21 Algonquin Ave: Eric M. Graff and Kelly R. Champagne to Adam T. and Allyson M. Cooper, $870,000

103 Brookside Dr Unit 103: Ravi Kulbhushan and Preeti Sharma to Jagdish Tewari and Vivechana Dixit, $378,000

13 Candlewood Dr: Anne L. Goldstein to Greg and Jamie Pinkham, $688,500

5 Carmel Rd: Neville Mary K Est and Eleanor Fishbein to Rkaco LLC, $450,000

11 Carriage Hill Rd: C&L Montgomery RT and Sandra K. Montgomery to Todal and Priti Patel, $545,000

136 Chandler Rd: Donald&Karen Roy LT and Donald R. Roy to Lawrence T. and Lisa M. Almeida, $663,000

3 Colonial Dr Unit 8b: Eric J. Brown to John and Teresa Malgieri, $189,900

11 Crenshaw Ln Unit 11: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Richard J. and Susan E. Simons, $1,300,000

4 Donna Rd: Erin Romansik and Deborah Sapienza to Corey J. and Carin P. Mcgrath, $599,900

56 Dufton Rd: Silverman Myrna F Est and Theodore S. Silverman to Derek and Anastasia Sullivan, $510,000

171 Elm St: Paiva John E Est and Jay M. Paiva to Kevan E. and Traci L. Revis, $515,000

59 Essex St: Maureen P. and Noreen P. Bailey to Eric Byonghak-An and Kyung S. An, $545,000

24 Fleming Ave: Fleming Avenue LLC to Callie and Siu Pau, $737,000

13 Greenmeadow Ln: Simon C. and Wai C. Lam to Julien Joly and Jannette Norodom, $687,000

58 Haverhill St: Obrien Homes Inc to Po K. Cheung and Ping Jones-Lam, $680,000

40 Lowell St: Adam and Stephanie Parsch to Steven and Laurie A. Cavazza, $475,000

108 Lowell St: Jacob W. and Amy M. Hafensteiner to Dorothy and Kenneth R. Lorenze, $600,000

49 Lupine Rd Unit 9: Leigh Deacon to Huy Nguyen and Van T. Le, $265,000

250 N Main St Unit 6: Stephen C. Hoctor to Annemarie Mcinerney, $305,000

28 Reservation Rd: Marsh RT and Stephen C. Marsh to John S. and Ruth E. Mckenzie, $830,000

48 River St: Jason and Kelly Maguire to Gina P. Jeri, $475,000

70 River St: Francesco A. and Leah Simari to Stephen P. and Natalie Arold, $650,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 1201: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Karen Madigan RET and Karen Madigan, $429,995

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4209: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Anthony and Joanne Pisapia, $398,080

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4109: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Maureen E. Fabbri, $386,656

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4301: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Paul K. Korzeniowski, $441,995

12 Taylor Cove Dr Unit 12: Taylor Cove Development to Henry H. Ye and Rachel Y. Gu, $820,000

18 Wolcott Ave: 18 Wolcott Avenue RT and Alice G. Mcgann to Coventry Development Inc, $650,000


469 Main St: Kara K. and Scott M. Adams to Annie and John D. Rollins, $603,000


182 A St: Stephen Duarte and Caroline Abreu to Ahmed M. Gargaja, $430,000

9 Day St: Paul A. Mercier to Rachael Nachabia, $436,000

10 Demitri Cir: Rainbow Builders Corp to John L. and Michelle S. Kennedy, $629,900

25 Faith Ave: Caitlin M. and William J. Hibbard to Katie A. and Lloyd A. Stewart, $370,000

30 Faith Ave: Michael Mclaughlin to Jonathan and Jennifer Gryckiewicz, $375,000

68 Florence St: Edward M. and Eloise P. Savage to Joseph F. Demers and Amy C. Pinciak-Demers, $355,000

20 Fox St: Robert S. Sweeney to Jinnie Welsh, $380,000

47 Hartford Ave: Florence Tzaneteas T and Denise D. Adams to Veth and Vorleak Toum, $360,000

210 Haverhill St: Susana E. Aloy to Rebecca A. Olbrys, $389,000

34 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to James F. and Debra A. Kelleher, $603,950

