No Transactions in this Town


263 Jennifer Dr: Victor and Meagan Vaillancourt to Steven J. and Rachel A. Ayotte, $380,000


16 Clydesdale Dr: Brian and Nicole Stern to Steven G. Johnson and Elaine M. Lynch, $353,000

583 Main St: Chief Development LLC to Brent M. and Jie Matthews, $360,000


38 Barkland Dr: Alexander Centeno and Nereida Vazquez to Jennifer Mccarthy, $307,000

10 Berry Rd: Discover Properties LLC to Sheila and Bryce Landry, $360,000

12 Boyd Rd Unit R: Christopher R. Bouchard to Matthew Coy, $181,000

19 Cemetery Rd: Thomas M. and Lenore A. Vallante to Thomas M. Vallante and Nason L. Bastarache, $325,000

2 Colony Brook Ln: Sally D Dion RET and Sally D. Dion to Philip J. Gaulin, $415,000

92 E Broadway Unit 31: Ryan Fragala to Logan Wright, $97,000

49 Floyd Rd: Roalsvig FT and Knut J. Roalsvig to Thomas A. and Sheila F. Zarka, $675,000

4 Little John Ct Unit R: Brittany M. and Eric M. Mclaughlin to Amanda L. Duszak and Robert A. Brouder, $180,000

22 Manchester Rd Unit 7a: Flying Crusher LLC to KT Realty Services LLC, $529,000

8 Meadowbrook Rd: Markandeswara Irivinti and Krithika Mahalingam to Jason and Melissa Miller, $369,000

10 Meadowbrook Rd: Karen Julisu and FHLM to FHLM, $261,300

2 Misty Morning Dr Unit C: Tracy A. Alakel to Peter J. Sinclair, $206,000

81 N High St Unit 12: Michael Didio to Susan L. Nichols, $248,333

1 Pembroke Dr Unit 16: Dante Bertolino to Lindsey A. Lopez and Trace M. Parnell, $129,933

2 Pine Isle Dr Unit D: Thomas H. and Cheryl A. Mcmahon to Laura L. Hutton, $206,000

Pinkerton St: Joseph E. and Diane L. Gerjes to Kevin L. and Kathryn N. Coyle, $106,000

55 Scenic Dr Unit L: Justin M. Bethune to Jill E. Cohen, $214,933

934 Whitney Grove Rd: Vincent M. Davis and Scotty E. Jones to Frank and Michele Tambone, $569,933

N/a: Marilyn S. Green and Dennis O. Shannon to Robert Contraros, $55,000


43 Collins Dr: Todd A. and Kathleen Mckechnie to Louise Mattern and Jeremy P. Gomes, $414,000

188 E Main St: Ernest R Brown Const LLC to George A. and Susan L. Denault, $325,000

17 Old Forge Rd: Carolann Barcelos to Victor P. and Melissa M. Antolini, $325,000

25 Page Ln: David M. and Mattie Paul to Jennifer M. and Brian B. Hall, $479,000

279 Pondview Dr: Murphy FT and Patricia J. Murphy to Camp T and Richard T. Murphy, $150,000

27 Scott Dr: Joseph Madsen to Larry W. and Phyllis J. Johansen, $164,000


1 Eastmor Ln: Michele Hamel to Jennifer J. Bessette, $310,400

8 Falcone Cir: Harry S. and Stephanie Gale to Nathan M. and Lauren K. Liebenow, $496,000

16 Gill St: Travis W. Gott to Andrea Gott, $182,533

349 Lafayette Rd: 349 Equity Assets LLC to Lafayette Road 349 LLC, $540,000

401 Lafayette Rd: Xebec Realty LLC to Bnrhampton LLC, $950,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 306: Xrow Realty LLC to Coughlin FT and Kevin J. Coughlin, $164,000

