20 Edmund Cir Unit 20: Pauline E. Salter and Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $257,652

132 Maple Ave: Mario Fabiano and Joanna M. Frechette to Mario J. Fabiano, $20,000

Page Farm Condo Unit 5: Midlands Investments LLC to James H&L Barwell RET and James H. Barwell, $549,333

59 Walker Rd: Gregg E. and Winston C. Ryan to John P. and Angela Platt, $415,000

24 William Pond Rd Unit 24: Roger A. and Lorraine L. Martin to Roger&Carol Travis RET and Roger W. Travis, $356,000


186 Halls Village Rd: Shauna V. and Meryl S. Gillen to Eric B. Mallett, $200,000

72 Trillium Ln: Trillium Lane NT and Edward V. Aldorisio to Phoenix 2009 RET and Amber Ragnarsson, $468,000


93 Pine St: Jay S. and Maribeth Murphy to Jessica Kesner, $289,000


9 Bartlett Rd: Dale A. Cornetta to Robert J. Nelson, $138,000

16 Blueberry Rd Unit R: Gloria R. Leccese to Jonathan Alexander, $215,000

5 Brook St: Alain T. Boutot to Sam Minshull and Crystal Carroll, $270,000

10 Dattillo Rd: Gatheral Properties Inc to Robert J. Deflumeri, $387,000

12 Dexter St: Qurtimiya M. Bonds to Karen Halpin, $320,000

182 Fordway Ext: Littllefield Charles Est and Jeffrey R. Littlefield to Nina and Jeffrey Littlefield, $220,000

7 Gaita Dr: Lingyam Chen to Paula L. Stripling, $345,000

5 Griffin St: Katie L. Kretschmer and Joseph B. Miller to Jessica Jusif, $240,000

4 Mary Jo Ln: David A. Kasiske to Michael J. Kasiske, $180,000

26 Pleasant St: Steel Magnolia RET and Calyssa Infantino to Daniel E. Kobisky and Naysha J. Cerna, $289,000

19 Rollins St: Carlisle Robert J Est and William J. Carlislel to Michael Garone, $110,000

106 Scobie Pond Rd: Sandra M. Tombardi to Glenn and Melanie Davis, $276,000

7 Senter Cove Rd Unit L: Robert E. Hooper to Maria Rufo, $210,000

N/a: Craig L. and Linda S. Boulanger to Jonathan and Melissa Lyon, $650,000

N/a: Tyler Builders Inc to Alain T. Boutot, $120,000


30 Cherubs Way: Donald T. Lemenager and Nancy Ell to Gergg E. Ryan and Caitlin E. Landry, $534,000

5 Pinewood Dr: Bayek FT and Warren S. Bayek to Raymond R. and Patricia A. Moore, $342,533

N/a: Shawn and Michelle Craver to Harold P. and Carollee M. Ayan, $180,000


6 Ashworth Ave Unit 39: David F. and Susan M. Thomson to Anthony V. and Jennifer L. Venuti, $105,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 202: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Danielg and Diane M. Tiernan, $299,933

30 Dover Ave: Daniel Cosidine and Ayla R. Considine to Erica Ricci, $550,000

4 Keefe Ave Unit E: Ralph A. Goodick to Atona D. King, $167,000

2 Kings Hwy Unit 5: Cindy L. Trrainor to Anni Mclaughlin, $345,000

293 Lafayette Rd: Cooper LT and Robert C. Cooper to JCE LLC, $410,000

61 Ocean Blvd: Americana Apartments LLC to Americana Apartments LLC, $1,675,000


No Transactions in this Town


19 Buckthorn St: Susan J. and Ronald P. Blasik to Robert A. Bush, $172,533

166 Fieldstone Dr Unit 166: Gail C Linehan LT and Gail C. Linehan to Dawn Mulligan, $194,933

31 Jacks Bridge Rd: Evans Family LP to 31 Jacks Bridge LLC, $2,785,533

2 Jake Rd: Eileen M. and Christopher P. Criscione to Justin and Caitlen A. Cordes, $445,000

131 Nashua Rd: Docwag Londonderry LLC to Manh Properties LLC, $7,800,000

14 Oakridge Dr Unit 14: Sherry L. Fitzpatrick to Ferne L. Hamilton, $182,533

19 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 19: Tomek Jankowski and M Dybciak-Jankowski to Andreia C. Toledo-Jakway, $170,000

