20 Edmund Cir Unit 20: Bank Of America NA to Arthur and Cheryl Bonin, $256,500

26 Hawthorne Dr: Michael J. and Cheryl A. Garon to Jeffrey Bee, $390,000

155 Main St: Lois M. and Vincent L. Marchand to Barry M. Blood, $100,000

155 Main St: Lois M. and Vincnet L. Marchand to Barry M. Blood, $150,000

40 Maple Ave: Toni Newcomber IRT and Lauren Palermo to Sharon A Ryan RET and Sharon A. Ryan, $357,000

3 Treasure Way: Teresa D. and Christopher L. Whaley to Jonas and Diane M. Aleksa, $620,000

20 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Donald G Atwood 2016 RET and Donald G. Atwood, $617,333

36 Winslow Dr: Daniel R. and Elizabeth A. Fusco to Bruce J. and Vivien A. Hesselton, $675,000

N/a: Robert G. and Michelle M. Byrd to Petronio DeLima and I DeOliveira-Lima, $450,000


31 Penacook Rd: Jon L. Allan to Brenda Piazza, $550,000


50 Diamond Dr: David E. and Beth A. Swillum to Kristina Coneeny and Daniel Chiumiento, $350,000

60 Farview Dr: Shane P. and Casey Murphy to Erin and Corey Gobbi, $385,000

8 Meghans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to Kevin A. and Hope B. Beaudet, $429,000

Olde Rd: Cynthia G. Lavash to Traverse 2018 T and Jean Traverse, $312,000

N/a: Julia Redman to Michael A. and Denise E. Chambers, $73,000


28 Amherst Dr Unit 28: Christopher A. and Brenna L. Baxter to Jonathan S. and Kristen N. Mandell, $275,000

23 Barkland Dr: Daniel F. Hunt to Aaron Black and Anne M. Chick-Balck, $334,933

14 Buttonwood Dr: USA VA to Zachary Phair, $185,600

12 Concord Ave: Robert D Tuttle RET and Robert D. Tuttle to Keith R. Vaillancourt, $315,000

90 E Broadway Unit 34: Kotsiras John G Est and Deborah A. Johnson to Gage A. and Gage A. Morse, $91,800

8 Elm St: Iron Gate Properties LLC to Sixbysixty Properties LLC, $238,000

20 Elwood Rd: George and Nancy Perkins to Kristine Cleaver, $255,000

3 English Range Rd: Sammy Y. and Betty M. Mak to Patrick C. and Michelle E. Ferrera, $355,000

13 Gordon Rd: Jacqueline Cottier to Matthew Market Realty LLC, $135,000

2 Mills Farm Cir Unit L: Shadene and Hannah E. Davis to Callie Soumas, $199,333

160 N Shore Rd Unit A: Arthur A. Ware and FHLM to MTGLQ Investors LP, $105,000

10 Pine Isle Dr Unit E: Valerie A. Coski to Erica A. Giglio, $203,000

Redfield Cir: Jose Riberiro to Tony Mars RET and Gregory Capano, $295,000

9 Robin Rd: Penny P. Guy to Joel and Elsie Wessner, $330,000

14 S Main St: Gary P. and Stephanie P. Carpenter to Kelly Mahoney, $249,533

3 Silvestri Cir Unit 9: Ursula Keighley RET and Ursula Keighley to James A. Murphy, $144,933

51 Steele Rd: BR10 Lot LLC to Robert H. and Christina L. Baroni, $556,400

7 Susan Dr Unit R: 4 Susan Drive LLC to William D. Chadbourne, $175,000

60 W Broadway: Barry Cohoon Props LLC to Mammoth Properties LLC, $463,000

80-1/2 W Broadway: 80 5 West Broadway LLC to Christopher and Louis F. Soares, $220,000

9 Wright Rd Unit 9: James R. Hardy to Gregory Long and Martina Masce, $295,000


46 Catherine Ave: Laurie J. and George J. Burke to Sandra and Philip Bruneau, $525,000

57 Main St: Sharon A. Ryan to Heather Ashton and Christopher Mccarthy, $430,000

41 Maple Ave: Marc P. and Christine C. Auger to Wadii Bellamine and Andrea M. Abraham, $535,000

130 Mills Shore Dr: Linda J. Demmons to Kelly J. Hamel and Paul S. Mckinnon, $359,000

550 Route 111: Michael J. and Jannie N. Dibartolomeo to Alpha Properties NH LLC, $180,000

N/a Lot 13: Wohlers FT and Jessica Barlow to Christopher M. Dube and Kimberly A. Ferreria, $320,000


