110 Cowbell Xing Unit 110: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Firefly T and Jane C. Wang, $393,200

7 Molly Ln Unit 7: Sandra L Ranfone RET and Sandra L. Ranfone to Stephanie A. VanGeyte, $275,000

Page Farm Condo Unit 48: Midlands Investments LLC to Mosto FT and John M. Mosto, $569,800

Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Michael T. and Ann C. Ryan, $425,000

5 Wellington Cir: Mosto FT and John M. Mosto to Michael A. and Jane Kowalski, $470,000


Auburn Rd: Nicoll LT and Robert T. Nicoll to Rita Olszewski, $200,000

479 Raymond Rd: Even Butter Life Property to Lindsey Palmer and Todd Bartlett, $285,000


35 Boulder Dr: Elizabeth P. Sharpe to Edward J. Couture, $275,000

35 Hickory Ln: Jeffrey A. and Maria C. Richelsoph to John S. Grover, $310,000

69 Lollypop Ln: Michael J. and Mandy L. Obrien to Silva and Aaron Bellitti, $429,933

414 Main St: Dancing Lax Holdings LLC to Bryan M. Levis, $379,000

19 Sudbury Rd: Christopher Mccarthy to Brian M. Derriero and Chelsea P. Derrico, $530,000


11 Birchwood Dr: Birchwood Renovations LLC to Eric and Heather Murray, $365,000

16-c Brandywyne Cmns: Steven J. Mendonca to Yin Ma, $219,000

8 Concord Ave: Faye A. Yon to John W. and Deborah L. Edney, $144,733

18 Daniel Rd: Mark and Nicole Baker to Tyson and Melissa Sukeforth, $405,000

7 Harvest Dr: Katherine A. Tuliska to Ryan F. Fawcett, $569,933

2 Hickory Dr: Bryan J. and Joyann Zember to David and Joanne Leonard, $263,000

8 Homestead Dr: Linda C. Alderfer to Ryan M. Puntoni and Ashlee E. Lecesse, $263,533

8 Independence Ave: Rob Crowley to Cameron G. Wulff, $389,933

17 Juniper Rd Unit L: Stepping Stones Realty to Donna M. Dombrauskas, $185,200

100 Lane Rd: Jonathan and Rebecca Ingalls to William J. Phair, $336,000

21 N Shore Rd: Kohilakis Alexander G Est and Cassandra S. Sullivan to Aaron Caras, $226,000

15 Norman Dr Unit L: Mark J. Mccann to Sherrin L. Miller and Daniel E. Urbina, $230,000

2 Oxford Rd: Dale G. Stewart to Kristin and Richard M. Sullivan, $260,000

12 Perley Rd Unit 20: Christopher T. Obrien to Sara A. and Mark N. Riddinger, $211,000

Pinkerton St Unit 31: Joesph and Diane Gerjes to Elias Gerjes, $50,000

91 W Broadway: Douglas A. and Rosalind M. Hartley to 91-93 WB Derry Rlty Mgmt, $362,533

91 W Broadway: Douglas A. and Rosalind M. Hartley to 91-93 WB Derry Rlty Mgmt, $262,466

93 W Broadway: Douglas A. and Rosalind M. Hartley to 91-93 WB Derry Rlty Mgmt, $262,466

93 W Broadway: Douglas A. and Rosalind M. Hartley to 91-93 WB Derry Rlty Mgmt, $362,533


21 Barthelmess Ln: Brian R. and Nicole K. Montmarquet to Pietro and Yesenia Galizia, $469,000

60 Ellyson Ave: Douglas R. Bulmer to Kevin Boldue and Jessica Bolduc, $490,000

4 Patriot Dr Unit 26: Patriot Drive RT and Bryn Hazelwood to Molly C. Dufresne and Brandon J. Negle, $252,000

16 Shannon Rd: Stephen R. Etehell to Joel P. Penney, $405,000


11 Dover Ave Unit 11: James F. and Kevin J. Caulfield to William D. and Debra A. Donnelly, $580,000

9 Fairfield Dr: Danielle R. Neddy-Harvey and Jaime P. Harvey to Gary S. and Victoria Lunetta, $340,000

52 Hobbs Rd: Laurie R. Siergiewicz to Nathan A. and Chelsea L. Riggs, $425,000

305 Mill Rd: Benjamin Robbins and FHLM to FHLM, $273,824

5 Morningside Dr: Andersen FT and Timothy V. Andersen to Michael E. and Mary A. Mclaughlin, $479,933

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 10: Louis A. Dion and Nicole E. Drew to John P. and Elizabeth J. Mccabe, $425,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 111: Christopher F. Taity to Smith FT and Kevin M. Smith, $280,000

29 Seabury Unit 29: Arlenea Okeefe to Brian D. White, $148,933

454 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 8: Dadasis RET and Pamela Mcnamara to Anthony J. Digirolamo, $165,000


49 Marshall Rd: Robert P. and Marilynn S. Keith to Leah R. and Samuel D. Beck, $320,000

9 Pheasant Run: Borders FT and James L. Borders to Edward J. and Julie A. Hart, $430,000


168 Fieldstone Dr Unit 168: Clement and Daniel Pasquarella to Jennifer B. and Patricia A. Bernard, $200,000

2 Gail Rd: Soares FT and Duoglas A. Soares to Shawn and Amanda Feugill, $477,000

243 High Range Rd: Todd and Cacilia Anthony to Melton W. and Susan B. Fraser, $287,933

5 Kim Ave: Kyle Christopher Silva T and Kathleen Silva to Richard Q. and Nadine C. Chamberlin, $332,533

111 Sandstone Cir Unit 111: Fernande D. Keeler to NH Home Buyers LLC, $90,000

21 Tanager Way: Jarmuz RET and Pamela J. Jarmuz to Walter M. Chacon and Susana E. Aloy, $520,000

212 Winding Pond Rd Unit 212: Marni Toeman to Tina L. Veneri, $285,000

122 Winterwood Dr Unit 122: Mcintuyre 2014 RET and David Mcintyre to Lorraine H. Ghostlaw, $225,000

N/a Lot 11-58: Ronald A. Cieslikowski and Jennifer B. Bernard to Clement and Daniel Pasquerella, $210,000


