31 Meditation Ln: Cheryl L. Perkins to F J. Deolveira-Castro, $325,000

2 Sunny Meadow Rd: Jeffrey W. Flicder and Laura K. Flieder to Brian M. and Anne Marie Bouchard, $565,000


7 Lincoln Ln: Dana M. and Samantha A. Schindler to Michael J. Stremeckus and Angel Eyes-Stremeckus, $344,000

22 Quail Hill Rd: James J. and Corrinne A. Demoss to Matthew J. Meehan and Lindsay R. Carvalho, $525,000


10 Fox Run: George J. and Coleen L. Nussbaum to Alan R. Phillips, $401,800


9 Bayberry Ln: Susan M. and David W. Morgan to Matthew C. and Johanna M. Callahan, $375,000

25 Berry St: Buy Properties Cash LLC to Charles E. Grecco, $121,000

35 Brady Ave: Eileen E. Kelley to Artisan Homes LLC, $232,533

7 Chester Rd Unit 212: JH RT and Roy Hurlbert to J Nicholas Tsapatsaris, $137,533

7 Chester Rd Unit 307: Amber Bell-Ragnarsson to Vose RET and Suzanne M. Vose, $313,000

11 Claire Ave: Michelle L. and James L. Olson to Bradford A. Jarry and Britney L. Johnson, $275,000

29 E Derry Rd: Allison B. Mccague to Kelly A. and Gregory D. Caplin, $305,533

26 Emerald Dr: Stuart J. and Cathy Goodman to William H. and Selina J. Catenacci, $337,000

2 Huson Ave: Citimortgage Inc to Pab Investments Inc, $133,933

4 Kendall Pond Rd: Christopher B. Noetzel to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $130,000

10 Kingsbury St: Meagan German to Karen F. Coffey and Bryce R. Unger, $295,000

68 Lane Rd: Frederick F. Whipple to Helen Z. Shears and Daniel R. Sirois, $276,933

25 Montgomery Farm Rd: Walter and Suzette Y. Clark to Brian D. and Nathalie M. Champigny, $418,933

95 Old Auburn Rd: Peter and Elaine Latulippe to Blaine Vernon, $369,900

2 Pembroke Dr Unit 21: Herbert Alice A Est and Pamela A. Yonkers to TNB RET and Pamela Riesenberg, $75,000

1 Rebecca Ln Unit L: Michael and Barbara G. Ryan to Trevor R. Franquiz, $175,400

7 Rocco Dr Unit 2: Helene Z. Shears to Leonard J. Silverman and Rachel A. Villani, $212,000

30 Steele Rd: BR 10 Lot LLC to Joseph and Veryan Cunningham, $520,000

26 Stonegate Ln Unit 26: Donna Moore to April Lyons, $150,000

24 Village Brook Ln: William T. and Tamara L. Behm to Marc Geaumont and Lisa M. Mcelhinney, $449,000

85 W Broadway: Benjamin R. Hoke to Leanne D. Cataldo and William J. Ladd, $315,000

N/a Lot 10-23: Tara L. Scheidell and Sally A. Graves to Matthew Artz, $301,933


48 Geisser Rd: Daniel and Denise Casale to Joshua D. and Marisa Olitzky, $460,000

11 Labrador Ln: Brighton Drive Inc to Chad A. Pimentel, $600,000

6 Pentucket Dr Unit B: Robert L Waldron RET and Robert L. Waldron to Richard and Jean Hogan, $367,533


Brown Ave Lot 49: Sunset View RT and Francis Beaupre to Matthew J. Foley and Laura C. Bickel, $155,000

55 Falcone Cir: Mark Thomas to Allyson L. and Adam Kusser, $547,533

20 Glen Rd: Beth A. Bessemer to William T. and Tamara L. Behm, $475,000

21 Glen Rd: Carol R Bessemer RET and Eric B. Bessemer to Beth A. Bessemer, $240,000

19 Homestead Cir: Sheryl E. Bernier to Jeffrey K. and Tiffany M. Gillen, $365,000

Lafayette Rd: Scott Family Realty LLC to Frederick A Miller RET and Frederick A. Miller, $775,000

Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to Robert M. and Diane D. Dacey, $692,533

Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to Lisa A. Martin, $625,000

407 Ocean Blvd Unit A5: Joan S. Neilsen to James A. and Linda K. Berube, $395,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 109: Amy M. and William D. Stephens to Brittany Sullivan, $319,000

781 Ocean Blvd: 2015 Torrisi RT and Marianne F. Torrisi to Ralph J. and Lisa A. Feole, $1,262,533

1024 Ocean Blvd: Wayne F. and Paula M. Slattery to Romano FT and Paul L. Romano, $2,300,000

2 Walnut Ave: Linda F. Jozitis to Ursula R. Dohn and Scott R. Edwards, $479,533

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 101: North Hill Leasing Co&Grp to Gordon W. Stewart, $403,533

