14 Acropolis Cir: Dean L. and Mary B. Mola to Ryan and Margaret Olivastri, $770,000

5 Alderbrook Rd: David S. Rainen and Kimberly A. Butler-Rainen to Jarod Presterone, $474,000

75 Argilla Rd: Lerner FT and Seth H. Lerner to David S. Rainen and Kimberly Butler-Rainen, $759,900

7 Ayer St: Pamela J. Garavano to Steven and Cheryl H. Sotirakos, $585,000

4 Buchan Rd: Macintire FT and Barbara L. Macintire to Wade A. and Susan S. Easley, $610,000

18 Dale St Unit 3c: Yanchong Zheng to Usman Fazli and Sara Dar, $436,900

6 High Meadow Rd: Paul Sherba and Jeffrey Scholes to Scott and Caroline Hansen, $1,650,000

49 Lupine Rd Unit 12: Sara Duplisea and Travis R. Ianetta to Lisa Wong, $315,000

1 Rindge Rd: Joseph T. and Nicole F. Barbagallo to Kent and Maria J. Wong, $800,000

21 Shipman Rd: Christopher and Mary L. Chiodo to Richard C. and Heather C. Dodge, $855,000

19 Sugarbush Ln: Peter A. and Linda L. Benjamin to Kelly A. Mcginley and Joseph Matara, $925,000

32 Sutherland St: Donlan Michael J Est and Paul Marad to Oneida Aquino, $425,000

3 Tamys Ln: Flynn RT and John B. Flynn to Boris A. Svirchuk, $575,000

9 Torr St: Matthew and Amanda Strong to Dongchul Kang, $700,000

2 W Knoll Rd: John Caveney and Jacob J. Arnold to Timothy P. and Gina Jones, $660,000

26 Woburn St: 26 Woburn Street RT and Frank Tammaro to Jonathan D. and Lauren R. Diffenbach, $699,900


No Transactions in this Town


161 Flower Ln Unit 6: Bryan J. and Meghan C. Cox to Juliane StGeorge, $215,000

61 Fox Hill Ln Unit 61: Topnotch Homes LLC to R&G Oconnor RT and Robert P. Oconnor, $499,900

695 Hildreth St: James G. and George A. Gagne to Magali Lima, $572,000

81 Maille Ave: William and Cheryl Gray to Jillian P. Stelline and Bradford H. Maille, $339,900

28 Nassau St: Newton Eugene F Est and Eugene F. Newton to Reno Investments LLC, $70,000

60 Oxford Rd: Francis Ohara to Edinei Machado and M D. DeOliveira-Machado, $290,000

49 Parker Ave Unit 13: Debra J. Williams to Jose Santana and Cassandra Uva, $180,000

17 Peabody Ave Unit 17: CRT Properties LLC to Kate Nakate, $349,900

34 Regency Dr: Felix A. and Lillian Mastrorilli to Ryan and Elizabeth Khadije, $605,000

36 Sesame St: Glorinda F. Medeiros to Howes Lefebvre 2018 T and Mark S. Lefebvre, $429,900

23 Shore Dr: Edge Real Estate Invests to Haley R. Lynch and Joshua B. Dascoli, $325,000

85 Tanglewood Dr: Anna K. and Andrew J. Deraney to Alexander and Delaney Bladel, $380,000

43 Willow Ave: Jeanne T. Wagner to Nathan and Elizabeth J. Cantrell, $325,000


3 Blueberry Ln: Mcconnell RT and Leslie M. Mcconnell to Brittany H. and William A. Duratti, $1,208,272

34 Bradford Loop: Private Capital Fund LLC to 34 Bradford Loop LLC, $242,500

4 Crescent Meadow Ln: D&A RT and Daniel J. Swimm to Chad F. and Ellen A. Sorensen, $1,095,000


10 Doris St: Mandy and Thomas Byron to Joshua and Melissa Cross, $336,000

2 Kings Way: Jeffrey W. and Theresa M. Lunn to Jacqueline V. and Michael D. Ducharme, $510,000

15 Lindsay Way Unit 15: Arsen Grigoryan to Herbert E. and Susan M. Perino, $367,000


180 Amesbury Line Rd: Kristin J. Dole to Joseph A. and Mary E. Binks, $360,000

55 Arch St: Delisa and Yovanny Reinoso to Edge Real Estate Invests, $213,000

73 Beechwood Dr: Diane M. and Donald C. Lee to 26 Woburn Street RT and Frank Tammaro, $445,000

16 Burnham St: Barbara N. Pearl to Sherry and Thomas Graham, $241,368

2 Centre St: Rkaco LLC to Erica and Steven M. Wentworth, $575,000

24 Clement Ct Unit 24: Mary L. Martin to Richard J. Fleming, $275,000

1 Cole Ave: Jameson A. Gearty to Carrie J. Fuller, $220,900

79-81 Columbia Park: Gail F. Charette and Peter J. Dizoglio to Monique A. Fernandez and Juan C. Delvalle, $470,000

