Editor's Note: The following listings have been updated to reflect the correction below.


9 Alison Way: Robert J. and Norma H. Cohen to Richard H. Giles and Chun L. Wu, $963,000

39 Clark Rd: Richard S. Barry and Yvette Villa-Barry to Shouyang Shi and Qiaoyi You, $529,000

19 Crenshaw Ln Unit 19: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Indu and Gita I. Muni, $1,425,000

1 Ellsworth Rd: Matthew H. and Kathleen Z. Quill to Rohit Jain and Queenal Vrishni, $669,000

55 Gray Rd: Michelle Kudirka and Julie Viola to Mark Bree and Karissa Utzat, $734,000

5 Henderson Ave: Marilyn M. Harvey to Jonathan G. and Ashley A. Carlson, $240,000

38 Juniper Rd: Daniel E. and Danielle Gillis to Gaston F. Menarvino and Maria E. Espetxe, $615,000

4 Longwood Dr Unit 1: 3rd Floor Associates LLC to Susan Big T and Susan N. Big, $259,000

24 Muirfield Cir Unit 24: Andrew C. and Cathy L. Shimberg to Paul and Sharon Leuzzi, $1,180,000

284 N Main St: Debra Ogston and Joseph R. Saker to Peter V. and Loyce A. Lawlor, $899,900

4 Orchard St: Hong-Van M. and Cat S. Le to Gary W Mccauley 2009 RET and Gary W. Mccauley, $910,000

8 Princeton Ave: Kara C. and Renzo Iturrino to William V. Mangan and Allison E. Omalley, $601,000

348 River Rd Unit 3: Andres M. Uribe and Lisa Moore to Amit and Vanessa Gonsalves, $545,000

20 Woodhaven Dr: Young M. and Jong W. Kim to Greger and Liane Andersson, $685,000


19-c Bayns Hill Rd: Jill K. and Robert A. Jaworski to Waweru Mburu and Mercy Njuguna, $867,500

10 Carleton Cir: 10 Carleton Circle T and John C. West to Thomas J. Browne and Michelle M. Mulvena, $635,000

9 Ipswich Rd: Elizabeth B. and Samuel L. Schauerman to Jamie M. and Justin P. Chase, $744,000

209-a Ipswich Rd: Michelle and Thomas Murphy to Michael Mcgovern and Michelle Fermin-Viviers, $1,200,000

