25 Aspen Dr Unit 25: Barbara Zeller to Becky Sigillo, $260,000

5 Ayrshire Ave: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Lawrence D. and Martha Learned, $389,800

5 Edna Ln Unit 5: Nancie J Conlon T and Nancie J. Conlon to Michael T. and Denise Murphy, $270,000

8 Granite Ridge Rd: Joyce M. Lafrance to Christopher and Amanda E. Comeau, $455,200

7 Hemlock Shore Dr: Paul Mckallagat to Derik Fritsch and Kimberly Honrado, $429,933

9 Lippold Rd: Sandra Lee Fuhs RET and Sandra L. Fuhs to Bureau FT and Edward D. Bureau, $325,000

38 Main St: Gary and Maureen Witley to Century Builders Inc, $137,533

3 Rocking Chair Ln: Pamela J. Tallini to Jason E. and Amanda Azzi, $530,000

8 Stevens Ct: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to William E. and Carol E. Rivers, $361,800


21 Donna St: James D. Hoffman to Travis M. Clay, $294,000

669 Haverhill Rd: Theodore R. Gamlin to Dana Avanzato, $275,000

48 Jenkins Farm Rd: David J. Rebideu to Jennifer A. Beninanti, $388,533

72 Lady Slipper Ln: Angela Tsivolas and Nicholas R. Lucent to Justin M. and Nicole Loveland, $439,933

323 N Pond Rd: 3 Wishes LLC to Kimberly Diburro, $260,000

199 Shepard Home Rd: Daniel F. and Paula Cairl to Michael and Eileen R. Costa, $536,533

240 Villager Rd Unit 69: Lifestyle Homes Of NH Inc to Frances J. Gaffney-Comeau, $365,533


10 Hampstead Rd: Leona M Bezanson RET and Leona M. Bezanson to Paul D. Wright, $250,000

13 Hummingbird Ln: Mary A&W E Gilman 3rd RET and Mary A. Gilman to Philip K. Hayes and Kaleigh S. King, $285,000


2 Blueberry Rd Unit L: Brian and Karen Lahey to Shannon H. Dandawa, $206,000

211 Bypass 28 Lot 40: Bonita J Schofield RET and Bonita J. Schofield to Alan Roy, $69,933

9 Craven Ter: Paul W. Oreily and Diana J. Oreilly to Christian Castaldo, $310,000

50 Damren Rd: Thomas J. and Rita M. Jaglowski to Joseph H Heinrich RET and Joseph H. Heinrich, $335,000

61 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Eric and Melissa Derosa to Ronald Lynch, $155,000

