500 Brookside Dr Unit E: Bronson L. Milinazzo to Mohamed W. Abdallah, $265,000

23 Buttonwood Dr: Manuel T. and Patricia Lowenhaupt to Kevin M. Casey and Laura Sexton-Casey, $1,380,000

31 Cheever Cir: MJP NT and Mary J. Powell to Michael Weise and Michelle Rhee, $750,000

5 Fairway Dr: Mary F. Catanzaro to Honney Wadhwa and Saurabh Chadha, $1,075,000

168 Haverhill St: Highview LLC to Andover Community T, $50,000

245 Highland Rd: Laszlo and Andrea Papp to Patricia Vetrano, $625,000

43 Ivana Dr Unit 43: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Cameron and Sarah Grob, $935,000

307-r Lowell St: Lowell Street Investments to 307R Lowell Street Realty, $3,000,000

10 Mckenney Cir: Anne Chay to Helena Z. and Kara D. Bloomingdale, $429,900

7 Pettingill Rd: Kristen O. Myers to Kristen O. Myers and Scott G. Smith, $251,053

5 Porter Rd Unit 203: Jawahar L. Raina to Porter Palace T and John G. Clemedtson, $265,000

River Rd: USA HUD to Melmark Inc, $7,500,000

River Rd: Melmark Inc to Pulte Homes Of New Eng, $7,250,000

131 Salem St: Justin Jongwook-Hwang and Young H. Hwang to Aldo and Suzanne M. Damiani, $880,000

14 Sherry Dr: Kathleen M. and Jon E. Harwood to Shane M. and Ann Y. Griffin, $560,000

2 Shipman Rd: Thomas J. and Elizabeth V. Lazay to James A. Dietz and Katelyn E. Kurkul, $752,000


21 Endicott Rd: George J. Campbell and Louise M. Firth-Campbell to Valentino and Joanne Tocci, $525,000

2 Kelsey Rd: Richard G. and Amber S. Haywood to Andrew and Naazneen Bax, $519,900

71 Lockwood Ln: Linda J. Cleary to Leslie J. and Shannon Rigali, $695,100

5 Meadowwood Rd: Laurie Nickole to Omar Merhi and Efdal Elferri, $1,100,000

73 Pinehurst Dr: Valentino and Joanne Tocci to Lara K. Dengizli, $600,000

2 Towne Rd: 2 Towne Road RT and Peter L. Morbeck to Dimitrios Panagiotakakos and Courtney Brabson, $800,000

26 Whitney Rd: Thomas G. and Kathleen E. Droste to Franco and Cara M. Desantis, $980,000


112 D St: JRV Homes Inc to Alexander and Marcia Paasewe, $369,900

34 Doyle Ave: George X. Bernier and Karen A. Gavlik to Ronnie D. and Daisy D. Garcia, $335,000

59 Mill St Unit 108: Arthur J Poisson RET and Arthur J. Poisson to James F. and Mary J. Walker, $209,900

44 Saddle Rd: Fox Run 2 LLC to Paul and Tuyet Muzhuthett, $501,688

90 Sue Ann Dr: David E&Joyce E Stuer RET and David E. Stuer to George X. and Karen A. Bernier, $460,000

11 Sycamore Dr: RFM Meadow Creek LLC to Michael Ryan and Susan Karolides-Ryan, $639,000

85 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 15: Gregory Frederick and Katherine Fell to Eric P. Dungan, $190,000

