1 Line Brook Rd: Laura Lane Properties Inc to Michael D. Visco and Samantha C. Berry, $299,933

11 Molly Ln Unit 11: Sarah A. Guilmette to William J. and Sharon A. Schofield, $295,000

25 Oak Hill Cir: Daniel R. Soave to Ryan and Ashley Sullivan, $426,000

3 Partridge Ln Unit 3: Brianna Goulet to Paul D. and Melanic K. Drazba, $414,933

28 William Pond Rd Unit 28: Marcia Mccauley to Valvanis FT 2007 and Thea S. Valvanis, $338,400


No Transactions in this Town


18 Cortland Cir: Michael J. Lavoie and Bredalee Boisvert-Lavoie to Lawrence and Katherine A. Mittica, $480,000

84 Farview Dr: Kerry Zaloga to Robert and Victoria Mccaig, $419,000

322 Long Pond Rd: Joshua and Carol Jones to Suzanne Colozzi, $340,000

7 Olde Rd: Diane L. Crocker and Ann E. Powers to Devon E. and Vanessa Boling, $329,933


31 Brady Ave: Suzanne M. Vose to Emily J. Petrelis, $350,000

4 Driftwood Rd: Life Styles Electric Inc to Kathleen M. Maki and Kristina M. Feoli, $406,333

22 Garvin Rd: Micheal C. and Megan E. Russell to Steven J. Reynolds, $375,000

97 Kilrea Rd: Philip L. and Mary L. Saxton to William P. and Tracy Ferrara, $384,933

38 Lawrence Rd: Erica Braciska to Michael J. and Jennifer R. Guiliani, $248,000

22 Manchester Rd Unit 1: E&J RT and Edward G. Warren to 22 Manchester Rd LLC, $460,000

40 Old Chester Rd: Kevin L. and Kathryn N. Coyle to Json Paul, $490,000

4 Olesen Rd: Tammy L. Lynch to Matthew J. Pare, $330,000

1 Sanborn Rd: Donna M. Bramante to Kevin R. Landry and Stephanie F. Traverse, $303,000

23 Steven Ave: Frank E. West to Derek and Danielle Alpers, $285,000

12 Strawberry Hill Rd Unit L: Rhonda Lane to Oktay and Mikaela R. Gedik, $237,133

20 Sunnyside Ln Unit R: David P. and Christy N. Masciarelli to David A. Forest, $199,933

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 168: Michael J. and Jennifer Guiliani to Orlando Torres and Yana Krasulina, $120,000


11-a Central St Unit 11a: Karen L. Geffert to Jonathan D. Barbin, $345,000

3 Larson Dr Unit 3: Jacob L. and Rachel S. West to David and Diane E. Killam, $237,533

19 Norfolk St Unit 1: Sharon Lgelotti 2015 RET and Sharon L. Leuzzi to Paul D. and Denise M. Tuccelli, $305,000

25 Rosewood Cir: Emily C Bacall 2017 RET and Emily C. Bacall to Jakob L. and Rachel S. West, $514,000

20 Starwood Dr: Solid Roots Construction to Matthew J. Farley, $411,533

N/a Lot 48: William E. and Tamara J. Sargent to William L. Joray and Cheryl A. Gerguson, $280,000


1 Bragg Ave: Patrick F. Sullivan to Lexington Realty Hldg LLC, $412,533

Drakeside Rd Lot 43: Richard A. and Janet D. Noval to Charles M. and Janet K. Johnson, $252,533

4 Holly Ln: Steven D. and Renee C. Weiland to Stephen and Cary Bowman, $415,000

373 Lafayette Rd Unit 202: Joseph J. Mayer to Yan Yu, $231,000

200 Landing Rd Unit 68: Stephen A. and Cary Bowman to Natalie Russ, $259,000

22 Munsey Dr: Fidan Chong to Jeffrey and Colleen Lukach, $659,000

13 Wentworth Ave: Colleen M. Lukach to Laurie R. Siergiewicz, $418,000

85 Woodland Rd: Terry T. and Alicia A. White to Halie A. White and Cole Hudson-Flickinger, $460,000


17 Madison Ave: Robert W Leopold RET and Robert W. Leopold to Charles A. Askins, $575,000

22 Meadowwood Rd: Noel Vinck and Hilary Park to Michael S. Bonnevie and Alisha K. Rowe, $430,000

14 Simes Rd: Caitlyn and Sean Loucks to Joshua M. Moore, $162,533

N/a Lot 22-54: Kevin M. and Kimberly Paganelli to William D. and Susan Laubner, $433,000


5 Alan Cir: Michael S. and Mary K. Coen to Wyman Washington, $350,000

138 Canterbury Ln Unit 138: John C. Lang and Cherie Parkhurst to John S. and Laura J. Szabo, $169,933

23 Charleston Ave: Steven J. Meade to Antonios D. and Tara Pitarys, $265,000

8 Haley Ct Unit 8: Geraldine C Toop LT and Pamela T. Gordon to Currier FT and Carol Stacey, $420,000

Imperial Dr: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Foresight Investments Inc, $216,000

2 King Edward Dr: P K Tonelli T and Peter J. Tonelli to Daniel C Bouchard RET and Daniel C. Bouchard, $433,000

Lincoln Dr Lot 19: Garside NT and Sheryll Dupont to Hoppe 1 FT and Diane M. Hoppe, $267,000

