27 Lexington Rd Unit 27: James H Kirsch RET and James H. Kirsch to Arnold L. Raffel and Claire Malynn, $345,000

22 Meditation Ln: Guinevere A. and Adam Stasio to Derek and Lori Dias, $447,400


211 Harantis Lake Rd: Audrey Morgan to Samantha and John Fearon, $465,000


15 Bobcat Way: James R. and Lorraine S. Goodman to Daniel P. and Lisa A. Kimball, $382,533

7 Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to Kelechi S. and Christine Chukwu, $432,000

207 Main St: Ann R. Howland to Charles R. and Audrey A. Watts, $419,933

643 Main St: Lake RT and John D. Jalbert to Brien Builders Londondrry, $125,000


23 Beaver Lake Ave: Judith A. Ross to Eric P. Parent, $209,000

30 Birch St Unit 6: Kimberly J. Cunio to Christien L. Dubois, $173,000

2 Bristol Ct Unit 272: Brian J. Jenks to Danielle Goyette, $136,000

42 Drew Woods Dr Unit 42: Andrew K. Howell to Jeffrey L. and Krista M. Miller, $345,000

14 Ela Ave: Darrin E. Cawthron to Brandon and Noelle Tibak, $242,000

45 Floyd Rd: Carl H. Schwarz to Seth M. and Jessica A. Cook, $445,000

1 Jessica Ln: Davy FT and Bart W. Davy to Justin D. and Kathlerine A. Baer, $350,000

115 Kilrea Rd: John B. and Carolyn R. Calarese to Brian L. Berthelotte and B K. Wojcik-Berthelotte, $599,000

154 N Shore Rd: Jeanne H. Massa and Michael Terenzi to Kayla G. Peary and Brian D. Gianatasio, $305,000

160-a N Shore Rd: MTGLQ Investors LP to AVP Investments LLC, $118,000

2 Noyes Rd: Scott A. Young to Sabrina Machado and Ozden Uysal, $335,000


149 E Main St: Matthew C. and Elizabeth E. Lebeau to Brandon S. Davini and Michelle E. Damboise, $280,000

203 E Main St Unit 1: Jack Wagner to Amanda J. Cahill, $169,933

Main St Lot A: Sharpe Kathleen Est and Robert Sharpe to Donald and Jacqueline Brown, $270,000


9 Cora Ave: Steven A. and Denise R. Yuse to Jason M. and Stephanie C. Schenker, $450,000

463 Exeter Rd: Maureen P. Mcdermott and Christopher G. Empey to Jared and Danielle Fuller, $520,000

11 Forest Dr: Joshua E. and Jennifer T. Thresher to Donnie Nugent-Miller and Ashley E. Miller, $530,000

6 Gentian Rd: Brian R Castle RET and Brian R. Castle to Steven and Pam Sintros, $428,000

20 Gentian Rd: Marissa N. Fantasia to Sven Doerge, $600,000

64 Hampton Towne Est Unit 64: Ronna F. Cadarette to Cynthia L. Willis and Victor R. De Marco, $320,000

Hampton Towne Ests Unit 15: Hampton Farm RT and Jane F. Jensen to Lyn A Harris RET and Lyn A. Harris, $295,000

200 Landing Rd Unit 11: Brian P Caples RET and Brian P. Caples to Rosemary A Shea RET and Rosemary A. Shea, $160,000

Little River Rd: Susan Mcdaniel and Thomas B. Power to Cynthia M. and William L. Heggie, $190,000

11 Milbern Ave: Cynthia L. Willis and Victor R. Demarco to John and Jean Carson, $455,000

1088 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: Richard J Heim RET and Richard J. Heim to Nathan T. Routhier and Amanda J. Lessard, $250,000

24 Stickney Ter Unit 10: Elizabeth F Church RET and Elizabeth F. Church to Gay O. and Jeffrey F. Gove, $85,000

23 Wild Rose Ln: Karen A. Davey to Kathryn and Gregory Skouteris, $580,000


No Transactions in this Town


26 Boulder Dr Unit 26: Christopher Richert and Tristan M. Leal to Pamela L. Perry, $152,000

146 Canterbury Ln Unit 146: Bonnie Birchall to William and Edna Unger, $178,000

8 Cardinal Cir: Bissonnette FT and Peter P. Bissonnette to Abraham J. Sukumar and Anushya Abhraham, $447,533

43 Clark Rd: Paul Ranberg and Bank Of New York Mellon to Bank New York Mellon Tr, $265,136

72-e Constitution Dr Unit 72: Joseph and Jennifer Dunne to Theresa and Trent Batalogianis, $110,600

