300 Brookside Drive Unit E: Susan Fortunato to David Yeung, $319,000

13 Carlisle St: Adam T. and Allyson M. Cooper to Dave Botte, $599,900

2 Colonial Drive Unit 6d: Mark A. Huntington to Alexander and Olga Alexandrov, $129,000

11 Crescent Drive Unit 12: Mary Rusiecki T and Mary J. Rusiecki to Martha Higuera, $265,000

46 Morton St: David R. and Barbara A. Lundbom to Ellen M. Lemaitre, $825,000

354 N Main St. Unit 303: Daniel H. Kowalski to Emily K. O'Brien, $167,500

10 Prospect Road: Robert J. and Susie R. Norton to FSB Homes LLC, $400,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4111: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Sutera FT and Trina Fontneau, $367,995

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 104: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Donna Schifano, $119,800

5 Rogers Brk W: Ellen Lemaitre to Brian A. and Laura E. Lemke, $775,000

230 Salem St: Kimberley A Felton RET and Michael S. Ukropina to Jeffrey H. and Dina L. Solis, $970,000

10 Samos Lane: Carol A. Howe to Davis Carter and Tracey Lord-Carter, $474,900

148 Shawsheen Road: Carol Weldin to Gheorghe G. and Mihaela Giurgiu, $483,000

33 Sutherland St: Cattle Crossing LLC to Michael Couture and Christina Vidoli, $590,000


2 Upton Lane: Katie E. Rainville and Kevin P. Ranta to Megan Boyer and Shane Queiros, $443,000

4 Wyndmere Road: Susan E. Fallon to Gabriel A. and Jennifer T. Gagne, $865,000


1794 Bridge St. Unit 26a: Antonio J. Pereira to Daniel and Kathleen J. Rose, $135,000

220 Crosby Road: Lyla Enterprises LLC to La and Sokhanny Ngy, $629,900

10 Fox Hill Lane Unit 35: Topnotch Homes LLC to F Everett-Witherell and Marilyn A. Witherell, $569,900

40 Fox Hill LaneUnit 44: Topnotch Homes LLC to Evangeline Quattrochi, $569,900

155 Lafond Lane Unit 32: David Klein to Anthony P. Silvestro, $190,000

85 Mailloux Terrace: Nancy L. Snyder to Brandin Power, $380,000

100 Merrimack Ave. Unit 156: Ryan J. and Erin M. Swanson to Vamshikrishna R. Domulada, $254,000

98 Pemberton St. Unit 23: Dan Sweeney and Natalia A. Khrkhryan to Derek Heath, $131,000

98 Pemberton St. Unit 29: THR FT and Thomas R. Hoyle to Justin L. Ordway, $130,000

98 Rainbow Ave: Joanne D. Rich to Alcione and Enilton Souza, $320,000

105 Wimbledon Crossing: Francis M. and Meredith M. Lee to Hany F. Attia and Maryan M. Mina, $405,000


60 E Main St: Cynthia A. and Richard C. Holzapfel to Meghan Kelly and Brian Mcevoy, $450,000

14 Heather Road: Anne M. and Dennis Sullivan to Nancy Stolarz and Lee Zazofsky, $542,250

1 Lakeridge Drive: Andrea and Geoffreyy Lockett to Jeffrey T. and Kerry J. Bourgeois, $470,000

26 Long Hill Road: Melody J. Barlay and Shawn Carroll to Andrew S. and Kelsey A. Liakos, $579,900

14 Spofford Ave: Diane L. and Thomas C. Drapeau to Leah Lewis, $454,000


8 Carlida Road: AVD RET and Roy J. McKinney to Lynch Realty Construction, $291,500

46 Nelson St: Skyline Heights Realty to Groveland RT LLC, $20,000


101 Atlanta St Unit 101: Virgen Rosario to Tabitha Mutunga, $227,500

Danville Road: Robert M. Clarke to Abad LLC, $25,000

5 Downing Ave. Unit 2: Peggy S. and Sidney V. Jones to Ian S. Schindler, $259,000

43 Dutton Road: Theresa Venuti to Timothy G. Schofield, $20,000

419 E Broadway Unit 3b: Waterfront RT and Heidi Harris to Charlene M. and Roger L. Calderwood, $310,000

46 Farrwood Dr Unit 46: Daniel and Elizabeth Foley to Leyda S. Felix, $207,500

265 Franklin St: Joseph T. Harvey to Antonio P. Urena-Leandro, $455,000

18 Hancock St: Arnelis Guzman and John S. Sabino to Steven K. Yetman, $400,000