14 Balsam Way Unit 14: Ann Marie Gelsomini LT and Ann M. Gelsomini to Rogalski FT and Raymond S. Rogalski, $315,000

40 Marcoux Rd: Hansen FT and John W. Hansen to James Price, $280,000


97 Currier Rd: Andrew D. Player to Karen A. Bohnwagner, $369,000

Lincoln St: Roberta L. Golden to Kenneth P. and Paula J. Dufour, $310,000

16 Maple Dr Unit B: Charles and Carla Clement to Alexandra N. Schaefer and Christopher J. Mcfeely, $216,533

18 Nashua Rd: Nashua Road RT and Kimberly Andrew to La Belle Maison LLC, $1,050,000

363 Old Gage Hill Rd: Harris Pond Landholdings to James W Petersen Built, $400,000

35 Old Gage Hill Rd S Unit 5: S&J RT and Shelley P. German to Jaybird Realty LLC, $330,000

5 Oriole Cir Unit 5: 61A Nashua Road Landhold to Paula Fowlie, $371,266

390 Sherburne Rd: Antonio Rosa to Ramona Diaz and Rene Rosa, $300,000

N/a Lot 60: Danielle D. and Scott M. Silva to Todd P. and Jeannie C. Richardson, $345,000


15 Culver St Unit 17: Gary S. Lunette and Victoria L. Lunetta to Sarah Beals, $205,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 5: Bryan M. Levis to Alan and Laurie Macdonald, $194,900

7 Upper Rd Unit A: Alexander J. Dunbar to Corey Oconnor, $229,933


4 A Ave: FNMA to Patrick Grinley and Kaitlyn Innis, $241,000

34 Artemis Rd: Brian B. and Amy J. Heapps to Kevin Mcadoo and Julie Macadoo, $599,933

2 Brentwood Ave: Michael and Ann C. Ryan to Jennifer L. Maurice and Francis H. Morlock, $490,000

14 Briarwood Dr: Warren T Morrison FT and Warren T. Morrison to Patricia Balzano, $469,933

91 Bridge St: Michele J. Crescenzo to Charles G. Crescenzo, $373,000

121 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 9: Stephen J Ahearn RET and Stephen J. Ahearn to Domito Co Inc, $100,000

5 Cote Rd: Michael F. Massahos to Jessica Vazza and Michael Ferragamo, $435,000

5 Dexter Rd: Mary E. Trela and HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $338,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 46: DHB Homes LLC to 41 Barry Drive RT and Richard Pereira, $445,800

12 Henderson Cir: Jeannine L Landry RET and Gregory J. Landry to Humberto Zelic, $360,000

31 Lowell Rd: WE Investments LLC to Francis M. Schaufenbil, $311,000

121 N Main St: Salem School District to David J. and Catherine E. Frahm, $225,000

4 Palmer St: Carl J. and Erin G. Pontbriand to Kelly and Richard Marzino, $367,000

S Policy St: Carlene Bergeron to Laurie A. Boland, $40,000

284 Shore Dr: Jonathan P. Weir to Benjamin A. and Felicia L. Thompson, $510,000

32 Stiles Rd Unit 304: Robert C. Hannon to John K Mallen T and John K. Mallen, $103,600

58 Town Farm Rd: Mary J. Daley to Tewksbury FCU, $114,376

54 Wheeler Ave: Cavanaugh FT and William J. Cavanaugh to Katelyn L. Walsh and Seth P. Fornash, $215,000


38 Pine Ridge Cir: Bruce H Hasfjord RET and Bruce H. Hasfjord to Ryan S. Landry and Erin C. Hobden, $344,000

1 Stagecoach Rd: George E. and Jacqueline L. Antoine to Stacy and Paul Mahoney, $328,000

14 Woodland Dr: Steven M. and Karen A. Bohnwagner to Jonathan S. and Stephanie Nicoll, $430,000


130 Franklin St: Cronin FT and Martin J. Ward to 130 Franklin Street LLC, $580,000

10 Marshview Cir: Scott Valenti to Douglas R. Bulmer and Kathryn E. Sanger, $415,000

432 New Zealand Rd: June V. Brown to William Rheaume, $335,000

214 Walton Rd: Jesse E. and Courtney X. Morton to Steven and Kelli Wanyo, $315,000


3 Allen Rd: John Fitzpatrick to Linda P. Dennison, $410,000

4 County Rd: Joseph E. and Andrew Ellsey to Andrew Mcglinchey and Shayla R. Vrana, $435,000

10 Farrwood Rd: Paul J. and Suzanne D. Jortberg to Andrew and Anna Deraney, $519,800

7 Flat Rock Rd Unit 7: Francis J Walsh RET and Kevin F. Walsh to Suzanne M. Beaulieu, $337,533

30 Gaumont Rd: 16 London Bridge Rd LLC to Claire Zaya and Mario D. Scenna, $490,000

Settlers Rdg: KP Bergeron Dev LLC to John A. and Jacqueline R. Metzemaekers, $225,800

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