36 Alexander Dr: Charles F. and Diane P. Withee to Andreas A. Giotas, $600,000

25 Drakes Lndg Unit 25: Colburn FT and Robert J. Colburn to Gagne 2018 RET and Debra L. Gagne, $499,933

54 Dunvegan Woods Unit 54: Christine E. Murray to Stpehen J. Clark and Kristine J. Hanc-Clark, $254,933

537 Exeter Rd: StGermain Norma P Est and Michael P. StGermain to Matthew I. Smith and Jocleyn R. Shelby, $360,000

74 Hampton Mdws Unit 74: Jonathan L. and Jenny R. Voeltner to Michael F. Walzak, $512,000

37-a Highland Ave: Gary J. and Rebecca E. Crispo to Jeffrey R. and Robbin L. Kalmes, $274,000

14 Huckleberry Ln: Toscano Family Realty&Inv to Ross D. Peterson and Amanda Wellman-Peterson, $437,533

18-22 K St Unit 102: Laura and Pietro T. Cortese to Frank S. and Denise J. Franconeri, $385,000

3 M St Unit 3: Kenney RT and Steven M. Kenney to Riccio Enterprises LLC, $270,000

3 M St Unit 1: JG Flats LLC to Riccio Enterprises LLC, $299,000

5 M St Unit 1: JG Flats LLC to Riccio Enterprises LLC, $299,000

5 M St Unit 3: Kenney RT and Steven M. Kenney to Riccio Enterprises LLC, $270,000

12 Mary Batchelder Rd: Robert P. and Lori J. Haas to Moore FT and Steven J. Moore, $320,000

1044 Ocean Blvd Unit 1b: Lawrence M. and Ann M. Whalen to Crystal E. Grover and Gary G. Pontbriand, $850,000

23 Westridge Dr: Didier FT 2013 and John W. Didier to Jennifer and Josh Thresher, $661,000


2 Coopers Grove Rd Unit B: Joshua M. Wezesa to Steven M. Auclair and Amber R. Ewing, $260,000

5 Madison Ave: David O. Degrandis and Robert A. Degrandi to Sean and Natalie R. Fitzpatrick, $499,000

Nh Route 125: New Hampshire State Of to Small Rox Realty LLC, $30,000

7 Red Gate Dr: Wicked Black Cat RET and William F. Waters to Michael and Candra Croteau, $509,000

2 Ridgewood Dr: Debbie S. Sice to Corey C. and Carrie A. Spencer, $409,000


11 Coteville Rd Unit A: Roberta L. Curdo to Gena L. and Logan L. Detour-Rowan, $215,000

32 Fieldstone Dr Unit 32: Mark A. and Emily K. Finochiaro to Diane M. Malagodi, $200,000

116 Fieldstone Dr Unit 116: Daniel A. and Carolyn M. Clark to Earle M. and Jessica M. Weigensberg, $199,000

6 Haywood Rd: Hawk 2016 T and Larry E. Hawk to Michael R. and Lindsay Joy, $440,000

6 Litchfield Rd: Scott and Kathy J. Cannella to Crystal Boulanger and Tiffany J. Hoisington, $179,933

66 Mammoth Rd: Alan L. Dary to David G. and Jennifer R. Wellman, $320,000

7 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hldg to Nicholas S. and Amanda L. Nault, $509,333

8 Old Coach Rd: Paul J. and Paula J. Brassard to James D. Leary, $355,000

61 Old Nashua Rd Unit 63: Myers Elsa L Est and Stuart F. Myers to Daniel Robichaud and Walter W. Cashdollar, $148,000

73 Rockingham Rd: Tior Realty LLC to 73 Rockingham LLC, $665,000

24 Tanager Way: Jamie J. Reynolds to Donald M. and Karolina T. Smith, $465,000

32 Winterwood Dr Unit 32: Thomas J. Okeeffe to Paula Frederick, $240,000

1 Winthrop Rd: Leo J. Brouillard to James Gebo and Kyle Segal, $185,000

N/a: Lussier FT and Paul A. Lussier to Raymond J. and Lisa M. Capistran, $529,000


34 Marcoux Rd: Wayne M. Campbell to Gino J. Spero, $200,000


5 Applewood Rd: Couture RET and Bruce M. Couture to Jeffrey R. and Nancy E. Fox, $490,000

3 Longview Cir: John A. and Joyce E. Mackiewicz to Michaela William, $475,000

1109 Mammoth Rd: Jamie T. Seavey and TD Bank NA to Michael Martone and Daniel Giarrusso, $130,000

Marsh Rd: Franklin and Frederick Nietupski to Shawn M. Murphy and Ronald G. Drew, $18,000