39 Lilly Pond Rd: Eivind G. Lange and Mary G. Puma to Elden J. and Erin M. Kocourek, $1,262,500

3 Perkins Way: Elizabeth C. and John S. Forbes to Keith Welch and Lisa Palacios-Welch, $691,000


33 Arlington Ave: 505 Capital Partners LLC to Shauna M. Campbell and Matthew H. Valade, $380,000

199 Brook St: Cristina L. Steele to Kirwa and Winny C. Chumba, $383,000

1 Demitri Cir: Rainbow Builders Corp to Michael J. and Kristina Lavey, $599,900

5 Dylan Dr: Jnnifer Costa and Leigh Savary to Yves P. Cornet, $480,000

148 Flower Ln Unit 7: Valdemar and Nichole Estevam to Claudia Gillis, $220,000

4 Garrison Rd: Paul J. and Helene H. Bettencourt to Eugene R. Deangelis and Sokunthea Tieng, $625,000

551 Hildreth St Unit 18: Catherine E Defabio IRT and Catherine E. Defabio to Sharif Developments LLC, $240,500

22 Honeybee Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to James and Melanie Felker, $551,300

26 Joseph Ave: James A. and Melanie K. Felker to Stephanie Mazzie, $364,900

84 Nashua Rd: Oneill William F Est and William F. Martin to Michael J. Agricourt and Amanda B. Rivard, $395,000

36 Pasquale St: Arthur Menezes and Amy Uzdavinis to Jose R. Pena, $369,000

15 Peabody Ave: CRT Properties LLC to Adam Barczewski and Meghan Boyer, $360,000

8 Royal Ave Unit 8: George and Donna Tevepaugh to Paul and Helene H. Bettencourt, $339,000

256 Sladen St: Paul A. and Evelyn A. Glazebrook to Isania Figueroa and Francis Holguin, $385,000


17 Andover St Unit 3: William C. Schiek to John A. Regalbuto, $175,000

41 Bailey Ln: Bailey Lane LLC to Brittany and Robert J. Casella, $619,995

6 Birch Tree Dr: St Clair NT and J Peter StClair to Alycia A. and Javier A. Torres, $774,000

6 Charles St: Maria T. and Ronald C. Chorzewski to John Mendalka and Brittany S. Supino, $490,000

5 Davis Ln: Susan S. and Susan Flint to Benjamin and Erin Pollock, $715,000

12 Linden Cir: Carey Carvalho to Radka Bartonkova and Damon M. Hubbs, $388,000

9 Marlboro Rd: Patricia A Reynolds T and John T. Raynolds to Cody R. Brenneman and V A. Dietel-Brenneman, $501,000

12 Meadowview Rd: Janice R. Howe to Cristina A. and Schuyler N. Perry, $415,000

178 North St: Aaron and Erin Bergeron to Jennifer Desrosiers and Deni A. Gaito, $450,000

2 Noyes Rd: Matthew J. and Lindsay E. StPierre to Jonathan R. and Tennile M. Amero, $392,500


6 Dartmouth St: Frances A. Mccoy to Robert Gamache and Devan Mcnair, $392,000

6 Mulberry St: Kathryn and Michael A. Alesse to Christopher and Kerry A. Marulli, $650,000


29-31 4th Ave: Little Dogs LLC to Salazar Properties LLC, $762,000

73 Auburn St: Eric V. Dorman to Ameur Zellagui, $239,900

73 Bailey Ct: Brian J. and Nicole L. Ray to Christopher J. and Stacey King, $500,000

7 Bartlett St: Daniel and Kathleen A. Racki to Emily Matthew, $422,000

9 Bartlett St: Daniel and Kathleen A. Racki to Emily Matthew, $422,000

90 Den Worth Bell Cir Unit 90: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Suzanne L. Gilligan and Robert P. Nessen, $340,500

35 Glen Meadow Rd Unit 35: Crystal and Martin Sandler to Tonimae Falabella and Paul Mantia, $290,000

164 Golden Hill Ave: Med Properties LLC to Bridgette Obrien and Alex Turco, $439,900

8 Greenlawn Ave: Adrian Santiago and Carmen Santos to John Hawkins, $405,000

18 Hamel Way Unit 18: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Fabiola and Leo Harrington, $329,900

22 Hamel Way Unit 22: Brady Sullivan Haverhill to Sheri Silvestro, $314,900

61 Jackson Street Ext: FNMA to Dilcia Almonte, $193,846

43 Lucas Dr: Jayne L. Kittredge and Eric V. Pare to Francis G. Capitanio and Nelly R. Jones, $370,000

27 Mercury Ter Unit 27: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Kevin Whetstone, $225,000

63 Mercury Ter Unit 63: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Vanessa Wolforth, $240,000

69-b Merrimac Rd: Andrew and Gina Owen to TFVARV RT and Susan Flint, $550,000

17 Riverdale Ave: Douglas C. and Sara A. King to Barbara D. and Gerald F. White, $622,000

49 Rockland St: Jessica and Zachary T. Drapeau to Eduardo Vargas-Jimenez and Kenia Y. Ortiz, $300,000

39 Saint Botolph St Unit 39: Berube Carla F Est and Kevin P. Berube to Danielle R. and Patrick J. Healey, $275,000

645 Salem St: Brenda J. Daignault to Michael P. Carney, $326,000

56 Steeplechase Ct Unit 56: Rufus B. Price to Maureen Mugavero, $205,000

22 Swasey St: 419 Lowell Street RT and Wysnar A. Marte to Luis A. Abreu, $340,000

18 Twin Brooks Cir Unit 18: Mark D. and Rachel A. Guida to Larry A. Wiseheart, $295,000

70 Washington St Unit 602: Haverhill Realty Dev T and Pasquale Franchi to Julie and Walter Zaremba, $305,000

80 Wingate St Unit 2e: Susan Adams Real Estate to Indre Dantaite, $156,000


22 Amherst St: Paul J. Nartiff to Gilberto C. Taveras, $275,000

182 Andover St: Elmer Sandoval to Thelmo Cruz and Concepcion Hernandez, $327,000

538 Andover St: North Shore Receivership to Maryluz Dejesus, $299,700

594-594a Andover St: Reina Santiago to Jose S. Granillos, $507,000

23-25 Bailey St: US Bank NA Tr to Darios Home Improvement, $357,024

58-60 Bellevue St: Nuris A. Deabad to Marvin G. Martinez, $495,000

7-9 Bennington St: Enrique G. Gil-Gabin to Euriz Inoa, $280,000

143-a&b Bennington St: Leandro M. Martinez and Doris Heredia to Roselio Cepeda and Juliana Reyes, $450,000

5-7 Caulkins Ct: Randy M. Ovalles and Gianna Bierd-Ovalles to Gregorio B. Bierd and Sandra Hidalgo-De Bierd, $350,000