39 Lantern Ln Unit 4: Kathleen A. Bruno to James A. Colford, $142,500

19 Leavitt St: Jessica L. and Brian Pacheco to Nereida Vazquez and Alexander Centeno, $315,000

147 Lexington Rd: Louis I. and Roberta Farina to David C. and Kelly J. Wilkey, $525,000

212 Long Pond Dr: James F. and Debra A. Kelleher to Zackery S. Adams and Angelina F. Donovan, $365,000

204 Pleasant St Unit 1: Granite Props Of New Eng to Papanotas FT and Steve A. Papanotas, $119,000

335 Primrose Hill Rd: Lori A. Wenetta to Faye Aleo, $410,000

20 Regency Dr: Paula Kaldis to Yazmin K. Acosta, $550,000

650 Robbins Ave Unit 31: John F. and Grace Rogers to Joshua E. Dalton, $165,000

59 Savoy Ave: Paul A. Mercier and James M. Kenney to Loukia Panas, $20,000

66 Scott St: US Bank NA to Sick Boy Homes LLC, $240,000

114 Sesame St: Stacey B. Weston to William J. and Caitlin M. Hibbard, $480,000

24 Stephen Ave: Kaitlyn M. Jalbert to Corey Spindler and Kristy Buck, $332,000

26 Sunset Rd: Pepper Leclerc to Peter L. Webster, $344,800

36 Tobey Rd Unit 14: Dan P. Myers to Andrew J. Mckenney, $275,000

66 Tyngsboro Rd: Erin N. Norton to Ryan T. and Giselle A. Healy, $375,000

17 Upland St: Robert J. Michaud to USA HUD, $297,000


11 Belleau Woods: Gayle and Jeffrey P. Bond to Christopher A. and Lauren C. Brown, $720,000

172 Central St: Carol A. Roche to Jay Wessell, $265,000

9 Crescent Dr: Christopher and Lauren Brown to Stacey Ciprich and Steven P. Tedesco, $494,819

76 Mill St: Margaret M. Edwards to Aaron C. Gilman and Jordan Smalling-Gilman, $435,000

216 North St: Connolly FT and George F. Connolly to Michael V. and Sarah L. Amato, $539,000

1 Taylor St: Scott M. Kulesa and Lindsay L. Kasmarcik to Katherine J. Goodwin and Robert E. Fortin, $425,000

9 Thurlow St: Woodland Realty Props LLC to Lindsay L. Kasmarcik and Scott M. Kulesa, $627,000


118 7 Star Rd: Christopher T. and Kerry A. Reddy to Charles H. and Dorothy A. Lavigne, $580,000

3 Anne St: Kristen M. Henshaw to Edward and Julie Winning, $419,000

25 Chestnut St: Thomas M. Manion to Donovan Smith, $430,000

4 Lindsay Way Unit 4: Laura Burridge to Jeremiah Pepper, $186,500


16 14th Ave: Michael P. and Shela L. Lariviere to Gregory Doukas and Shannon Murphy, $307,000

37-39 8th Ave: Daniel Morgan to Paul Adri, $423,000

44 Beechwood Dr: Michael J. and Toni M. Cavallini to Finocchiaro FT and Anne M. Messina, $440,000

47-49 Bellevue Ave: Roberto Arevalo and Norma Y. Rodriguez to Beatriz Melo, $380,000

10 Brandon Rd: Michael C. and Stacy C. Lane to Henry and Katelyn Wahl, $365,000

23-25 Central St: Brian T. and Elena M. Crowe to Rantoul Group LLC, $610,000

63 Clement Ct Unit 63: Walsh 2013 RET and Carol A. Walsh to Brian T. and Patricia A. Thompson, $303,900

50 Crosby St: Benjamin G. and Joy Fauntroy to Margoriel Fuentes and Tony A. Sune, $485,000

46 Danforth Ct Unit 46: Daniel J. Shaw to Gail E. and Lindsey M. Wittenstein, $277,000

94 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 94: Mehdi Kehtrmanesh to Joseluis Luna and Elaine M. Lundin, $323,000