2 Dolores Ave: Tucker Properties LLC to Heather M. and Derek C. Sommers, $280,000

92 E Broadway Unit 25: Vincent J. Casale and Heather L. Gilbert to Francis Thogo, $95,000

18 E Derry Rd: Nanette Villandry to Cleiton Silva and Alessandra Hakme-Silva, $280,000

34 E Derry Rd: Kimberly Colletti and FNMA to FNMA, $212,600

15 Elm St Unit 2: Anthony Dibartolo to Mark T. Munroe, $177,733

18 English Range Rd: Elizabeth E. Wheeler and USA HUD to Financial Freedom Senior, $282,288

107 Franklin Street Ext Unit 3: Jeffrey T. and Maria A. Haines to Jean-Anthony Fortin, $159,000

26 Frost Rd: David W. and Dyan E. Jacintho to Trang Thuy-Vu and Lien K. Vo, $370,000

38 Frost Rd Unit L: Danielle M. Schneider to Tanay Tarallo, $154,933

25 Gulf Rd: 25 Gulf Road T and Philip E. Kelly to Justin L. and Jamie L. Morrison, $304,000

37 Highland Ave Unit 15: Extended Realty LLC to Craig M. Huckins and Kendra Snyder-Huckins, $206,000

37 Highland Ave Unit 10: Extended Realty LLC to Allison Eckert, $209,000

1 Hoodkroft Dr: Craig and Miranda Poulin to Eric A. Rackett and Melissa M. Mckinley, $192,000

20 Hope Hill Rd: Robert J. and Sherry Harper to Shane E. Lutkeivh and Tiana G. Lutkevich, $335,000

5 Maurice Rd Unit R: Darlene A. Beauregard to Kelli S. Bruno, $200,000

7 Middleridge Rd: Philip O. and Fawn M. Deitsch to Adrian T. Parker, $370,000

6 Montgomery Farm Rd: Scot W. and Chrsitine M. Allen to Justin Veprauskas and Katy Vepraskas, $373,000

5 N Shore Rd: Carrol A. Dawkins to Michael&Deborah Lucci FT and Michael A. Lucci, $525,000

24 Norton St: Michael D. and Rachel N. Minghella to John S. Daly, $260,000

12 Perley Rd Unit 8: Donald D. and Diane E. Doucette to James R. Pollock and Pamela F. Potter, $187,000

18 Pierce Ave: A&W Properties LLC to Bernardino D. Beludo, $255,000

11 Pine Isle Dr Unit D: Patricia M. Boucher to Bryan T. Wilcox, $165,000

6 Rebecca Ln Unit R: Roneisha S. Charles to Elisabet B. and James B. Baltayan, $152,333

28 Scobie Pond Rd: Robert Kalil to Target Asset Recovery LLC, $280,000

9 Senter Cove Rd Unit L: Peter Genest and US Bank NA to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $170,000

2 Silvestri Cir Unit 9: Laurie Harrison to Darlene and Robert G. Johnson, $116,533

20 Spinnaker Dr: Rene A. and Ingrid A. Cobar to William S. Robinson, $350,000

6 Stonegate Ln Unit 6: Mark F. Nemecek to Santosh Nepal, $139,933

7 Taryn Rd: Lindsay C. Larusso and Matthew P. James to Elsa J. Cipriani and Jeremy J. Scully, $364,933

17 Taylor Brook Ln: Brian and Deborah Dumais to Denise and Wesley C. Dolloff, $799,933

19 Taylor Brook Ln: Paul W. George to Tracie E Durant RET and Tracie E. Durant, $700,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 57: Laurie J. Driggers to Sunview 57 LLC, $189,933

172 Warner Hill Rd: John J. Naughton to Seth and Allison J. Hager, $258,000

22 Westgate Rd: Carol A. Raineri to Daniel J. Raineri and Stacey J. Mccarthy, $250,000


20 Beverly Dr: Clohosey 2011 RET and Linda Clohosey to Cindy A. and John Franciosa, $449,933

55 Collette Dr: Daniel P. and Nancy A. Vitale to Alla and Jeffrey M. Cootey, $499,000

220 Depot Rd: Kathleen M. Christo to Eric A. and Dawn Cummings, $329,000

40 Faith Dr: J Kevan and Carolyn T. Norris to Jason and Bobbi Matuszak, $495,000

10 Odd Fellows Rd: Todd B. Carr to Keith Simoes, $267,000

60 Veterans Way Unit 60: Dale L. and Linda J. Meltzer to Lindaj and Arthur C. Provencal, $365,000


24 Academy Ave: R A&A M Merrill FT and Dean B. Merrill to Michael J. Ferzoco and Emily G. Fernzoco, $409,000

32 Ashworth Ave Unit 410: Comparone Steven J Est and Susan P. Comparone to Sands Hotel RET and Leonard J. Samia, $85,000

1 Donnas Ln: Jason D. and Janine Y. Marchi to Pamela Schmuhl, $355,000

9 Dover Ave: Izzieb RET and A J. Bottecelli-Tarasuk to Patricia M. Milone, $409,933

46 Hampton Mdws Unit 46: Angela A. Bass to Susan M. Silva, $450,000

2 Hemlock St Unit 1: John R. and Patricia A. Howe to Bart and Karen Ravin, $219,933

10 Hemlock St Unit A: Ann E. Spring to Cynthia L. Pollard, $389,933

10 Hemlock St Unit C: Richard C. and Lori A. Heering to Peter J. Thornton, $350,000

434 High St Unit 2: Heather R. Clark to Anthony T. and Judith O. Cantone, $475,000

Huckleberry Ln: Frances J. Comeau to Wendy E. Madej, $388,933

4 Hunter Dr: Paul and Alana D. Flynn to Heather R. Clark, $579,000

7 Ina Ave: John A. Gledhill to Holly J. and Karl E. Jacobson, $38,000

7 Johnson Ave: Thomas G. Hathaway to 142 Ashworth Avenue LLC, $253,000

70 Kings Hwy Lot 155: Patrick H. Mcnally and Catherine A. Keating to Raymond E. and Karen G. Williamson, $80,000

146 Kings Hwy Unit 2: Hasevlat RET and Fracis R. Laroche to Kathleen L. Murphy, $200,000

139 Mill Rd: 21 Bedford Place LLC to Greg L. and Sarah E. Ravencraft, $386,000

605 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: L Marquita Hammeken to Kathleen A. Oconnor and Keith F. Miller, $575,000

56 Schooner Lndg Unit 56: Stephen Orzechowski and Cheryl J. Orzechwoski to Katherine A Flygare RET and Katherine A. Flygare, $245,000