316 Common St: James V. Piemonte to Massachusetts Electric Co, $1,000,000

262 E Haverhill St Unit 13: Tania Maria and Mercedes G. Cruz to Rivas Properties LLC, $115,500

180 Exchange St: Admanfred LLC to Jennifer Garcia, $222,000

161-163 Foster St: Dario and Fatima Garcia to Luis Delacruz and A Duran-Delacruz, $460,000

170 Gilbert St: Bernard F. Dunn and Morie L. Sherry-Dunn to Kenneth E. and Sharlene D. Brown, $113,700

50 Hillside Ave: Dallon FT 2011 and Martin R. Dallon to Lamacchia Development LLC, $265,000

7-9 Keighley Ct: Edrian Mendez-Brito to Claude J. Godard, $435,000

87 Knox St: Byron X. Obando and Sheila V. Cintron to Tambe J. Ebai, $384,000

32 Lenox Cir: Stacey and Christopher King to Nelson Potter, $340,000

18 Louisberg St: Jessica M. Trovato to Lyn R. Kertesz, $307,000

698 Lowell St: Steven A. and Linda J. Paine to Maritza Moronta and Lucia Duran, $270,000

90-94 Maple St: John M. Sammataro to Estela Reyes, $250,000

100 Maple St: John M. Sammataro to Estela Reyes, $50,000

242 Mount Vernon St Unit 8: Abdo G. and Samaria C. Hashem to Daisy J. Familia, $155,000

463-465 S Broadway: 463-465 S Broadway NT and Dong W. Kim to Swathi LLC, $250,000

96 Sylvester St: Ouellette 2017 T and Bryan D. Ouellette to Saby P. Perez, $320,000

33 Warren St: Jose M. Huertas and Arlene Agosto to Yennifer Feliz, $180,000

202 Willow St: Yanilsa Nunez and Francisco Ramirez to Hermes M. Orozco-Perez, $360,000


2 Applewood Ln: John Azevedo to Sol Trieu and Khai X. Son, $362,000

29 Ashland Ave: Norah Hillis-Brown and Gail A. Witham to 109-111 Spruce Street RT and Wysnar A. Marte, $239,900

45 Ayers Village Rd: Heba Alolabi and Samer Abdelsalam to Lucas and Nicholas Russell, $437,500

5 Bedford St: 5 C Investments LLC to Jessica L. Vandewalle and Kori Rabida, $479,900

19 Brown Ct: Joanna Rodriguez and Eneida Ocasio to Gary D. Levesque and Kara M. Mcdonough, $350,000

41 Fenwick Cir: Jose A. and Franselina Espinal to Kevin L. and Janet Dunn, $470,000

21 Hampshire Rd Unit 306: 333 Place Lane RT and Rachel R. Lacascia to Kelsie Ulrick, $189,900

54 Harris St: Ann M. and Andrew J. Bolduc to Stephen Mahnke and Sara Edquist, $331,000

1 Hayes St: Kirby Kattar-Shaheen and Kirby Mastrangelo to Gaetano Distefano, $350,000

48 High St Unit 15: Ronald J. Aufiero to Mohamed Fadli, $162,500

100-102 Jackson St: Richard&Carol Beaulieu FT and Richard J. Beaulieu to Linda Kirker and John Lever, $285,000

