Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Andrew and Kathryn A. Birecki, $448,000


No Transactions in this Town


No Transactions in this Town


61 Bedard Ave: Howard H. and Beverly A. Houle to Jean and Louis Ferrara, $318,533

6 Carberry Dr: John P. Doherty and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Lakeview Loan Servicing, $238,950

1 Corporate Park Dr Unit 14: Tessa Realty LLC to Derry Cornerstone Realty, $195,000

1 Hilda Ave: Paul E. Pellerin to Melissa M. Scott, $208,000

21 Pelican Cir Unit L: Jenece M. Attarian and Nicole M. Piliponis to Carlos E. and Glaucia Leite, $215,000

12 Wall St: Paul F. and Jennifer L. Swope to Kevin M. Eypring, $305,000

58 Walnut Hill Rd: Haris and Megan Kudrolli to Christopher S. Mccarthy, $307,533


120 Stage Rd: Father&Son RT and Todd Fitzgerald to Thomas Turpen, $276,200


37 Anns Ln: Anthoula Vrahliotis to Amanda and Craig Field, $370,000

4 Ashworth Ave: Amerian Financial Resourc to Acquisistion Prop&Inv, $390,000

72 Hobson Ave: Robert A. and Shirley Stephen to Terra X Management LLC, $297,000

8 Summerwood Dr Unit B: Stephen W. Webb to Darryl Kinsey, $410,000


No Transactions in this Town


53 Chase Rd: Don Tishler and Rene J. Belanger to Tyler Builders Inc, $155,000

41 Clark Rd: Kevin J. Hill to Thomas M. and Tammy L. Hill, $285,000

Cross Farm Condo Unit 7: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Silver Fox RT, $451,000

82 High Range Rd: Jeremy and Brittany Buff to Michael G. Breidenbach, $325,000

7 Park Ave: 475 Rimmon Street LLC to Matthew H. and Rebecca M. Abrams, $479,933

237 Winding Pond Rd Unit 237: Scott E. and Christine M. Mcgovern to Thomas K. Butler, $164,933

N/a Lot 11-93: John G. and Elaine H. Tadiello to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $110,000

N/a Lot 11-93: John G. and Elaine H. Tadiello to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $110,000


No Transactions in this Town


17 Oriole Cir Unit 17: 61A Nashua Rd Landholding to John P. and Carolyn M. Burkhardt, $374,400

18 Waterford Way: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to William and Joann Conway, $560,000


No Transactions in this Town


7 Dogwood Rd: DHB Homes LLC to Ron Kobrenski LT and Ron Kobrenski, $455,933

17 Norwood Rd: Jacob K. Ohannessian and C D. Morgano-Ohannessian to Donald T. Lemenager, $415,000

183 Porcupine Cir Unit 183: Anthony D. Agnew to Stephen Shamma and Lachelle Shamm, $225,000

Stone Bridge Ests Unit 14: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Robert C. and H Susan Ricci, $252,200


174 Fremont Rd: Brian J. Gallagher and Tracy L. Fllaherty to Andrew Guertin and Alyssia Francis, $265,000

67 Royal Range Rd: Marc Welch to Dorothy Mailloux and Michael Maialloux, $260,000

12 Waterford Dr: John and Eliza D. Loconte to Joshua and Jessica Anderson, $365,000

N/a: Christopher S. and Valerie S. Thompson to Botte FT and Jeffrey T. Botte, $440,000


No Transactions in this Town


15 Castle Hill Rd: Carl J Decotis RET and Ralph Newhall to Evan Rooeny, $195,000

126 Rockingham Rd: Vincent and Stephen Bonanno to DMH Development LLC, $325,000

13 Wynridge Rd Unit 13: Paula A Jones RET and Paula A. Jones to John A. and Joyce F. Mackiewicz, $390,000