18 Ballardvale Rd: William E. Melahn to Meredith Mondejar, $515,000

7 Gleason St: Michael J. Ruggiero to David E. Gobbi and Kimberly Burack-Gobbi, $410,000

8 Mercury Cir: Joan L. Orrick to Kevin Schroeder and Laura Kelley, $560,000

250 N Main St Unit 2: Layne L. Cargill to Brenda J. Monette, $354,500


No Transactions in this Town


3-5 Alder St: Fadi Louh and Rosette Y. Alhin to Samantha Rem and Jenthai Ouch, $512,500

21 Dallas Dr Unit 304: Beverly A. Brown-Donahue to Claire Matte, $260,500

18 Demitri Cir: Rainbow Builders Corp to Tamara M. DeOliveira, $579,900

60 Farragut St: Dufault Irene B Est and Janet Zabierek to Dawn M. and Franklin I. Bygrave, $260,000

123 Fox Ave: George and Pamela Yannakopoulos to Kaitlyn M. and William H. Mendes, $390,000

149 Hilltop Rd: Theresa M. and John C. Batten to Lynn Carey and Dylan Ward, $313,000

11 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Glenn J. and Joyce M. Andrews, $580,000

42 Long Dr: Glenn J. and Joyce M. Andrews to Steve and Michelle M. Nickerson, $345,000

180 Marsh Hill Rd: William R. Renaud to Saeng Phomveha, $588,000

62 Peters Pond Dr: Judith A. Marcella to Sean Stowe, $338,500

204 Pleasant St Unit 2-5: Kevin F. Freeman to Kiratbir S. Khurana and Banni S. Kaur, $114,100

801 Robbins Ave Unit 2: Salley Michael C Est and Kevin D. Salley to Matthew Lee, $205,000

111 Salisbury St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Erika Martocchio and Jacob J. Macshane, $311,000

94 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 23: Agnes M. and Raymond A. Gentile to Reesch N. Van, $185,000


39 Bailey Ln: Bailey Lane LLC to Yi Fan and Yang Li, $642,566

26 Web Rd: Michael Boucher and Kiley Frazier to Matthew Mosca and Kristen Spriggs, $464,000

6 Winter St: Mary J. Labrecque to Elisabeth Austin and Richard Eriman, $420,000


No Transactions in this Town


3 17th Ave: Francisco Montes to Matthew Hitchcock, $21,100

228 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 228: Longton FT and A Courtney Longton to Mary Flynn, $280,000

26 Elmwood Ave: Johanne L. Colman to Howard Reeve, $275,000

225 Farrwood Dr Unit 225: Mounir Jermany to Vivienne Kache-Vantyne and Kenneth Vantyne, $253,000

36 Freeman St: Hugo R. and Ivis E. Perla to Pedro and Yoshca N. Roman, $270,000

45 Green St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to JMJ Legare LLC, $116,000

51 Greenleaf St: Kothman Mary C Est and Cheryl M. Fanaras to Allison L. and Robert J. Boisclair, $290,000

55 Hoyt Rd: Dekeon FT and George Dekeon to Stephanie Jackson and Richard White, $491,500

10 Kenoza St: Susan and Linda Atwood to Rkaco LLC, $460,000

629 Kenoza St: Rkaco LLC to Joseph Franciosa, $153,333

635 Kenoza St: Susan and Linda Atwood to 635 Kenoza Street RT and James Hughes, $200,000

28 Morgan Dr Unit 28: Freckle International LLC to Daniel Oboyle, $245,000

45 North Ave: Craig R. Harrigan to Steven Palmer and Joshua J. Stewart, $469,900

440 North Ave Unit 114: Christopher M. Gale to Anthony E. Medina and Cristobalina G. DeMedina, $155,000

751-753 River St: Diprimo IRT and Cyndi E. Walton to Rkaco LLC, $33,000

6 Village Ln: Ernest W Arnold Jr RET and Ernest W. Arnold to Sarah Dakubu, $405,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 5: Valerie A. Gounaris to Shannon L. and Vera Russo, $179,000


67-69 Avon St: MTGLQ Investors LP to Yenny Guzman, $350,000

113 Beacon Ave Unit A: Elsa A. Oconnor to Carlos M. Chamba, $179,000

62 Beacon St: Jose Rodriguez and Ivete Alves-Rodriguez to Codjo P. Ahouandjinou and Carla Frejuste, $320,000

41-43 Bellevue St: Victor M. Guerrero and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Maxwell Trejo, $345,000

116 E Haverhill St: Sandor Nagy to Bcad LLC, $152,000

18-20 Easton St: John P. and James R. Cadoret to Emely and Janeth V. Izquierdo, $447,000

