11 Carriage Chase Ln: Bryan P. and Lyndi Green to Joel W. and Katie L. Bryan, $500,000

127 Cowbell Xing Unit 127: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Kenneth M. and Melody C. Walsh, $415,000


14 Shaker Heights Rd Unit 14: Samantha and Michael Mackinnon to Nicole J. Deblois, $265,000


N/a Lot 2-77: Alan Sanders RET and Alan Sanders to Nicholas J. and Tyra Vargas, $15,000


6-8 Abbott St: Jason J. and Jill C. Plourde to Sue A. Sevener, $273,000

17 Berry Rd: Christopher P. and Crystal Shelton to Krstina and Karen Meuse, $292,000

25 Berry St: Laura E. Sandsbury to Buy Properties Cash LLC, $40,000

1 Bristol Ct Unit 381: Peter L. Zsofka to Margaret E. Kelly, $132,000

1 Bristol Ct Unit 111: Richad A. Milke to Michael and Katelyn Upton, $125,000

806 Chases Grove Rd: Jerry Kapetanakis to Kyle P. Mcbride and Erin K. Muprhy, $259,933

14 Elm St: Pennymac Loan Services to Hildo Compres, $207,500

2 Joshua Cir: Kristy S. and Jonathan M. Rosenfeld to Samantha and Michael F. Mackinnon, $395,000

41 Old Auburn Rd: Andrew D. and Allison M. Garvin to Melyssa Woods and James Ventresca, $267,000

3 Tsienneto Rd Unit 32: 32 Tsienneto LLC to KMVS LLC, $117,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 19: Cheryl Osullivan to Diane L. Piersall, $235,000


49 Bonnies Way: Christopher R. and Martha J. Pond to Adam&Karen Isreal RET and Adam H. Isreal, $686,000

3 Emerson Ave: Sherrie L. Frisone to Jason J. Mulhall, $288,533

66 Hickory Rd: George M. and Michelle A. Lambrou to Stephen R. and Sara A. Etchell, $475,000


56 Brown Ave: Hanscom Richard C Est and Debra A. House to Debra A. House, $125,000

7 Bruce St: Sara E. Slattery and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $312,942

33 Dover Ave: Helena B. and Burley O. Barthell to Catherin A. Berube, $655,000

40 Dunvegan Woods Unit 40: Giuseppe Bellavita to Carah K Kiley LT and Carah K. Kiley, $220,000

8 Highland Ave: Charles and Michelle Mulik to Jimaye H. Sones, $575,000

39 Mill Pond Ln: Edward A. Flanagan to Marc R. and Janet E. Lavigne, $330,000

Nudd Ave: Joan Nunes and Paul Mcphillips to Julie Mcphillips, $360,000

Ocean Blvd: Flyport Realty LLC to Charles E. Roy, $360,533

425 Ocean Blvd Unit 8: David and Patricia A. Whitcher to Hazel Gott, $305,000

493 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Michael J. and Margaret M. Crowe to John M. Crowe, $260,000

555 Ocean Blvd: Joseph D. and Johanna D. Carey to ZJBV Properties LLC, $510,000

713 Ocean Blvd: Pamela A. Kearney to Colleen M Boyle RET and Colleen M. Boyle, $615,000

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 4: Palestsky RET and Virginia A. Paletsky to Martin H. Warren and Lorraine Johnson, $389,933


11 Circuit Dr: Kevin Ruggiero to Brandon A. Lee, $181,000

1 Fieldstone Dr: Arthur R. and Lindsey-Jean M. Francoeur to Amanda S. Merck and Ryan M. Reed, $335,000

New Boston Rd: Linda Delcarpini to Janis Messenger, $140,000

N/a Lot 75: Douglas Packard and Barbara Marsden to Jacquelyn Doucette, $80,000


18 Alexander Rd: Paula A. Frederick to Arrin D. Rines and Bianca I. Mixco, $325,000

4 Crestview Cir Unit 114: Adrienne Martins to Jaden Henry, $190,000

140 Fieldstone Dr Unit 140: James F. and Kathleen M. Gagnon to Connolly Holdings LLC, $146,533

180 Fieldstone Dr Unit 180: Matthew R. and Katle M. Pingree to Greg W. West and Leslie R. Stratton, $195,000

68 Hall Rd: Stage Crossing LLC to Christopher and Sharon M. Bourassa, $459,933

369 Mammoth Rd: Pauline A. Caron and Michelle C. Barton to Brian N. Valentin, $220,000

Rolling Meadows Condo Unit 4: David Vachon and Rolling Meadows Condo to Rolling Meadows Condo, $15,104