54 Douglas St: Cindy L. and Paul H. Woiceshook to Jason S. and Jessica A. Ingemi, $245,000

86 E Broadway: Amy and Arthur J. Smith to Alexander W. and Amy C. Rangel, $359,000

25 Edgehill Rd: Edgehill Road RT and Kathleen Bergeron to Lorie and Mark Boyd, $400,000

10 Edwards St: Michael J. Shoueiry to Juan A. Sanchez, $459,000

18 Fairmount Ave: Kathleen A. Rowe to Ashton Alsheimer and Diana J. Odoardi, $326,000

48 Green St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

54 Green St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

187 Groveland Rd: Durgin Alice E Est and Jay J. Januszewski to Hua Sun, $340,000

15 Hamel Way Unit 15: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Ashley Blanchard and Mark Dellacrose, $324,900

15 Harrison St: Lisa M. Dunn to Gerald Lykins, $228,500

5 Hawkes Ave: Cheryl A. and Patrick Nolan to Andrea Rossetto and Anny Sanchez-Rossetto, $532,000

55 Hazen Ave: Cheryl A. Maniscalco to Alfred O. and Andrea M. Macam, $313,000

41 Hill St: Carley T. Basteri and Eric T. Jackson to Domilka P. Calcano and Joaquinf Contreras, $407,000

8 Knipe Rd: Ralph Guzzardi FT and William R. Guzzardi to Gabeeg Realty LLC, $855,587

14 Leroy Ave: Aaron and Jordan Gilman to Douglas P. and Maria F. Leasure, $360,000

35 Leroy Ave: Nancy Criniti and Barbara S. Renda to David and Megan Ratcliffe, $200,000

110 Margin St: Deborah J. Elliott to Michael R. Hoglund and Eli E. Soto, $440,000

5 Maxwell St: Calixta G. Jimenez to Ivan Acosta, $501,000

10 Maynard Ave: Peter A. Bastian to Meredith Waldron, $252,000

11 Mercury Ter Unit 11: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Alexander Dolan and Jennifer Zaleski, $240,000

23 Muriel Ter: Tagney Nancy J Est and Kim E. Monaco to Adam and Courtney Pratt, $329,000

17 Myles Standish Dr Unit 12: Betsy and Vivian M. Perez to Joao and Judith Pacheco, $195,000

19 New Hampshire Ave: Theresa E. Hayden to Jerry Etienne, $455,000

440 North Ave Unit 129: Constance C. Alexander and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to JCG Investments LLC, $95,000

