8 Commerce Dr Unit 828: Portfolio Investments LLC to Community Crossroads Inc, $122,600

78 East Rd: Lauren M. Delorey and Henry G. Corey to Alexander Fantini, $535,000

69 Maple Ave: Azad Lagancy Partners LLC to Andrew J. Borisko, $225,000

11 Scottsdale Rd: Michael P. Lanza to Danielle C. and Robert L. Beaulieu, $279,533

N/a: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Brengeo RT and George Kenney, $187,533


Candia Rd: Linda A. Boutin to Sandra Taylor-Cassidy, $234,000

425 Lane Rd: Justin J. Marchand to Matthew W. and Caitlyn A. Mitchell, $375,000


85 Frye Rd: US Bank NA Tr to Sara Beaudoin and Christopher Kopac, $342,533


2 Ballard Rd: Matthew J. Richads and Alison J. Richards to Roberta Driscoll, $319,933

1 Bristol Ct Unit 161: Robin L. Fisher to Arthur E. Fraas, $80,000

72 Bypass 28: Heath Kramer to William Doucette, $230,000

67 Conleys Grove Rd: David Vachon to Abad LLC, $125,000

69 Conleys Grove Rd: David Vachon to Abad LLC, $125,000

64 Crystal Ave: 64 Crystal Avenue LLC to Hong M. Zhai and Stanley M. Boudreau, $273,000

82-1/2 Hampstead Rd: Christina Emburey to Peter W. and Kristen C. Goodenough, $340,133

153 N Shore Rd Unit L: Donald and Nicole Levesque to Stephanie Buck, $235,400

168 Warner Hill Rd: David Bjork to Matthew J. and Alison Richards, $575,000

N/a: Robert&L Dombroski RET and Robert J. Dombroski to Tyler Builders Inc, $120,000

N/a: Pacific Union Financial to RL Bellia Holdings LLC, $210,000

N/a: Tessies 2 T and Joanne T. Wickson to Lake RT and Lynda Green, $157,533


5 Hood Rd: Brian J. Vitale to Christian S. and Nicole A. Machelski, $285,000

255 Kent Farm Rd: Patrick T. Godfrey to Jason Fennessey and Sicong Li, $369,933


29 Gale Rd: Leon and Corina M. Sacco to Leah and Mounir Larhrib, $617,533

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 205: Mete Gonder to Dana and Melissa Tagliamonte, $152,533

11 Seaview Ave: Francis C Armstrong RET and Mare Weiss to William J. Leva, $668,000

2 Victor Rd: Marianne Jacobs to Kristin K. and Graham M. Derousse, $314,000


1 Beach Dr: Lauren Westling to Olivia Roy, $305,000

191 Main St: Kathrin E. Fitzpatrick and Michael Hignett to Daniel M. Mastroiani, $250,000

11 Rockrimmon Rd: Steven P. Keane to Patricia Bowen, $280,000

10 South Rd: Bell Holly Ann Est and Joyce M. Bell to Allison Miller and Shaw Tilton, $424,533

13 Woodland Dr: Todd Bonsr and Leyna Bonser to Matthew Papulis and Lola Johnson, $324,533


5 Charleston Ave: James J. St Brice to Clyde M. and Bonnie J. Benedict, $319,933

14 King Charles Dr: Sandra J. Taylor-Cassidy to Christian Fuller and Amanda Barlow, $405,000

9 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hlds to Justin T. and Elizabeth M. Colella, $428,000

5 Rebecca Dr: Michael T. and Heather Allen to Roberto and Nicole Gigli, $340,000

43 Shasta Dr: Nicholas and Amanda Nault to Timothy Ford, $421,000

26 Wilshire Dr: Richard T. Murray to Kaitlyn M. and Kevin C. Mackey, $320,000

352 Winding Pond Rd Unit 352: Frank J Indoccio FT and Thomas Indoccio to Marlyn Vaughn, $237,533

39 Winterwood Dr Unit 39: Holbrook Sarah B Est and Deborah E. Holbrook to Nicole Habib, $197,400


4 Crane Crossing Rd: Paramount Partners Realty to Kelley and Duane Lighty, $360,000

N/a: Joseph Homsey to Angela Deiveglia and Luke Robichaud, $388,000


19 Benoit Ave: Melanie J. Casablanca to Nathan and Ashley Sears, $403,000

21 Chestnut Ln: Cedar Crest Dev LLC to Joshua L. and Tarah E. Rankins, $559,933

26 Dodge Rd: Alla Cootey to Frederick C. and Wendy L. Wilson, $465,000

21 Hayden Rd: David A. Mendes to Kevin C. and Lisa H. Pombriant, $517,000

63 Keyes Hill Rd: Nathan Sears to Matthew and Renee Hopkinson, $255,000

84 Pelham Rd: Discover Properties LLC to Ronald B. Gove and Rodolfo Pereira, $345,000

72 Priscilla Way: James W Petersen Built Hm to Matthew D. and Amy L. Thoren, $579,933


15 Culver St Unit 78: Allen Bress to Derek J. Cannata and Crystal J. Martella, $209,933

33 Garden Rd Unit 1: FNMA to K&G RT and Kamil Dahne, $107,000

1 Karls Cir Unit B: Benjamin L. and Cassandra J. Hutchins to Stephanie Hicks and Cooper Newbold, $340,000

2 Main St: David Vachon to Abad LLC, $250,000

96 Sweet Hill Rd: David D. Simmons and Olivia C. Ismmons to Andreas Schalk, $400,000


51 Bluff St: Robert and Cheryl Bobusia to Core Gosselin and Nicole Bonanno, $254,933

6 Catalpa Rd: DHB Homes LLC to Steven and Carol Bratt, $495,400

Haverhill Rd: Donald M. and Kelley M. Granahan to David and Renee Surette, $185,000

23 Stiles Rd Unit 215: Blackdog Builders Inv to Toni Ross-Andersen, $85,000

Stone Bridge Ests Unit 14: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Robert C. and Susan Ricci, $252,200

16 Tiffany Rd Unit 4: Nina A. Knowlton to Yu H. Zhang and Kimy Chung, $107,533

N/a: Joyee E. Dadoly to Lee E. and Patricia A. Cochrane, $625,000


No Transactions in this Town


Batchelder Rd: Seabrook Town Of to Daniel Syvinski, $150,000

30 Carroll Ln Unit 30: Christopher Dunigan to Stephen J. Reynolds and Carol L. Raynolds, $387,000

N/a: Yankee Greyhound Racing to RMH NH LLC, $5,500,000


148 Castle Hill Rd: Lee M. and Debra L. Mowatt to Brian and Sarah Scagliarini, $360,000

21 Ludlow Rd: Dipietro Homes LLC to Andrew L Plourde RET and Andrew L. Plourde, $265,000

43 Northland Rd: Kasa 2013 RET and Khalid Ahsan to Sudheer K. and Sushma Mantena, $560,000

28 Settlers Ridge Rd: Meadow Creek Homes LLC to Mark S. and Kelly A. Tiller, $729,000