354 N Main St Unit 204: Karen L. Lottatore to Tony Deangelis, $190,000

22 Railroad St Unit 310: William J Cox RET and William J. Cox to Mary Dutcher Fowler T and Peter H. Elias, $300,000

261 S Main St: Finneran FT and Maureen A. Finneran to Robert E. and Robert Finneran, $1,034,000

25 Wild Rose Dr: Elizabeth M. Anderson to Matthew Regan and Laura Barron, $543,500


322 Ipswich Rd: John Doucette to Maryellen Doucette, $230,000

23 Sagamore Ln: Sagamore RT and John C. Sanidas to Olga Bassa and Jason Kahan, $1,600,000


287 Bouchard Ave: Michael R. Lafortune to Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Constr Corp Tr, $170,000

10 Cedar Creek Dr: Anthony J. and Kiathleen I. Repucci to Brendan E. Toolin, $570,000

39 Elm St: Arthur J. Notini to Elm Street TD LLC, $465,000

68 Emerald Dr: Dennis A. and Sharon A. Henlin to Adam S. and Kelly M. Ferrara, $449,000

65 Fox Hill Ln Unit 33: Topnotch Homes LLC to Brian D. and Sharon Campbell, $499,900

184 Long Pond Dr: Janet A. Bell and Brian G. Lloyd to Lisa D. Gere, $342,300

700 Robbins Ave Unit 17: William C. Welch to Feleshia A. Walters, $149,400

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 3: Eric J. Sheehan to Jessica Ciaccio, $200,000


125 Central St: Kotsiras John G Est and Deborah A. Johnson to 123-125 Central LLC, $725,000

21 Middle St: David J. and Valeri K. Woodruff to Eric A. and Katy J. Hunt, $395,000


17 Chestnut St: Hannet A. and Stanley P. Watts to Ilona and Shaun Burrier, $240,000

24 Francis Ave: Jonathan W. Walsh to Joseph C. and Kimberly A. Ravida, $410,000


8 5th Ave Unit 10: Ezzi Holdings LLC to Zachary Stewart, $237,000

114 Amesbury Line Rd: Marie A. Ciaramitaro to Brad M. Feenstra, $249,900

18 Blaisdell St Unit 2: Lynn Flaherty to Ryan Mccarthy, $175,000

89 Blossom St: Coastal Holdings LLC to Elisa Camrell and Marc Russo, $252,500

36 Bradford Ave: JCG Investments LLC to Cara M. Rossi and Miguel Tehuitzil, $351,000

15-17 Central St: Central St Riverview RT and Gloucester Venturs LLC Tr to CD RT and Joseph Calnan, $430,000

10 Dawn Cir: Richard J. Mello to Juther A. Julien and Jason Kahan, $395,000

95 Farrwood Dr Unit 95: John R. Macdonald to Marie Ciaramitaro, $245,000

16 Hazen Ave: A Christine and Anna C. Stuart to Brian W. and Jennifer T. Brown, $425,000

61 Jackson Street Ext: Davin T. Boardman and Nationstar Mortgage LLC to FNMA, $208,344

44 Janet Rd: Ashley Smith to Bradley M. and Rachel L. Dorner, $395,000

59 Kathy Dr Unit 59: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Mary AlAchy, $175,500

48 L St: 71-73 S Pleasant St RT and Louis T. Fossarelli to Lynn A. Flaherty, $299,900

369 Liberty St: Essex County Greenbelt to Sande Homes LLC, $325,000

211 Morgan Dr Unit 211: Jason R. and Robyn Naroian to Michael J. and Nancy Cloutier, $242,000

32 Nichols St: Kim H. Phan to Saturnin K. Tomeho, $393,900

11 Oliver St: Michael A. Doucet to Neil Clancy and Carol A. Fischer, $220,000

71 Oxford Ave Unit 71: NJA FT and Thomas P. Gendron to Christian Reyes, $278,000

21 Pear Tree Rd: Joseph P. and Linda G. Maneen to Laura C. and Steven R. Malmgren, $425,000

76 Summer St: Whittier Rehab Associates to Acquisition Sub LLC, $5,210,000

116 Towne Hill Rd: Willie Williamson to Simon Gitau and Kangethe F. Wania, $525,000


159 Andover St Unit D: Yuri J. Ovalles to Judy Urena, $215,000

45-49 Bromfield St: Gregorio A. and Waira I. Berroa to Lidia A. Maldonado, $340,000

2 Champlain Ave Unit 2: Karina R. Blanco to Terry Tabosa-Dossantos, $255,000

20 Cypress Ave: Gulsen and Huseyin Sevincgil to Angel L. Mercedes-Morillo and Crystal A. Mercedes, $275,000

260 E Haverhill St Unit 20: Armeater Patterson and Mia Cameron to Matthew L. Rasetta, $115,500

130-132 Exeter St: Maroun D. Bechara and Soline I. Geha to Eridania M. Musseb and Alexis R. Medina, $379,900