13 Curtis Ave: Steven M. and Erica J. Wentworth to Elizabeth B. Irizarry and Freddie Rodriguez, $325,000

57 Dartmouth St: Carrie and Robert C. Bergeron to James Bell and Tamera Hannahan, $255,000

366 Farrwood Dr Unit 366: Tamara Lobo to Gina Pistorino, $248,000

433 Farrwood Dr Unit 433: Regina M. Baker and James Malcolm to Armando Nushi, $167,500

13 Ford St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Bottom Up LLC, $167,000

32 Marion St Unit 32: Jewnifer and Wady Grullon to Isabel M. Caba and Pablo Y. Diep, $305,000

3 Merrill St: Doris I. and John W. Cerasuolo to Chelsea M. and Matthew T. Goodale, $308,000

4 Mount Vernon St Unit 1: David M. Croteau to Timothy Elkin, $176,280

41 Rutherford Ave: Sharon Fairbairn to Maria Gutierrez-Rey and Brandon Laquay, $374,000

5 S Pine St: Killam FT and Dana Killam to Cody K. and Saida Raycraft, $260,000

94 Sterling Ln Unit 94: Ann M. Oconnell to Daniel and Katelynn M. Sheppard, $248,000

24 Willie St: Rosa Y. Heredia to Gary Albertini, $289,900


516 Andover St: Orien LLC to Jhonny Jean-Phillippe and Marie J. Francois, $310,000

48-50 Brookfield St: New Horizon Investments to Bienvenido and Jerry Rodriguez, $230,000

120 Chester St: Raymond R. and Sandra M. Roy to Maria L. Velilla, $349,000

159 Dawes St: Ana G. Boyd to Anyel A. Gonzalez-Soto and Rafaela Gonzalez, $346,000

262 E Haverhill St Unit 7: Freddy R. and Narcisa Tavarez to Jessica K. Green, $130,000

109-111 Easton St: Dean E. and Anne M. Rich to Tai T. Nguyen and Quyen T. Lo, $493,000

111 Easton St: Dean E. and Anne M. Rich to Tai T. Nguyen and Quyen T. Lo, $493,000

113 Easton St: Dean E. and Anne M. Rich to Tai T. Nguyen and Quyen T. Lo, $493,000

179-181 Farnham St: Thu Truong 2013 T and Sui V. Thu to Santo E. Paula and Alejandrina Depaula, $491,000

64-66 Floral St: Clyde P. Wheeler to Jeimy S. and Maritza Cedeno, $424,000

547 Hampshire St: Arlington Athletic&Soc to AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella, $182,000

564 Hampshire St: Arlington Athletic&Soc to AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella, $182,000

6-16 Hancock St: Sousa Realty Management to Jose D. and Julia I. Silverio, $650,000

