46 Main St: Gary and Maureen Witley to GSDC Development Corp, $854,000

67 Maple Ave: Jacqueline J. and Thomas Cunningham to Tayla A. Swansen and Kevin Groveland, $405,000

4 Wason Ln: Wason Lane RT and Sue B. Anderson to Thomas C. and Diane L. Drapeau, $580,000


No Transactions in this Town


131 G H Carter Dr: Jeffrey H. Muller to Christopher and Erin M. Stelzer, $329,933

7 Granite Dr Unit D: Paul A Jerome RET and Paul A. Jerome to Erik A. Jerome, $166,000

670 Main St: Murphy FT and Daniel J. Murphy to Charles J. Underhill and Mary Z. Reedy, $407,533

Old Huntington Rd: EBNG LLC to James Boraczek, $170,000

N/a: Lucy J Scotti LT and Joseph J. Scotti to Donald J. and Cheryl A. Parent, $270,000


Bunker Estates Condo Lot 26: Pollock RET and Robert J. Pollock to Janet and Robert Bergeron, $166,533

22 Cunningham Dr: Deborah Salinas to Dwayne Williams, $134,466

54 N High St: Kenneth A. and Jennifer L. Ferdinando to Tyler J. and Alesia K. Patnode, $300,000

5 N Shore Rd: Michael&D Lucci FT and Michael A. Lucci to Raymond&Lori Perry FT and Lori J. Perry, $739,000

16 Sagamore Rd: Dawe FT and Daniel J. Dawe to Kendall D. Davekos, $332,000

60 Stark Rd: Matthew J. and Leah E. Ney to Brian J. and Sara J. Cofer, $470,000

N/a Lot 98-2: Scott D. Nadeau to Christopher P. and Danielle M. Ruocco, $270,000


320 East Rd: George R Kutzelman RET and George R. Kutzelman to Everlead Education Inv, $320,000

44 Lexington Dr: Maryanne Fournier to Daniel Colon, $416,000

19 Tanglewood Dr Unit 19: Paul H. and Linda M. Anderson to Bethany E. Mccassie, $205,000


128 Ashworth Ave Unit 307: Herve F. Berdou to Pietro T. and Laura Cortese, $405,000

5 Belmont Cir: David Glynn to Juan C. Tucker, $256,000

597-r Lafayette Rd Unit 105: Todd Corneliusen and Maria Sasso to Dennis J. and Catherine Janowicz, $215,000

162 Little River Rd: Robert E. and Gordon A. Colman to Jeffrey V. and Deborah A. Plourde, $184,533

405 Ocean Blvd Unit 16: Judith E. Kennedy to William D. and Martha M. Hickey, $89,000

511 Ocean Blvd Unit 2: Laurie A. Donahue to Lowry 2016 T and Daniel G. Lowry, $405,000

502 Winnacunnet Rd: Gary A. Porter to Diane M. and Robert J. Kovacev, $349,933


24 Mill Rd: Hess Linda Jeanne Est and Jeanne M. Hess to William and Lorraine T. Fries, $270,000

19 Williams Path: Jennifer E. Baez to David L. and Tamara A. Lamontagne, $438,000


16 Crestview Cir Unit 178: Nancy J. Lynch to Salman A. and Romana S. Malik, $192,000

16 Jefferson Dr: Robert D. and Susan G. Walker to Amy Rockholt, $255,000

430 Mammoth Rd: Vito S. and Patricia A. Danna to Eric Sauther, $335,200

7 Nashua Rd: 7 Nashua Road LLC to RGGS Realty LLC, $1,030,000

113 Old Derry Rd: MTGLQ Investors LP to MDR Rehab&Development LLC, $171,500

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 2: Timothy R. and Deborah B. Tarr to Jason Herzl, $184,900

N/a: Brenda E Carver RET and Linda L. Conley to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $90,000

