16 Coventry Rd: Ann Corey to Raymond S. Paynter and J L. Napolitano-Paynter, $555,000

East Rd Lot Q: Donna Gardner to Stanley and Paula Wood, $308,000

20 Lamplight Dr Unit 20: Bernard A. and Patricia A. Evers to Amanda C. Allard and Bernard A. Evers, $335,000

15 Little River Rd: Matthew W. Morello and Alison Sudalter to Zachary and Jessica Drapeau, $526,533

62 Meditation Ln: AML RT and Peter Dejager to John D. and Crystal A. Little, $475,000

Pope Rd Lot 18: Helen S. Montanari to Patricia R Allen 2016 RET and Patricia R. Allen, $376,533

21 Walker Rd: Vierra RET and George A. Vierra to Thomas M. and Cheryl A. Leffew, $381,000


36 Abenaki Cir: Raymond J. Lacourse and US Bank NA to STG Properties LLC, $301,000

79 Haverhill Rd: Debra L. Tremblay to Jacob N. Hemond, $232,533

Lane Rd: Tewksbury FT and Stephen R. Tewksbury to Keith Y Mortensen RET and Keith Y. Moirtensen, $761,933

14 Whitetail Ln: Amy Tenanes to Corey P. and Jessica Garneau, $430,000

N/a Lot 5-111: Michael Babin to Robert and Pamela Maclean, $140,000


27 Lollypop Ln: Joseph D. and Deborah A. Mitchell to Cory S. and Maryam C. Kerzner, $347,533

343 Main St: Thomas J. Mcmahon to James W. Raye and Kim M. Corsaro-Raye, $261,933


6 Belmont Ter: R J Jr&K M Riordan RET and Robert J. Riordan to Concetta and Richard Callahan, $460,000

7 Blackberry Rd Unit L: Joel M. and Julie D. Morin to Laurie Garrett, $225,000

20-1/2 Cedar St: Nancy Turcotte to Mee Jin Kelly, $365,000

7 Chester Rd Unit 306: Carole S. Fongemie to Rachel Morrissey, $197,000

66-r Derryfield Rd Unit 44: Michael P. Kamal to Justin Hayward, $176,000

40 Drew Woods Dr Unit 40: Beham&Bartel FT and John V. Bartel to Jay Brislin, $340,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 1202: Benard Elizabeth A Est and Debora Desrochers to Robin Serafini, $184,000

74 Franklin St: Ernest G. Woodside to Lisa L. and Arthur S. Learnard, $189,000

81 Frost Rd: Mcmaster Development LLC to Joseph P. Zucchi and Danielle A. Kostandin, $395,900

6 Jewell Ln: Stpehen P. and Donna M. Cullinane to Adams Otoole and Megan Lazor, $313,533

10 Lake Ave: Jared S. Williams to James A. Krueger, $330,000

71 N High St Unit 5: Mark A. and Peter P. Taraborelli to Dennis R. and Sandra J. Salmi, $354,000

55 N Shore Rd: Joseph L. Mccarran to Joseph Mccarran, $280,000

5 Nutmeadow Ln: David and Mary Gagnon to Brandon S. Erb, $349,933

54 Old Chester Rd: Concette Callahan to Damon C. Greenberg, $342,000

1 Pine St: Spinney Norris G Jr Est and Gaylon L. Spinney to Gaylon L. and Dawn E. Spinney, $120,000

1 Regency Rd: Richard Dwyer and Ann M. Alongi to Samantha E. and William M. Lang, $375,000

32 Tiger Tail Cir Unit L: Robert and Vickie L. Duguay to Stephan M. Milone, $230,533

10 Walnut Hill Rd: Stephen M. and Cynthia A. Ent to Adam E. and Sheena M. Dumont, $258,600

3 Wildwood Dr: Yvon and Yolaine Beaulieu to Justin Beaulieu, $449,933


94 Central St: Donald C. and Catherine J. Burgeson to Jonathan F. Rodrick, $250,000

16 Larson Dr Unit 16: Gerald J. Salvas to Ian C. Mcphee, $259,933


1 Brookes Ln: Nicholas A. and Jody M. Carson to Roy Furo, $530,000

63 Dunvegan Woods Unit 63: Price FT and Barbara Price to Diane E. Joussett, $257,000

12 G St Unit 56: David V. and Pamela J. Scerra to Seacoast Vacation Rentals, $138,000

482 High St Unit 5: JB Real Estate Inv LLC to Didier FT and John W. Didier, $619,933

482 High St Unit 4: JB Real Estate Inv LLC to Frederick G. and Judith Briggs, $619,933

59 Leavitt Rd: George and Theresa Murphy to Steven J Entenmann RET and Steven J. Entenmann, $245,000

10 Nudd Ave: Mcneil Joanne Marie Est and Shelagh Hayes to Thomas F. Vasey and Joanne Mcneil-Vesey, $459,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 205: Leon A. Caouette to Nancy R. Silva, $340,000

