5 Deer Run Rd: Gary F. and Diane C. Sherman to Kenneth Dibella and Elizbeth Kiley, $610,000

East Rd Lot Y: Hixon IRT and David D. Hixon to Robert G. Cashman, $306,533

Maple Ave: Jonathan and Mallory Kidd to John Bowe, $352,533

N/a: Jennifer A. Killam to Dean B. and Suan M. Killam, $388,000


Hampstead Rd: Robert K. Vanderhoek and Elizabeth R. Venderhoek to Richard N. Towne and Michael Higgins, $260,000

222 Villager Rd Unit 222: Michael and Tara Crawford to Mark E. and Carrie L. Carter, $359,933


Autumn St: Turgeon FT and Ricky J. Turgeon to Nancy A. Troy, $469,000

75 Colby Rd: Rebecca L. and Eric D. Turner to Tara A. Elliott, $254,000

107 Colby Rd: Lawrence P. Weston and Sarah E. Gannon-Weston to Jose A. Silva, $285,000

239 Main St: Joseph R. and Clarie A. Culligan to Kaitlyn P. and Corey J. Culligan, $230,000


17 Barkland Dr: Joseph and Darlene Puchalski to Robert A. and Laura Curtis, $335,000

5 Berry Rd: Deborah R. Mcneill to Terry G. and Natalia R. Lippold, $250,000

27 Brook St: Randa Freeman to John P. and Stephanie A. Debonis, $265,000

20 Chester Rd: Aurora Holdings 12 LLC to Axis Health At Derry Prop, $2,600,000

87 Conleys Grove Rd: Robert G. and Teresa M. Hampton to Paul L. and Kimberly E. Armstrong, $880,000

13 Daniel Rd: Douglas and Ruth Demaggio to Anna B. Caron, $415,000

51 E Derry Rd: Browne Charles O Est and Megan E. Taylor to Christavo L. Sousa, $290,000

1 Gulf Rd: Kim B Martin 2016 T and Kim B. Martin to Kevin D. Santry and Kathleen M. Brown, $479,933

13 Hemlock Springs Rd: Pathway Homes Inc to Jason G. and Michelle K. Boutot, $385,000

3 Hillside Ave: Donald E. Lafontaine to Shannon Knoll, $227,600

1 Holmes St: Jonathan M. Tynes and Kristina Olsen-Tynes to Michelle L. Permatteo, $325,000

2 Huson Ave: Pab Investments Inc to 4309 Woodward Court LLC, $225,000

252 Island Pond Rd: Paul L. and Kimberly E. Armstrong to Terren and Heather Kelloway, $390,000

25 Lampton Dr: Kantis S. and Kailas K. Patel to Ismael A. Oliveira, $402,533

17 Manchester Ave: Brian K. and Annmarie Lindsey to Andrew G. and Lizabeth K. Struppa, $319,933

10 Matthew Dr Unit L: Marc A. Brodeur to Richard A. Runyan, $198,000

17 Paul Ave: Katherine Burlingame to Randa S. and Steven P. Freeman, $335,933

2 Pembroke Dr Unit 3: Linda Clevens-Karas to Robet Graham, $80,000

9 Phillip Rd Unit R: Justin and Bridget Nicholas to Annmarie and Brian K. Lindsey, $230,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 24: Mary A Sullivan RET and Elizabeth A. Noonan to Alan G. Page, $110,000

2 Spollett Dr: Edward J. and Jody A. Siwacki to Caroline N. Fox and Brandon Siwacki, $250,000

3 Tinkham Ave: Harland L Brown Jr RET and Harland L. Brown to Greenly RE LLC, $650,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 183: Bringing Derry Toghther to Gregory J. Dulgarian, $117,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 62: Eric Bodenrader and James R. Barsalon to Andrea L. Visocchi, $232,933

