14 Andrew Cir: Alexis N. Winnell to Thomas J. and Sayra M. Wright, $323,000

125 Bailey Rd: AJM Construction LLC to Lisa A. Kempa and Whitney P. Stewart-Concemi, $475,000

16 Balmoral St Unit 304: Nicole K. Ouellette to Sean A. White, $251,500

1 Bradley Rd: Mark and Ann Ebert to John and Jennifer Lemmerman, $725,000

750 Brookside Dr Unit D: Krishna and Madhavi Prasad to Pushp Gandha and Gaurav Getly, $319,900

87 Burnham Rd: Keith A. and Candace D. Westgate to James M. Carraher and Julia StGoar, $656,000

14 Cabot Rd: Robert Mainiero and Jill Oconnor-Mainiero to James R. and Charity Ehret, $980,000

5 Canterbury St: Kevin and Danielle Mackinnon to David and Stephanie Breton, $586,000

7 Canterbury St: David and Stephanie Breton to Peter H. and Jade Dorsi, $520,000

60 Colonial Dr Unit 10: Kevin F. and Lynn A. Leonard to Sina Samali, $190,000

4 Dumbarton St: Joseph R. Aceto and Kelly Doyle-Aceto to Kerri E. Devine, $557,000

28 Fleming Ave: Fleming Avenue LLC to Aishwarya Hegde and Preethi Shetty, $771,850

2 Francis Dr Unit 309: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Okike N. and Kreszentia M. Okike, $461,670

24 Hidden Way: Hidden Way RT and Joseph P. Fiorentino to Brian and Heather Ahrens, $840,000

8 Karlton Cir: Lori Schick Kavanagh LT and Lori Schick-Kavanagh to Max Murphy and Kenya M. Medina, $800,000

11 Knollcrest Dr: Karen A. Crompton to Timothy J. and Ylan M. Pitta, $1,265,000

51 Lovejoy Rd: Michael&Margaret Musso FT and Michael B. Musso to Jenna Carlson and Kevin Dunn, $525,000

41 Lowell St: Timothy B. Donohue and Sarah B. Paterson to Roberto Desousa and Jill E. Manning, $440,000

168 Lowell St: Kevin J. and Lindsay P. Reyes to Patrick A. Noone, $450,000

66 Osgood St: Sean and Laurie Oconnor to 66 Osgood Street RT and Christopher B. Cronin, $350,000

10 Penobscot Way: John Baldasaro to Elena Yureneva, $1,250,000

5 Porter Rd Unit 301: Edwin S. Chen to Eleanor and Robert Fishbein, $225,000

6 Prides Cir: Jeffrey F. and Holly H. Oliver to Johnali Massih-Tehrani and Vaia Kanavas, $830,000

7 Random Ln: Brenda L. Bickham and MTGLQ Investors LP to Stellson LLC, $458,000

161 River Rd: Pappas RT and Christina Dibitetto to 1 Minuteman LLC, $1,400,000

12 Somerset Dr: Gerald and Marybeth Caruso to Jeffrey Pietrasiak, $909,900

41 Stirling St: John&Karen Dirocco FT and John A. Dirocco to Kelly Doyle-Aceto and Joseph Aceto, $935,000

70 Washington Park Dr Unit 1: Patricia Polizzi to Yourdeline Sertyl, $230,000


10 Franklin Rd: Daniel E. and Donna S. Daigle to Jeffrey S. Fecteau and Lauren B. Taylor, $740,000

14 King Edward Ct: GMS RT and Grace M. Serpa to Diane and John Dooley, $799,000

76 Spofford Rd: Jeffrey Fecteau to Carmen and Meghan Sasso, $510,000


20 Ansonia Ave: Irene A. Lemire to Andrew P. Bjorkman, $307,000

305 Arlington St: Jon A. and Elizabeth Doucette to Justin A. Lindahl and April M. Fiorentino, $315,000

81 Clark Ave: Wayne Arraj and Nellie Saninocencio to Ednoch Etienne and C E. Barthelemy-Mervil, $450,000

101 Donohue Rd Unit 10: Margaret M. and Jon Cooper to Katherine S. and Edward F. Sullivan, $229,900

24 Faith Ave: Michael J. and Christine N. Baker to Bunneng Tan, $370,000

551 Hildreth St Unit 28: Paul Marcoux to Ronald and Cynthia Bourassa, $271,000

42 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Emily J. Wray and Jonathan B. Atocha, $569,650

