2 Dearborn Ridge Rd: Jeanne Boudreau and David M. Glynn to Edward C. Todd, $420,000

85 Maple Ave: Peter T. and Corie D. Little to Cathleen Oconnor, $510,000


645 Haverhill Rd: Teodor Asbergs to Jonathan T. and Amy L. Slowe, $307,000

1 Shaker Heights Rd Unit 1: Stephen L Hurley T and Stephen L. Hurley to Robert and Karen Malandra, $285,000

Southwoods Condo Lot 15: Southwoods 2016 LLC to Lisa A. Vandercasteele, $359,000


26 Brendans Way: CMS Sullivn Inc to Matthew Scall, $435,000

N/a Lot 3-29: Wells Farbo Bank NA to Loren J. Oneil, $154,107


5 Alyssa Dr: Frank M. and Pamela J. Zinno to Chris and Amie E. Georgakopoulos, $420,000

1011 Collettes Grove Rd: Mark P. and Loretta C. Helinski to Christopher D. Chute, $340,000

19 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Tanya T. Mitchell to Justin J. Obrien, $175,000

25 E Broadway: Ronald E. and Sherry A. Darois to Ellen E. Lloyd, $295,000

Griffin St: Axel Rgnarsson to Griffin St LLC, $305,000

11 Griffin St: Bonneau Group LLC to Garrett J. Ducey, $290,000

21 Lampton Dr: Michael T. Rogers and Maria S. Martinez-Rogers to Todd Pinsonneault and Michael R. Haley, $420,000

154-1/2 N Shore Rd: RL Bellia Holdings LLC to Yadis and Christina Lopez, $312,000

4 Squamscott Ave Unit 4: Amanda L. and Michael R. Salois to James Weston, $390,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 148: Sabrina M. and Maria L. Machado to Morgan FT and David W. Morgan, $225,000

4 Westgate Rd: Kelley Fifty to Margret M. Cassidy, $310,000

29 Wright Rd Unit 29: Michael Finlayson to Melisa Fortin, $272,000


141 Central St: Lorraine A Nelson RET and Kristina A. Caverly to Dominic and Paul Whitamore, $468,000


5 Atlantic Ave: 5 Atlantic LLC to Michael and Lauren Soelch, $500,000

10 Epping Ave: 10 Epping Avenue LLC to J 3rd RT and John J. Mickela, $500,000

43 Hampton Mdws Unit 43: Richad A. and Janet D. Noval to C Malcolm-Johnson and Janet K. Johnson, $252,533

49 Hampton Towne Est Unit 49: Martin A Cameron RET and Martin A. Cameron to Ronald C. Cameron, $255,000

75 Hampton Towne Est Unit 75: Anthony F. Kelly to Stephen G. Vasapolli, $277,000

293 High St: Cynthia H. Lauwers to Nicolle M. Siddall and Carolyn F. Drew, $430,533

28 Kings Hwy Unit 5: Linda J. Maryrand to Michael A. and Arline M. Flayhan, $230,000

190 Kings Hwy Unit A17: Beatrice Meads to Mary T Withka RET and Mary T. Withka, $310,000

819 Lafayette Rd Unit 1c: Inglis FT and Jeffrey R. Inglis to Free Spirit Enterprises, $229,000

Mill Rd: Linda S. Henderson to Settlemoir LLC, $145,000

18 Ocean Blvd Unit 20: Michael Salatka to Jason Brindsis, $138,000

97 Ocean Blvd Unit 9: Katherine K. Emonds to M5 Properties LLC, $365,000

275 Ocean Blvd Unit 409: Craddock Real Estate Inv to Mary E. Moore, $560,000

1088 Ocean Blvd Unit 9: William R. and Barbara L. Clapp to Carrie E. Grassi and James R. Cieslik, $150,000

N/a Lot 21: Linda A Bester RET and Linda A. Bester to Kentville Assoc LLC, $55,000