120 Thissell Ave Unit 105: Tricia Lawler and Wells Fargo Bank NA to FNMA, $88,100

137 Varnum Ave: Anwar Arenas to Jason J. Niemaszyk, $20,000

137 Varnum Ave: Chiaie Marion D Est and David W. Hopping to Anwar Arenas, $13,000

36 Varnum Rd: Michael Ring and Than Moeun to Sambath Bo and Aenoy Lakmany, $280,000


3 Crescent Meadow Ln: Marrich Danvers RT and Richard Soloski to Kenneth S. Murphy, $270,000

6 Hart Cir: Mark Zambernardi to Rodney and Allison Fulton, $375,000

114 Lakeshore Dr: Brian and Janice Litalien to John D. Lavina and Randi Makholm-Lavina, $310,000

26 Long Hill Rd: John J. and Mariellen Burkinshaw to Shawn Carroll and Melody J. Barlay, $549,000

12 Madison Ave: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Laura Giacoumakis, $250,000

14 Reynard Ln: Peter S. and Mary B. Oconnell to Siuhong Chan and Kayee Law, $520,000

28 Summer St: Robert and Kari Mitchell to Blue Waters Vero LLC, $240,000

22 Taylor St: Sarah E. Dennett to Zachary J. Bolcome, $350,000

42 Tenney St: James Clough and Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $336,000


10 Pecker Ln: Pecker Lane RT and James P. Mccarthy to Michael Crowe, $150,000

13 Pecker Ln: Gould&Kelley Builders LLC to James P. Mccarthy, $140,000

36-38 School St: David S. Holleman to Stephen J. Shepard and Lauren E. Wood-Shepard, $300,000