22 Hopkins St: Arthur J. Daigle to Nicholas Metilinos, $355,000

4 Kettle Way: Daniel Grady to Donald G. and Nancy M. Patch, $574,900

31 Lantern Ln Unit 3: Brian D. Dalton to Maurice Lefebvre, $150,000

615 Nashua Rd Unit 25: Nicholas Metilnos 2018 LT and Nicholas Metilinos to Van T. Do, $340,000

808 Nashua Rd: Edna T. Deberardinis and Adrian Cruz to Kathleen A. Leahy and Tyler Gagnon-Farrell, $332,900

98 New Boston Rd: US Bank NA Tr to Samneang Keo and Somaly Kong, $245,000

243 Old Marsh Hill Rd: Demetrios and Gloria M. Costarakis to Jocelyn Vargo, $360,000

75 Osgood Ave: Arthur H. and Roberta F. Dery to Phaly and Racksmey Sar, $400,000

171 Pelczar Rd: Ronald H. and Cynthia A. Bourassa to James W. Vinal, $480,000

29 Primrose Hill Rd: Ariane Ramos to Tatiana Lieback, $360,000

37 Spare St: Settlemoir LLC to Danielle L. Lheureux, $225,000

115 Stuart Ave Unit 2: Meghan Malaney and Anthony Servizio to Leandro Lins and Heather Nicholson, $254,500

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 26: Gregory Buitkus to John Nojeim, $219,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 54: Bruce Gauthier to Nicholas G. Dagoumas, $193,000

33 Wagon Wheel Rd: Theresa M. Caples to Kimberly G. Fortier and Erik R. Smallenberger, $410,000


32 Bradford Loop: David W. and Tina M. Smith to Lena Bell, $387,000

2 Brook Meadow Ln: Charles W. and Jamie A. Freedman to Nixon Samayoa, $640,000

169 Central St: Audrey Elias to Neil R. Gleason, $800,000

11 East St: Regalbuto RT and John A. Regalbuto to Christopher Doane, $485,000

3 Pimpernel Cir Unit 3: Cheryl S Talbot RET and Richard E. Talbot to Anne H Constantine T and Anne H. Constantine, $590,000


1 Abbott Cir: Alexander M. and Jessalyn M. Russell to Konrad Perry, $415,000

17 Cannon Hill Road Ext: Dawnielle F. and Keith M. Holloran to Jamie M. and Marianne S. Contardo, $410,000

119 Center St: Mary E. Johnson and Brian R. Nadeau to Joseph and Meagan Catricala, $500,000

316 Center St: Edda G. and Luis A. Calderon to Jason G. and Savanna N. Labella, $479,900

36 Groveland Commons Way Unit 36: Lisa M. Warner to Anthony Aresco, $295,000

144 Washington St: Doris A. Pomroy and Lynda Fowler to Menery Properties LLC, $290,000


53 Agawam Ave: Pamela Marin-Kingsley and Paul Olmsted to Christine A. Wright, $300,000

16 Alfred Park: David G. and Geraldine L. Borland to Jennifer M. and Robert W. Lavallee, $374,000

70 Ashworth Ter Unit 70: Meghan Flahive to Lee and Thomas Nguyen, $285,000

13 Bicknell Cir Unit 13: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to B Bancroft-Hollingworth and Harold Hollingworth, $390,000

