9 Belle Haven Dr: Jeanne M. and Jeffrey M. Dennis to Kevin G. and Christina L. Cunniff, $742,000

15 Boston Rd: Laura A. Kohr to Steven Reid, $410,000

53 Brookfield Rd: Peter J. Morris to Mark W. and Gabrielle E. Obrien, $449,900

400 Brookside Dr Unit B: Sultana Rahman to Sugalesini Subramaniam, $315,000

3 Colonial Dr Unit 7a: Pensco T Co to Chunsheng Song and Yuanlin Dong, $190,000

55 Dufton Rd: Debra D. and Brian Gildea to Andrew Kirwan and Samantha J. Miller, $340,000

10 Greybirch Rd: Burkhard RT and Janet B. Burkhard to Parag Mukhopadhyay and Pooja Arora, $745,000

2 Lavender Hill Ln: Asm Q. Hassan and Fahmida Yeasmin to Brian J. and Jamie R. Harutunian, $590,000

100 Main St Unit R: Lana Luciano and Anthony D. Silvestro to David C. and Laura A. Mcbride, $229,900

250 N Main St Unit 3: Todd Pietrasiak to Mary J. Mahan, $330,000

354 N Main St Unit 310: Michael S. and Jennifer Hart to Christina Moseley, $290,000

14 Nicoll Dr: Alan R. and Mary G. Cormier to Jens Langer and Maria Goldsmith, $905,000

70 Porter Rd: Robert J. and Elizabeth C. Lothrop to Scott B. and Karin M. Callanan, $755,000

7 Whittemore Ter: Sang D. and Misook Paik to Mahesh and Zankhna Patel, $950,000

16 Wyncrest Cir: Robert J. and Judith E. Mack to Renzo and Kara Iturrino, $860,000


3 Amberwood Ln: Dieuwke M Fieldler 2011 T and Dieuwke Fiedler to Meghan and Roger E. Randall, $799,000

12 Boren Ln: John Martin Nemecek T and Amy L. Castonguay to Joseph W. Kehoe, $489,500

47-b Dana Rd: John and Martha Humphreys to Salvatore Demartinis, $1,625,000

258 Ipswich Rd: Salvatore F. Demartinis to Chen Song, $680,000

36 Joseph Smith Way: Amalia D. and John J. Lombara to Gurcharan and Kailash Saini, $895,000

Main St: Second Cong Church Boxfrd to Kamps FT and Jennifer A. Bridges, $10,000

341 Main St: Meghan and Roger E. Randall to Jonathan and Stephanie Fried, $610,000

14 Woodhill Ln: Patricia Hojnowski-Diaz to Bridget L. and Jeffrey Lessard, $560,000


12 Allen St: Obrien Catherine M Est and Tara J. Tucker to Jonathan D. and Kaitlyn M. Paquette, $340,000

74 Arlington Ave: Juliane M. StGeorge to John and Kristin Zimini, $428,500

91 Donohue Rd Unit 11: F DeOliveira-Castro to Thomas and Leeann Varnum, $213,000

32 Hillcrest Rd: Crawford Eva C Est and Clinton G. Crawford to Steven and Alycia Knight, $290,000

26 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to John J. and Lindsay E. Luciano, $573,675

29 Jacob St: Featherston E Robert Est and Michelle C. Kelley to Ashley M. Botelho, $295,000

69 Mailloux Ter: Lindsay Luciano to Christopher J. Hancock, $381,000

541 Mammoth Rd: Rachael Kabiu to Jason and Rebecca Levene, $320,000

700 Robbins Ave Unit 24: Steven Bevens to Jennifer J. Street and Colby T. Burton, $148,000

37 Shelton St: Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Constr Corp Tr to CIL Realty Of Mass Inc, $170,000

124 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 29: Donoghue RT and Paul N. Donoghue to Ryan J. Gagne and Alysha A. Carrasquillo, $219,000