84 Seabury Unit 84: US Bank NA Tr to CCGI Real Estate Hldg LLC, $178,994

102 Tide Mill Rd Unit 9: E&J Partnership to Ma&Ba 52 Realty LLC, $200,000

2 Trafford Rd: Eugene Berthiaume and Arica Bergeron to Andrea J. Myers, $333,000

437 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 201: Wilfrid Poirier to Deborah G Roy RET and Deborah G. Roy, $362,000

437 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 203: Deborah G Roy 1996 RET and Deborah G. Roy to Wilfrid Poirier, $330,000

491 Winnacunnet Rd: Barbara&Dean Grimaldi RET and Barbara L. Grimaldi to 491 Winn LLC, $410,533


18 Country Pond Rd: Chad W. and Debra A. Law to Stewart F. Thompson and Rebecca Moore, $289,000

Granite Fields Condo Unit 3: Hawks Ridge Of S Kingston to Todd Fitzgerald and Michael Flanagan, $80,000

9 Long Pond Rd: Jamison M. and Amy-Lori D. Smith to Jeffrey L. and Elizabeth Lanaville, $350,000

103 Main St: Karen Christensen to Tyran C. and Kimberly E. Williams, $286,000

7 Mill Rd: Danielle Murphy to Aurino Gaspar and Alessandra DePaula-Gasper, $475,000


14 Anthony Dr: Donald L. and Andrea L. Bowne to Sirva Relocation Credit, $490,000

10 Button Dr Unit A: Carole A. Vincent to Jirair Derkirikorian and Nadine N. Somma, $231,533

8 Colonial Dr: Joshua R. and Carrie L. Mathon to C Turtle T and Alexandra Critch, $383,533

240 High Range Rd: Dennis M. and Kelly A. Tessier to Dennis S. and David S. Schulsinger, $271,933

243 High Range Rd: Lionel A. Crete to Todd and Cacilia Anthony, $265,000

47 Hunter Mill Way: Seth P. and Katie L. Beamer to Geral Croke and Nicole Oriani, $470,000

15 Lincoln Dr Unit 15: Kenneth Spiewak to Barbara Mcgrath and Diane M. Komenda, $253,333

6 Misty Ln: James F. and Claudia P. Dunigan to Kenneth L. and Carla P. Senus, $575,000

17 Old Derry Rd: Lorden Commson LLC to Kelly E. Blanchard, $410,000

30 Perkins Rd: Leigh A. and Marcia M. Currier to Eric F. Reed, $286,000

12 Phillips Brook Rd Unit 12: 381 Mammoth Road LLC to Donald L. Buttler, $478,600

173 Pillsbury Rd: Steven Johnson to Renee L. and Matthew G. Lord-Paquin, $341,000

14 Premier Dr: Sirva Relocation Credit to AJM RET and Sean Marino, $490,000

5 Red Deer Rd: Angel O. Vazequez and Irma I. Roderuez to Susan D. Pinder and Doris Steinhardt, $311,000

8 Robin Hood Dr: Diane C. Croteau to Blake W. and Crystal L. Dauwer, $285,000

113 Sandstone Cir Unit 113: Amanda Desmarais and Keith Cote to Gabrielle J. Perrault, $158,000

10 Sandy Brook Ln: Sheri M. and Joseph R. Breau to Dennis M. and Kelly A. Tessier, $349,933

17 School House Rd Unit 17: 381 Mammoth Road LLC to Elgin W. Booth and Monica Sicsai-Booth, $455,400

4 Shasta Dr: David R. Trenner and Wells Fargo Bank NA to New England Acquisitions, $235,000

4 Stony Point Dr: Steven D. and Frances F. Mccarter to Robert E. Barry, $471,000

75 Trail Haven Dr Unit 75: Kilrea Development LLC to David J. Archambault and Marilou A. Archambualt, $361,600

80 Trail Haven Dr Unit 80: Kilrea Development LLC to Donna M. and Gary D. Stahl, $350,800

4 Twin Isles Rd: Julian F. and Andria J. Hansen to Jeffrey R. Webster, $286,000

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 54: Frank R. and Susan G. Gaw to Lisa L. Oliver, $170,000

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 70: Raymond E. and Katherine J. Pete to Jean Greeno, $168,000