521 Haverhill St: Davis Aracena and Sandry Polanco to Carmelo Y. Almonte and Clara A. Espinal-Dealmonte, $435,000

8 Hey St: Lange Ruth Anna Est and Thomas M. Dube to Kenneth Daher and Mary Koontz-Daher, $87,500

5 Home St: Johanna Cruz to Christian Capellan and Marian Espaillat, $315,000

86-88 Inman St: Asnaldo B. Mendez to Emilio J. Sandoval, $410,000

58 Marston St: Galbally RT and Michael J. Kennedy to Roger Farah, $131,000

27 Packard St: Vitale Jacqueline M Est and Tobi J. Mccarthy to Ander J. Lopez-Perez and Ester Socorro-Estevez, $339,900

Pleasant St: Lange Ruth A Est and Thomas M. Dube to Daher Group Inc, $87,500

115 Prospect St Unit 4: Chris-Sco Corp to Matthew P. and Taxiarchoula Batchelder, $310,000

71 Railroad St Unit 71: Chloe LLC to Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart, $100,000

71 Railroad St Unit 71: Hector Marjquez to Chloe LLC, $68,000

432 S Broadway: Arlene J. Danahy to Brandon Cruz and Lorenys Morales, $292,000

128 Union St: Union Milford Homes LLC to Maria and M I. Nunez, $175,000

119 Weare St: Ciba Lawrence T Est and Johanne O. Ciba to Oscar G. Vasquez, $285,000

85 Wesley St: Jose A. Ortiz and Carmen B. Collazo to Kevin Colon and Natalia Morales-Alonso, $290,000


23 Bridgham St: Jeffrey S. and Cheryl A. Laurenza to Eddie R. and Kelly A. Raposo, $470,000

34 Burnham Rd Unit 304: Riverside Drive LLC to John G. and Doreen M. Kibildis, $247,900

81 Ford St Unit D: Rouda Theresa E Est and Cheryl A. Miller to Jay H. Kumar-Suthar and Fenee Patel, $171,000

28 Hawthorne Ave: Miguel Rafael to Leonardo Lopez and Barbara Nairoby-Lopez, $304,900

22 Hideaway Ln: Michael J. and Valerie Andren to Matthew I. and Keri P. Jennings, $456,900

516-a Lowell St: JNJ Realty Management LLC to Eva T. Toscano, $299,000

164 Maple St: Lynn Laferla FT and Nicholas E. Krupica to Gabriel Lopez, $365,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 1c: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 2a: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 2b: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 2c: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 2d: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 3a: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 3c: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

386 Merrimack St Unit 3d: Homestead Village LLC to Bellazar Properties LLC, $2,150,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 2-102: W Scott and Katheryne Mcgurn to William P. and Cindy M. Blanchard, $309,900

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 7-207: William and Cindy Blanchard to Deborah L. Mallia, $295,000

4 Scherig Cir Unit 4: Johnson Kathryn Est and Michelle Debenedetto to Johanna Cruz, $275,000

124 Sherwood Dr Unit 124: Janet M. and Kevin L. Dunn to Lillian Mastrorilli, $553,900

43 Spruce St: George Salas to Jhan C. Hidalgo-Almonte and Aida I. Perez-Baez, $399,500

22 Tyler St: Marsland FT and Diane M. Alie to Olga Reynolds and Corey M. Connors, $305,000

15 Vineyard Ln Unit 15: Thomas and June Thistle to Jeffrey S. and Cheryl A. Laurenza, $381,900

161-163 Warwick St: Gerard A. and Karen I. Orourke to Solanyi Figuereo-Reyes, $418,000


338 Abbott St: 338 Abbott Street RT and Kathryn E. Burnim to Eric Josephs and Kaitlyn M. Flynn, $539,000

180 Chickering Rd Unit 204c: Anthony R. Puzzo to Matthew R. Corso, $174,000

200 Chickering Rd Unit 307b: Jaime Alvarez to Kenneth D. Bond, $313,500

104 Colonial Ave: Scott and Caroline Hansen to Alex K. and Christy M. Drinan, $765,000

115 Colonial Ave: Kimberly Caron to Patrick M. and Suzanne C. Quinlivan, $715,000

5 Francis St: Ainsley D. and Heather A. Randall to James W. and Linda Repici, $460,000

16 Harwood St: Fernando and Kim M. Herrera to Fernando Pineda-Munoz, $420,000

1011 Osgood St Unit 1011: Trigilio Management LLC to 1011 Osgood Street RT and Jonathan C. Casey, $215,000

133 Pleasant St Unit 4: Kara and William Eagan to Marianna Zheglova, $227,000

34 Rosemont Dr: Amit K. and Pallabi Chatterjee to Michael and Valerie Andren, $734,900

598 Salem St: Urim and Jennifer Kasami to Jaime and Lauren N. Alvarez, $530,000

1055 Salem St: Tyson and Rebecca Moore to Jose H. and Felicita D. Rodriguez, $680,000

203 Turnpike St Unit 200: Lowell General Hospital to 203 Turnpike Street Rlty, $1,190,000

565 Turnpike St Unit 65a: Mallard RT and Russell A. Bodnar to Conway Mulberry LLC, $239,490


9 Chester Rd: Steven L. Boomhower to Swanview Investments LLC, $240,000

2 Duane Dr: Sutera FT and Trina Fontneau to Darlene L. and Daniel J. Morris, $527,000

41-r Lakeside Blvd: Catherine C. Bansbach to Sharon and James Grier, $825,000

8 Southwick Rd: Margaret Frazier to Adam and Lauren Kuks, $508,000


2 Emerald Way Unit 2: Julia and Patrick Doherty to Mallory Centonze and Jason Parrella, $288,000

11 Glenwood Ave: Brian and Jeffrey Sirois to Brian W. and Molly Connery, $387,000

187 Lafayette Rd: Dean R. and Denise A. Ackerman to 187 Lafayette Road LLC, $715,000

408 N End Blvd: Beacon T and Saifur Rahman to Paul B. and Sarah U. Harty, $1,199,000