16 Woodberry Way: Robert C Gillingham RET and Robert C. Gillingham to Rielis R. and Marcia R. Mesquita, $824,900

9 Woodbine Path: Edward W. Sheehan to David R. and Rachel E. Rowbotham, $335,000


400 Central St: Christopher J. Moner and Kim D. Weikert-Moner to Janelle S. and Peter A. Amadon, $665,000

120 North St: Janelle and Peter Amadon to Kristen Lyall, $475,000

11 Pingree Farm Rd: Margot and Paul Loomis to Robicheau FT and Allan L. Robicheau, $545,000


1401 Alyssa Dr Unit 1401: Parry FT and David M. Parry to Connor FT and Mary B. Connor, $400,000

1 Murray Ct: David C. and Michelle A. Rhudick to Christopher J. Moner, $444,000

783 Salem St: Lawrence G. Schiller to Walter J. Schiller and Kathleen S. Wrenn, $50,000

276 School St: Bridgett Lessard to Jonathan A. Greene and Nena Delacruz-Greene, $377,500


23 7th Ave: 424 Main Street LLC to Daniel L. Ortiz, $366,000

18 Blaisdell St Unit 3: Christopher B. Seferlis to Pamela Mastrangelo and Denny Matias, $137,000

204 Broadway: Tandem Tickets LLC to Kristina Barrera, $347,000

17 Burke St: Patricia E. Ford and Jaime A. Prohaska to Amira S. Antar, $301,000

8 Cogswell Ave: Laura Henry-Zoubir and Abdul Zoubir to Owen Ladd and Kelly Mcquillin, $322,000

32 Country Hill Ln Unit 32: Nicholas and Stephanie Savarese to Jaimee M. Pothier, $269,900

7 Eaton Ct Unit 7: Linda Castanino to Margot Loomis, $274,000

203 Ferry Rd Unit 203: Maggie L. and Sammy L. Johnson to Mina Kairalla, $260,000

211 Franklin St: Suzanne V. Oblom to Angel J. Lopez-Richardson and Alexandra M. Saldana, $265,000

104 Freeman Street Ext: Joshua Peters to Spencer Ames and Mariko Frame, $380,000

7 Hamel Way Unit 7: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Francis M. Romeo, $325,000

11 Hamel Way Unit 11: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to M Sheila Sullivan, $330,900

19 Highland Ave: Yeaton Place-Highland Ave to Marlucio B. Depaula, $504,000

19 Howard St: Victor Caraballo to E L. Jaime-Ynoa-DeGonzalez and Santiago Gonalez, $415,000

5 Keeley St Unit 5: Justine Keenan to Laura Henry-Zoubir, $245,000

84 Marshland St: Stephen E. Hickey to Belga E. Duarte, $305,000

15 Mears Farm Rd: Arthur J. and Natalie Erickson to Laura and Michael R. Zaino, $465,000

43 Mercury Ter Unit 43: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Douglas Legere, $225,000

13 Myles Standish Dr Unit 3: Alex P. and Laurie Marchegiani to Ariel Ortega, $170,000

20 Newcomb St: Haverhill City Of to 20 Newcomb Street LLC, $600,000

324 North Ave: Angela and Harold Kemp to Dawn Palmisano, $240,000

86 Portland St: Richard E. Connolly to Juana B. Matias, $240,000

201 Salem St: Stephen B. Mccarthy to Michael C. Lambros, $331,000

26 Village Woods Rd: Mary E. and Raymond G. Autiello to Courtney and James Salerno, $570,000


121-123 Easton St: Idalio Guzman to Yahaira Ortiz and Cornelio Lausell, $470,000

70 Farnham St: KCF RT and Tadeusz Dowgiert to Yenifer G. Zapata and Rodolfo A. Almonte-Reyes, $488,000

Hoffman Ave Lot 2-2: Tony S. and Angela M. Sarkis to Daher Group Inc, $80,000

Hoffman Ave Lot 2-1: Tony S. and Angela M. Sarkis to Daher Group Inc, $80,000

2-4 Lenox St: Joseph R. and Linda M. Ratte to Clary M. Alvarez-Abreu and Beatro Lopez-Valdez, $450,000