1 White Oak Ln: Raymond G. and Adrienne M. Summers to Bridget and Justin Nicholas, $394,000

2 White Oak Ln: Gary S. and Linda J. Richelson to Casey J. and Samantha L. Grenier, $549,933


43 Checkerberry Rd: Joseph E. and Kimberly A. Ellsey to Daniel S. Powers and C Wallen-Trueblood, $470,000

54 Indian Ridge Rd: Mark and Erin K. Lambert to Eliezer Silfa, $435,000

9 Liberty Ln: Gary S. and Lynda M. Coutts to Derek T. Morin and Colleen M. Campbell, $455,000

21 Tanglewood Dr Unit 21: Ethel M. Dipace to Barbara F. Champigny, $229,000

20 Wentworth Ln: Alicia and Theresa Perry to Danny and Rachelle M. Enes, $380,000

5 Westwood Dr: Robert Moseley to Anthony Difeo, $370,933


180 Ashworth Ave Unit 103: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Nhai T. Pham and Melissa Nhung-Nguyen, $242,533

24 Battcock Ave: Mary C Shea RET and Mary C. Shea to Cheryl L. and Michael S. Stockford, $369,000

7 Bruce St: US Bank NA Tr to Allison M. Garvin, $218,373

8 Cassie Ln: Charles P. and Casey E. Oldham to John A. and Dianne C. Macpherson, $529,000

24 Church St: Ellen Hastings RET and Ellen Hastings to William Gallant, $650,000

12 Coffin Dr: Mcdonald FT and Robert F. McDonald to Stephen R. Thompson and Rose M. Coletta-Thompson, $525,000

230 Exeter Rd: 230 Exeter Road LLC to Richard and Gael Keough, $525,000

11 F St: Fawlty Towers Properties to Karens LLC, $615,000

20 Heritage Dr: Domenic J. and Janet M. Dinatale to Jamison G. Boie, $470,000

108 Mary Batchelder Rd Unit C: Middleton FT and Richard D. Middleton to Russell C. Lawson and Mary D. Qualey-Lawson, $395,000

6 Mckay Ave: Warren N. and Ann Long to Francis W. Tomco and Judith A. Tomeo, $442,533

1 Merrill Dr Unit 111: 3l Holdings LLC to Lifecycle IMS LLC, $205,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 506: Brian D. and Melissa S. Voisine to Daniel E. Jameroz and Ellen E. Jamroz, $399,900

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 12: Kupka Patricia Ann Est and Robert J. Kupka to Catherine O'Keefe, $297,933

19 Purington Ln Unit A: Jamison Boie to Marsha Dupuis, $319,000

36 Reddington Lndg Unit 5: John Donovan to Peggy P Blair RET and Peggy P. Blair, $262,000

S Winnacunnet Rd: Friendship House RT and Leslie Hill to 137 Winnacunnet Road LLC, $454,933

Seabreeze Condo Lot 7: Daniel E. and Ellen E. Jamroz to Suzanne Marlowe, $290,533

Towle Farm Rd Lot 53: D S&L M Calandra RET and Dominic S. Calandra to Michael and Kim Kowal, $499,933

3 Walnut Ave: Carmela Carella T and Charles M. Carella to Mark and Joanne Sobieski, $360,000

23 Walnut Ave: Victor P. and Patricia J. Felton to Roger and Carol H. Boissonneau, $323,000

580 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 207: Sean M. Mccann and Susan M. Vernette to Janet L. Valente, $329,933