725 Ocean Blvd Unit A: Montello Street LLC to Kelly Mannes, $490,000

16 Seaview Ave: William J Leva Jr T and William J. Leva to John R. Martin and Margaret M. Pendelena, $317,000

28 Sweetbriar Ln: Allen L. Legendre to Michael T&L Obrien LT and Michael T. Obrien, $470,000

6 Willow Ln: Richard Chipman to Stephen H. Chipman, $105,000


22 Scotland Rd: Robie FT and Jeffrey J. Robie to Dawn C. and Matthew F. Davis, $197,933


10 Berlang Rd: Derek M. Lee and Sarah L. Jardim-Lee to Jonathan and Colleen Fauth, $477,533

37 Shasta Dr: Jonathan S. and Colleen L. Fauth to Eric Clark, $338,533

357 Winding Pond Rd Unit 357: Annette L. Matthews to Matthews FT and John L. Matthews, $280,000

19 Woods Ave: Equity T Co to Fred and Marlidy Whipple, $560,000

N/a Lot 38-32: Kelly E. Blanchard to Naussett FT and Robert Russamano, $391,000


17 Crane Crossing Rd: Martin Development LLC to Gary M. and Sharon J. Heffernan, $369,000


40 Hayden Rd: David A. Mendes to Wayne Trudel, $539,933


11 Laperle Ave: Sylvia Nee to Walter A. and Mary R. Soriano, $290,000

74 Old County Rd: Brian B. and Jennifer M. Hall to Christopher D. and Ariana N. Millar, $375,000

8 Palmer Ave: Mary Ann Vaillancourt RET and Mary A. Vaillancourt to Michael E. and Marie A. Macdonald, $355,733

18 Spinney Ave: Eastport Property Holding to Richard D. Deandrea, $275,000


17 Ackerman St: Lakeview Properties LLC to Sara and Jason Pacheco, $319,933

33 Ball Ave: Jeannette M. Neumeier to Debra A. and Edward G. Neumeier, $43,600

4 Birch Hill Rd: Aline Feghali and Anwar Zaydan to Hicham Saade and Pascale Zeidan, $365,000

113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 2: Roy Mazaraani to Paul C. and Deborah L. Furlong, $150,000

10 Colonial Dr: Colonial RT and Jane Larue to Donna M. and Colleen Harrold, $289,000

25 Hawk Dr: Connor Nolan and Nicole Comtois to Jonathan S. and Nicole M. Norton, $525,000

6 Meredith Rd: Smalley FT and James Smalley to Connor P. and Nicole Nolan, $625,000

Old Coach Rd: Rebelo FT and Manuel Rebelo to Aragon Investments LLC, $335,000

15 Paddock Cir Unit 15: Michael R. and Diane F. Todd to Virginia M Morrison FT and Warren T. Morrison, $432,533

74 School St: Marten Vandervelde to Collin Ausfeld and Lyndsay Gaylord, $331,333

6 Sunset Cir: Leland S. and Judith M. Brown to Stephen Goudey, $222,533

20 Tiffany Rd Unit 7: Kings Court Condo Assoc to George Kobaly and Edward J. Michalosky, $115,000

N/a Lot 414: Burgess FT and Stephen G. Burgess to Steven Parlatore and Sheri Klatsky, $75,800


42 Pillsbury Rd: Amanada Bruen and Todd Fitzgerald to Joshua and Kimberly Dempsey, $322,933

21 Walnut Hill Rd: Victor P. and Melissa M. Antolini to Joseph P. and Ellen K. Meaney, $390,000


No Transactions in this Town


10 Addison Rd Unit 10: Michael L. Morin and Barbara N. Baker to Jennifer M T Stitt RET and Jennifer M. Stitt, $358,200

53 Overton Rd: Veronique Roussel-Groff to Sherif A. and Loryce E. Elhamawy, $825,000

10 Robin Hood Rd: Taunia and Wayne Barchard to Scott T. and Mary E. Mckenna, $439,933

38 Stacey Cir Unit 38: Northeast Props&Inv LLC to Brian and Nicole Stern, $271,000

N/a: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Jon Carpenter and Brad D. Balise, $160,00

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