152 Margin St: Ramon Santiago and Reyna Ordonez-Mauricio to Rosa Brito-Javier and Rosa Y. Javier, $380,000

55 Midland St: Anselmo Delahoz to Wascar R. Mendez-Zorrilla, $350,000

4-6 Montgomery St: Sandra M. and Peter A. Bistany to Jose L. Guzman and Yubelky I. Ortega, $500,000

84 Mount Vernon St: Michael C. Fortin to Alex N. Dominguez and Alba R. Nunez-Dominguez, $245,000

244 Mount Vernon St Unit 10: Eric A. Myers to Paula Montero and Juan F. Rodriguez-Ledesma, $110,000

83 Pearl St: Eduardo Jimenez and Balomia N. Frias to Maria Contreras and Pedro Rivas, $315,000

422 S Broadway: Fabiola and Mariano Camilo to Antonia D. and Islandia Cruz-Mora, $320,000


2 Alton Rd: Century Builders Inc to Thao Tran, $499,900

1 Bentley Cir Unit 1: Christopher D. Call to Fernando Colon, $220,000

3 Bishop St: Linda Cottone-Donahue to Yudith M. Caraballo and Idalio Guzman, $335,000

10 Carrie Ave: Judie M. Parker to Edwin Rivera and Zenaida Roman, $425,000

16 Clayton Ave: Shirley D. Kalil to Justice L. Kent, $293,000

7 Cypress Ave: Ellen A. and Edward F. Curran to Guy Bastien and Mercie Michel, $309,900

138 Forest St: Joseph L. and Linda M. Rynne to Ryan and Shayna Bibeau, $425,000

401 Forest St: Dan and Adrienne Ostler to Karim Hassouna and Katherine Debs, $367,000

4 Hemenway St: Paul R. and Jeanne M. Rogers to Jonathan Vega and Jerika Ruiz, $342,000

16 Linwood Ave: Girgenti FT and John Daveta to Evelyn Del-Rosario, $271,000

21 Madison St: Claire J. Bamford to Melissa Lugo, $285,000

9 Newton Ave: Wilmington T NA Tr to Felix Gomez, $209,900

37 Piedmont St: Justin Boleski and Allison Workman to Mohamed Elbakkali and Siham Ben-Hamza, $320,000

19 Reservoir St: Regis H. Pelletier to Edward F. and Ellen A. Curran, $390,000

5 Walnut St: Bormin Development LLC to Erick I. Hernandez-Lopez, $493,000


213 Berry St: 25 Hesper Street LLC to Lori Goodwin, $514,900

10 Boston St: 10 Boston Street RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Rahul Jadon and Kamika Singh, $690,000

20 Cabot Rd: Joseph M. and Kristen M. Clarke to Richard Gorham, $455,000

210 Chickering Rd Unit 208a: Matthew Costa to Kristine Quatieri, $310,000

66 Fernview Ave Unit 8: Diane E. Zaiger to Ansony Avila, $193,000

9 Laconia Cir: Ronald and Lori L. Goodwin to Jarred and Virginia Matyka, $842,000

148 Main St Unit C239: Thomas E. Vines to Kirsten Peterson, $290,000

138 Moody St: Baffo RT and Maureen Coburn to Brian A. and Jeanette N. Urquhart, $435,000

337 Pleasant St: Therese Miho Honda RET and Therese Miho-Honda to Joseph M. and Kristen M. Clarke, $586,000

2163 Turnpike St: David W. and Darcey L. Adams to John C. Alepakis and Isabella Bergstrom, $608,000


2 Greenbriar Dr Unit 208: Kristine Quatieri to Colleen M. Welch, $250,000

7 Leland Rd: Raymond Maclean to Kevin Maclean, $200,000

46 Main St Unit 2: Anthony B. Ragucci to Katharine Trahan, $225,000

Martins Lndg Condo Unit 1105: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Edwin M&M C Resendes IRT and Nina E. Agudelo, $324,000


135 Beach Rd Unit B116: Gisele A. Gately to James Fava, $194,900

7 Fanaras Dr: Lake Mohegan LLC to 7 Fanaras Drive LLC, $1,857,000

69 Rabbit Rd: Zorbas RT and James Zorbas to Joshua K. Penney, $540,000