95 Haseltine St: Daniel N. and Rebecca A. Morin to Michael Maldari and Abigail Pustis, $370,000

31 Kathy Drive Unit 31: Amanda L. Dillaway to Richard Burgess and Benedict Mitrano, $250,000

300 Kenoza St: Jill E. and Scott H. Simmers to Scarlett Y. Hernandez, $499,900

496 Kenoza St: Curina H. Atwood to Karl E. Kiefer and Linda Atwood-Kiefer, $250,000

67 Lowell Ave: Kenneth L. Oickle and Bank Of New York Mellon to FNMA, $310,000

160 Main St. Unit 7: Apollo Professional Sltns to 33-35 Washington St LLC, $31,500

160 Main St. Unit 8: Apollo Professional Sltns to Christian Doherty, $37,500

1240 Main St: Ernest C. and Janice M. Reynolds to Dimitri J. Elefterakis and Maria E. Wolters, $478,000

131 Mercury Terrace Unit 131: Brian and Jeffrey Sirois to Erin R. Sullivan, $232,000

8 Oliver St Unit A: Kelly M. Mackenzie to Joseph N. and Margaret P. Collette, $245,000

55 Orchard Hill Road: James G. and Mary E. Mulley to Susan C. Massero, $485,000

Plaistow Road: Robert M. Clarke to Abad LLC, $25,000

88 Snow Road: Scotland Heights RT and George Charest to Themistoklis Zarnogeorgos, $549,000

24 Strathmore Road: Winston A. Thompson and Bank Of New York Mellon to Joseph G. Levis, $233,000

36 Tiverton Ave. Unit 36: Edge Real Estate Invests to Jenny Macea-Marte and Alexander Marte, $274,000

13 Twin Brooks Circle Unit 13: Helmut Floesser to James E. Dinapoli and James Thomas, $326,000

15 Upland Ave: Lavigne IRT and David Lavigne to Kasey L. and Steven R. Aries, $420,000

655 W Lowell Ave. Unit 13: Jaime Starling-Silverio to Virgen Rosario, $161,900

841 W Lowell Ave: Junkins FT and Janet J. Junkins to Rkaco LLC, $550,000

100 W Rochambault St: Richard J. and Sandra D. Dallon to Crystal E. and Daniel T. Chabot, $450,000

455 Washington St: CD RT and Peter J. Dizoglio to Dyad RT and Jennifer Calnan, $440,000

32 Whitney St: Nhai T. Pham to Eleftheria and Stephen J. Miscowski, $470,000


55 Bruce St: Francisco Mateo to AG&J RT and Wendy Y. Estrella, $615,000

5 Burlington St: Rivet FT and Michael L. Rivet to Jose A. and Sandra E. Jimenez, $335,000

42-44 Columbus Ave: Vivian Baez and Eva Montero to Marlon Castanaza, $387,000

55 Columbus Ave: Jose R. Fana to Frisnel and Leinechie Joseph, $360,000

26 Durso Ave: James E. and Angela Hoole to Jasmine M. Whitney and Yvonne Castellon, $320,000

373-379 Howard St: Shrek Property LLC to DLC Phase 2 LLC, $575,000

26 Kendall St: David&George Realty to Jose B. DeLeon, $450,000

33 Liberty Ave: Timothy L. Bradley to Silvina Perez, $370,000

25 Mount Vernon Circle: Basilia Alba to Junior Mejia and Pena DeMejia, $355,000

16 Prospect Court: Emilio A. Gonell to Francisco I. Batista-Gomez and Roselien M. Reyes-Gonzalez, $405,000

8 Rollins St: Elias S. Azzi to William Nunez-DelOrbe, $379,000

44-46 Sanborn St: Nieves Delacruz-Guerrero to Anite Laurent, $430,000

100 Shepard St: Sekisui Voltek LLC to Shepard Street LLC, $5,100,000

8 Tenney St: Ana L. Delacruz to Raul Gomez and Brunilda A. Garcia-DeGomez, $286,000

50 Thornton St: Prime Real Estate Invest to Makeover Pros LLC, $235,000

50 Thornton St: Dejesus Martin Est and Martin Dejesus to Prime Real Estate Invest, $195,000

102 Weare St: Maryann B. Beauregard and Michael J. Swarbrick to William Rivera and Argenis Flores, $280,000

17 Willoughby St: Piroschka L. and Patricia L. Reyes to Frank Vasquez-Alvarez and Corina Corona, $402,000


3 Benefit St: Marc R. and Samantha C. Haughton to Brandon and Allison Turkette, $339,000

63-65 Camden St: Denis Contreras to Bryan D. Contreras and Maria Gomez-Cante, $450,000