17 Babscott Ln: Jeannine A. Dowling to Dawn Cushing, $278,000

60 Ball Rd: Sharon and Rebecca Pagliarulo to Sarah L. Collins and Christopher L. Rogers, $175,000

150 Main St: Gabrielle J. Ribortone and John Riborotone to Joshua M. Rivera, $355,000

Meadow Wood Rd: Jean O. and Jeffrey F. Okane to Joseph E. Spinazola, $519,000

15 Mill Rd: Jeremy D. and Dianne J. Russman to Peter E. Wilson, $125,000

11 Shirley Ln: Jason Chaplin to Jennifer K. Eaton, $385,000

8 Webster Landing Rd: Robert L. Day to Abigail Smith and Connor Glynn, $315,000

16 Williams Path: Raymond Moury to Joseph Lemenager, $350,000

N/a: D&D RT and Richard P. Earley to JNJ Development 81 Rte 12, $299,800


8 Alan Cir: Stephen A. and Linda M. Mast to Jonathan M. Kimball, $328,000

58 Alexander Rd: Stephen C. and Amy T. Fountain to Rod S. and Rebekah S. Tamanaha, $425,000

53 Boulder Dr Unit 53: KDM Group LLC to David D. and Allison M. Welch, $160,000

Clark Rd: Bank New York Mellon Tr to Hfloesser Realty NH LLC, $325,533

1113 Columbia Dr London Unit R: Michael V. and Shannon A. Menslage to Erin F. Manchuca and Louis Machuca, $249,933

59 Fieldstone Dr Unit 59: William T. and Kevin M. Carney to Christopher K. Carney and Margaret M. Farina, $162,000

86 Fieldstone Dr Unit 86: Klamalfa FT and Kenneth M. Lamalfa to Paul S. Lamalfa, $190,000

13 Hazelnut Ln: Gerald S. and Lisa A. Durso to Melissa M. Devlaminck and Stephen Boilard, $439,933

13 Iris Ln: Kelly Galan to Katrina L. French and Lee D. Bernard, $449,933

14 Judy Dr: Melissa Devlaminck to Walter Castillo and Awilda Alvarado, $405,066

14 King Richard Dr: Valway Robert G Est and M D. Valway-Denner to Gavin and Shawni Taylor, $365,000

39-a Mammoth Rd Unit 39b: Jigsaw Builders LLC to Alex Roberge and Lindsay Chlus, $358,000

92 Mammoth Rd: Steven and Mary C. Marcangelo to Steven Phillips, $312,533

491 Mammoth Rd Unit 23: June M. Newitt to Anthony J. Lemire, $141,000

21 Manter Mill Rd: Joseph C. and Jennifer N. Ripley to Leonad A. and Shirley I. Torto, $479,000

28 Oakridge Dr Unit 28: Terence G. and Mary Mccormick to Jason G. Potts, $210,000

46 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 46: Sirois FT and Steven J. Sirois to Lisa M. O'Connor, $198,000

12 Parmenter Rd Unit B6: LMC Partners LLC to J&E Armstrong Realty Grp, $40,000

5 Pendleton Ln Unit 5: Chelsea C. Cahill to Devinne C. Moran, $143,000

22 Pillsbury Rd: Amja Realty LLC to Daniel R. and Katherine M. Pacheco, $500,000

9 Saddleback Rd: Kevin P. and Courtney E. Ryan to Steven A. and Jonathan Delong, $473,066

N/a Lot 13-142: Melissa Devlaminck to Walter Castillo and Avilda Alvarado, $405,066


97 N Main St: Anthony L. Desouza and Kelli M. Desousa to Shaun R. Gregoire, $490,000

9 Pond St: Michael and Dawn Cushing to Kevin and Danielle Lavalley, $499,933

21 Quaker St: Matthew R. and Rachel E. Bator to Daniel J. and Christine A. Bell, $475,000

28 Smith Corner Rd: Frances Nawoichyk to James M. McCarron and Phyllis Donat, $276,400

1 Tanglewood Dr: Jason Smith and Miriam Villagas-Leon to Matthew Velonis and Jessica Bannon, $415,000

4 Zoe Ln: Nancy A. Troy to Jason S. Chaplin, $680,000


8 Collins Way: Kevin Nyberg to Robert Sullivan and Cassandra Colon, $575,000

9 Luann Ln: Calvin D. and Lori J. Adams to Amy Crspo-Barajas and Edgar Crespo-Barajas, $445,000

395 Mammoth Rd: Pennymac Loan Services to John D. Hunt, $298,000

12 Mayflower Ln: North Central Dev LLC to Courtney Taylor and Thomas Harkins, $630,000

4 Mount Vernon Dr: Diane H. Talbot to Alex T. Gedaminsky, $300,000

353 Old Gage Hill Rd: James W Petersen Built to Azad N. and Ashley L. Kupelian, $549,933

36 Valley Hill Rd: Equity T Co to Bryce and Cynthia Mickler, $380,000


Old County Rd: Hoyt RT and David M. Hoyt to HCR Construction Inc, $140,000

78 Old County Rd: Robert C. and Linda L. Fagan to Chrstine J. Callahan, $385,000

Plaistow Rd: Abad LLC to AC Plaistow LLC, $600,000


Ackerman St Lot 7: Wadih E. Ramey to Karen A. Cleary and Theresa A. Godsoc, $385,000