440 North Ave Unit 201: Kenya Manon to Jenelle Mansfield, $160,000

55 Old Ferry Rd: Robert C. Woitkowski to Ronald A. Cormier, $350,000

144 Old Ferry Rd Unit C: Debra A. Stanley to Katherine Holloway and Bryan Stanley, $175,000

144 Old Ferry Rd: Marian H. Blackwell to John J. Mickela, $180,000

25 Orchard St Unit B: Orchard Realty Invests to Raun Nichols, $289,900

27 Orchard St Unit D: Orchard Realty Invests to Mikayla A. Ferullo, $299,900

27 Orchard St Unit B: Orchard Realty Invests to Gustavo J. Vera-Perez and Isaovic Veras-Roque, $289,900

29 Orchard St Unit C: Orchard Realty Invests to Rituparna Bose and Arnab De, $289,900

14 S Lincoln St: Annie J. and John D. Rollins to Eric and Hannah E. Schermerhorn, $305,000

40 School St Unit 3: Timothy B. Fitts to Jessica Cann and Mary J. Delillo, $168,000

57 Stage St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

43-45 Summer St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

51-53 Summer St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

55 Summer St: Summers Green RT and William O. Frieswick to Summer Green LLC, $2,850,000

2 Tyler Ave: Alexander Sayre to Samantha M. Nunes, $335,000

9 Windmill Rd: Jeanne L. and John E. Houle to Andrew D. Gosselin and Tara K. Proulx, $359,000

5 Winston Cir: Anna and Jay Liang to Bertren J. and Cherie Labbe, $460,000

31 Woodland Park Dr Unit 31: E Shelly Silverman-King to Karen D. and Thomas Poirier, $330,000

15 Woodrow Ave: James L. Serratore and Salem Five Cents SB to 1 ime RT and Louis T. Fossarelli, $188,000


317 Ames St: Cesar O. Pimentel and Juan Garcia to Juan Garcia, $250,000

265 Andover St: Nelson Batista to Marlin I. and Julio M. Osorio, $529,800

526 Andover St: Noel Jerez to Josefina A. and Jose D. Cepeda, $470,000

239-241b Broadway: AMD LLC to Josvi LLC, $600,000

103 Brookfield St: Giulietta LLC to Denia M. Ferreras, $131,000

215 Canal St: Levis Realty Assoc to 215 Canal Street LLC, $555,000

47 Durham St: Miguelin Contracting Inc to Angela E. Pena, $300,000

365 Essex St: Walgreen Eastern Co Inc to Nunez LLC, $500,000

194 Garden St: Jorge Contreras and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $521,494

92 Genesee St: Yudelka M. Geronimo to Efrain Morales, $401,000

2 Groton St: HJ Nassar Motor Co Inc to Nunez LLC, $1,950,000

585 Haverhill St: James Guertin to Wildarys Ortiz, $530,000

38 Hillside Ave: Edward J. Bardsley to Jose R. Abreu, $369,000

12 Hoffman Ave: Daher Group Inc to Luz C. Guzman, $360,000

10 Jefferson St: Michael P. and Katherine H. Monteiro to Paola Gonzalez-Ibarra and Cosme DeLaFuente-Vargas, $310,000

42 Kingston St: Evelyn V. Tavarez to Sopheak Duong, $213,000

30 Norris St: David&George Realty Ptnsh to Maria and Cira Gesualdo, $537,000

211 Olive Ave: Linda E. Tavares to Juan O. Carrasquillo and Elizabeth Marrero-Pagan, $307,000

166 Park St: Chloe LLC to Antonia Cardona, $555,000

166 Park St: Anny Arroyo and Lorinaldo Caspagnette to Chloe LLC, $220,000

168-170 Park St: Anny Arroyo and Lorinaldo Caspagnette to Chloe LLC, $220,000

57-71 Railroad St: Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart to Jermaine Rivera, $188,000

71 Railroad St Unit 71: Benchmark RT and Randall F. Hart to Jermaine Rivera, $188,000

52 Rollins St: Karl R. Armano to Feliz Soto, $410,000

111 S Bowdoin St: Petzco Susanna Est and Wendy R. Olinsky to Ramon and Belkys Reynoso, $285,000

332-334 S Union St: Marisela Almonte to Jose M. Reyes and Isaias Rodriguez-Lopez, $425,000

203-205 Saratoga St: Sarah Martinez and Sugeylis Urbaez to Gladys M. Martinez, $491,000

10 Silesia Ct: David J. and Rachel L. Elias to Alexis Peralta, $260,000

36 Stevens Ave: Equestrian RT and Shawn M. Slattery to Jerry Bertrand and Josemyr Jeanty-Bertrand, $345,000

10-18 Union St: Levis Realty Assoc to 215 Canal Street LLC, $555,000


25 Albermarle St: Allen LLC to Elias Checho, $395,000

46 Arrowwood St: Daniel A. and Donna M. Parisi to Ileana and William Gallagher, $579,000

14 Belmont St: Erika Hardy and Jason Velazquez to Wendy R. Rosario-Burgos, $310,000

3 Breen Ave: Lily V. Lai to Karen C. Mccracken, $365,000

64 Calumet Rd: Anthony J. and Stacia Perrotta to Claudine Bernadeau, $486,500

11 Chelmsford St: Jorge B. Torres to Urbano Guzman and R Maldonado-Ramirez, $462,500

Clayton Ave: Michelle R. and Robert Mignogna to Miguel A. Diaz and Jescenia Castillo, $445,000

23 Country Club Cir Unit 78: Carriage Homes LLC to Lynda Ferrara, $560,000

11 Dundee Avenue Ext: Michelle Doherty to Beth H. Vellante and Kathryn A. Kelleher, $460,000

171 East St: Appleton Square RT and Myrna Zelenitz to Arrowpoint Burlington LLC, $29,300,000

5 Eastbrook Pl: Anthony Grasso and Jennifer Willyard to Juan C. Flores, $355,000

3 Emsley Ter: Meagan Harrigan and Bryson D. Geary to Hatice and Amine Ekinci, $400,000

108 Ford St Unit F: Ryan Nault to Carlos Estevez, $175,000

23 Hampshire Rd Unit 307: Courtney Taylor to Jane Duboff, $211,450

300 Hampshire Rd: Roseanne M. and Thomas J. Dallon to James Waldie, $485,000

113 Howe St: Nancy K. Mattola to 113 Howe Street RT and Paul Michaud, $265,000

2 Huntress Ave: Craig and Melissa Mack to Mercy M. Irura, $470,000

305 Jackson St: Carol Perrotta and Joseph Gibeau to Amanda Waldie and Luis A. Quimby, $350,000

24 James Rd: V Gardner IRT and Vicki J. Gardner to Francis Sanquintin and Yrma L. Desanquintin, $352,900

Lindberg Ave Lot B: Lindbergh Avenue RT and Leon C. Asadoorian to 101 Lindberg Avenue LLC, $300,000