3 Tavern Hill Rd Unit 3: Julien FT and Kenneth G. Julien to Jeffrey P. and Laura J. Hawkins, $495,000

5 Twin Isles Rd: Melissa A. and Paul J. Mawn to Amanda J. and Arnas Gasparonis, $329,933

3 Watercrest Dr: Richard Woehl to Daniel C. Frasca and Kerrin E. Foley-Frasca, $489,933

N/a Lot 2: Calos and Laura K. Ramirez to Joshua and Michelle Houde, $335,000


18 Kenwood Dr: Jeffrey P. Larkham and Rebecca K. Hallisey to Todd A. and Susannah M. Schultz, $540,000

135 S Main St: SEC RT LLC to Todd Fitzgerald and Michal J. Flanagan, $100,000

137 S Main St: SEC RT LLC to Todd Fitzgerald and Michal J. Flanagan, $100,000

143 S Main St: SEC RT LLC to Todd Fitzgerald and Michal J. Flanagan, $100,000


24 Currier Rd: Simply Real Estate LLC to Victoria L. Cote and Jonathan J. Myers, $355,000

47 Jericho Rd: Michael T. and Marlene Moore to Denielle D. and Scott M. Silva, $325,000

255 Old Gage Hill Rd: Heather Chandonnet to Gennadiy Kolesnichenko, $213,000


71 Plaistow Rd: Joseph C. Davey and FNMA to FNMA, $595,683

1 Sunview Park: Thomas D. and Stephanie Apitz to Kurt W. and Elizabeth A. House, $325,000


29 Ball Ave: Larry S. and Marcy A. Mazonson to Joan R. Beckerman, $300,000

31 Blake Rd: Glen A. and Carol S. Bumbaca to Kevin R. and Christine Wallace, $867,533

5 Catalpa Rd Unit 5: DHB Homes LLC to Carol and David Ireland, $497,200

22 Colonial Dr: Touchstone Venture LLC to Kristen E. and Jordan A. Mendelson, $390,000

2 Cortland Dr: Ronald P. and Elizabeth A. Verdonck to Raymond A. and Rebecca A. Hegarty, $470,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 17: DHB Homes LLC to Joseph A. and Deborah M. Ferris, $482,933

2 Hidden Rd: Osias Rene L Est and Renica Osias to Amber L. and Kenneth B. Chouinard, $298,000

Kings Ct Unit 7: Edward J. Michalowsky to George Kobaly, $57,533

2 Maclarnon Rd: Mounira Daher to Georges B. Saada and Ajia Elia, $335,000

16 Mary Ann Ave: Lisa Bennett and Wells Fargo Bank NA to D&M Demers Real Estate, $210,000

14 Matthias St: Ireland RET and David Ireland to Jake A. Gingras and Alyson L. Prahlow, $410,000

11 Merrill Ave: Ryan S. Macleod to Joseph R. and Courtney Waters, $385,000

122 Shore Dr: Cutler Family Real Props to Matthew D. Archetti and Mariel Pastrana, $290,000

3 Wells Rd: Harriet E. Waitkevitch to Wascar Perez, $280,000


49 Eastfield Loop: Kurt W. and Elizabeth A. House to Amy L. and Barry W. Weinhold, $323,000

43 Glastombury Dr: Nicholas&J Zeeben RET and Nicholas J. Zeeben to Brian and Tara Wilkins, $449,000


Batchelder Rd: Bruce G Brown RET and Bruce G. Brown to Ryeknot Holdings LLC, $415,000

31 Brooks Road Ext: Equity T Co to A&J Hill RET and Alan J. Hill, $180,000

28 Dearborne Ave: Kevin Mckenna and Nancy Festo to Anthony C. and Amanda E. Hazlett, $355,000

3 Lafayette Rd: Anthony J. and Carleen A. Rizzo to 25 Lafayette RT and Jitendra G. Patel, $462,533

25 Lafayette Rd: Rizzo FT and Carleen A. Rizzo to 25 Lafayette RT and Jitendra G. Patel, $2,067,533

253 Lafayette Rd: Seabury Rizzo RT and Anthony Rizzo to 25 Lafayette RT and Jitendra G. Patel, $668,733

352 Portsmouth Ave: David Wellons to Salem St Consortium LLC, $465,000

24 Walton Rd: David L. and Janet L. Dow to Josie M. Todd, $390,000

N/a Lot 4: SN Rental NT and Furmer H. Sonther to David L. and Janet L. Dow, $165,000


12 Appleton Rd: Richard Pignatone to Carolyn K Walko RET and Carolyn K. Walko, $729,933

12 Brookview Rd Unit 12: Alan C Kirkman 2005 T and Alan C. Kirkman to Eleanor A Fusco IRT and Thomas C. Oconnor, $469,000

1 Cobblestone Rd: Kristin L. Kemezys to Christopher J. and Meghan E. Mancuso, $589,000

21 Morgan St Unit 21: Morgan St LLC to Brian J Danley T and Brian J. Danley, $641,000

4 New Rd: Chrsitna A. Quinlan to Delbar Builders LLC, $280,000

8 Northland Rd: Jacques N. and Bonnie R. Parenteau to Jacob G. Hulme and Courtney P. Bradley, $560,333

11 Porcupine Rd: Christopher&L Baker RET and Christopher Baker to Katelyn V. Crowley, $760,000

29 Stacey Cir Unit 29: William G. and Judith A. Matseas to Reid and Shayla Lamport, $269,000