34 Rainbow Dr Unit 34: Robert J. Laskey to Frank M. and Donna M. Thibeault, $205,000

10 Tranquil Dr: Matthew Abrams and Rebecca Murray to Steel Magnolia RET and Calyssa Infantino, $330,000

71 Winding Pond Rd Unit 71: Jacqueline M. Dawe to David P. Manory, $254,933

N/a: Docwag Londonderry LLC to BOA Londonderry LLC, $300,000

N/a: Joanne M. Lagree to Kevin Lagree RET and Kevin Lagree, $10,000

N/a: Jason Reid to Jeffrey P. Alley and Melissa M. Aliey, $172,533


59 Amesbury Rd: USA HUD to RE 12 2017 LLC, $140,000

10 Bancroft Rd: Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr to Randy J. Heywood, $193,000

98 Pond St: Kevin P. Cronin to Jared Nicklas and Kelsey Y. Kane, $369,933

Whittier St: Dawn M. Berard to Stephen M. and Dena R. Dehullu, $140,000


22 Innisbrook Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Lindsay R. Opstegh, $547,200

16 Maple Dr Unit 16: Maryann Mitiaev and David J. Savard to Jeffrey G. Boucher, $218,000

20 Shephard Rd: Debra F. Scaramuzzi to Curtis R. and Siri C. Powell, $534,933

13 Surrey Ln: John P. and Doris J. Larochelle to John P. Larochelle and Lisa M. Clarke-Larochelle, $136,000


9 Birch St Unit B: Karen W. and Stephen R. Waters to Charles R. Gallo, $309,933


Atkinson Rd: Paul Iannazzo and Linda Pelland-Iannazzo to Joshua and Corey Mosher, $160,000

15 Briar Ave: Pamela Lunn to Philip Mesquita and Cheri Souris, $260,533

Colonial Dr: Radenko and Mila Vidovie to Igor Vidovic, $89,266

Granite Woods Condo Unit 3: DNB Homes LLC to M&M IRT and M Marciano-Mills, $469,933

8-10 Lowell Rd Unit 102: Diana N. Caputo and Jeremy Goodhue to Maria G. Bonavita and Charles M. Kittles, $235,000

23 Olde Woode Rd: Eliezer Silfa and Penelope Cornelio to Zaki M. and Rula Jaber, $515,000

83 Pond St: Joseph Maccarone to Stephen Sapienza, $420,000

7 Remington: John D. and Sharon M. Rowley to Richard C. Dewhirst, $593,733

5 Townsend Ave: Chad A. Hickman and FNMA to FNMA, $307,725

N/a: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Joseph Y. and Lina L. Yang, $514,400

N/a: Anthony&Nancy Donigan RET and Anthony S. Donigian to Merrimack Valley Presbyt, $420,000

N/a: Donald M. Granahan and Kelley M. Granaham to Douglas and Erika Pearson, $185,000

N/a: Cumberland Farms Inc to 392 South Broadway LLC, $15,000


22 Allen St: FHLM to Samantha and Sandra Norton, $94,000

3 Bunce Cir: Edwin and Janet D. Robbins to Kendra L. Tamburino and Patrick J. Freitas, $310,000

5 East Ln: Debra Bretton to Christopher Ledoux, $170,000

3 Juniper Ln: Matthew R. Ferrier to Janet D. and Edwin W. Robbins, $399,933

114 North Rd: Cynthia H. Wallace to Anthony J. Roseli, $239,000


2 Lorraine Ln: Donald H. and Kathleen A. Fowler to Sharon J. and Dom F. Pino, $314,533

419 State Route 286 Unit 108: David A. and Joann Huckins to Arthur J. and Martha J. Santos, $110,000

87 Walton Rd: 24 Lafayette Road LLC to Jonathan R. and Jennifer H. Phillips, $560,000

188 Walton Rd: William C. Mcclellan to Erica L. Russell and Jeffrey J. Killeen, $374,933

66 Worthley Ave: Alicia A. Mclaughlin and Robert E. Welch to Susan E. Dailey, $228,000


32 Brookview Rd Unit 32: Geraldine F Keddie RET and Geraldine F. Keddie to James Anderson, $276,933

147 Castle Hill Rd: Courtney L. Joy and Andrew S. Li to Brian G. Carlson, $370,000

99 N Lowell Rd: James N. Petroules to Kamal and Janet Talbi, $415,000

18 Nesmith Rd Unit 18: Anthony J. Alfano and Christine Labrecque to Elaine A. and Benjamin J. Maxwell, $350,000

26 New Rd: Pocklington FT and Kathryn G. Redford to Pauline and Courtney L. Joy, $490,000

21 Princeton St: Ronald A. and Charlene D. Thibeault to John R. and Flora M. Duffy, $449,933

34 Stacey Cir Unit 34: Andre M. Hassan to Maxivy LLC, $262,000

4 Thorndike Rd: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Christopher J. and Elizabeth R. Shepard, $270,000

W Shore Rd: Charels Stephen Miers RET and Charles S. Miers to Thomas J. and Lynn M. Murray, $375,000

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