39-41 Balmoral St: Katherine H. Morin to Richard A. and Julie L. Dalton, $455,000

502 Brookside Dr Unit 502: Ning and Gengxi Chen to Zaheer Shaik and Asma F. Khizer, $375,500

12 Cloverfield Dr: 12 Cloverfield Drive RT and Nicolette N. Heavey to Flavio Zanetti and Flavia Dallagnol-Zanetti, $965,000

10 Colonial Dr Unit 1a: Kotsiras John G Est and Deborah A. Johnson to Thomas Scolastico, $125,000

1 Francis Dr Unit 205: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Arleen L. Zaft, $169,000

38 Maple Ave: Christopher C. and Sabrina J. Witt to David Engel, $589,000

304 N Main St: William and Allison Washkurak to John Kenrick-Barnes and Angela Barnes, $779,900

70 River Rd: B&B Real Estate Dev LLC to Brenda L. and Ronald D. Dudevoir, $480,000


27-c Andrews Farm Rd: Haley Kathleen M Est and Travis R. Tenney to Brenden J. Mcgonagle, $165,000


1794 Bridge St Unit 1b&2b: K&K Equipment Inc to Abreu Holdings LLC, $175,000

1794 Bridge St Unit 2b: K&K Equipment Inc to Abreu Holdings LLC, $175,000

37 Brookside St: Ralph W. Mazzarella to Gloria C. Twine-Moore, $370,000

101 Donohue Rd Unit 18: Robert and Alison Ackroyd to Saad Azmat and Isma Saad, $199,500

52 Grandview St: Michael T. and Danielle Stickney to Shane Foley, $357,000

902 Methuen St: Diane Beaudion T and Diane Beaudion to 902 Methuen Street RT and Bernard A. Saja, $370,000

59 Mill St Unit 207: John C&Nancy J Katin IRT and Kimberly A. Curran to Theresa M. and John C. Batten, $242,000

46 Reagan Rd Unit 46: Michael E. Kinney to Edward J. Powers, $174,500

66 Scott St: Ann M. Melancon and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $261,800

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 50: Samantha B. Buckley to Michael E. Bray and Caroline Dacosta-Bray, $200,000


44 Elm St: Jessica L. Johnson and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $393,142

7 Forest St: Patricia A. and Sean R. Byrne to Christopher R. and Kelli A. Wallace, $711,810

12 Larkspur Cir Unit 12: Richard C. and Virginia A. Edwards to Leonard Mirra, $552,000


62 7 Star Rd: James Mccarthy to Michael Crowe, $170,000

103 Main St: Anthony J. Lanzillo and FNMA to FNMA, $87,000

4 Nora Ln: Anne B. and William M. Selig to Edward M. and Kathleen C. Maloney, $526,000


141 Amesbury Rd: Robert&Joann Conrad FT and Robert J. Conrad to Debra A. Cahill and Christopher C. Goudreault, $350,000

87 Bateman St Unit 87: Sarah L. Graffum and Brian Masys to Shawn M. Capozzi and Jessica A. Gagnon, $256,900

1119 Broadway: Sherry Venezia-Serino to Christopher W. Connor, $438,000

52 Columbus Ave: Elaine B. and John P. Lenotte to Danielle A. and Richard J. Palen, $390,000

404 Farrwood Dr Unit 404: Wilmington T NA Tr to Brianna Mccarthy, $205,000

Hilldale Ave: WBC Extrusion Products to Riley Land T and Kevin G. Cassidy, $450,000

41 Lawrence St: Belkis A. Hernandez to Maxuell K. Velez-Abian and Harvey Velez-Fabian, $415,000

45 Leonard Ave: VanGeyte Fine Properties to Alyssa and Daniel Weber, $363,000

1 Mackenzie Way Unit 1: Livingstone Development to James G. and Sheena D. Louis, $329,900

12-14 Macon Ave: G&G Highland Properties to Ashland Street LLC, $465,000

552 Main St Unit 1: Sara Nahmias to Toni Fultz, $206,000

51 Mount Vernon St: Glen E. Shapiro to Chester Gawrys, $424,900

13 Myles Standish Dr: Janet R. Dutil to Judith Lima, $156,000

101 N Broadway: Michael F. Oshea to Mary Good, $299,900

81 S Kimball St: Robert Macdonald to Belkis Amparo-Hernandez, $300,000

63 S Williams St: Kenneth A. Crawford to Elliott E. and Kristina Wilke, $337,000

8 Whittier St: Winwin Properties LLC to Joseph Lopresti, $305,000

201 Winter St: Roses RT and Susan M. Powell to Deam Realty LLC, $725,000


10-12 Bennington St: Juan B. Castellano to E R. Hernandez-Espinal, $380,000

126 Cross St: Willington F. Mosquea and Evelyn Mosque to Jonathan L. and Adrian C. Santiago, $370,000

214-218 Farnham St: Keeth A. and Rathana S. Khey to Carmen D. Nunez-Dealvarez and G A. Alvarez-Rodriguez, $473,000