1 Hancock St Unit 1: Belkis Perez and Juan P. Hernandez to Domingo A. Cruz and C Z. Morillo-Caraballo, $130,000

9-11 Lafayette Ave: Charlene Watson to Douglas E. Pena, $345,000

11 Lawrence St Unit 801: Paul E Saperstein Co to Chloe LLC, $68,000

449-451 Lowell St: Brendaliz Ortega and Nestor D. Batista to Rigo A. Diaz, $409,000

15 Monmouth St: Liset M. Martinez to Isabel M. Rivera, $155,000

145 Prospect St Unit 145: Jorge Jaime to Nashalis Skerett-Burgos and Johsbian Rodriguez, $223,000

10-12 Sargent St: NSG Sargent Real Estate to Luis Castillo, $355,000

99 Spruce St: Mercedes Moises to Bernabe R. Lopez, $210,000

101 Spruce St: Mercedes Moises to Bernabe R. Lopez, $210,000

37 Washington St: Mildred Barrera to Marcos Zacarias, $240,000


65 Ayers Village Rd: Gulezian Martin D Est and Michael R. Pierce to JR Builders Inc, $897,500

91 Broadway: Frank Biancardi to Diverse Real Estate LLC, $970,000

44 Brook St: Christine M Diodati FT and Christine M. Diodati to Sergio Rijo, $365,000

26 Campus Rd: Patrick J. Brennan to Jenny G. and Robenson Marcelin, $340,000

41 Constitution Way Unit 41: Gail Reardon to Jennifer Reardon, $193,150

3 Danielian Way: Markellas Holdings LLC to Michael J. Lavallee, $288,000

22 Jasper St: Jennifer D. and Richard D. Oleary to Fabienne Dorneval and Micius Francois, $385,000

145 Milk St: Massinnovation Methuen to Amerco Real Estate Co, $9,500,000

22 Perley St: Diplomat Property Manager to Rafael Caceres and Berenice R. Decaceres, $290,000

79 Pine Tree Dr Unit 79: Toll MA 4 LLC to Susan J. Davis, $660,484

99 Pleasant Valley St: Massinnovation Methuen to Amerco Real Estate Co, $2,500,000

10 Sadie Ln: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Anthony and Ingrid Rodriguez, $569,900

56 Tudor St: Maureen Celata to Jessica Collier, $366,000

1 Young Farm Rd: Shawn D. Leite and Brianna A. Stidsen to Robert Desharnais, $365,000


610 Alder Way Unit 610: Sumit Patial and Divya Thakur to Marathia RET 2019 and Joanne Y. Fazell, $381,000

317 Blue Ridge Rd: Darlene M. and Michael D. Hall to James E. and Karen A. Hanley, $887,500

350 Greene St Unit 210: Pax-5 T and Donna M. Deprizio to Gail C. Tierney, $311,000

4 Harvest Dr Unit 101: Michael Gilman and A Bhattacharyya-Gilman to Arthur M. Lo, $268,000

695 Salem St: J&M RT 2 and John M. Xenakis to 701 Salem Street RT and Michael J. Xenakis, $2,600,000

701 Salem St: J&M RT 2 and John M. Xenakis to 701 Salem Street RT and Michael J. Xenakis, $2,600,000

2177 Salem St: Kyle and Stephanie Worthley to Michael J. and Kaitlin P. Fritz, $609,900

1874 Turnpike St: Hagerty John W Est and John P. Hagerty to 1874 Turnpike Street LLC, $560,000


15 Concord St: Boniface FT and Nicholas P. Boniface to Tyler A. Burgess, $365,000

246 Main St: Lochirco FT and Frank Lochirco to Supali Properties LLC, $528,555

4 Mid Iron Dr Unit 4: Peter S Confalone RT and Peter S. Confalone to John and Jennifer Kowalski, $670,000

203 Park St: Michelle A. Andrea to Gary R. and Kathleen M. Joyce, $460,000


135 Beach Rd Unit B308: Ann E. White to Amy M. and Noelle S. Sciuto, $190,000

135 Beach Rd Unit B304: Margaret Peak to Ann E. White, $131,742

79 Lafayette Rd: Anne and Robert K. Sweet to Jonathan Sweet, $350,000

15 March Rd: Jacqueline Hickey to Julie Gordon and Leslie-Ann Gould, $699,900

10 Sycamore Ln Unit 10: Elite Builders RT and Bradley M. Kutcher to Sycamore IRT and Matthew D. Foley, $559,900