4 Conley Rd: Patrick Behen to Zachary and Meghan Bedrick, $505,000


No Transactions in this Town


16 Long Pond Rd: Raymond Challis to FTG Development LLC, $33,000


88 Adams Pond Rd: Jeffrey and Deanna Brunelle to Robertson Oil&Trucking, $125,000

18 Blackberry Rd Unit L: William Paskowski to David Leszeysnki, $230,000

5 Brandy Rock Rd: Ranay J. Martin to Alyza M. Martin and Roy E. Bell, $387,533

407-a Island Pond Rd: Diane P Balukonis RET and Diane P. Balukonis to Suchita LLC, $281,000

Lawrence Rd Unit 1: Deirdre Taylor to Scott and Riana Vonasch, $310,000

22 Olesen Rd: Quicken Loans Inc to New England Acquisitions, $225,000

3 Pelican Cir Unit R: Michael and Diane Mcnealy to Michael and Desiree M. Rodriguez, $262,000

55 Pingree Hill Rd: Adrien J. and Raynode Y. Plourde to Jonathan and Ashleigh Bresnahan, $270,000

28 Stonegate Ln Unit 28: Thomas J. Robinson to Mary E. Merrill, $155,000


51 Golden Meadow Rd: Lawrence R. Tewksbury and Jacqueline J. Bourque to Stephanie A. and Jon P. Hansen, $600,000

11 Jody Ln: Phillip St Cyr to Thady and Douanigdara Pen, $715,000

41 Main St: Daniel R. and Erika T. Wells to Lisa and Alexander Guide, $339,000


32 Ashworth Ave Unit 318: Christopher A. Tisher to Marc and Kimberly Michaud, $93,533

180 Ashworth Ave Unit 102: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Antonio and Maureen A. Filipe, $249,933

53 Dearborn Ave: Dana B. and Jean A. Shaw to Laurence J. and Jessica L. Foley, $395,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 503: Bevan L. Bloemendaal and Anthony R. Jackson to Margaret Celona, $210,000

31 Park Ave: Julie Boccelli to Christopher Stolley, $269,533

1 Seabury Unit 1: Laurence Foley to Samantha L. Merrill, $157,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 102: Richard J. and Gina T. Lagor to Henry M. Scribelli and Kjathleen A. Bourque, $290,000