11 N Boylston St: Brien W. Corey to Dennis Kolodziej, $120,000

178 Park St Unit C: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571

178 Park St Unit B: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571

178 Park St Unit A: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571

180 Park St Unit D: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571

180 Park St Unit C: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571

180 Park St Unit B: Arturo Reynoso and Maria Manzueta to Abram Investment Holdings, $43,571

180 Park St Unit A: Arturo V. Reynoso to Abram Investment Holdings, $48,571


34 Burnham Rd Unit 403: Riverside Drive LLC to William R. Bright and Fatima Halouani, $245,000

30 Danbury Dr Unit 18: Philip P. and Diana Jackson to Santa Jaime, $130,000

53 Golf Ave: John and Lisa Brewer to Elineth and Arismendy More, $404,000

6 Greenlawn Ave: Greenlawn RT and Donald G. Mustapha to Karen Sheehy, $330,000

7 Hampshire Rd: Brikar LLC to Sean P. Landry, $359,900

4 Hampstead St: James A. and Ellen M. Fitzgerald to Salvatore Labrutto, $350,000

289 Howe St: Eliseu S. and Glaucia B. Leal to Michael R. Potvin, $410,000

307 Howe St: Vasken M. and Joyce E. Bogosian to Brandon Gadd and Holly Beck, $385,000

494 Howe St: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Taimoor A. and Iman A. Albayati, $224,700

13-19 Merrill St Unit 2: Diamond Capital Inc to Daniel R. Melo, $440,000

4 Mosca Ln: Jeneven M. and J Ming Le Lin to Zelda F. Jiang, $415,000

128 Oakland Ave: Maria Vidal to Michael P. and Rana M. Cullen, $349,777

80 Pine Tree Dr Unit 80: Toll MA 4 LLC to Richard M. and Terry K. Bargar, $901,888

624 Prospect St: Ryan Rourke to Mark and Lisa Simpson, $515,200

16 Sadie Ln: Homes At Great Oaks LLC to Jian Ding and Liying Shi, $580,600

131 Weybossett St: Girolamo Properties LLC to Brittany S. and Renato C. Malta, $369,000


451 Andover St Unit 213: Naop LLC to Indigore LLC, $127,975

451 Andover St Unit 214: Naop LLC to Indigore LLC, $127,975

451 Andover St Unit 305: Naop LLC to Indigore LLC, $127,975

246 Candlestick Rd: Thomas C. Young to Todd G. and Pamela A. Storch, $725,000

1401 Great Pond Rd Unit 2: Ronald M. Cuscia to Marcie R. Jacobson, $250,000

56 Jetwood St Unit 56: Semaniuk LT and Michael J. Semaniuk to Bethany D. Parker, $305,000

20 May St Unit 20: Marcie Jacobson to Ronald Cuscia, $170,000

144 Meeting House Rd Unit 144: Charles C. and Deborah A. Hughes to Piecewicz 2017 T and Richard W. Piecewicz, $650,000

107 Mill Pond: Elizabeth Ricci 2013 IRT and Linda Ricci-Schubnel to Hans Kim and Tammy Woolfolk, $370,000

44 Phillips Ct Unit 44: M&W Canty RT and William C. Canty to Tyler Canty, $225,000

59 Willow Ridge Rd: Joseph and Kristen Robinson to Stephen and Hillary Bruns, $660,000


9 Damon St: Michael and Laura A. Rancourt to Patrick A. Zurek and Haley E. Andersen, $512,000

6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 201: Kara J. Fitzpatrick to David B. Silva and Maria Lombardo-DeSilva, $235,500

243 Haverhill St: Robert D. Johnson and Jaclyn Squeglia to Margot R. and Christopher Bordne, $400,000

5 Kings Row: Michael and Kristie Forni to Kelley Flynn and L Mathew Walker, $830,000

20 Little Meadow Way: JOZ Development LLC to CJM Builders Inc, $900,000

270 Main St Unit 11: Forcellese Holdings LLC to Hui L. Li and Wenxing Zheng, $156,000

126 Marblehead St: Christopher R. and Kimberly F. Bourque to Rudolph M. Montgelas and Anne Bascomb-Montgelas, $869,000

191 North St: Brian F. Poor and Bank Of New York Mellon to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $295,455

288 Park St: L Mathew Walker to Thomas J. and Linda A. Obrien, $480,900

10 Peter Rd: Aimee and James L. Chanler to Marimar and Neil L. Moriwaki, $461,000


6 Allen Dr: M Steven Parrelli to Lorna L. Lake, $324,500

137 Atlantic Ave: Shoreline Properties LLC to Wayne P. Capolupo, $360,000

233 Beach Rd Unit B2: 233 Beach Road LLC to Catherine and Michael Broderick, $485,000

42 Bridge Rd: Judith and Robert B. Dow to Maxwell Holdings LLC, $280,000

11 Glenwood Ave: Bradford G. Koch and Bank Of New York Mellon to Brian and Jeffrey Sirois, $39,000

11 Lena Maes Way: Justin Rogers to Noel Nunez and Johanna Puello, $385,000