15 Wilson Rd: Equity T Co to Jamie C. Frederick and Kimberly L. Ferderick, $563,933

222 Winding Pond Rd Unit 222: Kaen A. Worthen to Barbara L. Meehan, $230,000


6 Philip Way: Dennis G Quintal RET and Dennis G. Quintal to Todd Fitzgerald and Michael Flanagan, $125,000

46 Whittier St: Brian and Alison Walker to Arthur N. Drewes and Anne G. Thornburg, $275,000

N/a: Bruce M. Blau to Noel Rochman and Nicole Clark, $295,000


14 Beacon Hill Rd: Karen Pelletier to Johnvincent Sabella and Lauren A. Seballa, $380,000

Bush Hill Rd (ss): Katherine Ouellette to Redington RET and Brian Dias, $285,000

3 Economou Ave: Jill Taylor to Joseph Bernad, $260,000

Garland Ln: Appleyard Real Estate Inv to Rathindra Nath-Sinha and Jaya Sinha, $485,400

6 Honey Ln: Paul and Crystal Nartiff to Evan M. Shaffer and Megan E. Macdonald, $354,000

29 Longview Cir: Hakim Dhilla to Christophe and Kimberly Sylvester, $455,000

39 Monticello Dr: Joseph M. and Kathleen M. Kulick to Timothy F. and Jessica M. Aldrich, $327,000

392 Old Gage Hill Rd Lot: Equity T Co to Erick Lampro, $476,800

2 Sagewood Dr Unit 2: J W Petersen Built Homes to Richard Dunion, $315,000

64 Sagewood Dr Unit 64: J W Petersen Built Homes to John and Linda Omobono, $295,000

64 Sagewood Dr Unit 64: J W Petersen Built Homes to John and Linda Omobono, $363,666

19 Tallant Rd: Geoffrey E. Lucius to Paula M. and George C. Hajj, $295,000


14 Cottonwood Rd: Thomas M. and Heather L. Alberti to Craig and Jennifer Chisholm, $417,000

105 Forrest St: Judith A. King to Raymond F. Sears, $243,000

135 Forrest St Unit 18: Sharon Goldsmith to Dominque Wilson, $164,000

4 Harriman Rd: Leif E. and Joan Korb to Wayne A. Siejkowski and Lana M. Siejowski, $369,933

120 Newton Rd Unit 10b: Gamberale Richard C Est and Gena Sinbaldi to Patricia Fuller, $200,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 4: Cherry A Jason RET and Cherry A. Jason to Ian R. Opolski, $149,333

12 Red Oak Dr: Timothy F. and Susan J. Bourque to Sebastian J. and Wendy M. Markiewicz, $461,000

4 Ridgewood Rd: David and Patrice Antczak to James S. and Jennifer L. Andrade, $435,000

16 Ridgewood Rd: James and Deborah Allen to Richard J. and Julie C. Schena, $480,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 3-8: Michelle A. Skofield to James A. and Tanaya M. Malvey, $110,000


12 Beechwood Rd: Silverbrook Xing Of Salem to Luis M. and Melissa D. Freitas, $577,133

20 Beechwood Rd: Silverbrook Xing Of Salem to Gerardo Guadiana-Garcia, $569,933

48-a Bell Dr Lot 76: ESM RET and Lori G. Mcarthy to Maryann R. Murphy and Anthony J. Cirella, $28,500

10 Brady Ave: Michael R. Comerford and Nicole V. Comerrord to Cary Amarante, $345,066

10 Braemoor Woods Rd Unit 106: Daniel F. Ippolito to Linda M. Mistal, $239,533

10 Briarwood Dr: Steven A. and Patricia M. Pozerski to Thomas J. and Linday J. Lannan, $445,000

63 Brookwood Dr: Rene H. Nunez to James J. Paplaskas, $27,000

7 Carol Ave: Guilmette Elaine A Est and Cheryl Naamani to Rui Pereira and Michelle F. Pereia, $273,000

139 Cluff Crossing Rd: Irene V Croteau IRT and Pauline C. White to Matthew J. Didomenico and Michelle I. Goddard, $233,000