6 Chisholm Rd: Brian E. and Jodi L. Thibeau to James&Barbara Lyden FT and James M. Lyden, $291,000

182 Main St: Alfred V. Rousseau to Mark A. and Susan M. Santillo, $299,933

18 Simes Rd: Mary K. Atkins to Jeffrey A. Whitney, $230,133

N/a Lot 1: Leonard R. and Barbara J. Morton to Michael Chigas, $160,000


8 Abington Dr: William S. and Michaela Cole to Timothy and Allison H. Doyle, $523,733

2 Boyd Rd: James and Cynthia Geulakos to Sharon L. Little and Dale J. Pekarski, $259,133

4 Davis Dr: Lisa M. Littlefield to Patrick J. and Brittany H. Correia, $362,933

11 Fieldstone Dr Unit 11: Ann M. Brexa to Stephen Drieze and Alainna Belanger, $195,000

66 Fieldstone Dr Unit 66: Deborah M. Morin to Gretchen Berthiaume, $207,933

Imperial Dr: Foresight Investments Inc to Thomas Parilla, $355,000

10 Morrison Dr Unit 10: Jeannine A Goyette RET and Janet T. Shivell to Diane M. Donhoe, $450,000

37 Pleasant Dr: Susan Gschwind to Willaim T. Adams and Rachel L. Ewing, $362,000

44 Pleasant Dr: Guy H. and Beverly M. Larose to Timothy and Joanne Stewart, $379,933

2 Winding Pond Rd Unit 2: Saideh Daghighi-Rohi to Derrick E. Vossbrink, $182,000


2 Anthony Cir: Megan C. Berry to Eric G. Aylward, $307,000

N/a: Zangri Robert W Est and Deborah A. Zangri to Joseph G. Levis, $217,000


35 Dodge Rd: Mary E. Jackson to Ambrosia and Ruben Espaillat, $564,933

58 Hayden Rd: Thomas M. and Kara A. Hartigan to Carlos J. Barcelos and Meghan Trahan, $310,000

579 Mammoth Rd Unit B: P&D Constracting LLC to Ravishekhar Yallammagari and Preethi Boya, $348,533

23 Whispering Oaks Rd Unit 23: Alan Goldblatt to Thomas E. and Catheine A. Murphy, $384,533


37 Cottonwood Rd: Jose R. and Cheryl F. Burgos to Joseph Alves, $489,933


7 Ashwood Ave: Derek D. Buco to Janelle Maietta, $312,000

14 Ashwood Ave: Paula Breen LT and William J. Breen to Hannah M. Bourland and Zachary A. Cox, $365,000

3 Briar Ave: Klufts Albert E Est and Karen Klufts to Kelsie Kopp and Steven A. Kendall, $300,000

24 Catalpa Rd Unit 24: DHB Homes LLC to Raymond W. Dezenzo and Eva D. Dezeno, $506,733

22 Centerville Dr: Bezuka Victoria R Est and Emmalie Arvidson to Foresight Investments Inc, $270,000

10 Cove Rd: John Murphy and Jose Gonzalez to Norman Landry, $294,000

4 Crestwood Cir: Dennis E. Leveille and Annette Leville to Brisalis Camilo, $339,000

12 Emery Rd: Daniel J. Fischer to Spencer N. Tofts, $509,933

55 Kelly Rd: Mark A. and Susan M. Santillo to Matthew Coco and Ashley Parolisi, $371,000

Lancelot Ct Lot 12: Tiffany Duguay to Yucel and Sibel Aydogan, $105,000

36 London Rd: Scott FT and Jacob Scott to Pierre S. and Donna M. Cooke, $370,000

264 N Broadway Unit 205: Mwdb Development LLC to RWH Realty LLC, $84,533

119 Zion Hill Rd: Scott R. German and Nancy J. Alter-German to Dennis Knight and Esperanza Donahue, $198,000


N/a: Richard J Mcquade NT and Paul G. Mcquade to Richard N. Towne and Adam Lamond, $205,000


24 Brooks Road Ext: Anna M. Souther to Ralph M. Perotta and Susan B. Perrotta, $314,933

N/a Lot 6: Diana W Riley RET and Patrick O. Collins to Mark and Elisia Saab, $2,250,266


20 Balmorra Rd: Mitchell Pamela Ann Est and David J. Mitchell to David E. and Coleen E. Holding, $474,933

11 Brookview Rd Unit 11: Jay and Andrea Stickney to Chance Proeprties Hollis, $467,533

14 Cristy Rd: David and Vickie Edwards to Kevin J. and Alexandra A. Nyberg, $850,000

12 Glance Rd: William Oconnell and Amanda Mcalpine to Tracey A. and Andrew G. Ardolino, $380,000

59 Haverhill Rd: Nancy A. Butcher to Michael D. and Marizangela Q. Simone, $428,000

8 Lowell Rd: Bradford Arthur and Kaylee R. White to Donald G. Soule, $392,000

5 Osgood St: David Holdings and Coleen Holding to Chadani Ayer and Umesh R. Upadhayay, $655,000

161 Range Rd: Charles R. and Joanna C. Elmore to Aleksandra Varnavina and Aleksey Khamzin, $449,000

7 Seavey Rd: Yogesh Chandra to Daniel and Najwa Holtzman, $410,000

52 Sheffield St: Remi Sons Investments LLC to Jennifer L. and Matthew T. Murray, $699,000

N/a Lot 6c106: GBS Walkers Woods Dev to Remi Sons Investments LLC, $156,000

N/a Lot 17: Milone LT and Diane Lucinskas to William P. and Marion C. Deluca, $750,000


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