27 Bayberry Dr Unit 27: Schloth 2014 FT and William M. Schloth to Kenneth and Patricia Smith, $327,533

32 Centerview Rd Unit 32: Adam D. Hathaway to Melanie A. Langhans, $320,000

6 Concord Dr Unit 6: William J Odonnell FT and Elaine T. Odonnell to Dong Sup-Jung and Yeon O. Jung, $328,533

125 Cowbell Xing Unit 125: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Thomas H. and Penny Kelley, $430,000

20 Edmund Cir Unit 20: Arthur and Cheryl Bonin to Golbderg RT and Alan E. Goldberg, $390,000

12 Sawmill Rd: Labombard IRT and Linda S. Beaumier to Elizabeth R. Bruce, $365,000

80 Wild Pasture Ln: Midlands Investments LLC to Anthony M. and Elizabeth V. Scavo, $544,200


166 Jennifer Dr: Dane W. and Donna M. Clark to Adam and Courtney Hathaway, $423,000

149 Pheasant Run Dr: Matthew D. and Christina Gelinas to Michele Crook and William Annis, $309,000


87 Sandown Rd: Robert C. Meaney to Centerview Hollow Land Co, $300,000


2 Bristol Ct Unit 352: Margaret F. Osullivan to Lauren Mcandrew, $134,133

204 Chases Grove Rd: Lynn A. Croteau to David N. Pucci, $200,000

214 Chases Grove Rd: Brenda Lavalley and Bank Of New York Mellon to Right Now Realty Solution, $50,000

89 Derryfield Rd Unit R: Stepping Stones Realty to Robert S. Curcio and Stephanie J. Burke, $180,000

101 E Broadway Unit 11: Benoit M. Nyonga to Julio C. Paredes-Calderon and A M. Dapino-Picardo, $104,000

5 Folsom Rd: Susan J. and John Madden to John and Sarah Edwards, $255,000

119 Hampstead Rd: Barbara Shaw to Kelly A. Rousseau, $325,000

13 Kilrea Rd Unit 13l: INB RET and Pamela Riesenberg to Daloy Owens, $289,933

28 Newells Meadow Ln Unit 28: Dfennis A. and Gail P. Trenholm to Nicholas A. Erban, $230,000

9 Senter Cove Rd Unit L: Cynthia A. Briges to Trais J. Maser and Sarah Palleschi, $256,000

9 Spollett Dr: Rebecca A. and Matthew O. Davis to Morgan Frati and Donna Desper, $305,000

25 Walnut Hill Rd: Patricia A. Letourneau to Christopher George, $331,000

3 Woodland St: Robert F. and G Ann Aernecke to Mark Franch, $329,533


5 Buttrick Rd: 32 Mill Pond RT to Charles N. and Renee Bourque, $469,933

53 Buttrick Rd: Janet M Wilton RET and Janet M. Wilton to Barbara J. Shaw, $525,000

333 Main St: Margit E. Collins to Peter A. Perillo, $291,933

11 Marilyn Park Dr: Kyle B. Councilman to Christopher D. Poliquin, $480,000

N/a Lot 71: Kevin L. Camm to Centerview Hollow Land Co, $339,933


32 Ashworth Ave Unit 315: Charles K. Angers to Kevin and Tammy Steele, $110,000

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 302: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Francisco A. and Kimberly A. Quintana, $325,000

243 Drakeside Rd Unit 7: Victor and Julie Nosovitsky to Mark Thomas, $355,000

6 Elm Dr: Kenneth R. and Alison G. Jackson to Corey J. and Cheslea E. Taylor, $505,000

27-29 Exeter Rd: Georgia C. Woodworth and Hellene Garden to BP Hampton Properties LLC, $390,000

142 Hampton Mdws Unit 142: Atwater FT and William M. Atwater to Carol W Murphy 1995 T and Carol W. Murphy, $520,000

15 Island Path Unit 8: Robert G. Tessier to Raymond G. Blondeau, $159,000

17 Nudd Ave: Terry A. Conway and Daniel Mcsheffery to 3 Sisters 2 RET and Lucy A. Andrews, $453,000

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 12: Pas Investments LLC to Keith D. and Christina M. Crowley, $200,000

53 Ocean Blvd: Furden Daniel J Est and H Alfred Casassa to ZJBV Properties LLC, $427,350

99 Presidential Cir: Mona M. and Charles J. Scrofano to Dorothy C Wiley 2003 T and Dorothy C. Wiley, $439,533

30 Sanborn Rd: John A. and Donna L. Busfield to Susan Flanagan, $429,933

15 Sweetbriar Ln: Lyn A Harris RET and Lyn A. Harris to Julia Merrow and Kyle M. Palmer, $365,000

571 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 7: Michael G Kapos RET and Michael G. Kapos to Glenn H. Reiser, $335,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 302: Jaffrey M. and Katie M. Cleasby to Caryn H. Gould and Brian P. Caples, $395,000


8 Babscott Ln: Nicole Perreault to Joshua F. Gabry and Adrianne R. Carroll, $185,000

3 Cardinal Rd: Richard E. and Denise H. Devlin to Gregory T. and Kerrie L. Alley-Violette, $341,733

14 Folly Brook Ter Unit B: Danielle L. Murphy to Daniel R. Diodati, $215,000

1 Happy Hollow Ln: Nelson W. and Sandra J. Seaman to Marc R. and Katherine P. Salinas, $346,000

3 White Dr: William T. Whitman to Robert M. Bateman, $545,000


53 Adams Rd: James P. and Heather L. Connolly to Joseph C. Wilhelmy and Kayla R. Boyce, $336,000

18 Crestview Cir Unit 207: Barbara E. Dawson to Eric P. and Karen A. Trudeau, $189,000

4 Dresden Way: James M. and Nancy Caruso to Kevin P. Harrington, $310,000

299 High Range Rd: Stephen P. and Sheila A. Bedard to Michael G. and Diane M. Mcnealy, $485,000

97 Mammoth Rd: Brett T. and Diana C. Guyer to Eric Blais and Louis Tango, $400,000

13 Misty Ln: Shri and Li Z. Iyengar to Ergin Yucel and Banu Oner, $940,000

7 Tinkham Ln: Matthew and Allison Bouchard to Michael Tridenti, $325,000

12 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 33: Raymond G. and Nancie C. Dallaire to Eric Ammon, $180,000