20 Clementi Lane: Rafael Fermin-Almanzar to Danilo Jose and Wendy Larochelle, $370,000

50 Danbury Drive Unit 18: Mark A. and Tracey P. Hanscom to Tom N. and Lan T. Nguyen, $149,000

68 Emsley Ter: Steven S. and Karen E. Blair to Linda Saunders and Richard Piatek, $395,000

10 Field Ave: Jessica L. Copeland to Maria A. Lopez and Marvin G. Hercules, $357,000

361 Forest St: Mark McGreevy to Abrian A. Santiago and Erika C. Flores, $440,000

2 Hummingbird Way Unit 1: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Karen Brown, $568,801

4 Hummingbird Way Unit 2: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Adrian C. and Lissette Santiago, $654,407

5 Hummingbird Way Unit 5: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Steven H. and Randi H. Petter, $538,495

53 Merrimack St: James and Patricia Digloria to Charbel A. Bourouphael, $285,000

57 Pine Tree Drive Unit 57: Toll MA 4 LLC to Donald R. and Karen E. Roy, $815,637

59 Pine Tree Drive Unit 59: Toll MA 4 LLC to Kevin A. and Cherylann L. Feole, $765,288

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 4-102: Michael J. and James E. Mackin to Brenda G. Matthis and Allan Pulvermacher, $305,000

39 Russell Farm Drive Unit 39: EMR T and Edward J. Rabbito to M Joy Stoodley, $489,900

73 Sherwood Drive Unit 73: Sherwood Forrest RT and Howard H. Swartz to Michael G. and Julie W. Mcintyre, $600,000

11 Tedesco Road: Dennis J. and Theresa E. Bradley to Obed and Melida E. Posada, $431,000

11 Tucker Ter: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Elie and Cheryl Khoury, $625,000

130 Tyler St: Jacob Bagdoian to Falon Meuse, $300,000

14 Webb St: Jennifer L. Hatch to Katherine Peralta and Robert Martinez, $329,900


120 Amberville Road: Holk and Jessica D. Bergmann to Andrew and Iva Denicola, $720,000

1403 Basswood Circle Unit 1403: Mark Burns FT and Mark E. Burns to Alexander V. Lomovtsev, $425,000

75 Edgelawn Ave. Unit 2: Ana and David Shields to Brian J. Haley and Mark A. Huntington, $250,900

42 Empire Drive: Casey W. and Jasmine R. Russo to Rajeev Panakanti and Avantika Domudala, $605,000

67 Empire Drive: Kimberly A. Macinnis to Casey W. and Jasmine R. Russo, $650,000

920 Johnson St: Kreative Property Solutns to Lisa and Kenneth Whitehead, $620,000

148 Main St Unit A105: N6 Properties LLC to EMR RT and Edward J. Rabbito, $322,000

395 Massachusetts Ave: Rafael and Sharon Dones to Santos Osorio, $417,000

53 Mill Pond: Joanne F. Lynch to Peter and Shirley Galvin, $645,000

96 Mill Pond: Meredith K. Carver to Demetra Grenier, $350,000

1210 Osgood St: Forgetta Development LLC to Java Props Worc LLC, $472,500

31 Saunders St: AMJ Investments LLC to Dinorah M. Deleon-Roque, $594,500

485 Wood Lane: Christopher D. Hyde to 58 Stevens LLC, $450,000


22 Audubon Road: John C. and Diana L. Kelly to Jesse J. and Tanya G. Kelly, $491,250

11 Boxwood Road: Kevin P. and Irene M. Brosnan to Nicholas J. and Melissa N. Sampson, $820,500

5 Greenbriar Drive Unit 302: Amanda M. and Justin T. Sylvia to Jasky Greenbriar T and Sui Gu, $253,000

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5208: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Joann Memmolo, $396,341

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5402: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to John F. and Beverly A. Farris, $409,610

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5410: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Diane M Shadbegian T and Diane M. Shadbegian, $517,635

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5411: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Daniel G Shadbegian T and Daniel G. Shadbegian, $516,235

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5204: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Robert and Rosemary Kenney, $362,260

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5308: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Eleanor M. Jackson, $478,810

220 Martins Lndg Unit 5408: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Richard J. and Glenda Milewski, $478,535


61 Bridge Road: Patricia Hekmatpour to Shahrooz Hekmatpour, $250,000

2-c Heron Way Unit N3: Beach 54 LLC to Marea W. Silva, $359,900

3 Learys Way: Debra L. Powers to Christopher T. and Mark A. Gray, $483,000

35 Liberty St: Keith Barton to Tom Patenaude Homes Inc, $85,000

71 N End Blvd Unit 3: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc to Corinne E. and Paul G. Hervieux, $405,000

75 N End Blvd Unit 1: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc to Kenneth J. and Sandra J. Mackey, $398,000

381 N End Blvd: Ronald J. and Mary A. Legere to Jennifer A. and Michael S. Hart, $430,000

9 Partridge Ln Unit C: John M. and Sandra J. Oliveira to David Dylewski, $349,000

44 Pike St: Christopher and Mark Gray to Alex P. and Amanda C. Todd, $350,000

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