369 Broadway: Kris A. Wade to Amanda L. and Patricia M. Edwards, $350,000

854 Broadway Unit 8: Annalisa Butcher to Joann Daigle, $295,000

13 Casablanca Ct Unit 13: Diana M. Odoardi to Paul and Tammy Fugere, $239,900

72 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 72: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Peihang Liu and Jianxiang Wu, $344,900

78 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 78: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Jean B. Chiraque, $339,900

3 Dexter St: Marisol Aponte to Victor O. Osorio and Sarah V. Reynoso, $434,000

10 Elm St: Alzack LLC to Frank Okeefe FT and Frank Okeefe, $425,000

12 Fairfield St: Smardz Stanislaw K Est and Charles C. Smith to Kevin Fontes, $200,000

9 Fairway Dr: Beth F. and Scott E. Spicer to John C. Dufresne, $493,000

111 Ferry Rd Unit 111: John D. Tassinari to Jane and Michael N. White, $310,000

48 Glen Meadow Rd Unit 48: Jane Begin and Kent Griffin to Mary Kelley and Jonathan Mcdonough, $295,000

81 Greenough St Unit 81: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Enkelejda and Gezim Llupo, $359,000

138-140 Grove St: Mark Smith to Jeffrey D. Leblanc, $400,000

63 Hancock St: Barry D. and John J. Mickela to Ernesto Lopez, $429,000

93 Haseltine St: John C. Dufresne to Jenifer Curtis, $390,000

12 Hawthorne St: Pare Marion E Est and Neil J. Pare to Jeffrey J. Harris, $297,000

261 Hilldale Ave: Prophet Grace E Est and Margaret Prophet to Bradford Unlimited Corp, $250,000

34 Montgomery St: Christopher and Meaghan Grande to Amy M. Mcguire, $304,900

184 Morgan Dr Unit 184: Meghan E. Deyermond to Andrea Miller, $245,000

12 Myles Standish Dr Unit 10: Dasilva Myles Standish RT and Julie Dasilva to Barbara A. and Roger S. Mackenzie, $183,500

825 N Broadway: Jonathan and Rachel Amari to Stacha and Troy Gabriele, $391,000

440 North Ave Unit 40: Kelleher Family Real Est to Anthony Montisanti, $100,000

440 North Ave Unit 149: Kelleher Family Real Est to Anthony Montisanti, $132,000

17 Nottingham Ln: Christopher J. Hadley to Michael C. Uttley, $397,000

1 Park Way: Pentucket Medical Realty to Gahca Haverhill MA Mob, $15,500,000

90 Perkins Ct Unit 90: Jessica and Jillian Stira to Louise Deveaux, $302,900

32 Race St: GC Management&Constr to Fedna Jeudi, $348,900

211 River St Unit 3: Jose Delossantos to Amanda Levy, $122,000

402 River St Unit 4a: Sinead Foyle to Ashley M. Atkins, $143,000

25 S Lincoln St: Nicholas V. Giammarino to Johanne L. Felt and Andrew M. Jackson, $252,000

277 S Main St Unit 18: Jean B. Chiraque to Patrick Hammond, $195,000

619 S Main St Unit C: Donald R. Jacques to David Markell, $218,000

11 Shattuck St: Diana Passafiume to Laurel A. Marshall and Marianne Perkins, $396,000

37 Snow Rd: Gayle and Joseph Fili to Brian D. and Frances M. Dilks, $585,000

8 Solitaire Dr: Christopher P. Cook to Leon J. and Linda A. Potenza, $393,000

65 Steeplechase Ct Unit 65: Aron and Megan Cleary to Susan M. Brady, $255,000

33 Stetson St: Troy Gabriele to Kenneth B. and Samantha Vialva, $351,500

655 W Lowell Ave Unit 19: Debra L. Mcphee to Merle H. Weber, $144,900