15 Marshall Rd: Fellows FT and Ralph E. Fellows to Jason F. and Cynthia I. Fellows, $215,000

14 Thorne Rd: Timothy W. Doyle to Robert Mozer and Youyun Lu, $330,000


5 Imperial Dr: Shan Gronlund and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $24,300

38 Midridge Cir Unit 38: Heather Mackesy-Boyle to Daniel F. Ryan, $160,000

18 Noyes Rd: John R. Deschamps to Timothy M. and Nicole M. Greene, $375,000

31 Oakridge Dr Unit 31: Virginia Lecomte to Michael and Jennifer Morin, $200,000

N/a: Brenda E Carver RET and Linda L. Conley to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $90,000

N/a Lot 26-2: Chestnut Realty Partners to Wilcombs Way LLC, $375,000


57 S Main St: US Bank NA Tr to William and Theresa M. Dunn, $215,066

22 W Main St: Chester and Cynthia E. Butcher to Warren Grover, $250,000


12 Innisbrook Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Wayne C. and Lisa F. Taylor, $546,733

Mammoth Rd Lot: Joanne G Hilbert RET and Joanne G. Hilbert to Lebel Investments LLC, $150,000


12 Elm St: Charles W. and Dianne M. Novotny to Nicholas G. and Sharibrielle Bartys, $362,000

27 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 27: Kristopher M. Maguire to Michael S. and Karen Douglas, $253,333


10 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 406: Camarota FT and Michele L. Walsh to Barbara Davis, $280,000

36 Brookdale Rd: Claudette J. Daigle to Thomas E. Daigle, $315,000

126 Brookdale Rd: F&J RT and Frederick W. Murdock to N&J RT and Jackson S. Peck, $150,000

32 General Pulaski Dr: Roberts FT and William J. Roberts to Carl J. and Erin G. Pontbriand, $365,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 15: DHB Homes LLC to Naggar 2017 T and Morris I. Naggar, $521,933

6 Lancelot Ct Unit 25: Eusebio F. Silva to Chen Liu FT and Ying Liu, $105,000

136 Lowell Rd: Chudoba 2018 T and Margaret Donabedian to Sarah A. and Trevor S. Lippincott, $330,000

12 Nirvana Dr: Spickett Hill LLC to Jonathan P. Weir, $645,000

23 Silverbrook Rd: Michael W. and Diane E. Baker to Mark J. Avron, $635,000

39 Woodmeadow Dr: Charles J&B J Walsh LT and Bonie J. Walsh to Michael J. and Cheryl A. Garon, $585,000

N/a Lot 13: Noreen E. and Arthur A. Edgar to John A. and Patricia A. Holt, $391,533


No Transactions in this Town


29 Folly Mill Ter: William T. and Genette P. Mcgroarty to James D. Wersackas, $249,000

110 S Main St: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Esmirna Encarnacion, $160,000

16 Washington St: Joseph L. Dermars and Ginger S. Demars to Jason A. Krecek and Andrea M. Fusco, $239,933


7 Bell Rd: Lisa A. Vandecasteele to John and Pamella J. Mazza, $495,000

42 Burnham Rd: Dukenzbret LLC to Jonathan E. Cafua, $220,000

56 Gordon Mountain Rd Unit 56: Anthony Ricci and Claudia Bonofiglio-Ricci to Anthony M. and Susan J. Bernabei, $460,000

Mammoth Rd: Mary Glance RET and Cynthia J. Amato to 10 Harris Rd LLC, $320,000

25 Taninger Rd: Edward F. Murphy and Meaghan Diggins to Aaron Maynard and Yei Maynad, $662,533

42 Woodvue Rd: Peter V. and Loyce A. Lawlor to Kenneth Rosenfield RET and Kenneth Rosenfield, $1,300,000

25 Wynridge Rd Unit 25: Ralph T. Titus to Jaime Castillo and Siti Aminah, $329,000

N/a Lot 21c91: Stonebrook Land Dev LLC to Brian and Lisa Currie, $1,004,000

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