2 Alfred Park: D&D RT and Donald J. Aimaro to Gregory Vlahos and Jacqueline Powers-Vlahos, $360,000

14 Atlanta St: Richard P. Early to DC Development&Constr LLC, $87,500

55-57 Chandler St: Veliotta Papadelos to Joel Perez and Angela Cancel, $393,000

21 Clydedale Ave: Nicholas S. and Alisha A. Pascucci to Darren and Roberta Jarzyniecki, $280,000

12 Country Hill Ln Unit 12: Joshua and Jessica Perkins to Tricia Rogers, $230,000

406 Farrwood Dr Unit 406: Charles and Christine Nagle to Rose C. Dalton, $199,000

18 Hazel St: Patricia A. Costin to Andre C. Batista and June E. Romano, $270,000

430 Hilldale Ave: Mario and Kathy Dipietro to Joseph B. and Anna C. Schroeder, $315,000

810 Hilldale Ave: Hakop and Elena Melkonian to Jaime Pardo-Ospina, $307,000

67 Hoyt Rd: Thomas V. and Cynthia Oliver to Joshua Oliver, $389,000

20 Ledge Rd: Bradford Unlimited Corp to Joel A. and Janine A. Gastonguay, $390,000

305-307 Lowell Ave: RB Asset Management LLC to Arlette Teixeira, $579,800

533 Main St: John F. Marsden and Catherine Kennedy-Marsden to Braulio M. Almonte, $340,000

1073 Main St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Osvaldo Ramirez, $178,769

64 Moore St: Craig Pascoe to Matthew D. and Elizah Tashjian, $205,000

16 Myles Standish Dr Unit 5: S&J RT and Richard P. Hamel to Charles and Christine Nagle, $150,000

440 North Ave Unit 133: Jacquelyn Maxwell to Samuel T. and Richard Sasso, $123,000

17 Perkins Ct Unit 17: Merritt Sandra J Est and Robin L. Favor to Michelle L. Favor, $205,000

97 Powder House Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Danny Azzi, $281,000

747 River St Unit 3: Erin L. Mcfadden and US Bank NA Tr to US Bank NA Tr, $180,000

88 Riverview St: FHLM to Ronald J. and Ronald J. Anderson, $206,000

59 Snow Rd: Marc and Melissa Hamman to Jack E. and Sasha Dipietro, $429,100

89 Standish Rd: Pilgrim Road Realty LLC to Carlos D. Arriaga, $365,000

43 Westchester Dr Unit 43: Dorothy Whitten IRT and Kay-Beth Benson to John Pasquale and Victoria Bush, $246,000

111 White St: James P. Demetri to Cepeda Investments LLC, $500,000

N/a: Boston&Maine Corp to J&J RT and James A. Allen, $56,000


283 Colonial Rd: Greg and Stacy Hetrick to Joanne Cimea and Ricot Mombayard, $290,000

47 Corbett Rd: Sarah A. Stopyra to Keshia R. Jiminian, $255,000

41 Crosby St: Rigoberto Reyes to Allam Garcia, $369,000

407 Essex St: 407 Essex Street RT and Tai V. Man to Thao Phu-Diep and Diana S. Yeap, $370,000

50 Hamlet St: C L Demarco RT and Claire L. Demarco to Edwin A. Gomez, $248,000

8-10 Hemlock St: Myrta Hernandez to Jose Polanco and Elsa Guzman, $305,000

195 High St: Blondin FT and Colombe Moreau to Denise A. Ceballos, $240,000

3 Kathleen Ter: Cathy M. Stpierre to Susan A. Piazza, $83,182

52-54 Olive Ave: Burnias FT and Manuel C. Burnias to Dale Tunstall, $395,000

17 Pearl Ave: Cesarina Silfa to Marisol and Nathalie N. Marte, $270,000

21 Pleasant Pl: MDJ 1 Realty LLC to Carolina Abreu, $358,900

392-394 S Broadway: Roger and Paul Audet to Nathaniel G. and Erika Stephenson, $400,000

195-199 S Union St: JP LLC to Almeidas Property LLC, $460,000

114-116 Salem St: Ysabel Suarez to Venecia Liriano-Delopez and Gilberto Liriano, $365,000

18-20 Sargent St: Habrom Andemariam to Sirron Dev, $86,000

91 Summer St Unit 5: Linh Ha to Jose Betances, $33,500

50 Union St: Caras Realty LLC to Yenny Ferreras, $170,000

17-19 Willow St: Bethania Camilo to Kesnel Jules and Shela F. Sinelien, $262,500


72 Arnold St: Michael Firth to Annabelle Shestak, $229,000

47 Benefit St: Jason M. and Melissa J. Bramble to Vanessa and Michael Farino, $407,000

15 Chestnut Way: George A. and Sabah M. Daher to Arthur C. and Isabel S. Tourkantonis, $535,000

39 Deborah Ave: US Bank NA Tr to William Garcia, $235,000

25 Druid Hill Ave Unit 2: Yvan Z. and Louisa Leclerc to Ketan and Naina Patel, $294,950

90-92 East St: I M. Simoes-Tourkantonis and Arthur C. Tourkantonis to Sandra A. Mitchell, $412,500

