108 Cowbell Xing Unit 108: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Fred T. and Patricia G. Biddix, $470,400


130 E Derry Rd: Diamond Edge Realty&Dev to Anthony P. Franchini, $449,933

47 Edwards Mill Rd: Anthony Franchini to Daniel E. and Victoria M. Yaeger, $325,000


No Transactions in this Town


1 Bristol Ct Unit 311: Joseph A Scanzillo LT and Marc A. Scanzillo to Lakeview Properties LLC, $59,600

78 Conleys Grove Rd: Alan S. and Donna J. Gould to Tamijo Kayworth, $195,000

1 Hampshire Dr: Kyle J. Newmcombe and Alina Newcombe to Marie Boucicaut and Eric Douyon, $280,000

5 Kelley Dr: Roy S. Teresky and Lenora M. Derrivan to David A. and Samantha L. Garside, $392,533

56 Lane Rd: Mcmaster Development LLC to Joseph L. and Teesha Keating, $467,000

63 Lawrence Rd: Robert D. and Edith L. Soley to Drew W. and Christina R. Soley, $215,000

Linwood Heights Condo Unit 6: Brickleaf Properties LLC to KCD Properties LLC, $87,000

10 Paul Ave: Benjamin and Meghan Sirota to Thiago A. DeCastro-Neves and Christina M. Castro-Neves, $299,533

4 Senter Cove Rd Unit R: Dexla RET and Allen A. Drinkwater to Sandy A. and Sabrina H. Henry, $162,533

2 Westerly Dr: Steven C. and Leah A. Farley to Benjamin E. Dwyer and Sarah E. Brooks, $375,000

N/a: Marilyn S. Green and Dennis O. Shannon to Robert Contraros, $55,000

N/a: Christine and William Omalley to Bonneau Group LLC, $182,000


19-a Central St: Healyford Realty LLC to Kristin Shepard, $347,000


180-182 Ashworth Ave: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to John C. and Maureen A. Galeota, $335,933

10 Baron Rd: Martin J Smith RET and Martin J. Smith to Nathan J. and Jaclyn B. Jensen, $559,000

243 Drakeside Rd Unit 6: William M&K Kiley LT and William M. Kiley to Susan M. and Daniel G. Vanasse, $325,000

435 Exeter Rd: Ty A. and Karyn J. Quinn to Ralph and Kathleen C. Giles, $890,000

24 Katie Ln: Shauna D Norris RET and Shauna D. Norris to Stephen and Sally A. Graves, $660,000

Ocean Blvd: 1088 Ocean Boulevard LLC to Patricia A Engel FT and Patricia A. Engel, $655,000

520 Ocean Blvd Unit 10: David V. White and Jane M. Hite to Martin J. Smith, $390,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 307: Masahiro Koizumi to Miguel Conde and Monik Graham, $162,000

12 Raymond Ln: Lawrence F. and Pamela A. Yust to Michael L Bramhall RET and Michael L. Bramhall, $620,000


No Transactions in this Town


86 Granite St Unit 86: Marie James to Robert W. and Robin L. Drouin, $150,000

24 Griffin Rd: Chestnut Realty Partnes to Wilcombs Way LLC, $125,000

4 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hlds to Ryan M. Teague and Kathryn E. Donovan, $502,533

15 October Ln Unit 15: Cross Farm Dev LLC to William R. and Michelle A. Green, $475,200

12 Parmenter Rd Unit A6: Starting 9 Properties LLC to John Lamattina, $70,066

40 Wiley Hill Rd: Calvin F. and Melba D. Fuller to Jason R. Poisson, $240,000


No Transactions in this Town


14 Dragonfly Dr Unit 14: James W Petersen Built Hm to Glorinda F. Medeiros, $452,933


17 Forrest St: Scott C. and Shannon L. Robertson to Jordan L. Melim and Elizabeth A. Mohan, $310,000

10 Glendale Cir: Darezzo RET and Joseph E. Darezzo to Jaron Anderson and Meghan Rocha, $434,533

233 Oak Ridge Rd Unit 18: Bonita R. Manthorn to Deborah A. Santos, $200,000

20 Wildbrook Dr: Dorothy J Towler RET and Dorothy J. Towler to Nicholas A. and Jennifer L. Johnson, $366,000


7 Mulberry Rd: Tiffany Rowbotham to Roy Moesta, $240,133

254 N Broadway Unit 104: CEJ Realty Corp to Fast Break Invstments LLC, $178,000

93 S Broadway: F&B Salem Realty LLC to Patriot Nissan Of Salem, $5,000,000

24 Samoset Dr: William L. Rodenbaugh to David F. and Margaret Fuller, $519,533

N/a: David N. and Susan T. Bunker to Deborah A. and Scott D. Silverman, $816,533


Fremont Rd: Hans M. Nicolaisen to Logan H. Nicolaisen, $205,000

N/a: Dorothy A. Lewis to William K. and Joanne Ashford, $93,000


35 Dearborne Ave: Michelle A. Myers to Randy M. and Susan Spaulding, $277,000

19 Pineo Farms Rd Unit 19: Jill and Travis Grager to Raymond J. and Jenifer P. Sarcione, $355,733

419 State Rd Unit 202: David G. Campanile and Desmond J. Leahy to StAmant FT and George R. StAmant, $111,533

336 Woodstock St: Carola Odowd IRT and Michael D. Odowd to Mark Laspina T and Mark Laspina, $520,000

N/a: Barbara J. Schiappa to Richard A. Kealey, $211,000


6 Burnham Rd: Jonathan L. Moore and Michelle M. Sousa-Moore to Corey Rousseau and Stephanie Rouseau, $755,000

7 Nashua Rd: John F. Conroy to Kristina A. Waterman, $320,000

64 Stacey Cir Unit 64: Jeffrey O. Mccarthy to Steven and Laura Rollins, $255,000

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