70 Washington St Unit 108: Peter E. and Renee T. Ruecker to Sean C. Lowther and Sandra P. Ocampo-Lowther, $237,450

16 Wedgewood Dr: Philip L. and Susan J. Cullen to Stacie Chandler, $530,000

216 Wilson St: Sherrie L. Frisone to Alan and Candace Clemmey, $365,000

89 Winona Ave: Alba M. and Ronald C. Roderick to Oscar Florentino, $409,000

86 Woodrow Ave: Marianne Perkins and Laurel A. Marshall to Andrew J. and Breanne Olsson, $410,000


32 Adams St: Jorge Jaime to Santiago A. Matias, $300,000

26-28 Ames St: Petra Sanchez to Ruben J. Munoz, $480,000

55 Ames St: Bay H. Le and Ailien Phan to Yina Celadilla, $280,000

3 Basswood St: Carlos Rivera to Katherine Rodriguez, $385,000

127-129 Bennington St: Rosa Infante-Escleisis to Judith M. Perez-Acosta and Eddy M. Pena-Moronta, $470,000

25-27 Brookfield St: Josephine J. Branco to Golden Turf Properties, $210,000

72 Byron Ave: Marisol Ubri to Abel F. Jordan-Reyes and Mildred Perez, $435,000

19-21 Coolidge St: Antonia Cardona to Leonardo D. Perez-Reyes and Candida A. Rodriguez, $481,000

262 E Haverhill St Unit 9: Altagracia Hernandez to Pablo C. Diaz, $115,000

151-153 Essex St: Pedro V. Tejada to Aljenis R. Cepeda, $300,000

431-435 Essex St: Intown Donuts Realty LLC to Gamal Salama, $500,000

186 Farnham St: Roberto Dejesus-Minaya to Denise Lantigua, $223,000

50 Hillside Ave: Lamacchia Development LLC to Nelson R. Rosario-Bencosme, $425,000

330 Howard St: Plonowski Christine T Est and James E. Feld to Kenneth Plonowski, $210,000

24 Inman St Unit 28: Carlos Dasilva to Cameron-Bishop&Janton T and Anthony Ansaldi, $120,000

47 Lexington St: Michael L. Pittas to Guarionex E. Martinez, $255,000

22-24 Logan St: Idalia Bahamundi to Anthony Galan, $480,000

7 Lorenzo Rd: Torossian FT and Mark J. Torossian to Margaret A. Audley and Brian E. Farmer, $325,000

22-24 Milton St: Francisco Salazar to V Almanzer-Henriquez and Ermenegilda A. Henriquez, $470,000

535 Mount Vernon St: Felix Gonzalez to Jose A. Soto, $330,000

18-20 Olive Ave: Anselmo and Mary P. Leal to Nicole P. Leal, $300,000

9-11 Pleasant Ter: David O. Peguero and Geisy M. Guzman to Ramon A. Reyes, $418,000

218 Prospect St: Benito C. and Rosa A. Deras to Bienvenido Chalas, $471,200

31 Royal St: Lorenzo and Rafael Cueto to Jose I. Diaz, $367,000

6-b Salem St: Louise A. Boucher to Angelina Rivera-Ruiz, $275,000

71-73 Saratoga St: Gabriela Matos to I&H Realty Associates LLC, $75,000

206-208 Saratoga St: Omar Loaiza to Maria A. Hernandez-DeVeras and Emmanuel Veras-Sosa, $483,000

17-19 Tewksbury St: RJJM LLC to Jovanny A. Marte and Shadeska Labour, $465,000

78 Wachusetts Ave: Ryan Rourke to Jose L. Ortiz and Betty E. Rivas, $338,000


22 Arrowwood St: Joseph A. and Valerie Cicolini to Jamie and Elizabeth Clark, $685,000

20 Birute St: Kenneth W. Scherig to Tony and Annette Johnsen, $515,000

15 Briarcliff Dr: Paul J. and Gail K. Bova to Kenneth W. Scherig, $420,000

73 Brown St: Crislenny Ynfante to Rafael A. and Maria M. Castillo, $500,000

15 Budron Rd: Perkins James P Est and Henry C. Perkins to Kalliman Medeiros-Gomes and Fabricia C. Sampaio-Viana, $325,000

