ave: Anita Redmond to Yosef Aleman and Maria L. Medina, $361,000

9 Brushwood Dr: Roger&Carol Travis RET and Roger W. Travis to David and Kelsey Iani, $10,000

50 Buttonwoods Ave Unit 204: Melissa A. Bruning to Old Hale 2 LLC, $129,000

50-60 Buttonwoods Ave Unit 304: Patricia C. and Kenneth L. West to Old Hale 2 LLC, $135,000

7 Central St: Primrose RT and Audley H. Jones to Alexander L. and Jane Rapoport, $274,900

123 Colby St: Jordan FT and Mary E. Jordan to Eric Harper, $265,000

29 Country Hill Ln Unit 29: Kirk Olsen to Paul Conceison, $281,500

65 Crystal St: Donna and John Barrett to Ivan L. and Lissette Diaz, $310,000

33 Dale St: Campana Eleonora M Est and Lori D. Rita-Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $101,667

33 Dale St: Lori D. and Lisa M. Campana to SDSE East Broadway LLC, $203,333

8 Delvine Ter: Abby Boutin and Shawn Mccabe to Adam and Melissa Wightman, $365,000

66 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 66: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Andrew H. DeLaese, $339,900

76 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 76: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jose M. Huertas, $339,900

58 Essex Ave Unit 58: Timothy D. and Amy B. Ippolito to Stephen M. and Ashley Poirier, $305,000

18-22 Essex St Unit B: Unit B RT and Krista Deluca to Brianna 18 RT and Brthany Zaia, $70,000

5 Fox Run Dr: 5 Fox Run Drive RT and Doreen Morneault to David P. Boucher and Carine Francois, $610,000

60 Germain Ave Unit 60: Justin G. and Maleida L. Cook to Gail M. Desmarais, $232,500

75 Greenough St: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Joseph and Theresa Muckey, $430,000

24 Hamel Way Unit 24: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Briana M. Connolly, $314,900

20 Hermon Ave: David and Dawn M. Dipersio to Dana L. Mcnamara, $430,000

21 Hillside St: Joanna K. Lachowiec and Craig D. Sergeant to Patrick Kerans, $249,900

84 Howard St: Johnny E. Castillo to Judelka Escalante, $395,000

87 Howard St: Samuel Perez and Carmen Robles to Forrest W. Spieler, $440,000

122 Hunters Run Pl Unit 122: Diane M. and Richard R. Berry to Melanie N. Hamel, $200,000

31-41 Kenoza Ave: Michael Cherubin to Wissam U. and Kristin M. Tarabay, $325,000

104 Lamoille Ave: Diane M. and Paul F. Grover to Samuel and Yaneth Perez, $365,000

19 Lansing Ave: Jerry O. Urbaez to Yonai J. Pardo, $465,000

18 Lexington Ave: Michael J. and Rose A. Wofford to Margarita and Wilfredo Laboy, $335,000

37 Manners Ave: Lupi FT and Judith A. Johns to Leonard J. Hileman, $355,000

131 Mercury Ter Unit 131: Cynthia Kimball and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Brian and Jeffrey Sirois, $177,500

122 North Ave: Champlin FT and Fortune R. Champlin to Tomas R. Tavera and Terri E. Warren, $275,000

31 Rosemary Ave: James A. and Lindsay K. Volpe to Justin G. and Maleida L. Cook, $335,000

82 S Elm St: Ira Mitchell and Sharae Sanchez to Warren H. Keller-Brittle, $199,000

4 S Merrill St: Alan C. and Sandra B. Inacio to Steven J. Limongelli, $340,000

16 S Warren St: South Warren Street LLC to Lise J. Fleurant, $375,000

10 S Webster St: Carol A. Sylvester to Garett T. Bush, $292,500

659 Salem St: James B. and Sean P. Gardella to Gina B. Guerra-Pearson, $360,000

69 Snow Rd: Robert J. Bragdon to Nicole M. and Trung T. Hong, $550,000

60 Taylor St Unit 60: Leslie D. Garcia to Jennifer N. Mutunga, $260,000

13 W Meadow Rd Unit 13: James and Linda Downes to Cherisse Camacho and Brenda E. Jimenez, $342,500

70 W Meadow Rd Unit 29: Jayne Y. Lupi to Joyce Mcmurray, $190,000

40 Webster St: MCCD Landholdings LLC to Elizabeth and Matthew Lamontagne, $511,900

92 Webster St Unit 1: Grecian L. Logan to John M. and Leslie J. Hassan, $205,000

60 Whittaker Ave: David E. and Lori L. Deziel to Taylor Anderson and Brian J. Ray, $461,000


84-86 Avon St: Andres Delarosa to Seneida-Beltre DeDiplan and Jorge Diplan, $493,500