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 505: Susan Ashooh Lazos RET and Susan Ashooh-Lazos to Albert P. Gadbut, $685,000

10 Penniman Ln: Edward V. Omahony to Matthew R. and Jessica Parsons, $471,000

9 Q St: Sanders RT and Neil B. Sanders to Christopher Madera, $326,400

14 Reddington Lndg: Nicholas Meloni RET and Nicholas J. Meloni to Neil L. Anastas, $435,000

11 Ridgeview Ter: Matthew R. and Jessica L. Parson to Brian Jones and Heather Trainor, $374,000

11 Wild Rose Ln: Aline Smith to Brian Skeith, $515,000

10 Willow Ln: Fratello RT and Stephen B. Fratello to Kenneth J. and Linda D. Leva, $325,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 204: Robert P. Mcgrath to Jennifer L. Dumas and Paul J. Declan-Mackay, $319,000


6 Cottonwood Cir Unit B: Anthony M. Cirame and Diane Mckenzie to Mary and William Lord, $232,533

38 Folly Brook Ter: Joseph P. Diorio and Melinda A. Ryan to Alby Indrisano and Anastasia Salzar, $378,000

15 Maple St: Ryan Jamison and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to MDR Rehab&Development LLC, $223,000

26 Mill Rd: Oceanfront Properties LLC to James R. Shallow and Melissa A. Barbara, $185,000

26 Monarch Way Unit 26: Trendezza LLC to John S. and Cynthia E. Distefano, $354,933


70-a Alexander Rd: Pamela J. Obrien to Ryan Burke, $441,000

2 Baldwin Rd: Celeste T Zinser LT and Celeste T. Zinser to Aleksandar Trenchovski and Alex M. Trenchovska, $383,000

57 Boulder Dr Unit 57: Chun H. Dunn to Robert B. and Hannah M. Barr, $154,000

19 Boyd Rd Unit 2: Patrick J. and Brittany Correia to John T. and Sharon A. Cole, $160,000

14 Crestview Cir Unit 149: Brain W. Paciulan to Stephen and Donna Grace, $179,933

Dianna Rd: Bank Of America NA to 21 Dianna Rd LLC, $259,000

70 Elwood Rd: Belize Real Estate Hldg to Thomas R. and Lauren A. Thompson, $434,000

97 Gilcreast Rd: Wayne and Darlene Macaskill to Jason K. Herrick and Allyson A. Dion, $367,000

13 Mcallister Dr: Aucella FT and Richard F. Aucella to Justin Hodgkins and Melissa M. Clark-Hodgkins, $355,000

8 Meetinghouse Rd: T&J Investments LLC to Robert and Shawna Egan, $420,000

6 Nashua Rd: Rana Realty 3 LLC to 1 Budget LLC, $740,000

Rolling Meadows Condo Lot 25c: Stephanie C. Conghlin and Thomas M. Coughlin to Raymona and Beverly A. Adams, $178,000

2 Sandies Way: Craig A. Fowler to Michelle G. Connolly and Matthew J. Galluzzo, $575,000

24 Shasta Dr: Timothy and Samantha Delp to Tiffany Moore and Russell Dickey, $400,000

2 Wildwood Rd: Dennis G Malkuns RET and Lauren K. King to Michael F. Massahos, $370,000


50 Crane Crossing Rd: Stephen M. and Dena R. Dehullu to Stephen M. Dehullu, $150,000

15 Georges Way: Gary L. and Marleen Branch to Marc Miranda, $459,000

4 Philip Way: Fredric L. Levine to Anthony M. and Brittany R. Cirame, $450,000

7 Philip Way: Jil G. and John M. Branan to Melissa Coats, $455,000

141 S Main St: Sec RT LLC to Austin Realty LLC, $100,000

149 S Main St: Sec RT LLC to Bezanson FT and Jaimie M. Bezanson, $144,000


31 Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Keith W. and Stefani D. Freeman, $550,400

29 Hayden Rd: David A. Mendes to James C. and Sarah L. Dickson, $549,933

9 Marie Ave: Soby Joint RET and Michael J. Soby to Steven G. Morin and Lucia C. Petros, $487,000

20 Wildflower Dr Unit 20: James W Petersen Built to Richard&Marie E Sigman FT and Richard R. Sigman, $429,933


8 Dauntless Ln: Joseph A. and April L. Muraco to John L. Cartier and Tara A. Reagan, $299,933

3 Glendale Cir: Courtney Berube to Stacy Marshall, $350,000

35 Main St: Kenneth B. and Leeann C. Wells to Luis F. Espinal, $360,000

138 Newton Rd Unit 30: Madhu Estates LLC to Briana A. Angelotti, $189,000

6 Nicholas Rd: James S. and Paula M. Cullen to Michael C. Stanwood and Nicole S. Silverman, $345,733

26 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 26: Aurora M. Hinchey to Martin Corona, $235,000