11 Dawn St: Richard J. and Patricia A. Grobecker to Brett A. Plowman, $375,000

1 Delaney Way: Kristen L. and Matthew Caredeo to Emely Bayron, $370,000

29 Dennis Dr: Adam B. Young to Eric Merrill, $308,000

57 Granite Ave: Santander Bank NA to Granite Props Of New Eng, $140,500

6 Green Acre Dr: Margaret Corbett to Ronny Haddad, $335,000

23 Hampstead Rd Unit 23: Dawn Dagata to Edward A. and Jeralyn C. Brown, $293,333

18 Hawkins Pond Ln: Alan and Kristin M. Haroian to Arthur R. Solmssen and Julie H. Smith, $651,000

55 Lawrence Rd: David J. and Marilou A. Archambault to Tu-Do Nguyen, $450,000

10 Millville Ter: Brendan A. Bioren to Danielle L. Jeffries, $250,000

5 Oak Ridge Ave: Albert S&C C Harvey RET and Albert S. Harvery to Paul A. Lamprey and Patricia A. Szmyt, $270,000

6 Paddock Cir Unit 6: Paddock Homes Of Salem to T&B Bissonnette RET and Thomas R. Bissonnette, $389,933

90 Pond St Unit 90: Kimberly Diburro to Laura J. Collins, $192,000

75 Shadow Lake Rd: John W. Morton to James M. Mor, $226,000

42 Shore Dr: Joseph A. Trevisone to Kilrea Development LLC, $60,800

42 Shore Dr: Kilrea Development LLC to James Freda and Michael Kalil, $116,533

243 Shore Dr: Nolan Arthur G Est and Marga C. Greer to Armano Realty Investments, $430,000

10 Summer St: Martina Mcbride Mem RET and Ralph Mcdonough to William and Alyssa N. Blundell, $267,000

13 Sycamore Ave: Karen Mccloskey to Shelby Williams, $555,000

9 Town Village Dr Unit 9: Richard M. Tahan to Wanda J. and T Robert Saad, $320,000

14 Webster St: Richad El-Achkar to Roberto C. Rossi, $312,000

5 Welsh Cir: Lisa M. Moore to John Sughrue and Anastasia Gllardo, $285,000

3 Westerdale Ave: Ronald F. Hoegen to Samantha and Shannon White, $190,066


24 Eastfield Loop: Craig M. and Mayluz P. Arling to John and Elizabeth Sygowski, $229,000

23 Grandview Ter: Paul P. and Valentyna V. Roderick to Nicholas J. Ortins, $262,933

29 Lakeside Dr: Jacqueline Erhardt to Germain Ouette, $205,000

29 Lantern Ln: Lawrence A. and Mikella A. Eichen to Daniel E. and Paula Cairl, $363,333

26 Michael Cir: Jason A. and Kimberly Russell to Marilyn D. Weyland, $280,000


920 Lafayette Rd Unit 202: Kizzmo Realty LLC to Paqo LLC, $530,000

180 S Main St: Claire Knowles to John A. and Laura Orlando, $140,000

8 Turtle Creek Ter: David J. and Jennifer L. Mariani to Mark S. and Michelle M. Glover, $360,000

116 Whip Poor Will: Anne Mckay to Raymond L. Hill, $49,000


18 Aladdin Rd: Ann K. Barber to Christopher and Nicole Blongiewicz, $418,000

42 Bear Hill Rd: Sarantis LT and Timothy R. Sarantis to Neil A. Atkinson, $639,933

8 Candlewood Rd: Kenneth A. Clark and Nancy Boucher-Clark to Joseph and Kelly Fleming, $705,000

3 Deer Run Rd: J Richard and Nancy A. Erdlen to Jason and Melissa Espinola, $338,333

27 Flat Rock Rd Unit 27: Harrington FT and Michael Harrington to Ann K Barber T and Ann K. Barber, $299,933

Gaumont Rd: Elliot and Sierra Zatsky to 16 London Bridge Rd LLC, $35,000

23 Jennys Hill Rd: Rachel E. and Edward J. Higginbottom to Christopher and Natalie Grace, $850,000

London Bridge Rd: Marlene E. Clemons to 16 London Bridge Rd LLC, $10,533

145 Londonderry Rd: Kyle Leclair to Jeffrey R. and Angela R. Reaves, $335,000

78 Mammoth Rd Unit 5: Suzanne G. Cocoran to Dianna L. Winward, $216,400

21 Ministerial Rd: Lori Young to Kenneth S. and Jennifer E. Daley, $475,000

17 Mitchell Pond Rd: Robert C. and Michelle J. Doyle to Radek and Katerina Navratil, $580,000

4 Partridge Rd: Vladimir Dulsky and Olga Tretiakova to Jeffrey J. Vasconcelos, $545,000

37 Sheffield St: GBS Walkers Woods Dev to Theresa M. Abbamondi, $638,533

79 Stacey Cir Unit 79: Paul A. Francis to Michael Ruggiero, $225,000

14 Tokanel Rd: Jason and Melissa Espinola to Nicholas Brigham and Stephanie Dunn, $375,000

21 Wilson Rd: Frank J&S M Michaels RET and Frank J. Michaels to Angye Li and Yi Ding, $525,000

3 Wynridge Rd Unit 3: Ann M. Mcdonough and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $419,998


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