73 Old Nashua Rd Unit 43: Richard L. Palmer to Candace M. Nicolo, $160,000

40 Parmenter Rd: Michael Dube to Robert L. Morris, $501,000

5 Thornton Rd: Hoppe 1 NT and Diane M. Hoppe to William R. Treadway and N Bernadette-Treadway, $415,000

131 Treadway Ln Unit 131: Sharon L. Little to Veronica C. and Carlos A. Medeiros, $180,000

4 Twin Isles Rd: Jeffrey R. Webster to Djordje and Svetlana Susa, $350,000

16 Wyndmere Dr Unit 16: Carlos Colon and Malmilly Colom to Cory M. Sanzo, $220,000


89 Pond St: Stephen A. and Nicole M. StCyr to Shaila R. Digiovanni and Irvin Ospina, $337,533

N/a: Peter Diodati and Sheryl A. Koch to Paula Rogers, $249,000


4 Applewood Rd: Stephen T. and Deborah A. Szczechura to Michael W. and Rebecca Dorr, $540,000

183 Arlene Dr: Linda D. Burgess to Amedeo Gallotto, $410,000

19 Jeremy Hill Rd: William&Mary Lord RET and William T. Lord to Alexis A. Martinez and Alicia B. Bettencourt, $475,000

10 Long Pond Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Julie A. Darcangelo, $530,000

Mammoth Rd: Rejean&E A Cusson RET and Jennifer L. Cusson to Granite Props Of New Eng, $120,000

4 Radcliffe Dr: Zachary Walsh to Zachary Walsh and Chantel B. Giurado, $190,000

10 Sawmill Rd: Neal J. and Margaret C. Murphy to Katie A. Gioia, $304,933

26-a&b Sky View Dr: Pollock RET and Scott Pollock to Thomas and Judy Gallagher, $560,000

185 Westfall Rd: Steven M. and Dianne N. Paradiso to Alfred L. and Deborah A. StPeters, $485,000

N/a: Rita Montbleau RET and Charles Costa to Roger Montbleau, $88,000


18 Danville Rd: J&M RT and Michael J. Drago to JM Property Mgtm LLC, $517,533

8 Partridge Ln: Marcia Simmons to Jessica and David Greekwood, $405,000

182 Plaistow Rd Unit 10: PNP Realty LLC to Sean Mason, $163,533

5 Witch Ln: Hogg FT and Gregory S. Hogg to Sarah Doherty, $475,000


117 Brookdale Rd: Jenna Kunze to Joseph and Jessica Burchill, $489,000

17 Butternut Rd Unit 17: DHB Homes LLC to Jean S. Orso, $319,000

Cluff Crossing Rd Lot 8: Donna L. Fraser to Cluff A8 RT and Michael K. Felix, $120,000

12 Glen Denin Dr: Sharon Hasfjord and Richard J. Morell to Loriann and Robert A. Cohen, $303,747

75 Haverhill Rd: Donald M. and Kelley M. Granahan to Bernard A. and Patricia Evers, $189,933

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 2: Aung Tun to Bhavesh B. and Nitu B. Patel, $110,000

108 Lawrence Rd: Andrew Gosselin and Tara Proulx to Sarah J. Zangri, $330,000

186 Main St: Denise M. Kelly to D Charles Hallahan, $256,000

242 Main St: 242 Main Street Salem LLC to Kre BSL Husky Bedford LLC, $7,750,000

90 Millville St: Michael C. Gravell to Kristin A. Rice, $235,200

7 Mulberry Rd: Roy Moesta to Nathan Moesta, $243,000

248 N Main St: Ruth Patterson and Gerald Cox to Brian A. and Melissa Hersey, $545,000

419 N Main St: Kevin and Karen E. Fosman to Kevin C. Fosman and Sarah A. Lawler, $100,000

69 Old Rockingham Rd: Anthony Paradis and Ralitsa Kalmukova to Jacob H. Kaplan, $335,000

40 Pond St: John Gant and Beverly Timerding to Ebrahim Atanbaf-Nasab and Fatemeh S. Shanehsaz, $269,000

35 Porcupine Cir Unit 35: Michael A. Kurps to Thomas W. Jarvis, $235,000

365 S Broadway: Dangelo Inc to Century B&T Co, $1,500,000

58 Town Farm Rd: Tewksbury FCU to MDK Properties RT and Kathleen D. Michel, $125,000

18 Williams St: Lori Hart to Jordan W. and Inna Y. Bell, $335,000

N/a Lot 114: Dwayne R. and Deborah A. Kendall to Thomas Beauregard and Joan Norges, $40,000


14 Powder House Rd: Nettic J. Thompson to Anthony T. Cera and Danielle Kirchstein, $443,000

8 Seeley St: Donald K. Forsyth to Kathy L. Hoyt, $248,000


50 Belgian Dr Unit 50: Dikran A. Abkarian to Maria Thornton, $335,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 308: Marjorie J. Hill-Devine and Glen P. Ebert to John R. and Darlene Dolan, $117,000

N/a: Eaton Lorraine M Est and Michael J. Eaton to Andrew T. and Michelle Ortolani, $115,000


34 Doiron Rd: Daniels Robert A Jr Est and Gina M. Daniels to Felisa I. Blasek, $310,533

2 Stillwater Rd Unit 2: Denis and Donna Drapeau to John A. and Susan M. Quinn, $445,000

26 Tokanel Rd: Urquhard David A Est and Keith Urquhart to Laura Lane Properties Inc, $230,000

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