12 Westwood Dr: Linda A. Aldon to Denise M. and Jennifer M. Clegg, $335,000


31 Currierville Rd: Father&Son RT and Todd Fitzgerald to Nathan M. and Meghann Basque, $399,933

7 Kerry Dr: Ronald H. and Pamela M. Langlois to Kyle D. Linck and Taylor S. Parker-Suprey, $305,000

1 Smith Corner Rd: Cathy L. Shahinian to Andrew and Carolina Kolinsky, $355,000

Whittier St: W&N Slombo FT and William J. Slombo to Todd Fitzgerald and Michael Flanagan, $120,000


68 Litchfield Cir: Joanne C. and Santiago E. Deoleo to Amanda C. and George P. Muldoon, $634,000

1161 Mammoth Rd Unit B: Kyler W. and Ashley G. Hinton to Vincent J. Cook, $355,000

7 Monument Hill Rd: Stephen G. and Pamela J. Keefe to Dino R. and Glory G. Delosreyes, $475,000

85 Sky View Dr: Bryan R. Cote to Heather C. and David C. Oconnor, $499,933

12 Slavin Dr: Brian J. and Allison M. Richards to Derek M. Levesque, $419,866

4-6 Vassar Dr: 4-6 Vassar Drive T and Mark A. Conway to Ryan M. and Stephanie L. Houston, $425,000

10 Youngs Crossing Rd: Daniel M. and Mallory A. Tucarella to Maxwell J. Quinn and Sarah E. Trombley, $367,000


9 Kingshaw Ave: Michael H. Greene to Jordan and Danielle Ott, $392,800

177 Main St: Christopher D. Poliquin and Tia Brunault to James F. and Krystal L. Delaney, $360,000

13 Rolling Hill Ave: Danielle Tibert to Gregory Hynds, $291,000

8 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 8: Jordan J. and Danielle A. Ott to Andrew Shea, $270,000


10 Butternut Rd Unit 10: DHB Homes LLC to Janet E Lyons RET and Stephen T. Lyons, $496,200

113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 3: Justin S. Gills and Laurel H. Gillis to Jocelyn F. Blaisdell and Felipe Fortunato, $165,000

5 Elsie Ave: Richard Sirois and Carol Pineault to Michael and Casie Hamman, $365,000

11 Glen Rd: Bruce R. and Janet R. Codagnone to Joseph Carpenter and Lauren Carpneter, $509,933

Granite Woods Condo Unit 29: DHB Homes LLC to Ventullo 2017 T and Donadl A. Ventullo, $509,600

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 10: Kan Wang and Beijuan Zhu to Jeffrey Yu, $130,000

88 Millville St: Christopher J. and Katelyn M. Curley to Gary K. and Julia M. Notenboom, $371,000

182 Shannon Rd: John E Williamson RET and John E. Williamson to Robert and Cynthia Moore, $461,000

5 Shore Dr: Robert J. and Emily D. Leboeuf to Kyle B. Councilman, $587,533

41 Silverbrook Rd: Joseph K. Leone to Jason M. Amiss, $610,000


27 Beechwood Rd: Todd and Erika Griffin to William and Emily Holland, $395,000

Little Mill Woods Condo Unit 4: Francis G. and Sandra N. Hankus to Kathleen P. and Michael A. Deloge, $335,065

32 Main St: Doris E Sweet RET and Paul A. Sweet to Michael Fronduto, $215,000


31 Dows Ln: Robert E Kristiansen RET and Dawn Malberba to Robert M. and Susan M. Watts, $349,000

81 Ledge Rd: 81 Ledge Road RT and William J. Lepito to 81 Ledge Road LLC, $615,000

43 River St: David I. Kahan to Raymond J. Derosa, $545,000


4 Bancroft St: George A. Fregone and Cheryl Perdue-Fregone to Ryan A. and Christina Bolt, $618,000

Chadwick Place Condo Unit 1: Range Road Estates LLC to Robert and Theresa Macloon, $489,933

11 Highclere Rd: Ruby Holdings LLC to Scott and Kate Ketelaar, $766,400

9 Long Meadow Rd: Michael W. and Angela S. Blaisdell to Binu Kannalil and Mary T. Mellu, $579,000

78 Marblehead Rd: Bruce R. and Lisa M. Cass to Laurie L. Martinchick, $360,000

6 Meetinghouse Rd: Theresa A Marescia RET and Theresa A. Marescia to Ervis and Antonjela Miti, $419,933

19 Ministerial Rd: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Andrew and Danielle Garner, $600,000

18 Partridge Rd: Leo E. and Calice M. Ducey to Racelis Acosta-Reynoso and Luis E. Perez-Duran, $661,000

160 Range Rd: Craig B. Harvey to Victor W. Lee and Soursdey Seng, $449,933

88 Searles Rd: Mario and Kathleen Saucedo to Jianzu and Xiu F. Chen, $583,000

52 Stacey Cir Unit 52: Gary R. Vonderesch and Maureen VonDeresch to Michael James Vigna LT and Michael J. Vigna, $279,933

N/a: Katrina Kormanski and Jurgen Jones to Macthompson Realty Inc, $325,066

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