112 Cowbell Xing Unit 112: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Ronald A. and Helen M. Savage, $403,466

61 East Rd: Richard Towne to Dennis H. Dost, $429,000

54 Main St: Michael J. Chambers to Shawn Goldthwaite and Holly A. Sanborn, $419,933

61 Main St: Donald B. and Corinne L. Steele to Scott R. Merrill, $380,000


112 Chester St: Edwin R. and Christianne P. Karjala to Sean D. Fellows and Kate F. Monteith, $308,000

336 N Pond Rd: FNMA to Brian Gendron and Marilyn Stelly-Gendron, $407,000


62 Moose Hollow Rd: Karen A Jagodynski RET and Karen A. Jagodynski to Myles D. Emery and Nicole Cummings, $340,000


84 Frost Rd: Peter R. Harring and Wells Fargo Bank NA to MDM Holdings LLC, $72,667


499 Main St: D&L Real Estate LLC to Belanger Real Est Hlds, $500,000

1 Maple Ave: Timothy W. Learned to Genna I. Grasso, $278,000

Sunset Dr: Kevin M. Bartolotta and Joanne P. Bartolota to Pamela F. and Christopher J. Wellington, $540,000


180 Ashworth Ave Unit 201: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Scott and Maria Bluestein, $309,933

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 106: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Daniel A. Hotaling, $273,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 301: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Maria S. Moran, $339,933

15 Bradstreet Rd: Angelus A White RET and Angelus A. White to Steven and Lorraine Barrasso, $387,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 5: Dolores Carbone to Teri L Parker RET and Teri L. Parker, $180,000

597-r Lafayette Rd Unit 101: Lukas Peter Est and John Lukas to Ivan Kovacik, $220,000

359 Ocean Blvd Unit 1: Patricia E. and Joseph P. Biron to Adam G. and Laura M. Theokas, $118,000

933 Ocean Blvd Unit 20: Philip R. Richard to Paul and Janet C. Mckallagat, $116,000

4 Reubens Driftway Unit 4: Robert N. Gilbert to Sheila T. and Joseph M. Greally, $430,000

16 Taylor River Est: Steven R. and Lorraine M. Barrasso to Colin and Jacqueline Chevalier, $275,000


Granite Fields Condo Unit 2: Teatad LLC to D&M Holdings LLC, $145,000

14 Marshall Rd: Elisha Blaisdell to Michael Wilson, $100,000


45-c Constitution Dr Unit 45: John W. Sussenberger and US Bank NA to Avarden Investments LLC, $82,000

17 King Richard Dr: Mark and Arol Pelson to Rebecca W. and David D. Valentine, $188,000

Pillsbury Rd: Wakefield Investments Inc to Nvag Industrial NH LLC, $9,210,600

74 Trail Haven Dr Unit 74: John and Carol Kukowski to Michael J. and Carol Iacopino, $330,000


7 Kenwood Dr: William P. Higdon to Angela and Michael Richardson, $400,000

6 Pond St: Charles Szentkuti to Brian and Rebecca Theirrien, $366,533


7 Bowman Ln: Douglas S. and Carolyn J. Marshall to Fadi J. Louh and Rosette Y. Ahlin, $460,000

107 Bridge St: Leland A. and Nathan G. Boutwell to Leland A. and Nathan G. Boutwell, $165,000

10 Oriole Cir Unit 10: 61A Nashua Rd Landholding to Paul A. and Carolyn E. Auriemma, $399,133

35-37 Piper Ln: DHB Homes LLC to Michael A. and Chigusa Behrens, $354,933

15 S Shore Dr: James G. and Sharon A. Malapan to Iris Odonnell, $400,000

Sherburne Rd: Mopar Construction Inc to Southern End Realty LLC, $420,000

28-30 Tallant Rd: JCB LLC to Elena Thiel and Jon R. Allan, $228,000

Valley Hill Rd: Elaina M. Colwell to Equity T Co, $41,933


5 Laperle Ave: George G. Mack to Mary A. Winning and Daniel P. Holloran, $670,000

17 Stonebridge Dr Unit 17: Paula M. Lekas to Peter B. and Dolores A. Butterfield, $281,000


10 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 105: Melissa B. Nutter to Agnes A. Lehane, $309,933

93 Cross St: Kurt A. Wilkes and Mary E. Hoag-Wilkes to Sean P. and Reanna S. Murphy, $435,000

10 Emerson Way: Waites Paul C Est and Beverly Johannes to Beverly and Leopold Johannes, $173,000

32 Greenhaven Rd: Tiller FT and Mark S. Tiller to Joelle and Abdallah F. Hanna, $450,000

Manor Pkwy: JD RT and David Beaulieu to NPM RT LLC, $412,000

10 Morrison Ave: Salem Manufactured Homes to Nelson and Aleina C. Costa, $287,000

460 N Main St: Charles A. Dolan to Brian Patten, $260,000

3 Trina Rd: MNE 3 Trina Road LLC to Maria Rodriguez-Lebron and Roberto Sepulveda, $365,000

N/a Lot 52: Cameron FT and Nicholas Cameron to Euliseu S. and Glaucia B. Leal, $310,000


636 Main St: Michael L. and Denis White to Patrick A. Vitale, $298,000

34 Pillsbury Rd: Christopher B. Bouchard to Ryan Ruddy, $229,933


9 Charles Henry Way: Daniel A. Hotaling to Robert D. and Lea A. Morris, $339,933

33 Weare Rd: Eugene and April Shaw to Tynan K. and Kyle Mohney, $469,933


12 Dunraven Rd: Shelley and Kyle D. Draeger to Venugopala R. and Neeraja Machavarapu, $250,000

3 Summer St: Susan M. Brady to Casey L. and Robert L. Scarelli, $237,533