103-105 Bowdoin St: RJP Construction&Dev Inc to Adolfo Polanco and Jhosy Maria, $418,000

105-107 Cambridge St: Eddy I. Guzman to Piudy V. Guzman-Garcia and Soribel M. Garcia-Abreu, $465,000

142-144 Chester St: Carmen Soler to Manolo H. Soler, $451,000

182 Emmett St: Joseph A. and Debra J. Bryant to Laura Chevalier, $205,000

303-305 Erving Ave: Sereigo Charles J Est and Denise M. Clegg to Manuel Sanchez-Aybar, $377,000

89 Foster St: Maria T. Martinez to Mary Sanchez, $230,000

94 Greenfield St: Tomas and Ana L. Fernandez to Erick M. Marcano, $380,000

18-20 Hale St: 18-20 Hale Street LLC to Lenny Baez, $342,500

293 Hampshire St: 6-12 Hampshire Street LLC to Jelli Realty LLC, $199,900

1 Haverhill St: Hermes V. Godoy to Anayuris Perez-Perez, $465,000

545 Haverhill St: Claudia N. Sanchez to Samuel A. and Ana R. Cruz, $430,000

545 Howard St: Erick M. Marcano to Robert and Rossely Castillo, $420,000

69 Inman St: Jeannine A. Pare and Marcia M. Michaud to Paul Nartiff, $190,000

415 Lowell St: Juan D. and Nurys Sanchez to Rocheily Alvardo-Marte and Willy P. Rosario, $375,000

500 Lowell St: Gorn RT and Joel A. Gorn to Robert B. Rojas, $445,000

85-87 Marble Ave: Steffany Espinal-Trinidad and Daniel Trinidad to Jose A. Burgos-Jimenez and Adalis B. BaLbuena-Feliz, $484,000

77 May St: Diana M. Gonzalez to Algelis Campusano, $480,000

97-99 Myrtle St: Jose Blanco to Noemi Parrilla, $320,000

42-44 Ohio Ave: Edwin M. Luciano to Nora Ramirez-Perdomo, $425,000

101-103 Olive Ave: James A. Barbeau to Jin Properties LLC, $290,000

211 Olive Ave: Marsha D. Friedrich to Linda A. Tavares, $220,000

16 Orchard St: Lucille and Willard C. Leeman to Ruddy A. Almanzar-Villa, $199,900

433-435 Riverside Dr: Chloe LLC to Katherine Reyes-Gonzalez and Nicauris Ramos-Gonzalez, $560,000

59-61 Salem St: Nancy L. Alon to Edwin Contreras-Bonilla and Matilde Polanco, $435,500

175-177 Sanborn St: Marisol Difo to Maria C. Lantigua-Angeles and Felix Velez, $425,000