158 Fieldstone Dr Unit 158: Thomas R. Coy and FNMA to AC3 Contracting LLC, $158,000

101 Hardy Rd: Brett E. Johnson to Amy L. Alsman and Wesley Landon-Alsman, $319,933

1 Hovey Rd: Benjamin P. Simon and Hillary L. Simpson to Richard S. Davenport and Gabrielle M. Greco, $455,000

6 Karen Ln Unit B: Wilfred J. and Deborah L. Moores to Deborah L. and Frank J. Napolitano, $256,000

5 King John Dr: John K. and Sarah L. Thompson to Jseph A. and Ann M. Laporte, $431,733

12 Merlin Pl: Mark J. and Joanne S. Laplante to Jaclyn M. Bonanno and Andrew P. Tiner, $440,000

4 Nutfield Dr: Nancy J. Kunitake to Lindsay D. Runyan and Hanwei C. Hsieh, $430,000

278 Winding Pond Rd Unit 278: 278 Winding Pond Road LLC to Emma T. Gonzalez, $195,000


No Transactions in this Town


12 Birch Ln: FNMA to Pamela and Nicholas Digirolamo, $230,000

19 Brandy Ln: Scott M. and Lori R. Harrington to Carina M. and Michael J. Carter, $629,000

101 Frontier Dr Unit 10: Christopher D. Leonardi to John R. and Ann M. Perin, $580,000

Mammoth Rd: Granite Props Of New Eng to Mark P. and Susan H. Hilbert, $138,800

12 Shephard Rd: Helliwall FT and Wayne E. Helliwall to George Helliwell, $360,000

26 Slavin Dr: Cynthia D. Comtois to Robert and Donna M. Bursey, $455,000

38 Spaulding Hill Rd: Rita Montbleau RET and Charles V. Costa to Brett E. Johnson, $230,000


175 Main St: Richard L. and Linda J. Hunter to Joshua S. and Deena A. Waller, $273,000

5 Rutledge Rd Unit 3: Patricia A. Ross to Scott K. Vezina and Jerri L. Johnston, $238,000


5 Alta Ave: Cummings Jean S Est and Judith Cummings-Tine to D&M Demers RE Inv LLC, $225,000

14 Asbury St: Steven D. Brown to Heidi Brennan, $322,533

5 Barbara Ave: Mitchell and Lauren A. Janusz to Michaela N. Shipley, $400,000

20 Betty Ln: Michael L. and Leeanne P. Grannon to Ryan J. Oliver, $349,933

29-a Braemoor Woods Rd Unit A: Bradford M Towne RET and Bradford M. Towne to Victor Helenic, $520,000

6 Butternut Rd Unit 6: DHBHomes LLC to Carmine and Maureen Contrada, $467,800

1 Castle Ridge Rd: Daniel F. Livingston and Danielle L. Tuttle to Nicole and Daniel Hinchey, $684,000

59 Cluff Rd Unit 11: Diane M. Griffin to Claudia and Matthew Maguder, $204,933

26 Elmwood Ave: Michael and Lauren J. Fascione to Eric and Sabrina Perrault, $430,000

20 Emerald Dr: Carmine and Maureen P. Contrada to Michael D. and Katherine A. Savastano, $545,000

7 Lancelot Ct Unit 7: Better Life Property Mgmt to Mohan Dharmalingam, $148,000

124 Lawrence Rd: Lawrence Road LLC to KLM Construction Co Inc, $315,000

224 Lawrence Rd: David Helliwell to Cheryl A. and Wayne Helliwell, $295,000

14 Linwood Ave: Laura E. Bailey to Sarah M. and Christopher A. Clermont, $341,900

42 London Rd: Daniel P. and Lisa A. Kimball to Seda Chhav, $302,533

42 Main St: L&R Realty Corp to Hebb Relaty LLC, $985,000

46 Main St: L&R Realty Corp to Hebb Relaty LLC, $985,000

264 N Broadway Unit 107: North Creek Partners LP to Phuong Duong, $147,600

20 N Main St: Derek J. Blaikie to Tyler J. Glueck, $215,000

132 N Main St: Sandra Demers Est and Michele Olds to KLM Construction Co Inc, $125,000

18 Paddock Cir Unit 18: Silvana Hoffman RET and Silvana Hoffman to Carmela F. Mayer and Karen Lavoie, $425,000

16 Romeo Ct Unit 16: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Lisa J. Tacconi, $604,400

9 Timber Woods Dr: KLN Construction Co Inc to David E. and Karen E. Kopf, $619,933

24 Twinbrook Ave: Elizabeth J. Mawson to Donald J. Newton and Brittney M. Quinn, $295,000

36 Wheeler Ave: Reynolds FT and Ronald E. Reynolds to Michelle Tautkus, $385,533

N/a: William N. and Carole A. Ferguson to Michael L. and Leeanne P. Grannon, $330,000


N/a: Summer Street RT and Pamela M. Fusco to Amy Lockhardt-Clark and Scott E. Thomson, $145,000


2 Granddaughters Way: Robert Lamontagne and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $173,465


8 Atlantic Rd: Theodore D. and Nina P. Keating to Christopher J. and Paige Liston, $505,000

38 Hawthorne Rd: Shu Chen Tsai RET and Yung C. Tsai to Imtiaz and Tahseen Uddin, $805,000

80 Mountain Village Rd Unit 80: Stanicich FT and Linda M. Stanicich to Steven Maship and Erin Manship, $375,000

7 Sirod Rd: Muise John W Jr Est and Brenda E. Keith to Thomas B. Muise, $253,000

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