24 Eastbrook Pl: Wilfred Colon and Yanilla Lozada to Hugues Denis, $240,000

8 Garfield St: Jeffrey Mann and Melissa A. Gormley to Jacquelyn Phelan and Robert Morasse, $290,000

17 Glen Forest Ln: Angela and Danquang Nguyen to Nicholas Tedeschi and Leah Arienza-Tedeschi, $310,000

11 Jayson Rd: Rose M. and Gregory J. Muzerall to Anthony and Patricia Auciello, $362,000

35 Lincoln St: Matthew Frederick to Bruce Mellen, $263,000

9 Milan Rd: Charles J. and Kristin D. Ogonowski to Orlien Meshini and Vianela Morales, $315,000

82 Milk St: Candido Matias to Augusto Mejia, $370,000

61 Mystic St Unit 23: Andrea L. Bezemes to Alpine Village Realty LLC, $125,000

259 Oak St: Siddharth Gehlot to Joe Peralta, $324,000

215 Oakland Ave: Gloria and Pedro R. Peralta to Yanilka Lozada and Wilberto Colon, $384,900

187 Pleasant Valley St: Matthew R. and Cassie A. Ducharme to Eric Call and Meghan Pryor, $263,000

187 Pleasant Valley St: Esther Iannalfo to Matthew R. Ducharme and Cassie A. Montbleau, $217,750

581 Prospect St: MJC Development Corp to Ann W. Ndirangu and Anthony Ngethe, $437,110

24 Saint Francis Ave: Donald F. and Linda B. Mcleod to Raymond A. and Sara J. Kenyon, $252,000

19 Sampson St: Vogel FT and Herbert P. Vogel to Lauren Phillips, $291,000

14 Sierra Ct Unit 14: Toll MA 4 LLC to Roland J. and Nanette Yelle, $566,896

34 Stevens St: Manuel Joaquin to Roberto Camacho and Sandra J. Quinones, $332,500

5 Thornton Ave: Rogers Joan R Est and Owen E. Rogers to George and Sabah H. Daher, $145,000

20 Washington St Unit 9: Jeremy R. Dow to James F Kowalik Sr FT and James F. Kowalik, $191,250

45 Washington St Unit 79: Guerrera FT and Virginia A. Guerrera to Nabil Yousef and Ereny Mekael, $210,000

45 Washington St Unit 2: Claire A. Caredeo to Jill Zulon, $190,000

22 Woodburn Dr: Joseph H Ouellette IRT and David T. Ouellette to Smith M. Jean and Diny J. Desmornes, $330,900


57 Autran Ave: Charles R. Regan and US Bank NA Tr to Jean Almonte, $235,000

52 Compass Pt Unit H1: David Hirshberg and Rotchana Petchdee to Arthur Caissie, $455,000

759 Dale St: Maria A. and John E. Depippo to Brandon L. Bigelow and Tracey A. Blueman, $769,000

37 Fernview Ave Unit 7: Smith Samuel P Jr Est and Kathleen Ramasay to Andrew Bisceglia, $160,000

54 Fernview Ave Unit 2: Anthony and Emily Verrocchio to Fernando Baez and Clarisa Amezquita, $168,900

3 Harvest Dr Unit 101: Robert Tang to Eli and Tracy A. Fuchs, $238,000

156 Kingston St Unit 156: Philip Decologero and Sara R. Mckallagat to Cody R. Olivier, $215,200

41 Mark Rd: Mary D Savukinas T and Mary D. Savukinas to Stephen Sherwin and Nicole Edwards, $438,000

17 Mathews Way Unit 17: 288 Sutton Street LLC to Jennifer Staton, $409,900

41 Oakes Dr: Anita M. Casale to Peter H. and Meredith P. Longo, $450,000

521 Pleasant St: Steven D. and Linda D. Joaquin to Nicholas C. Branzetti, $670,000

70 Rosemont Dr: Gregory Y. and Cynthia H. Lauwers to Amanda and Eric Robinson, $690,000

28-32 Saunders St: Wentworth FT and Kathleen M. Turner to Mohamed Machkour and Mina Dani, $320,000


34 Duane Dr: Douglas O. and Joan M. Short to Shawn and Melissa Carberry, $775,000

137 Elm St: Abruzese Rita I Est and Carl P. Abruzese to Smith Sons Plumbng&Heatng, $288,000

6 Flint St: Vincent F. and Paula M. Berinato to Andrew Depatie, $505,000

7 Hawthorne Ter: Leeanne Martino to Andrea L. Bezemes, $297,000

13 Hillview Rd: Gerade T and Carl A. Gerade to Ryan J. and Elizabeth M. Hurton, $592,000

3 Joanne Ter: Steven F. and Angela N. Tambini to Scott T. and Sheila M. Regan, $487,500

84 North St: Sheila M. and Scott T. Regan to Haley A. Mayne and Thomas Massie, $484,000

51 Southwick Rd: Laura M. Lavigne to Andrew J. Sawyer and Jennifer Saucier-Sawyer, $645,000

2 Valley Rd: James M. Vant and Jennifer Casoli-Vant to Joseph A. and Elisabetta Auciello, $728,000

20 Valley Rd: Kevin and Laura Casey to James M. Vant and Jennifer Casoli-Vant, $875,000


115 Beach Rd: Louis Poto and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $460,560

18 Collins St: 16 Collins Street RT and Paul A. Wilkinson to Joseph and Jennifer Gately, $360,000

215 Lafayette Rd: Rose Sthern Essex Cnty RT and James J. Zegouros to 221 Lafayette Road LLC, $535,000

221 Lafayette Rd: Rose Sthern Essex Cnty RT and James J. Zegouros to 221 Lafayette Road LLC, $535,000

2-a Lighthouse Cir: Beach 54 LLC to Donna M. and Andrew P. Fronczak, $298,600

2 Mason Ln Unit 2: Leslie Aja to Peter and Megan Newcombe, $339,000

15 Pike St: Rose Sthern Essex Cnty RT and James J. Zegouros to 221 Lafayette Road LLC, $535,000

86 Railroad Ave: Ada Peters to Michael R. Bakhtiari, $318,000