95 Nashua Rd: James W Petersen Built to Dane and Samantha Schindler, $499,933

14 Oriole Cir Unit 14: 61A Nashua Rd Landholding to Charles T. and Sandra J. Boddy, $373,600

1 Peaceful Dr: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Dayna and Scott W. Cummings, $443,266

22 Russell Dr: Citizens Bank NA to Robert and Diana Cloutier, $255,000

4 Tallant Rd: Florence V. Newcomb to Merrimack Institute LLC, $200,000


14 Katherine Way: Michael D. Snow and Stefanie A. Kiluk to Jason and Jill Greenstein, $475,000

138 Newton Rd Unit 12: J&E Kryskow RT and Justin M. Kryskow to Kenneth Sweet, $212,000

223 Oak Ridge Rd: Ronald N. Labatte to Gill K. Libro, $205,000

71 Sweet Hill Rd: Lee V. Johnson to Kyle Mcmanus, $120,000


79 Brookdale Rd: D&M Demers RE Inv LLC to Steven J. Gray, $359,933

7 Catalpa Rd Unit 7: DHB Homes LLC to Donna B. Weinberg, $475,000

1 Cortona Way Unit 1: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Edward F. Murphy and Meaghan Diggins, $484,933

6 Glen Rd: Equity T Co to Joan Lombardo, $469,933

33 Henderson Cir: Charles and Melissa S. Flahive to Thangdoeun Chan and Yidto Gnong, $362,533

81 Hooker Farm Rd: M Nafi Toksoz RET and M Nafi Toksoz to Richard and Joanne Wickson, $390,000

43 Hunt St: Katherine Reul to David R. and Lindsay M. Tiney, $419,250

27 Joseph Rd: Sean Fitzpatrick to Mary M. Palen, $370,000

16 Juniper Rd: Gilles Lablanc and Manon Leblanc to Valerie L. Varney and Micheal Mclaughlin, $435,000

126 Lancaster Farm Rd: Michael D. Savastano to Nicholas A. and Mandie J. Kubicek, $400,000

Lancelot Court Condo Unit 11: Richard J. Smiht to Taner and Aysun Gulbas, $81,000

5 Liberty St: Michael S. and Christina L. Reedy to Adam and Didem Guziejka, $510,000

85 Millville Cir: Jeffrey M. and Pamela M. Genter to Shawn M. Nadeau and Michelle A. Pouliot, $245,000

110 N Policy St: Michele R. Manago to Brian F. Downing, $331,000

19 Norwood Rd: Morgano FT and Richard T. Morgano to Kyle P. Brennan, $584,266

3 Penobscott Ave: Maria Medeiros to Anthony A. Polizzotti, $60,000

44 Stanwood Rd: Crest RT and Kenneth M. Verolla to Thomas W. Szarzynski and A Anderson-Szarzynski, $225,000

11 Tammy St: Woodfall 2016 T and Colin D. Woodfall to Paul Begin and Mary Kasper, $426,933

N/a Lot 17-5: David M. and Kathryn F. Camuso to Allen and Yi Fulmer, $514,000


16 Candlestick Ln: Randall A. Atchley to Scott E. and Heldi J. Temple, $499,000

33 Compromise Ln: Steve and Melissa Maguire to Brian V. and Katie T. Paciulan, $364,933

8 Jana Cir: Jerrod R. Conte to Alexander J. Dunbar and Miah K. Sheridan, $401,000

137 Little Mill Rd: Claudette Lacerda to Michael Fabello and Andria Alosky, $305,000

398 Main St: JCB LLC to Justin J. Clooney, $221,000

16 Sleeper Ln: Justin W. and Emily E. Carr to Jeffrey S. and Alexandra Pettengill, $318,000


18 Dixon Way: John L. and Joellen Smart to Timothy J. Smart, $350,000

3 Marshall Way: David and Joyce Bachmann to Tammy C. and Michael H. Fuller, $515,000

33 Marshview Cir: James A. Elder to Maureen J. Pelletier, $424,800

419 Route 286 Unit 209: Gaetan G. and Suzanne A. Rodrigue to Donna S. Cummings, $116,000


19 Dunraven Rd: KCL Homes LLC to Jason E. and Kristen M. Sudati, $994,400

149 Londonderry Rd: Stephen P. and Shannon M. Crowley to Gomes FT and Jorge R. Gomes, $440,000

6 Ludlow Rd: Sudati FT and Jason E. Sudati to Bryan P. and Lyndi Green, $650,000

8 Misty Meadow Rd Unit 8: Douglas May 2019 RET and Douglas D. May to Charles J. and Bonnie J. Walsh, $490,000

14 Rocky Ridge Rd: David Mattke-Robinson and Kristyn Mattke to Scott&Amy Murray RET and Scott R. Murray, $439,000

1 Squire Armour Rd: Hussain Aleem RET and Tahir H. Aleem to Amit Kumar-Sharma and Albina Kibirova, $600,000

9 Telo Rd: Laurie L Martinchick RET and Laurie L. Martinchick to Stephen J. Lombardo and Christina R. Moran, $439,933

N/a Lot 3a586: Anthony M. and Susan J. Bernabei to Roberto Esposito RET and Roberto Esposito, $675,000


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