47 Lowell St: SS LBMA LLC to Wilson G. Garcia-Acosta, $90,000

30 Merrimack St: Kevin A. and Cherylann Feole to Wallace C. Lima, $560,000

28 Morgan Dr: Joseph A Leone 3rd RET and Theresa B. Leone to Wendy Y. and Jose A. Estrella, $680,000

1 Nikki St: John R. and Deborah Isensee to Patricia A. and Doulas A. Ohlson, $690,000

150 North St: Marsella IRT and Robert P. Marsella to Kathleen M. Carroll, $370,000

138 Oakland Ave: Elizabeth Medina to Alberico R. Cruz, $370,000

39 Oakmeadow Ln: Edward&Ann Harb 2010 FT and Richard J. Harb to Jorge L. Garcia and Ybonis Delacruz, $440,000

1 Phoebe St Unit 6: Toll MA Land 3 LP to David R. and Michelle J. Moody, $599,575

3 Phoebe St Unit 7: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Robert and Doreen Mason, $562,609

5 Phoebe St Unit 8: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Patrick J. and Cheryl A. Nolan, $598,695

95 Pine Tree Dr Unit 95: Toll MA 4 LLC to Theresa Leone, $670,677

175 Pleasant Valley St Unit D: Nancy Quinlan to Rivers Edge Properties, $131,000

84 Reservoir St Unit 84: Dawn M. Collins to Isaiah J. Coleman, $286,000

38 Ridge Rd: Anne-Marie Fiore to Hazel P. Williams, $370,900

4 Sawyer Pl: Joseph Cianciolo to Mackendy and Dorsainvil B. Gabriel, $305,000

12 Tamarack Rd: Huong T. Nguyen to Tania and Herivelto Macedo, $589,000

5 Tech Cir: Anny Sanchez and Andrea Rossetto to Katherine Tamayo, $435,000

107 Tyler St: Quynh T. and Thao H. Nguyen to Pierre Nicolas and Aniolite Bence, $505,000

75 Weybossett St: Stephanie Lucente and Jason Elder to Joseph Fitzgerald, $240,000

34 Woodland St: Brian and Alison Otoole to Gregory Alvarado, $377,500


345 Boston St: Wu Miao and Xiaoqing Guo to Kalyan C. Nallaparaju, $670,000

180 Chickering Rd Unit 204c: Beth H. Vellante and Kathryn A. Kelleher to Elizabeth Catarino, $310,000

185 Dale St: Dale Street RT and Claire M. Hagan to Audley H. Jones, $430,000

28 Fernview Ave Unit 9: Susan T. Quealy to Donna and Glenn W. Thompson, $200,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 208: Zhao Wang and Zhihua Xiao to Edward J. and Carole E. Felix, $327,500

15 Kittredge Rd: Melahat and Peyman Samali to Jesse and Kathleen Lelievre, $875,000

148 Main St Unit A211: Mary Carroll to Michael and Heidi Connelly, $290,000

505 Massachusetts Ave: Jennifer and Kevin Finnigan to Timothy Carroll, $318,000

43 Mayflower Dr Unit 43: Carolyn Gala to Craig W. and Loretta Taylor, $684,000

36 Silsbee Rd: Tyler and Stephanie Cote to Timothy and Melanie Healy, $450,000

12 Stacy Dr: Gerald F. and Cynthia Clement to Maryann Richards, $325,000

11 Walker Rd Unit 5: Michelle L. Colantonio to Marybeth Hannah, $174,000

335 Willow St: Eastcon RT and Kay Juel to Muffin 3X LLC, $3,551,000


1 Deerfield Pl: Michael L. and Maria F. Gentile to Derek and Alyssa Fitzpatrick, $922,000

10 Fairbanks Ln: 10 Fairbanks Lane RT and Gary S. Molyneaux to Danielle and Christopher Gianatassio, $915,000

20 North St: Christopher P. and Danielle M. Gianatassio to M Silverio-Henderson and Jermaine Henderson, $920,000

10 Pluff Ave: Scott G. and Pamela M. Feffer to Dafeng Chu and Yanzhi Zhou, $755,000

9 Washington St: Anastasia and Derek Sullivan to Marianna Z. and Seth F. Hosking, $409,500


1 Greenbriar Dr Unit 202: Melanie L. Capwell and Timothy Healy to Daniel and John Connelly, $256,000


233 Beach Rd Unit 10: Leslie A. and Peter J. Milano to George C. Moore, $470,000

67 Folly Mill Rd: Erin C. and Paul M. Kohan to Denise and Stuart T. Balser, $399,900

18 Liberty St: Karen A. and Mark J. Sotiropoulos to Christopher M. and Michelle T. Roberge, $345,900

6 Lynne Ave: David P. and Michelle M. Mcgrath to Lisa J. Cormier, $386,000

1-a Mariner Way Unit P1: Beach 54 LLC to Lopus Lake LLC, $354,900

10 Pike St: Valerie Mcgillivray to Shawn D. Fitzgerald, $110,000

119 Rabbit Rd: Sharon Wolcik to Dennis Warshaver, $215,000

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