Sweet Hill Rd: Peter N. Ray and Karen J. Peaslee-Ray to Henry G. Corey, $135,000

30 Westville Rd: Crystal A. Leblanc to Ruben Lassus, $365,000


3 Alexander Ave: Michael G. and Jessica M. Zangri to Robert Moreira, $315,000

1 Cushing Rd: Sirron Development LLC to Enrico S. Cruz-DeBlois, $347,800

11 Diamond Ave: Dan S. and Erin Garcia to James M. Iannuzzo, $380,000

Enterprise Dr Lot 2: Brigitte Feghali to Andrew ElDaye, $220,000

Granie Woods Condo Unit 20: DHB Homes LLC to Thomas I. and Karen A. Mcdowell, $557,600

42 Greenhaven Rd: RCD RET and Christopher Decarolis to Michael N. Mikhkael and Reem Mikhael, $515,000

18 Hill St: Daniel Chuimiento to Jason M. Robinson, $387,666

22 Ivangile Rd: Brad M. and Melissa P. Balch to Matthew Ricci and Kathleen Cresta, $360,000

19 Juniper Rd: D&M Demers RE Inv LLC to Steven J. Norton, $341,000

17 Lamplighter Ln: Dean M. Velardocchia to Amanda Zandbod, $650,000

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 8: CRH Realty LLC to Chen Liu FT and Ying Liu, $135,000

241 Main St Unit 6: Kate M. Frawley and Kate M. Incollingo to George L. Leavitt, $269,533

14 Marys Ln: Paul S. and Melanie J. Mason to John W. Cail, $660,000

11 Moutalcino Way Unit 91: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Anusha Thakellapati and Srikanth Nallamothu, $485,000

244 N Main St: Daniel D. Morrison to Zheyang Xie and Chad St Lawrence, $508,000

72 Salem St: Old Silver Farm Corp to Kerry Nicollis and Kathleen Maraghy, $210,000

5 Sally Sweet Way Unit 149: Fascione FT and Ann M. Fascione to Mary M. and David J. Breault, $317,533

School St: Michael Joseph Est and Robert W. Michaud to Barbara Sott, $202,533

3 Shaughnessy Ln: Bel Air Homes Inc to Brad and Melissa Balch, $574,200

35 Sherwood Cir: Michael and Tammy Fuller to Haley J. Benitez, $400,000

N/a Lot 43: Carolyn Leslie to John&Alma Korbey FT and John A. Korbey, $600,000

N/a: N Carolyn Leslie to John&Alma Korbey FT and John A. Korbey, $10,000


82 Hampstead Rd: Matthew R. Sheehy to Jamielee N. Symes, $245,000

N Main St: Montana RT and Robert P. Villella to Chief Development LLC, $70,000

35 Pine Ridge Cir: Shaun Durkin and Paula Wright to Matthew Parrella and Jessica Parrell, $402,000

1 Woodland Dr: Andrew Wamboldt to Stephanie and Gordon Clark, $435,000


38 Hooksett St: Jeffrey M. and Sharon M. Chestnut to Patrick J. and Meghan K. Coughlin, $770,000

6 Knowles Way: Lillian L. Knowles to Jesse E. and Courtney X. Morton, $233,933

8 Nicholas Way: Rolf P. and Sharan L. Froehling to Albert and Carmelina Cestrone, $578,000


27 Bear Hill Rd: Sharron FT and Michelle C. Sharron to Robet T. and Kerry F. Mittelholzer, $650,000

4 Braemar Rd Unit 4: Victoria H. Venuti to Robert S. Rigby, $255,000

8 Castle Hill Rd: James A. and Celia C. Warneke to Aaryn French, $440,000

34 Duston Rd: Aaryn D. French to Keith Bladwin and Joanne E. Baldwin, $742,000

54 Hickory Ln Unit 54: Alfred R. and Holly T. Molinaro to William V. Papa, $335,000

6 Mountain Village Rd Unit 6: Lisa Currie to Roger L Clark RET and Roger L. Clark, $401,000

88 N Lowell Rd: Agro Development LLC to Christa and Ian C. Archibold, $500,000

20 Stacey Cir Unit 20: Raymond V. and Deborah L. Dapolito to Joel Vastl, $279,000

N/a Lot 20: 16 London Bridge Rd LLC to Lebel Investments LLC, $112,533