No Transactions in this Town


375 Fremont Rd: John J. and Maria G. Basnett to Courtney F. and Timothy P. Viehoff, $345,000

156 Jenkins Farm Rd: DAR Builders LLC to Mark S. Desideiro and Sarah E. Desiderio, $500,000


No Transactions in this Town


14 Buttonwood Dr: Kyle L. Mccrum and Newrez LLC to Newrez LLC, $327,795

11 Edgewood St: Roy E. Bell and Alyza M. Martin to Eric L. and Melissa A. Sherwin, $272,533

37 Fordway St: Lisa M Spofford RET and Lisa M. Spofford to James J. Bartlett, $200,000

317 Island Pond Rd Unit L: Jeanny Chorney-White to Laura L. Lambert, $112,000

38 Juniper Rd Unit R: Matthew J. Eagan to Mark Sandland, $200,000

5 Sheldon Rd: Lot 7 Sheldon Road LLC to Steven A. and Marjorie M. Dastous, $482,200

4 Twin Brook Dr: Ann L Hodson RET and Ann L. Hodson to Cynthia A. Eleves, $280,000


29 Linden Dr Unit 29: Deborah G. Moore to Robert and Dorothy Barrett, $295,000

366 Main St: 366 Main Street LLC to Rami N. Ata, $455,000

17 Tewksbury Rd: Matthew P. Guerard to Jamie Avanzino, $260,000


23 B St: Phyllis Grammatic RET and Linda C. Sage to 23 B St LLC, $490,000

55 Hampton Towne Est Unit 55: Karen A. Haraden to Susan E. Defranzo, $276,000

400 High St Unit 13: Rosa LT and Ludgero E. Rosa to Steven and Pamela Dailey, $339,900

68 Kings Hwy Unit 17: Erin M Finnegan LT and Erin M. Finnegan to Apple Ridge Estates LLC, $210,000

445 Ocean Blvd Unit 11: Jerome F. Dee to Margaret M. Murphy, $345,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 212: Anni Mclaughlin to William J. and Michele T. Meehan, $310,000

48 Plymouth St: C&J IRT and Cynthia M. Rubera to Richard and Diana Hamel, $700,000

Smith Ave: Christine Sullivan-Mccann to Dawn Jordan, $78,000

41 Thorwald Ave: Brian M. and Luci M. Hawker to Maxwell A. and Madeline Gordon, $347,000

N/a Lot 421: Frank Valera to Riccio Enterprises LLC, $360,000


No Transactions in this Town


18 Crestview Cir Unit 200: Chih Ying Chen to Roger A. Beaudet and Karen Rbeaudet, $150,000

35 Fieldstone Dr Unit 35: RL Bellia Holdings LLC to Sheri Huntley, $197,933

65 Fieldstone Dr Unit 65: Peter C. Tavano to Emily A. Jones, $218,733

3 Happy Ln: Patricia A. Thomson to Debra and Michael Squillini, $360,000

15 Jefferson Dr: Wayne and Marie Mortimer to David M. and Melinda M. Wilson, $403,000

92 Trail Haven Dr Unit 92: Kilrea Development LLC to Robert P. Tallini, $162,533

Vista Ridge Condo Unit 72: Daniel M. and Janice E. Mcdonald to Jason and Lori Young, $175,000

63 Winding Pond Rd Unit 63: Suzanne Oliveri to Dolores and Joseph Sablone, $250,000

33 Yellowstone Dr: Laura Lane Proeprties LLC to Jason R. Whitcomb and Erika L. Whitecomb, $339,933


No Transactions in this Town


13 Chagnon Ln: Coreen M. Aikens to Neil E. and Kristene E. Sorensen, $262,933

6 Waterford Way: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Ann Langlois, $535,000

Westfall Rd: Jillian M. and Alfred J. Montmarquet to David Stanizzi, $365,000

25 Winter Hill Dr: Karen A Kycia IRT and Kathryn E. Kring to Mayur and Krishna M. Kumbhani, $390,000


18 Elm St: FNMA to R Jeremy Hill, $285,000

3 Lynwood St: US Bank NA Tr to William Rand and Joseph Greenwood, $305,200


18 Ann Ave: James A Sweet 3rd RET and James A. Sweet to Joseph Khoury, $250,000

13 Bodwell Ave: Michael A. Laird and Marin I. Defrancesco to Glenn and Lauren Demers, $318,500

35 Fraser Dr: Adam N. and Hannah Ireland to Christine R. Pierre, $334,000

9 Lancelot Ct Unit 9: Jessica Azzi to Burky J. and Cristina Chiang, $116,533

40 Lou Ave: Allen and Heather Demers to Briana Tremblay, $290,000

280 N Main St: James R. and Lisa E. Whiteneck to Aaron and Jenifer M. Tuttle, $392,000

12 Shepard Ave: Jesse M. Jobst and Christi Dillon-Jobst to Rachel Oliveri, $385,000

61 Shore Dr: Kimberly C. Hunt to 61 Shore Drive NT and Jon E. Mills, $360,000

51 Stanwood Rd: Crest RT and Kenneth M. Verolla to DJ Apostoloff Builders, $170,000

16 Tiffany Rd Unit 7: Sheila J. Kelley to Pine Ridge Creek Realty, $115,000

18 Wheeler Ave: Kathlaleen Lavoie to Edmund C. Beshara, $279,933


No Transactions in this Town


11 Belgian Dr: Shawn P. and Katherine E. Weeks to Robert A. DeSalazar and Lucia A. Arias, $489,400


22 Bear Hill Rd: Steven A. and Marjorie Dastous to John P. and Lisa M. Hiltz, $522,000

Chadwick Pl Unit 10: Range Road Estate LLC to Billy D Cornelius RET and Billy D. Cornelius, $494,933

N/a Lot 25r10: Kenneth A. Parrotta and Kathleen L. Perrota to Tarik and Burcin Muhaffel, $640,000