21 Amberwood Dr: Spencer G. Morrison and Judith Labranche to Eric and Christina Soucy, $505,000

24 East Rd: Randolph Garabedian to Patricia Dizazzo, $340,000

12 Stonewall Ter: Thomas C. and Susan O. Darrin to Matthew and Heather Mcgowan, $440,000

20 Westside Dr: Eric S. and Christina Soucy to Edward K. Merritt and Melissa E. Reminston, $390,000


No Transactions in this Town


Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to John M. and Anne-Marie Disorbo, $445,933

Nh Route 111: EBNG LLC to Douglas and Michelle J. Anderson, $250,000


136 Chases Grove Rd: Wayne R. Donaghey to Marielle D. and Michael D. Bonani, $224,933

Crescent St: Kevin R. Huout to Erica Bourdreau, $319,000

8 Elm St: Sixbysixty Properties LLC to Van Geyte Fine Properties, $75,000

62 Frost Rd: Tygh K. and Sandra D. Lawrence-Clarke to Lara A. Smith and Marc Mantel, $435,000

117 Goodhue Rd: Porninville Enterprises to Brian J. and Annemarie Stanton, $315,000

11 Hemlock Springs Rd: Allyn R. and Kelly A. Greenberg to Pathaway Homes Inc, $27,533

Londonderry Tpke: Michael Caparella to Brooke Champagne and Zigmand Holubecki, $280,000

7 Mcgregor St Unit 4: Kelly J. and Carlyn Pomerleau to Clifton A. Hall, $220,000

2 Richardson Dr Unit L: Andrea Benoit to Patrick T. Macneil and Nicole L. Sindoni-Macneil, $245,000

12 Sundown Dr Unit A: Mary J. Moltenbrey to ACS 2017 LLC, $131,066

82 W Broadway: Theresa D Ryan RET and Theresa D. Ryan to Matthew and Jaclyn Hagopian, $415,000

2 Windham Rd: Randy W. and Darlene A. Eklund to Connor P. Williams, $285,000

N/a Lot 1: Kathleen J Lombard RET and Kathleen J. Lombard to Alexandria and Hagop Matossian, $750,000

N/a Lot 2-6: Matthew Mark Realty LLC to Jena L. Marc and Samantha M. Marte, $349,000


2 Mary E Clark Dr Unit 10: Gary Barnes&Sons LLC to Medline Systems LLC, $70,000


204 Ashworth Ave Unit 5: Karagianis FT and Gary Karagianis to Avenue Real Estate LLC, $145,000

20 Bourn Ave: Dorothy J Pecce RET and Dorothy J. Pecce to Jaclyn V. Hirl and David F. Bazylewicz, $385,000

23 Cusack Rd Unit 18: Jana K Hall 2001 RET and Jana K. Hall to Peter A. Mantegani, $275,000

31 Dearborn Ave: Marisa D Wilich RET and Marisa D. Wilich to Carla Pacione, $480,000

232 Exeter Rd: 230 Exeter Road LLC to Derek and Jenna Manley, $519,000

28 Kings Hwy Unit 4: Linda J. Mayrand to Ketteridge RET and Peter A. Ketteridge, $170,000

Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to James A. Pappas and Rebecca L. Hayes, $750,000

461 Ocean Blvd Unit A5: Richard Henderson and C M. Fantakis-Henderson to Susan M. Barry and Louis K. Campbell, $280,000

605 Ocean Blvd Unit 2: Ellen D Andre RET and Ellen D. Andre to William K. and Kimberly F. Guest, $590,000

703 Ocean Blvd Unit 403: Adam E. Wade to Paul and Kathleen Nikiforakis, $199,000

N/a Lot 386: Edward W. Millette to Rage FT and Charles A. Rage, $726,933


5 Little River Rd: Francis Lavoie to Jason and Flor Collins, $300,000

1 Pheasant Run: Robert and Dianne J. Eib to Francis J. and Sheri M. Lavoie, $439,933


Gordon Dr: Karen and Alan M. Meunier to Patrick and Nina StPierre, $360,000

10 Harmony Dr: Neil J. Pilotte to Corey J. Ferreira, $432,000

19 Parmenter Rd: M&M FT and Richard E. Mayo to Donald E. Lafontaine and Christine Bureau, $319,933

8 Pleasant Dr: Mary Y. Lynch to Aubrey E. Pervier and Gregory D. Holt, $344,933


No Transactions in this Town


17 Brandy Ln: Kenneth C. and Debra L. Wyer to Daniel T. and Valerie J. Fernald, $429,933

Bridge St: Adeline RT and Donald W. Kliska to Birch&Birck Realty LLC, $250,000

Bridge St: Adeline RT and Donald W. Kliska to Birch&Birck Realty LLC, $400,000

38 May Ln: Bassam A. and Mary E. Harb to Joao A. Geraldo and Roebrta Alves, $565,000

23 Stevens Rd: Chaturved Narayanswamy FT and Raman Narayanswamy to Helene M. Bushnell, $502,400

245 Windham Rd: Kimberly Beal to Dana Miele, $45,000


No Transactions in this Town


Club Meadowbrook Condo Unit 139: Mary J. Moran to Sharon A McKay T and Sharon A. McKay, $325,000

47 Crestwood Cir: Alan and Monica Marchioni to Robin and Patricia St. Germain, $405,000

Iris Ave: Eric Guillmette to George Hale, $325,000

88 Lancaster Farm Rd: Jimenez FT and Yolanda Jimenez to Jason M. Bianchino and Mary J. Bruno, $427,000

44 Lawrence Rd: Joan Marie Iannazzo RET and Joan M. Iannazzo to Keith M. Wallace, $389,000

118 Millville St: Craig and Julie Parsons to David J. Difrancesco, $305,933

153 S Policy St: Keith Wallace to Joseph Harvey, $315,000

9 Samoset Dr: Darlene J. Horsfield to Mark A. and Michelle M. Routhier, $535,000

5 West Ln: D&M Demers Real Est Invs to Julianne Dicicco, $266,000

16 Windward Ter: Nicholas L. Gough and Maria V. Hermundez-Ochoa to Craig and Julie Parsons, $377,533


No Transactions in this Town


No Transactions in this Town


15 Braemar Rd Unit 15: Rebecca M. Clementi to Christopher M. Gareeau, $270,000

114 Castle Hill Rd: Harold P. and Carollee M. Ayan to Louna F. and Marc E. Philogene, $575,000

50 Range Rd: James V. Damico to Timothy and Kristina Johnston, $630,000

25 Settlers Rdg: K P Bergeron Dev LLC to Jared A. and Ashley A. Rose, $861,000

32 Turtle Rock Rd: John and Kathleen A. Alosso to Ryan M. Maclean and Brian Peirce, $1,275,000

N/a: Randall S Walden RET and Randall S. Walden to Pawtucket Rd Landholdings, $100,000

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