N/a: Kevin M. and Cheryl J. Burns to Joe B. and Margaret M. Mccune, $240,000


1 Kenwood Dr: Anthony and Jennifer Savinelli to Sean E. Miller and Victoria L. Soucy, $389,933

N/a: CK RT and Cecelia A. Hart to Nilton Dasilva, $300,000


29 Hancock Ln: Raymond&Lori Perry FT and Lori J. Perry to Valerie A. Whitman, $560,000

34 Jones Farm Rd: David S. and Dina M. Carville to Bryan Elliott and Bunnary Am, $530,000

8 Leonard Dr: Marie C. Schelling to Ryan Mccusker and Courtney Lynch, $389,933

18 Longview Cir: Caryl L. Meade to Roger and Kelly Blanchette, $450,000

Majestic Ave: Rita Montbleau RET and Charles V. Costa to James W Petersen Jr RET and James W. Petersen, $163,000

13 Woodlawn Dr: Rita Brady to Timothy and Janet Harris, $389,000

N/a Lot 7-236-: Donna M Driscoll RET and Donna M. Driscoll to Jon and Melissa Rickards, $525,000

N/a: Froton FT and Franklin J. Froton to Mark A. and Brenda J. Godin, $525,000


2 E Pine St: Robyn A. White and Peter A. Leblanc to Carl W. Sheehan, $175,000

63 Kingston Rd: Thomas H Cullen RET and David T. Hansbury to Jeremy and Mary Collins, $215,000

120 Newton Rd Unit 11d: Lucian and Malina D. Popa to Nancy E. Daneau, $249,900

88 Plaistow Rd: MBT Holdings LLC to 88 Plaistow Road LLC, $900,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 9: Sonya A. Goss to Elise M. Bosley, $143,933


46 Butler St: Bel Air Homes Inc to Deithra A. Wright, $369,000

44 Carol Ave: Ruth M. Lawn to Garrett and Kirsten Harden, $315,133

10 Darryl Ln: Herbert Ackroyd Jr T and Norma Zecchini to Diane Hunt, $255,000

17 Dogwood Rd Unit 17: DHB Homes LLC to Alan R. Cormier and Mary Garrity-Cormier, $579,733

49 Hawkins Glen Dr: Lisa Palmisano to Louis R. and Colleen L. Fantozzi, $747,000

17 Highland Ave: Shane and Lauren Mattogno to Frank J. and Kimberly M. Perrella, $295,000

9 Martin Ave: KP T and R Paul Marchand to David T. and Abby K. Brochu, $389,933

41 N Main St: Stevens Elizabeth P Est and John D. Stevens to Christopher Flannery, $230,000

Renaissance Cir Lot 38: Lozier Land Dev LLC to John and Karen Bonnin, $544,400

51 Stanwood Rd: DJ Apostoloff Builders to Matthew P. and Heather N. Collins, $775,000

Stone Bridge Estates Sale Unit 45: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Rosemarie and Kevin Manning, $514,400

Theresa Ave Lot 12: James A Sweet RET and James A. Sweet to Bel Air Homes Inc, $100,000

N/a Lot 1: James A Sweet RET and James A. Sweet to Bel Air Homes Inc, $217,533

N/a Lot 4: Mark and Nanshweaim Bolduc to Mark G. and Kristin M. Bernard, $525,000


38 Lakeside Dr: James T. Noonan and Jie Chen to Maryanne F. Fournier, $365,000

7 Lakeview Ave: Michael S. and Suzanne M. Chambers to Brenda A. Bundzinski, $270,000

62 Tenney Rd: Alfred F. Waitt to Jeffrey H. and Melissa R. Muller, $447,000


83 Foggs Ln Unit 1: Stargazer Real Estate Dev to Salt LLC, $162,000

18 Jean Dr Unit 18: Jacqualyn J. Reynolds to Masio A. Dotson, $354,000

20 Jean Dr Unit 20: Jacqualyn J. Reynolds to Masio A. Dotson, $354,000

New Zealand Rd: Darlene Belmer to Charles Liebermann, $160,000

20 Spur Rd: Seabrook Spur Rd Hotel to Seabrook Hospitality LLC, $5,250,000


7 Aladdin Rd: Thomas J. Mcginnis to Christopher and Stephanie Smyth, $507,000

3 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Mathew J. and Leah E. Ney, $750,000

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