19 Lancaster Rd: Jason R. and Lyn A. Williams to Kenan and Ranjana Resic, $445,000

129 Milk St: Philip J. and Sandra E. Bruneau to Lucinda and Lisbette Joseph, $440,000

95-101 Phillips St: RFR Development Inc to GAP Apartments Methuen, $688,425

86 Pine Tree Dr Unit 86: Toll MA 4 LLC to Groves FT and Dean L. Groves, $601,521

45 Railroad St: Matthew C. and Bethany L. Monteith to Merrimack Valley Real Est, $240,000

945 Riverside Dr Unit 18d: Yohanni E. Cuevas to Luis Guzman and Olga Cacho, $205,000

20 Ruskin Ave: Jerome FT and Paula M. Henrick to Erin A. Saba, $310,000

23 Shirley Ave: David R. and Lindsay M. Tiney to Mischa R. Mcfarland, $430,550

45 Washington St Unit 18: Thomas and Christina Blair to Nancy Lauzon and Daniel S. Levine, $265,000


231 Chestnut St: Fred P. Sammartino and Brenda C. Van Der Beek to Greg and Sarah Cottone, $775,000

4 Compass Pt Unit L1: Berry 114 Co LLC to Kulwinder S. and Kusam B. Bhatti, $512,215

4 Fernview Ave Unit 6: Fortunatus LLC to Laura A. Wareing, $217,500

26 Main St Unit 7: Hannah K. Galvin to Cesario M. Ferreira, $395,000

148 Main St Unit O103: Ventura FT and Anna M. Ventura to Mary L. Terry, $312,800

80 Prospect St: Patricia C. Mccann to Payne Properties LLC, $232,500

73 Riverview St: 12 North RT and Daniel J. Dewar to Joel Lopez, $525,000

1975 Salem St: Livingstone Dev Corp to Nicholas E. and Christa Gery, $839,000

171 Summer St: Anthony Cerra to Adam B. and Megan A. Sweeney, $439,000

575 Turnpike St Units 26 and 28: Ober FT and Andrew I. Ober to 575 Turnpike St 26-28 LLC, $219,900

633 Turnpike St: A&C RT 2 and James M. Holbrook to Andover Pest Control Inc, $375,000

795 Turnpike St Units 201, 202, 203 and 204: Landmark RT and Nelson A. Raust to CCM Properties Group LLC, $230,000

797 Turnpike St Units 201, 202, 203 and 204, and 799 Turnpike St Units 202 and 204: Lentini Realty Inc to KIP Realty LLC, $420,000

100 Willow St: Reau Realty LLC to 100 Willow Street Realty, $2,544,000

94 Windkist Farm Rd: Brenan J. and Hilary Mccarragher to Deborah Sapienza and Erin Romansik, $885,000

23 Wright Ave: Frances P. Saab and David B. Forzese to Jeremy J. and Carla E. Carter, $419,000


19 Burditt Rd: Black Roof Properties LLC to Jason N. and Kimberly A. Robinson, $430,000

1 Greenbriar Dr Unit 107: David Lucas to Jamie R. Eulie, $169,900

279 Haverhill St: Kelli Strob to Adam L. and Megan E. Stahl, $475,000

32 Kings Row: David J. and Jodi M. Connor to Patrick L. and Timmery A. Fitzpatrick, $805,000

217 Main St: W&N LP to PRT Realty LLC, $3,600,000

26 Orchard Dr: Robert J&M Moss RET and Robert J. Moss to Michael A. Newman and Krystina M. Habib, $557,500

2 Pine Glen Dr: Daniel F. and Donna M. Agneta to Alex J. Schlesinger and C M. Harbilas-Schlesinger, $545,000

8 Putnam Rd: Thomas A. Bowman to Bethany J. Dicristofaro and Michael A. Ratte, $585,000

5 Shore Rd: Wayne C. and Barbara F. Bennett to Demi T. Dang, $325,000

2 Winter St: Winter Street Drive RT and Michael Mccool to Stephen F. and Barbara L. Bradley, $555,000

4 Winter St: Winter Street Drive RT and Michael Mccool to Stephen F. and Barbara L. Bradley, $555,000

19 Woodland Dr: Douglas A. and Brenda G. Lane to Matthew C. and Kimberly M. Donahue, $525,000


115 Beach Rd: John Shea to Ian Shea, $325,000

188 Beach Rd Unit 16: Rita Simeone to Douglas A. Cooper, $389,000

42 Central Ave Unit 5: Tildsley FT 2019 and Brian M. Tildsley to Dennis J. and Theresa E. Bradley, $325,000

44 Central Ave Unit 1: Joan K. Lombardo to Sharon R. and Sidney A. Tildsley, $640,000

9 Elmwood St: Scott J. Minehan to Maya R. Spencer, $235,000

10 Fowler St: Marshall Glen A Est and Marjorie N. Marshall to Cathy Bureau, $185,000

73 N End Blvd: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc to Pamela J. Tobichuk, $410,000

54 Seabrook Rd: Frances A. and Kenneth M. Sheehan to Anthony Vitale, $160,000

56 Seabrook Rd: Frances A. and Kenneth M. Sheehan to Anthony Vitale, $160,000

CORRECTION -- Due to the formatting of information provided to The Eagle-Tribune, details of recent real estate sales in North Andover were incorrectly listed in the Massachusetts Real Estate Transactions in the Saturday, July 13 edition. Four condo units in Phase II of the Willows at 795 Turnpike St., North Andover (units 201, 202, 203 and 204) were sold by Landmark Realty Trust to CCM Properties Group LLC for a total of $230,000, according to the deed recorded after the sale. In a separate transaction, six condo units in Phase II of the Willows at 797 Turnpike St. (units 201, 202, 203 and 204) and at 799 Turnpike St. (units 202 and 204) were sold by Lentini Realty Inc. to KIP Realty LLC for a total of $420,000.

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