N/a Lot 7: John E&Carol E Siders RET and John E. Sideris to Joshua A. and Jennifer A. Delisle, $380,333


2 Derby Ln: Douglas D. Osterloh and Sandra J. Rogers-Osterloh to Michael A. Tombino and Angela M. Pagano, $393,000

Scotland Rd Lot A: Dreyer Henry C Est and Jayne Gould to Bowen FT and Marjorie Bowen, $212,000


5 Cohas Ter Unit B: George R. Byron to Erik and Beth Byron, $182,000

2 Ela Ave: Gilroy John J Est and Brian W. Gilroy to Daren Remmert, $208,000

21 Fieldstone Dr Unit 21: Edward Griffin and Joann B. Mccormack to Robin L. and Kevin B. Martin, $200,000

20 Holly Ln Unit 20: Ryan C. and Janet Fragala to Jean M. White, $157,000

4 Lane Way: Wendy Lrocque-Hicks and James P. Hicks to Adeel Squib and Misbah Hyas, $465,000

5 Lori Ln: Susan C. Wainwright to Michael D. and Christy M. Visconte, $455,000

44 Old Derry Rd: Governos Hill Corp to Lawrence Gleekia, $455,000

15 Robin Hood Dr: Susan G. Dadian to Michelle Finn, $430,000

48 South Rd: Daniel T. Sidlik and Patricia I. Bastek to William and Jacqueline M. Gauvain, $315,000


29 Maple Ave: Joseph R. Bilodeau to Christine M. Hanisco, $300,000

113 N Main St: Jordan M. and Kimberly Shactman to Sandra L. Ranfone and Julie Healey, $220,000


33 Countryside Ln: Gary L. and Diane S. Kudalis to Kristina M. and Adam M. Fernald, $390,000

40 Gage Hill Rd Unit A: John P. Marquis to Kevin E. Ralls, $298,000

141 Marsh Rd: Matthew and Lynsie Clink to April Champa, $345,000

85 Tanager Cir Unit 85: Karen Chisholm to James M Jeschke RET and James M. Jeschke, $355,000

7 Thomas Ave: Marjorie Friend to Matthew S. and Lynsie C. Clink, $379,933


15 Culver St Unit 26: Branda and Garyr Flaherty to Frederick H. Sheldon, $194,000

71 Plaistow Rd: FNMA to BRZ Real Estate Dev LLC, $225,750

3 W Pine St Unit 17: Michael T. and Gail A. Nelson to Paul and Melanie Mahoney, $270,000


3 Brook Rd Unit 1: Robert G. Segee to Melissa M. Crowell-Morse and Kelly Morse, $124,933

12 Budron Ave: Sean M. and Kelly A. Conway to Anthony Sungwook Park and Teresa Tang, $365,000

121 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 5: Christopher and Kaitlyn Arsenault to Ginette C. Fernandez, $148,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 25: DNB Homes LLC to Douglas J. and Joanna F. Crowley, $516,533

50 Joseph Rd: Wen D. Wang to Luis Sosa and Marisa Fierimonte, $375,000

158 Lawrence Rd: Jake E. Saad to Michael and Jennifer Perry, $360,000

254 N Broadway Unit 109: CEJ Realty Corp to SP Comemrcial RE Hldg, $213,600

10 Nugget Hill Rd: Nugget Hill Dev LLC to Ryan S. Macleod and Stephanie T. Ellsey, $190,000

41 Renaissance Cir Unit 41: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Cassell RT and Jerry A. Cassell, $514,400

10 Timber Woods Dr: KLN Construction Co Inc to Maude Street Co Inc, $617,000

82 Zion Hill Rd: Richard J. and Jennifer K. Wilbourne to Gregory J. and Jeffrey A. Bonin-Olney, $396,000

N/a Lot 34: Christopher and Kimberly Shorrock to James F. and Lisa M. Sama, $154,000


26 Chestnut Hill Dr: Mark S. and Karen J. Labonte to Michael P. Saporito and Kristen J. Odell, $369,933

16 Dee Dee Dr: Donna G. Legare and Joseph G. Houlihan to Gregory A. Bradford and Trisha Freeman, $149,000

49 Elizabeth Rd: Tammy Hawkes to Tanya L. Labelle, $145,000


12 Coleman Ct: Jeremy D. Ray and Kierstan E. Schultz to Fopiano 2012 FT and Caryann Fopiano, $518,000


5 Chestnut St: Constance T. Hetzel to Christopher L. and Lindsay D. Baker, $1,210,000

18 Highelere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Steven and Melissa Introne, $742,600

45 Morgan St Unit 45: Morgan St LLC to Peter and Dieuwke M. Fiedler, $705,533

3 Oakwood Rd: Susan H Fessler RET and Susan H. Fessler to Kimberly W. Oliveira, $359,933

49 Stacey Cir Unit 49: Brian R. Welch and Jessica Cardelo-Welch to Shing C. and Kuk C. Hau, $527,400

N/a: US Bank NA Tr to Walter S. Cummings, $237,000

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