10 Blackberry Ln: William D. and Sarah S. Letsky to Hillary and Donald Mamis, $806,500

27 Brady Loop: Gregory S. and Debra L. Baletsa to Lin Ding and Rongguo Xu, $625,000

2 Clark Rd: Cattle Crossing LLC to Steven M. and Mary E. Pritchard, $492,500

20 Copley Dr: Donald S. and Hillary M. Mamis to Joseph N. and Leslie J. Kim, $525,000

3 Deerfield Way: Susan S. Barry to John R. and Ashley L. Fishback, $676,000

19 Greybirch Rd: 19 Greybirch Road T and Carol A. Boileau to Anne M. Concemi, $715,000

174 Haverhill St Unit 331: Sandra P Durling 2002 RET and Arthur S. Durling to Hillside RT and David Schneider, $425,000

9 Jefferson Ln: Michael E. and Maureen C. Fitzsimmons to Bryan and Ronni J. Cavener, $765,000

55 Maple Ave: Maple Avenue T and Mabel Stefanidis to Scott P. Anderson, $565,000

260 River Rd: Anthony P&J E Iovino LT and Blossom Campbell to Pisith and Ran Beng, $460,000

68 Stevens St: Richard M. and Mary J. Hudak to 58 Stevens LLC, $350,000

76 Stevens St: Beatrice H Pattullo T and Brian J. Pattullo to James B. Connor and Jodie R. Friot, $405,000

11 Woburn St: Charles D. and Laurie M. Davis to Sathyanarayan Jaganathan and Shilpa Ananthakrishnan, $760,000


No Transactions in this Town


244 18th St Unit 8: 244 18th Street RT and Lee J. Rosenberg to Raoul Tchanang, $151,500

52 Avis Ave: Joseph and Kelly Fritschy to Devansh and Chintan Patel, $482,500

35 Blacksmith Rd: Jason L. Mcduffee to John Talbot, $450,000

3 Fox Hill Ln Unit 3: Topnotch Homes LLC to Gerard and Helen Lemelin, $484,900

72 Kelly Rd: John Talbot to Kimberly A. Macdonald and Andrew B. Palladini, $400,000

27 Kilby St Unit 5: Tracey A. Wenning to David Anderson, $166,000

18 Kinsella Ave: Constantine P. Levas to Robert and Paulette M. Trudel, $55,000

18 Mill St Unit 18: Faith Newton to Tristan Adams, $243,000

20 Mill St Unit 20: Faith Newton to Steven Daigneault, $243,000

17 Ontario Ave: Orlando S. and Mary Duarte to Linda Wright, $445,000

51 View St: Rajesh and Niranjana Baskaran to Antonio F. and Camelia Vieira, $405,000


81 North St: Clayton L. Fiore to Margaret Oliver and Richard E. Manzi, $355,000


219 7 Star Rd: FNMA to Blake Bridges, $360,000

8 Merrit Ave: Clough Pauline G Est and Donald A. Clough to Tyler Daniels, $350,000


67 Auburn St Unit 67: Eric V. Dorman to Melinda A. Johnson, $239,900

3 Byron St: Joyce A. Marzioli to Rubio FT LLC, $300,000

63 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 63: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Ashley and Spencer Rookard, $369,900

82 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 82: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Louise and Paul Mahoney, $339,900

89 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 89: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Devin M. and Jillian D. Baker, $379,900