32 Shawsheen Ct Unit A: Beaudry Ursula H Est and Jason M. Lindsay to Randy Tucker-Peterson and Sarin Ay, $103,000

164 Willow St: Jose M. Fernandez to Ramon R. Alcequiez, $345,000


77 Ames St: William J. and George P. Farrell to Saul Vaquerano and Carolina Ramirez, $350,000

95 Ashland Ave: Deborah Dinardi and Albert Hynds to Melaine Batista-Ortiz and Samantha N. Oliveira, $295,000

61 Boston St: Jose A. and Erika Rosado to Ramon Santiago and E R. Polanco-DeSantiago, $357,000

17 Bruce St: Ness Cynthia Est and John A. Ness to James and Guerda Milard, $330,000

12 Capitol St: Joann A. Aceto and Gina M. Allen to Emily Bruno and Rodriguez Exilus, $505,000

45 Christopher Dr Unit 125: Leone Joseph A 3rd Est and Theresa B. Leone to Kevin Dang, $205,000

49 Christopher Dr Unit 49: Douglas L. Macarthur to Handry Mejia and Judit Cabrera, $255,000

38 Comet Rd: GP 10 LLP to Selenni Y. Garcia and Joel A. Carrillo, $271,300

28 Currier Ave: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Andrea Martin, $250,000

84 Currier St: Deborah J. and Joseph C. Morin to Remegio and Vanessa N. Muganga, $420,000

2 Eagle Ln: Curtis and Margaret Carr to Thomas P. Burke, $440,000

123 East St: Alena Dawn-Samuel to Yolanda M. Reyes and Josephine Garcia, $400,000

135 East St: Lynda R. Tobasco-Whitty and William F. Whitty to Jean Dupervil and Rose A. Pascal, $390,000

9 Eastbrook Pl: Sung C. and Misook An to Viance Sosa and Rafael Tejeda, $385,000

80 Ford St: Haresh and Hemlata Mehta to Herber F. and Marina J. Lainez, $436,800

31 Harmony Ln: Rodrigues Bissonnette FT and John J. Rodrigues to Joseph P. and Toni M. Hanton, $455,000

175 Haverhill St: Ranger Mills LP to Arrowpoint Methuen LLC, $2,650,000

20 Jefferson Rd: Kelly A. Cole to Abdeljalil Gouriny, $380,000

6 Lady Slipper Ln: Mailan T. Vu and Triet Luu to Jade M. and Matthew L. Jalbert, $489,000

6 Liams Ln: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Rose and Willie Pierre, $600,000

80 Lowell St: Lowell St LLC to Arrowpoint Methuen LLC, $1,450,000

22 Marjorie St: Matthew Giordano to Kathleen A. and David S. Wooten, $319,500

37 Meriline Ave: Gaspar Investment Inc to Richard J. and Darlene R. Hemstreet, $380,500

395 Merrimack St Unit 44: Katherine N. Nett to Deborah A. Dinardi and Albert J. Hynds, $172,000

37 Milk Ave: James Fyler to Andres Castaneda, $207,500

6 Myrtle St: David S. Felton to Kirk L. Olsen and Stephanie L. Pratt, $585,000

20 Oak Knoll Rd: Robert Isbell and Meredith A. Enright to Michelle F. Santarelli, $379,000

25 Oak St Unit A: Wilfredo T. and Margarita Laboy to Richard Bediako, $243,500

23 Oakcrest Cir: Jeanne C. Dilavore to Raquel and Carlos Cruz, $339,000

60 Oakhill Dr: William M. Wojnar to Christopher and Patricia A. Marchese, $296,000

5 Peever St: Darren S. and Shelley A. Coco to Jorge Colon-Polanco, $355,000

87 Pilgrim Cir Unit 87: Marylou Chiasson to James and Crista Pehl, $202,500

22 Pine Tree Dr Unit 22: Toll MA 4 LLC to Paul W. and Lynette L. Pappas, $700,000

500 Prospect St: Ronald Annand to Premium Properties Inc, $242,500

62 Sorrento Ave: Kamal Tabatabaie-Alavi and Mahindokht T. Hosseini to James and Yahaira-Maria Frier, $520,000

33 Stanley Rd: Brandon Freeman to Michael L. Pollack, $550,000

28 Stevens St Unit A: Brad T. Fournier to Heather and Clyde Muka, $205,000

12 Sugar Pine Ln: Anthony M. and Elizabeth Scavo to William Whitty and Lynda Tobasco-Whitty, $479,900

45 Washington St Unit 39: C Hermans-Mcgurren and James Hermans to John P. and Barbara L. Quinn, $270,000

83 Woodburn Dr: Joey C. Cheung and Manyi Yip to America A. Aleman-Delorbe, $462,500


189 Barker St: Rohit Ahuja and Priyanka Arora to James K. and Geraldine Mcgarry, $624,000

250 Bear Hill Rd: Douglas Huzar and Jane B. Donovan-Huzar to Michael E. Seagren, $556,000

89 Beverly St: Mark T. and Margret A. Verville to Morgan Gager, $265,000

31 Carty Cir: Jeffrey M. and Jane C. Duboff to Tara M. Wiltshire, $616,000

522 Chickering Rd: Pauline B Lu RT 1 and David Lu to Jaksta Realty LLC, $559,900