30 Campus Rd: Amy J. and Keith E. Parenteau to Kelly Silva, $430,000

1 Capitol St: Maksoodkhan and Karimabibi Pathan to Richard A. and Irene M. Lombardi, $370,000

11 Cedar Cir: Joseph J. Gilbert to Robert Dacey and Valerie R. Tellier, $290,000

6 Central St: Fredric L. and Tammy M. Baldassari to Forrest G. Chesley and Patricia J. Keil, $429,200

45 Christopher Dr Unit 107: Christina Fichera to Matthew and Sarah Armano, $220,000

24 Comet Rd: Mia Investments Props LLC to Paulina Rodriguez-Arvelo, $470,000

18 Constitution Way Unit F: Brian Valentine to Elizabeth M. Smith and Benjamin S. Woodard, $164,000

31 Coolidge St: Kyle and Jessica Defrancesco to Donald F. and Allison P. Welch, $310,000

11 Country Club Cir Unit 83: Carriage Homes LLC to Linda and Robert Barboza, $573,000

136 Druid Hill Ave: Duc and Sue Vo to Claribel Catalina and Edgar A. Queliz, $645,000

25 Eastbrook Pl: Patti A. Poirier to Julio E. Anziani, $285,000

7 Gervais Way Unit 7: Peter G. Rossi and Dina E. Savastano to Charlene Shastop, $295,000

15 Glen Ave: Liberato C. and Renee E. Melillo to Ricky T. Oliveira, $452,500

32 Glen Ave: Daher Group Inc to Raidelin A. Corona and Idalia V. Tejada, $340,000

45 Greenside Way: Robert P. and Linda C. Barboza to Alex C. and Luz J. Frazier, $540,000

6 Judith E Ln: Lauren and Jason Messina to Christopher J. and Kayla Hadley, $530,000

18 Landmark Dr: Jamie N. and Elizabeth F. Clark to Keith N. and Jessica L. Crowley, $523,000

307 Lowell St: Emily R. Obrien and William Holland to Melissa A. Lafontaine and Richard J. Kinney, $330,000

6 Lupine Ave: Alisson D. Garcia and Jairo A. Naranjo to David and Daniela Correa, $370,000

45 Lyndale Ave: Gagnon Marie A Est and Todd M. Gagnon to Regis Pellitier, $330,000

75 Meriline Ave: Denise Cassen to Emil Zeaiter, $330,900

1 Olympic Village Dr: Dorothy A. Greene to James P. and Annmarie Boyle, $510,000

12 Park St: Peter S. Aznoian to Fiore and Karissa Esposito, $380,000

175 Pelham St: 175 Pelham RT and Cathleen E. Kavanagh to 175 Pelham Realty LLC, $4,600,000

15 Pilgrim Cir Unit F: Melissa A. Lafontaine to Sohil Patel, $155,000

476 Prospect St: Ildelisa Ortiz to Marie N. Charles, $505,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 9-205: Yazmin K. Acosta to Maria S. Figueroa, $259,000