79 Farrwood Dr Unit 79: Theresa I. Poore to Jared N. and Paige E. Petroni, $248,000

43 Garden St: Idelsy and Juan Infante to Lisa Cusenza and Aeryn Mikols, $247,000

20 High St: Anthony J. Rossetti to Majestic Properties LLC, $130,000

92 Howard St: Maria Gil-Cruz and Maria A. Rabadad to Milagros Colon and Isaura Vargas, $230,000

92 Howard St: Maria Gil-Cruz and Maria A. Rabadad to Milagros Colon and Isaura Vargas, $380,000

28 Jefferson St: Thompson Michael W Est and Paul Thompson to Antonio L. and Olga I. Pagan, $230,000

53 Lincoln Ave: William J. Doucette to Mohamed A. Ajoumal, $280,000

37 Marshland St: Marshland Street RT and John W. Davidowicz to Jack Hamilton, $404,900

14 Myles Standish Dr Unit 2: Colleen and Kevin J. Pineau to Lori Lyons, $169,900

40 North St: Risk Capital LLC to Rosanny Lopez, $245,000

50 Orange St Unit 50: Anna L. Pathiakis to Shawn M. Morris, $341,000

609 River St: Edward F. and Mary E. Ratkevicius to Jayland RT and John W. Davidowicz, $200,000

58 S Chestnut St: Dan M. Fedock and Santa E. Grullon-Fedock to Bradley Towns, $269,900

6 Solitaire Dr: Louise L. and Paul Mahoney to Dolly Karaba, $399,900

43 Steeplechase Ct Unit 43: Albert and Maria Alvarado to Kristina M. Vetree, $205,000

70 Washington St Unit 501: Roy Thomas A Est and Danielle Ingersoll to Jennifer R. Ricciardi, $250,000

240 Whittier Rd: Robert R Scally LLC to Beverly S. and William J. Woodhouse, $581,779


45 Abbott St: Esperanza Caimares to Alejandra G. Mella, $340,000

32 Amherst St: Daniel M. and Tanya G. Smart to Lauriann Fuller, $272,500

218-220 Bailey St: Keene FT 2012 and Cornelia B. Quinn to Francisco Cabrera-Santana and Victoriano Roque, $450,000

226-232 Common St: Olde Linden Realty LLC to TMJJ LLC, $625,000

633 Haverhill St: Nancy M. Fay to Chloe LLC, $465,000

33 Hudson Ave: Luisa A. Medrano to Agustin Rosario, $445,000

133-135 Lexington St: Mercedes Delacruz RET and Mercedes Delacruz to Sheyla C. and R E. Pantaleon, $350,000

63 Mann St Unit 63: Rosanlilly M. Ynoa-Tavarez to Maria F. Villa-Hernandez, $215,000

27 Mount Auburn St: Yokatia E. Rodriguez to Jenifel P. Sanchez, $310,000

543 Mount Vernon St: Morrison FT LLC to Juan and Jennifer Gonzalez, $305,000

274-276 Salem St: Chloe LLC to Silva Management&Acq LLC, $285,000

274-276 Salem St: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Chloe LLC, $226,000


7 Ashley Ln Unit 7: Alcro Development LLC to Joseph L. and Linda M. Rynne, $505,000

7 Barry Ave Unit 7: Dylan Cuccio and Raisa Sheikh to Matthew and Thessalea Churinske, $350,000

8 Byron Ave: Union Park Investments to Tupac Cachimuel and Amparito Burga, $334,000

212 East St: PJJ RT and John J. Buco to James M. Buco, $90,000

12 Emmons Way Unit 12: Steven and Marilyn Vounessea to Lorraine M. Farrell, $580,000

24 Golf Ave: Alba N. Castillo to Maritza A. and Franklin B. Brito, $215,000

46 Lisa Ln: William B. and Christine M. Lussier to Kevin Huynh and Khuyen Pham, $379,900

8 Marshall St: 2 Lip LLC to Vorsprung Durch Technik, $550,000

2 Meriline Ave: Frank J. and Lisa A. Santos to Quy and Phan Pham, $347,500

185-187 Merrimack Rd: Marina Sinaci to Eryk B. Sylva, $585,000

89 Pine Tree Dr Unit 89: Toll MA 4 LLC to Michael G. and Nancy L. Marshall, $647,152

945 Riverside Dr Unit 29d: Diane L. Piersall to Joseph and Christine Weeden, $175,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 1-102: Platinum Real Estate LLC to Taylor J. Healey, $317,000


72 Farrwood Ave Unit 1: John Pesce to Andrea M. Barry, $175,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 118: Gaeta FT and Michele Gaeta to Patrick Dinitto and Hevanilson Magalhaes, $10,250

148 Main St Unit A313: N6 Properties LLC to Emo FT 2010 and Andrew T. Osborn, $295,000

148 Main St Unit S529: Mackensie G. Pierre-Victor to N6 Properties LLC, $247,000

86 Martin Ave: Wanda and Dennis Washington to Penny A. Starks, $95,000

36 Mill Pond: Andrea Barry to Eric J. Diffily, $325,000

2005 Salem St: Prafull Kore and Archana V. Brahmanhar to Jacob F. and Lauren Zelnick, $638,000


2 Eagle Dr: Gerard J. and Sheila A. Mcgovern to Jonathan and Sherilyn Kasper, $860,000

223 Elm St: Elizabeth and Jonathan M. Veno to Elizabeth Veno and Kaitlyn Cooper, $500,000

4 Greenbriar Dr Unit 303: Janice Lasky to Amanda Oconner, $245,000

104 Lowell Rd Unit 1412: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Glenn R. and Phyllis M. Sachar, $530,000

200 Martins Lndg Unit 111: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Vincent and Helen Leblanc, $352,880

57 Spruce Rd: Richard J. and Donna M. Cody to Robert and Lauren Bessette, $855,000


29 Lafayette Rd Unit 2: Laura L. and Rutherford J. Pascal to Dawn A. Noonan and John C. Ravagno, $524,000

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