622 Chickering Rd: Ronald A. and Yermin K. Krueger to Radames and Rolanne Gonzalez, $299,900

87 Coachmans Ln: Lion RT and Angela G. Leone to FSB Homes LLC, $620,000

74 Compass Pt Unit 74: Babatunde A. Akindele to Sweetha Vijayan and Jayamohan Krishnasamy, $521,000

50 Deer Meadow Rd: John M. and Carrie A. Toto to Gerard and Laura Bulman, $719,900

80 Edgelawn Ave Unit 6: Nathan S. Silk to Andrea Doyon, $220,000

485 Foster St: Konrad and Kasia Miatkowski to Nathan M. and Tracy A. Boynton, $619,000

1831 Great Pond Rd: Anthony J Sciuto LT and Anthony J. Sciuto to Megan Jodoin-Hodgson and Stephen G. Hodgson, $1,062,500

5 Harwich St Unit 5: Jessica A. Reed and Zachary Oneil to Evgeniia and Nathaniel French, $362,000

40 Kingston St Unit 40: Brenda J. Fredericks to Brian J. Remick and Rachel Stephens, $295,000

25 Lincoln St: Elizabeth A. and Kenneth Johnson to Jason Cabrera, $515,000

148 Main St Unit B134: Arthur W. Lyons to Katherine and David S. Scali, $244,900

19 Mathews Way Unit 19: Margaret Cullen to Rahul Sharma and Beauty Saraswat, $520,000

28 Morris St: Romie L. and Joseph A. Donofrio to Nancy Lestsutez-Alon, $435,000

507 Salem St: Antonio Ruisanchez and Avelino F. Hernandez to Dana F. Brown and Gina L. Lautieri, $685,000

27-29 Saunders St: Andrew Menery to Maricela Polanco and Dennis Marrero-Polanco, $498,000

540 Sharpners Pond Rd: Christopher and Michelle Mccarthy to Jeffrey D. Penedo and Jacqueline Cronin, $686,000

131 Thistle Rd: Stephen A. and Karen A. Carito to Christopher and Michelle Mccarthy, $925,000

599 Turnpike St: Robert and Alison Loiselle to Kevin and Heather Cullen, $430,000

857 Turnpike St Unit 233: Promax RT and Michael J. Leary to 857 Turnpike Street LLC, $222,000

857 Turnpike St Unit 235: Promax RT and Michael J. Leary to 857 Turnpike Street LLC, $222,000

231 Waverley Rd: Carmelina D Dagata IRT and Rosemary G. Gordon to James Barbeau, $660,000

61 Wentworth Ave: Wentworth Ave RT and Deborah A. Picard to John M. and Carrie A. Toto, $670,000


14 Cleek Ct Unit 14: Miriam Y. Rosenthal to Andrew and Nancy Barr, $550,000

28 Eames St: Richard and Joanne Demild to Meagan K. and Andrew J. Mcclendon, $489,000

3 Judith Dr: Arlene M. Semiao to Steven and Catherine Giarla, $730,000

3 Kings Row: Laurie H. Witts to Kevin P. Richardson and Rachel A. Ferris, $850,000

38 Main St Unit 12: Jami L. Bruce to Kristy Rees, $189,900

200 Martins Lndg Unit 1201: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Li Liu, $495,995

25 Nichols St: Herrick Development LLC to Joel S. and Karen L. Schneider, $1,011,260

9 Nutter Rd: Edward J. Lipinski to Brian and Kasey Dunn, $550,000

15 Railroad Ave Unit 15: John R. Papagani and Krista A. Grava to Brian S. and Lynne A. Scouten, $495,000

2 Shasta Dr: Julie A. and Kevin H. Macintyre to Shannon Caruso-Delisle and Marc Delisle, $75,000

27 Tower Hill Rd: Thomas S. Stiber to Sirva Relocation Credit, $775,000

27 Tower Hill Rd: Sirva Relocation Credit to Scott and Jennifer Kirwin, $775,000

2 Virginia Rd: Michael H. and Jennifer M. Davis to Kenneth H. Kalayjian, $527,500

15 Winter St: Erik H. and Lisa A. Johnson to Frank Capolupo, $470,000

32 Winter St: Shawnette and Alan Lancaster to Daniel D. and Lisa B. Puffer, $445,000


111 Beach Rd Unit 7: Debra Sebastian to Regina N. Seely, $255,000

170 Beach Rd Unit 17: Karen J. Chandler to Jennifer C. and John A. Segal, $494,000

183 Beach Rd: William R. Pied and Anastasia Kaloutas to Joshua M. Rice and Robin Rogers, $327,560

105 Cable Ave: Daniel Locapo to Michelle and Ronald Durand, $240,000

102 Forest Rd: Sara D. Earley to Michelle Tevrow, $308,000

2-b Heron Way Unit N2: Beach 54 LLC to Paul H. Segal and Eva Z. Szerencsi, $359,350

36 Kendell Ln: Raymond Landry and Carl Lesage to Paul Silvia, $260,000

37 Kendell Ln: Robert Paoletta to Daniel Driscoll, $138,000

6 True Rd: Donald J. Pearson to Michele Bertazzoni and Michael Weiner, $349,900


35 Cricket Ln Unit 35: Tyng Road Development LLC to Carla R. Alves, $166,600

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