377 Essex St: Jose Rodriguez to Easy Price Home Appliancs, $264,900

21 Garfield St: Bank Of America NA to Josefa Kingsley, $192,000

29-31 Hobson St: Jatnna Acevedo to Cesar E. Batista, $487,500

46 Hudson Ave: Christina Herrera to Kellie A. Rodriguez and John Pina, $235,000

84 Marston St Unit A: Patricia Sullivan to Hector A. Almonte, $171,000

34-38 Park St Unit 109b1: Bcad LLC to Jose L. Vargas, $10,000

54 Phillips St: Priscilla Hall to Roodney Lorena, $255,000

34 Portland St: Capital Holdings LLC to Harold Delaney, $220,000

71-73 Spruce St: KPRO Properties SP LLC to Daher Group Inc, $100,000

77 Spruce St: KPRO Properties SP LLC to Daher Group Inc, $100,000

79-81 Spruce St: KPRO Properties SP LLC to Daher Group Inc, $100,000

29 Stevens Ave Unit 29: Sahily L. Rodriguez to Yuliana Nunez-Detejada, $233,000

4 Tyler St: Omar A. Loaiza to Samara M. Flores and Justine O. Santos-Flores, $270,000

29 Vine St: Olawski Frances A Est and Mark A. Gangi to Yosenny Diaz-Fernandez and Indira Lantigua-Burgos, $435,000


25-27 Burgess St: Fraynel Abreu to Melvin Jaquez and Adileisy Jimenez, $475,000

Central St Lot A: Jeslin RT and Kevin D. Pellitier to North Shore Real Estate, $137,500

25 Hopkins Cir Unit 25: Edelstein Joel J Est and Charlotte J. Lynch to Pasquale and Marie Coppola, $425,500

99 Lawrence St: Miriam Kochakian IRT and Eileen V. Baldwin to Albert Villa, $250,000

47 Maplewood Ave: Hung V. and Cindy Trinh to Van K. Ton and Tai N. Nguyen, $385,000

45 Pine Tree Dr Unit 45: Toll MA 4 LLC to Cornelia S. Cargile, $782,694

78 Woodburn Dr: Khalid Choukri to Firman Destin and Rachel Damus, $510,000


65 Beverly St: US Bank NA to VBL Investment 1 LLC, $217,100

190 Chickering Rd Unit 107d: Galante Edward H Est and Paul V. Galante to Christopher Salvo and Julia M. Anzalone, $295,900

4 Fernview Ave Unit 6: James R. and Donald J. Warner to Fortunatus LLC, $145,000

1015 Forest St: Cunha Herbert J Est and Stephen M. Cunha to Jonathan N. Coveney and Lauren A. Vanaken, $540,000

171 French Farm Rd: Shing P. Ng and Kwan Y. Cammy-Ng to Katherine F. and Michael T. Corey, $660,000

26 Main St Unit 2: Tiffany A. Tropp to Jonathan R. and Brittni A. Bragg, $395,000

148 Main St Unit B333: Melanie R. Miller to Dana and Molly Tannatt, $245,000

148 Main St Unit A412: Wanda RT and Catherine Shippy to Ralph E. and Sharon M. Zahn, $240,000

148 Main St Unit F543: Kathleen Mcelhinney and Maureen Norman to Nicole M. Dilando, $229,900

35-37 Massachusetts Ave: US Bank NA Tr to My 2 Girls Realty LLC, $250,000

23 Saunders St: Alcor NT and Eugene P. Willis to Melahat and Peyman Samali, $555,000

740 Turnpike St: 740 Turnpike St LLC to Prebo Equity&Investments, $1,750,000

9 Walker Rd Unit 2: Leo J. and Fabiola Harrington to Joseph G. Digirolamo, $182,500

433 Waverley Rd: John and Kellie M. Reid to Kelly Yehbbeun-Jeong and Soojae Lee, $480,000

115 Windkist Farm Rd: US Bank NA to Carony LLC, $490,000


23 Audubon Rd: E&G RT and Edward Melanson to Susan and Justin Griffin, $510,000

6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 304: Michael P. and Renee T. Hennessey to Victor Magaletta, $256,500

4 Lisa Ln: Ryan Barry to David J. and Rachel V. Mello, $714,000

265 Main St: FLV Atlantic Plaza LP to Fae Atlantic Plaza LLC, $27,150,000


1 6th St W: Kathleen M. Czachor to Pensco T Co LLC, $250,000

55 Elm St: Stefanie Paul to Joshua B. and Stephanie Rutherford, $325,000