5 Stadium Rd: Marian R. Ead to Thomas Gallagher, $452,000

33 Thornton Ave: Salvatore and Shana Placenti to Michelle L. Forsyth, $469,900

20 Washington St Unit 51: John and Wendy D. Ferreira to Michael J. Kellerman, $245,000


25 Abbott St: Joseph R. and Michelle L. Nicolaisen to Dennis J. Sherlock, $489,900

95 Barker St: 95 Barker Street RT and Stephen A. Darrigo to Pei He, $685,000

281 Brentwood Cir: James A. and Gayle P. Obook to John Nickerson and Kristen Difillippo, $700,000

59 Farrwood Ave Unit 2: Christopher J. Hansberry and S B. Slater-Hansberry to Anthony Lucci, $212,000

70 Farrwood Ave Unit 10: Martha Higuera to Pia Alagna-Salerno, $227,500

1401 Great Pond Rd Unit 14: Ronald M. Cuscia to Marnie E. Sheeran, $250,000

22 Hodges St: Marnie E. Sheeran to Ronald M. Cuscia, $173,000

364 Johnson St: Doreen M. Prisby to Gregory Buitkus and Melissa Armstrong, $525,000

53 Lancaster Rd: Anthony G. and Maria S. Eaton to Scott and Marissa J. Mcclintock, $950,000

148 Main St Unit A311: Ellen Gallant to Robert L. and Laurie A. Wilkey, $289,750

71 Marbleridge Rd: Thomas P. and Mary J. Cieslewski to Ryan and Meaghan Collamore, $825,000

58 Milk St: Jennie Marino and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Frederick Habeeb, $377,000

619 S Bradford St: D Brian and Stephanie J. Dorsey to Kiran and Chandra Upadhyay, $755,000

855 Salem St: John T. and Candace F. Aslanian to Samuel and Kathleen Kazlas, $604,000

56 Tolland Rd: Scott C. and Marissa J. Mcclintock to William J. and Jennifer Galvin, $685,000

106 Waverley Rd: Lauriann M. and Michael C. Messina to Beatrice Dicks, $442,000


11 Caroline Rd: Canney FT and Edward A. Canney to Srimanth K. Srinivasan and Aatna A. Kumar, $585,000

20 Chestnut St: Elder Svcs Of Merrimack to Sandra Hafiz Inc, $331,000

2 Hemlock Rd: Kevin C. and Ellen M. Meagher to Maximiano R. Gouveia and Casey Z. Macdonald, $425,000

25 Leland Rd: Robert A. Dempsey and Isabel Medeiros to Xuyang Zhang and Qianyi Lin, $510,000

46 Linwood Ave: Timothy J. and Claudia Gillis to Richard J. and Nicole M. Copithorne, $435,000

42 Main St Unit 9: Barton Jerilyn A Est and Peter R. Barton to John Colella, $195,000

44 Main St Unit 1: James A. Sbrogna to Joanna Maguire, $205,900

44 Main St Unit 3: Nicole L. Lapointe to Jillian Natale, $202,500

87 Park St: Shawn P. Mccarthy and Shannon R. Walsh to Jeremy N. Griffin and Stephanie Lento, $374,900

4 Sandra Ln: Steven F. and Aurora L. Morse to Jaskaran Oberoi and Ashmeet Dham, $603,500

19 Shore Rd: Sandra A. Ferrera to Worry Free Real Estate, $170,000

10 Williams Rd: Denise M. Mcauliffe to Michael R. Brennan and Anne E. Murray, $480,000


8 Bartlett St: Barbara S. Loiselle to Jean M. and Richard M. Bastable, $455,000

49 Elm St: 49-51 Elm Street RT and Ronald A. Francoeur to 291 Jefferson Avenue RT and Stavros Agganis, $806,000

51 Elm St: 49-51 Elm Street RT and Ronald A. Francoeur to 291 Jefferson Avenue RT and Stavros Agganis, $806,000

60 Mudnock Rd: 49-51 Elm Street RT and Ronald A. Francoeur to 291 Jefferson Avenue RT and Stavros Agganis, $806,000

13 Old County Rd: Robin L. Jaffe to Charles E. Shaw and Jayne P. Sorrentino, $460,000

24 Old Elm St: Hubbell Old Elm Holdings to Hong D. Zhang, $379,500

16 Partridge Ln Unit A: Linda H. Ballard to Sheryll Bouvier, $335,000

8 Sandpiper Way Unit C: Casey R. Didonato to Jesse E. Speed, $176,000

16 Seabrook Rd: Edward C. Hill and Kelly Olson to David J. and Kim A. Deruosi, $575,000

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