10 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 204: Maryann P. Blackler to Betty A. Manning, $282,533

13 Butternut Rd Unit 13: DHB Homes LLC to John and Gail Williamson, $319,000

59 Cluff Rd Unit 15: John W. Waldie to Carol Radke, $270,000

25 Dogwood Rd Unit 25: DHB Homes LLC to Walter and Brenda Pomierski, $499,933

24 General Pulaski Dr: Kathryn Campbell to Haley Rosen, $305,000

6 Mclaughlin Ave: Dowgiert Janusz Est and Lexie N. Dowgiert to Tara B. Burns, $226,000

10 Meontalcino Way Unit 88: Black Brook Realty Tuscan to Maryann Blackler, $424,933

17 Millville Cir: Daniel Leclerc to Susan E. Dorey, $269,000

9 Morrison Ave: Andrew T. and Adrenne M. Haglin to Scott Shpunt and Nan Jiang, $439,933

44 N Policy St: J&J Valley Homes LLC to Allen M Johnson 2011 RET and Allen M. Johnson, $351,000

6 Sally Sweet Way: VRS&LCB Salem LLC to Salem NH Senior Property, $13,300,000

23 Scollay Cir: DRL RT and Rosemarie Lafebvre to Joshua D. Tarquinio and Jenesse M. Foley, $310,000

Stone Bridge Estates Cond Lot 31: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Margaret Thompson RET and Margaret Thompson, $544,400

Stoneybrook Ln: Glenn M. and Laurie C. Freedman to Matthew P. Geary, $530,000

6 Wesley Ln: Lynne A. Lopez to Andrew T. and Adrienne M. Haglin, $590,000

7 Windward Ter: John B Tiller LT and John B. Tiller to Thomas Anderson, $330,000

N/a Lot 9: Michael Oconnor to Malcolm J. Tashjian, $51,000


508 Main St: Steven A. and Michelle L. Curran to Jeffrey Derman, $285,000

91 North Rd: Joshua and Elizabeth H. Horan to Jacob Smith and Madison Chase, $324,000

115 North Rd: Michael A. and Rebecca H. Garone to Joshua and Elizabeth Horan, $399,933

161 Odell Rd: Duane Skofield to Nathan J. Piliponis and Cayla L. Christian, $300,000

55 Pine Ridge Cir: Coleman FT and Calvin Coleman to Louis P. and Emily L. Yelle, $379,000

2 Wilkele Rd: Zachary and Amy M. Champion to Craig W. Haskell and Kimberlee V. Klevanosky, $297,000


92 Farm Ln Unit 92: Wishes LLC to Micheline M. Cigoli, $320,000

15 Pine St: Depa RT and Eugene Dean to Flaminio Lanzillo and Nico Duni, $363,000

65 Rocks Rd: Christopher J. Richard to Rolando Rivera-Vega, $375,000


19 Aladdin Rd: Srdjan Krstanovic to Stephen and Abigail R. Brady, $513,000

3 Blackburn Rd Unit 3: Barbara A. Smith to Robert and Linda J. Aronson, $345,933

Blossom Rd: Elizabeth G Reese RET and Elizabeth G. Reese to Julian R Thomas FT and Stuart H. Reese, $115,000

29 Burnham Rd: Kubicki Builders LLC to Kelly E. Galan, $923,133

10 Duston Rd: Carolyn Max to Ryan J. and Emily L. Shocklee, $679,000

1 Lisa Rd: Steven and Julie Bolio to William J. Mowbray and Susan E. Sherman-Mowbray, $385,000

Nashua Rd: Patricia A. Lynch and Mark A. Moore to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $255,000

57 Overton Rd: Tracy M. Shiebel and Brian J. Schiebel to Kendall and Kristin Reyes, $710,000

20 Range Rd: Michael and Emily M. Kachanian to David J. Barton, $288,133

217 Range Rd: Richard H. and Donna A. Smith to NH Home Buyers LLC, $275,000


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